maybe a little too crazy on the punch

Things I would like to see in future SU episodes

1) Amethyst gets an eating buddy. Centi might be a good person for that, since it’s canon she likes to eat CHAAAAPS.

2) Steven starts un-corrupting gems, and we get more #friends

3) Opal gets some attention. Maybe even a mini episode arc that highlights how far Pearl/Amethyst have come. 

4) Famethyst is saved, and brought to earth. They drive Pearl a little crazy the first few days.

5) Jasper/Bismuth redemption. Ruby squad is still up in the air, for me.

6) Peridot gets her new outfit with a star. Maybe Lapis, too?

7) On a related note: Where is the Lapis song, damn it.

8) We find out what Lion is, what’s in the treasure chest, and more about the temple fusion.

9) CGs VS the Diamonds. Things go boom. Much action. Wow.

10) Vidalia punches Marty in the nuts.

11) Hashtag Let Steven and Connie smooch 2017

12) New fusions… Especially one with Peridot. Steven and the other gems, too.

13) The long awaited “How Pearl and Rose met” episode.

14) The also long awaited “How Amethyst was found” episode.

15) A group song with all the CGs! As in, they all sing together, at the same time, in harmony.

16) Shorty squad mischief.

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what about your thoughts on Ryan being Michael's personal punching bag when he gets out of hand? Or Ryan being the only one who can talk him out of bad times/ situations. Or Ryan being an anger management counselor. Or Michael the orphan with no father figure and is really upset no one taught him How To Be A Man. Bonus points for Trans Michael. Anything with Way Too Angry Michael and calm maybe a lil too empathetic Ryan


so yeah no i mean its totally not unusual for michael to maybe get out of hand with his anger. he’s a youngster, and with all his new hormones he’s got going on, it’s gonna make him a little crazy. he came from a rough home, he’s angry. he’s got the right to be angry.

ryan is really fucking understanding to a heavy fault. he’ll gladly be michael’s punching bag if it means he’s the one getting hurt and not michael. ryan is the only one that michael will listen to, the only gent who michael will actively listen to. yeah geoff is the boss and jack is basically his mom but something about ryan makes michael take a step back from the damage he’s about to cause. michael would literally beat the shit out of himself if ryan wasnt there to talk him down and take the hits. 

(and if michael lets a tear slip he’ll tell ryan its because of his split and bloodied knuckles and ryan will let him cry about it all he wants)


Request: “Can you do an on shot where Jerome takes an interest in the reader and she’s kinda working in the GCPD and works with Jim Gordon?”

A/N: So this is kind of drabble-ish, but let me know if y'all liked this!

Imagine being partners with Jim Gordon and Jerome taking an immediate liking to you.

_ _ _ _ _ _

You cast a skeptical glance at the young officer walking into the commissioner’s office. Was he new? You’ve never seen him around before. Your partner, Jim Gordon, has been gone for over fifteen minutes now, and with all the recent attacks, you can never be too sure.

Slowly, you slide your hand to the gun resting on your hip, something doesn’t feel right. Your head snaps up as you hear gunfire breakout. You hurriedly run to duck behind your desk, clinging to the side of it for cover. Millions of thoughts run through your head. What the hell is going on? What should you do? Where’s Gordon? Who’s staging the attack?

However, your thoughts are interrupted when one of the gunmen comes around the desk, and forces the cool metal barrel of his gun against your temple. You stare coldly into his eyes as if daring him to pull the trigger.

“Don’t shoot.” A voice commands from behind you. The gunman immediately lowers his weapon and moves away. You glance up to see your savior and your jaw threatens to drop. He approaches you, squatting down next to you.

“Hi gorgeous, I’m Jerome.” The redhead says with a wicked grin.
“I know who you are.” You respond, disgust flooding your features. Your hardened glare meets his joyous expression, and that only seems to make his grin widen.

“You see Detective,” Jerome reaches a hand to your hair, taking a lock and twirling it between his fingers. “I like you. I always have.”

