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Engraved pt. 8

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Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 7061
Warnings: swearing ( think), a lot of suggestive things, sentimental things? idk…not much. Pasta. HIGH WORDCOUNT OFG
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Kai X Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: Compared to the previous part this is HUGGGEEE, let me know what you think as usual!! feedback appreciated.

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Kyungsoo pov

The couch in the living room wasn’t really that comfortable, and he slept half half the whole night. To be honest he was also sort of worried about you. Most of the time he had pretended to not hear the slight waver in your voice, or the way you seemed to touch him more surely to more you drank. How every inch of care seemed to flow from you, and your posture changed too. 
And then you had stumbled up the stairs with fear knitted between your tense shoulders. He wanted to put his hand right there, on your spine and take whatever it was away from you. Upstairs he had heard you stumble and he found you barely able to stand. Lightweight, seven shots, and you were a goner. The mischief in your eyes was gone by then, and replaced with a worrying frown.
When he left you had whispered something, and he had heard it. He wasn’t really sure whether he had been supposed to hear it. But he did. That you slipped up around him. That he should be glad about it. But what does that even mean?
The morning came too soon and he was up at the first crack of dawn, a little before 7 am. He groaned and stretched, the blanket soft against his skin as it dropped around his waist. The room was a pleasant cold, but he shivered still and reached for his shirt on the table. It was right next to the abandoned bottle of vodka and the shot glasses. Where was the dice?

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Baby Please, Forgive Me (Part 2)

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,148

Summary: Okay so this is part 2 for “Sorry Will Never Be Good Enough” I hope y’all like it since it was requested so much!! And for this I have the Colt kinda still in their possession, so just go along with it haha

Warnings: This is hard because I don’t want to give away the good stuff lol, uuhh language, begging to die, little fight sequence

Part 1

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Caught In The Act: Josh Washington x Reader

Request: i was wondering could do one where emily has a crush on josh but josh like the reader and the reader likes josh and emily and josh do some things and the reader is heart broken but josh makes it up

A/n: I’m so so sorry for not posting for so long, I’ve been extremely busy with work and I’m having some personal problems atm, but I promise i will start writing more the next few weeks! 

Word count: 1,300

You had no idea why it bothered you so much. You knew he was kind off into you, he definitely showed that when you went on your first and only date. He had acted like a real gentlemen and kissed your cheek by the end of the night, but now it seemed like he had his eye on someone else.

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Stefan and Damon Meet Scott and Stiles

From Stefan’s point of view:

There was no point in staying at Mystic Falls anymore. We would end up dead, and keeping my only family member and friend left safe was the most important thing. We drove for hours, Damon annoying me the entire way.
“Can we stop for a drink?” He asked, curling his lips into a smile.
“Come on brother, it will be fun,” he insisted.
I sighed. “We have to get to Beacon Hills, then we’ll get drinks.. And i’m hoping you meant alcohol.”
Damon closed his eyes and leaned back in the passenger seat of the car. “Scared of loosing control in a new town, Ripper?”
I tried to collect myself as best I could, but I did not respond to Damon for the rest of the way there.

Damon’s point of view:

Stefan was such a party killer. A downer. He was a rather gloomy vampire, sticking to tradition I suppose. Meanwhile, all I wanted to do was drink some blood and blast the music from the car’s radio as we drove to this new town. We would own this town, just as we did Mystic Falls. The best part? There were no other supernatural creatures here. Or at least I had hoped. I was sick of people constantly ruining things for Stefen and I. And of corse, people constantly trying to kill me. At least here I could do what I wanted with no consequences.
It took me a moment before I had realized that Stefen fell asleep at the wheel. It took only one more moment to realize there was a boy in the middle of the road on his phone. I didn’t want to be a goodie-goodie, but killing the guy wouldn’t have done much good for us.
“Stefan wake up!” I shouted. “Stop the car! Now!”

Stiles’ point of view:

Man, the amount of pictures I had on my phone of the dead body Scott and I had just found,were unbelievable. My dad would have to see these. We needed to figure out how this person died.
I stopped in the middle of the road to look at the pictures, while Scott continued walking across the street.
“Stiles look out!”
I turned to see a car headed towards me, with panicking drivers. I was too stunned to move, and before I could, the car hit me. It wasn’t a bad hit, since the car has slowed down enough before it hit me to actually hurt me that much. Though, I still fell down. I was embarrassed. Also, my head was bleeding. And my neck. And nose. Ouch.. Maybe it did hurt me a little bit. I got back up before falling again and feeling very dizzy.