Your entire body tenses up when he moves his hand to rest on your cheek.

“Y/N, you’re a good cop. You want to help clean up Gotham, I get that. I’m a bad guy, you’re supposed to lock me up with the other crazies. But how about we forget that, hmm?” Jerome leans in closer to you as he talks. You feel his warm breath tickle your skin as he utters his next words. “How about when I leave I take you with me, and you can tell me all about Jim Gordon and the GCPD? Maybe we’ll even have a little fun too.” Jerome whispers the last sentence.

His words seem to put you on a level of rage you haven’t experienced in a while. Fury fills your veins as you lift your hand and punch Jerome across the face. He remains frozen in place for a few moments, his head turned to the side as blood trickles from his nose. Suddenly, he erupts in laughter, wiping the blood from his nose as he turns his face back to you.

“You pack quite a punch Y/N. Although this conversation has been quite enjoyable, I am afraid that I have some other business to attend to.” Jerome states before rising and walking in the opposite direction. You sit there dumbfounded as he sends a sultry wink in your direction.

Old Friend- A Malia Tate Imagine

Anon requested “Could you do a Malia X female reader. We’re Malia used to see the reader when she was a coyote and when she becomes human they meet. Thank you. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense.”

Malia stood with her friends in the lunch line bag hung low on her back, not that she could feel it with the heavy sweater she had on. Down side of being human now was she didn’t have fur to protect her from Beacon Hills cold winters anymore. She looked around the lunchroom not for anyone in particular just in general seeing how the students interacted with each other, until her eyes fell on a girl she knew she had met before. Only then she wasn’t in a human form. 

Malia almost dropped her bag before her reflexes kicked in and she caught it, but she also caught all of her friends attention. Now they all looked at the were-coyote with expectant eyes just waiting for an explanation.

“Malia what’s wrong you look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Kira chimed in before Lydia threw up her hands cutting off the girl.

“If anyone would see a ghost it would be me and I thank god have not. So what’s up?” The ginger asked suddenly more interested in the topic of Malia compared to …..whatever was on her tray.

Malia just sighed slinging her backpack back over her shoulder and pushing her hair out of her face. “It’s just- I saw a girl that I used to know. She had a house by the woods and so wasn’t afraid of any of the animals so would go and run through the woods or stop to try and make friends with some of us. I mean coyotes are loners I never let anyone get too close but still it’s just weird seeing her again and not feeling afraid, actually I kinda want to go talk to her. It’s like the feeling of seeing an old friend again.” She explained to her friends who all shared a look before Kira pushed her out of the line.

“So go say hi!” Stiles added in trying to prompt the brunette to go talk to this new girl.

“Hell no. What am I supposed to follow it with? Hi, I used to be a coyote who saw you in the woods? or Hi I used to see you from your house while I ran from mountain lions?!” She was ranting now and getting nervous all of them could sense it. Even the banshee and human who couldn’t smell the emotion.

There was a pause between them all as they thought it over.

“Well, maybe let her say hi back before you rush into crazy supernatural world?”  Stiles joked ending with Malia punching him very hard in the arm.

Another slight shove sent Malia on her way to talk to Y/N she was too busy thinking about what she was going to say she was at the table and spaced out.

“Can I help you?” Y/N asked Malia in a polite tone but for some reason it brought Malia out of her daze with a little flutter in her heart at the sound of the girls voice.

“Oh uhm…Hi.” Malia knew she sounded lame and far away but Y/N smiled and repeated the greeting before moving her bag so Malia could sit by her.

“I’m Y/N,” Malia was able to begin to relax and smile as Y/N introduced herself because she obviously hadn’t scared off the girl yet. 

“Malia, it’s nice to meet you.” Y/N added back before offering the other girl a part of her lunch since her friends had pushed her out of line.

Lydia and Kira were watching from the line invested in their friends love interest. 

“Malia is practically drooling over that ‘ Old friend’ I bet you fifty bucks their dating by the end of the month.” The kitsune laughed as the banshee just shook her head no.

“End of the week.”

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That anon with the butt slapping Hartwin... What if Eggsy got addicted to the feel of Harry's hand on his butt? The jolt before seemed to reprogrammed him. He's now addicted to the feel and don't know how to ask Harry.

Heya Nonnie ! It’s always so nice to see you in my inbox ! :D I don’t know if that’s what you’re expecting but here’s for you ! (it totally escaped me haha ( Also I wanted to finish this yesterday for valentines day, but the baftas happened..)) (And also, hug to you @princessepompom for correcting my stupid mistakes :33)

The slap is a revelation. And shit, he wants more.

Eggsy was not expecting it, but the faint memory of the contact of Harry’s hand against his butt has awoken something (and let’s not even talk about the red handprint left after). At first, he tried to ignore that strange feeling, classifying it as a mere lack of understanding. Harry had slapped him without any explanation, and that was probably the reason.

As the days went on, curiosity replaced the questionings, and a sense of loss overtook him as the red mark faded from his buttocks. The handprint was pretty on his pale skin, so it was probably for that reason. A simple aesthetic reason, yes. He was not really “excited” about a good old spanking. That would be weird and unhealthy, right? He was not one of those weirdos who were getting off on being punch. No, absolutely not, no! He had zero interests in that. Zero interests, thank you… Zero… he was not… interested..

Until he realised that yes, maybe he was. Just a little bit. And it was already too late.

That escalated quickly and he couldn’t do much, except being swept off his feet by all that craziness. It had become a wanking material for when Harry wasn’t home due to an exceptional mission or an important meeting halfway across the world. He found himself watching porn containing the keywords “spanking”, “naughty boys”, and “daddy” more than he’d like to admit. And simply watching his lover’s hands made him flush in desire and hide his head under his snapback. He missed the sensation of Harry’s hands on his butt with such passion…  

And here he is now.

He, the boy who was raised in a tough family and who was beaten on a regular basis likes to be spank. What. The. Fuck. It’s a hard pill to swallow. His pride has taken a hit, and he feels a sense of awkwardness he hasn’t felt since secondary school and the first boner he had had over a guy from his old neighbourhood.

Something has to be done about this situation, because it’s starting to be weird between them, as Harry felt something was off.

He’s standing in the middle of Harry’s office, and can’t stop fidgeting in discomfort. He’s waiting for his lover to finish an article in the night reports, and he shoves his shaking hands in his pockets. He had claimed that he wanted to talk about them. About something private, and really personal. Something that was just a little bit bothering Eggsy. Something that could, maybe, affect their sexual life. Maybe. And that, yes, they needed to talk about their sexual life right now, in that very moment. Harry asked to wait a minute, just one, so he could finish the article and fully listen to (understand : take care of) his lover.

So Eggsy waited. He was getting flushed and fidgety. He doesn’t know how he’s going to break the news, and he’s scared, ok. Maybe, he should just scream, or leave a word on the fridge before leaving the next morning. Or maybe, if he’s lucky, Harry is into this… After all, he’s the one who first started this… He should try to be a little more “persuasive” and “experimental” about this, in his talking/announcement and all… He’s not sure about what he’s going to say, but damn, he needs to say something…

“’arry… Hum, you know about… About us… What if… “

Or maybe not.

He abruptly stops, and as soon as the words are spoken, he bit his lips, avoiding eye contact. Harry doesn’t have to know about this particular turn on. Eggsy doesn’t want him to think he’s a freak who likes to be beaten or something like that. Fuck, he doesn’t want to scare him, or be rejected… He feels Harry’s gaze on him, and hears the report being closed, followed by a light “thump” as Harry sets down his pen with the files. An inquisitive hum echoes in the room, and the young man nervously starts to scratch his neck. Maybe he can still avoid the confrontation.

“Nah, whatever, forget this bruv’“

Maybe he can outrun Harry if he flies now. The concern sits heavy on Harry’s tongue as he speaks.

“What is it, Eggsy? What if … what?”

Eggsy coughs to hide that he’s afraid. Now that Harry wants to know, he can’t do anything more but tell him. Harry will never let him live without knowing what’s on his boy mind. He takes a long-suffering sigh, and goes for it.

“What if I’m a naughty boy…?”

It was a barely audible whisper. And ok, that was absolutely not what he intended to say. Out of the corner of his eyes he can see Harry frowning, trying to understand what had been said.

“Sorry dear boy, I didn’t hear what you…”

“WHAT IF I’M A NAUGHTY BOY” interrupts the younger agent, and a deafening silence follows the shout. Eggsy’s crimson face matches the wall of his lover’s office, and he huffs in faint annoyance, hiding his shame and discomfort.

Harry blinks a few times, face absolutely blank for what feels like hours to Eggsy. He can hear the wind outside, and his stomach churns unpleasantly. That’s it then. He’s fucked. That’s probably the moment Harry dumps him for someone better, and less chav in their manners. Fuck, he hoped that day wouldn’t come, but it looks like he’s a proper idiot after all.

And without warning, Harry starts moving. He slowly removes his glasses and sets them on the desk, next to his pen and report files. His eyes are plain black and desire pours out freely. A light of recognition and mischief sparkles in Harry’s gaze as he takes a dominating stance. It’s quite unexpected, and something relaxes, and then shifts in the young agent. It seems like the older man understood the problem and is on board for that nonsense. A full body shudder breaks the defensive posture of the young man, and everything changes. Eggsy holds his breath, hands clenched by his sides, and waits for what is to come. A silent deal is set between them, and Eggsy lightly mouths a “yes” to give the permission to go further in the emerging foreplay.

“Oh Eggsy… Do you want to know what I do to naughty boys?”

There’s a fondness in his tone that makes him want to throw himself on the man and kiss him senseless. But now is not the time. Maybe later… Eggsy bits his lips for the second time, and eagerly nods. His heart is hammering in his chest, and the redness on his face has switched to a lovely pink flush.

“Well… I usually put them on my lap, and give them a good spanking to teach them a lesson.”

His blood is quickly rushing south as a silent gasp escapes his lips. Ooh, he’s so ready for this. He can’t wait.

Harry pats his lap, hiding a growing smile behind his movement.

“Come here, Eggsy”

The boy goes willingly, a light bounce in his steps, and a fake pout on his face.

(And if the next day he can’t stop fidgeting in his seat at the round table while Harry seems a little bit too smug, no one says a word.)

The Return


Memory could be a fickle thing, especially at his age and especially after what happened. For one, he still wasn’t sure exactly what happened. Something to do with an accident with a memory-erasing device? It all sounded too out-there for him to wrap his head around. For another, he still found himself with gaps in his memory and vague recollections of incidents that also seemed too out-there for him to wrap his head around. Did he really punch a pterodactyl in the face? He supposed such questions weren’t all that important.

In the grand scheme of things, what was important was that he had a fantastic summer with his niece and nephew, and he was reunited with his twin brother. Life couldn’t be better, memory problems or no. 

Sometimes, things bothered him, though. Just the other day, they ran into a fisherman named Bill. He was a nice enough guy, maybe more than a little sea-crazy, but nice. And yet, the name had filled him with… apprehension? Maybe it was another memory gap thing. He vaguely recalled time in prison. Perhaps he had a bad run-in with a Bill. 

Ford and him found another treasure chest the other day. Sadly, this one wasn’t filled with jewels, but stone tablets. It was no wonder the damn thing was so heavy. The stone tablets had words written on them, and Ford was constantly muttering about deciphering them. Occasionally, Stan had to pull his brother away from the work of deciphering strange words on stone tablets, so the Stan-o-War II wouldn’t capsize. He was sure all the muttering about deciphering words was worrying only in that Ford kept himself up all night working on it. No other reason.

He had no idea why triangles made him nervous… and/or angry. THAT was baffling, but he didn’t pay it much attention. There was nothing to worry about. Everything was fine. It’s what helped him sleep at night.