Scott’s point of view:

Stiles looked terrible. I think he under estimated his injury seeing as he got back up (only to fall down again). He must have hit his head hard, cause he didn’t even notice his arm was broken. And it was BROKEN..
I ran to his aid and tried to help him up again.
The two people from inside the car got out to see if Stiles was okay. Although, the one who had been driving looked like he was the one who got hit when he saw Stiles. The other one was smirking for some reason.
“Let’s just bite them both, drink some blood, and make them forget.” The one with the dark hair and blue eyes whispered. The other one shook his head no.
“I’m a ripper, Damon. I can’t stop if I start. You know that.”
The one called Damon shrugged, and ran towards stiles faster than even I could. So fast I barely saw him run. Next he had his teeth sunken into Stiles’ neck. Soon Damon had brought Stiles to the other guy, and the light haired one drunk from Stiles’ neck. Damon grabbed me next, except I pushed him off of me, letting my fangs grow and growling. My eyes turned red, and Damon’s black and blue eyes widened, the veins around them disappearing. Quickly I grabbed stiles and pulled him away from he other vampire. How could this be real? How could it be that vampires existed?
“Of corse. The one place we go to when getting away from the supernatural, there’s werewolves!” Damon hissed, throwing his hands in the air.

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“It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.” {Bryce} “His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow.” {meg}

“It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.” ( @beyondbryce )

If you were going to dish it out, you had to have a decent acceptance of getting it back without it stinging but ouch, that one had cut a little. Maybe it was because once upon a time Vidia had felt something for Bryce or maybe she was just growing too damn soft and sensitive lately but she felt the verbal stinging burn and stiffened her back as her shoulders squared up and her chin tilted upwards even as her nostrils flared a bit and her brows furrowed in an attempt to push back the slight hurt. “I hope you aren’t ever shocked by the fact you’re divorced or wonder why she left your ass.”

“His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow.” ( @megxrx )

Vidia choked on, and almost lost, the liquid in her mouth and had to save herself with a hard cough as she put the glass back on the bar top, turning her head to locate who Meg had gestured to with her glaring nod even though by her scoff alone Vidia had a pretty good guess who she meant. “You know men,” She responded after her laugh as she swiveled back ‘round on the barstool to face Meg. “They always need something big in order to overcompensate for…other things.” Face twitching for a moment, she couldn’t help another laugh at her implication before peeking over her shoulder in Flynn’s direction. Vidia may normally feel an extreme sense of loyalty for her childhood pal but Meg wasn’t wrong — that ego of his probably had it’s own orbiting moons.

V - How to break up with Kim Taehyung

You woke up to a wonderful surprise, your boyfriend Kim Taehyung or Bangtansonyeondan’s V was there to greet you a good morning. However as much as you loved his little surprise, you couldn’t help but still feel that same feeling you’d been having for the past few months. Abandoned. When you got into a relationship with him, you thought you knew what you were getting yourself into. Never have you ever thought you were more wrong, you seriously had no idea what you entered.

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Drunk, Shit Happens

AN: Just so all of you know.. this is a long ass thing, have a lot of swears, and smut. and the plot is confusing cause I was probably high when I wrote this.. but yeah.. enjoy.. it is VERY long.


I was maybe just a little drunk. ouch I just hit my head on the counter, nevermind I’m drunk as thunk. but hey you’re suppose to get a bit tipsy when you’re on a party right? I mean all my friends are drunk too. just look at em! of course I can’t because my head is still on the counter. get up Anna. lifting my head off the table I manage to cast a glance towards my friends sitting right next to me.

Kristoff is making out with a random girl, or wait no it’s that blond chick what’s her name? oh yeah Aurora, I’m surprised she even came, she’s usually this regal and pretty girl. oh and beside em is Eugene, wait a minute is he fucking Rapunzel in public? I guess it’s their love life but have a bit of privacy, but they’re doing it discreetly I guess so maybe it’s fine. she is just sitting on his lap rocking her hips back and forth, sure they’re grunting but maybe they’re not having sex, maybe it’s just me and my drunk vision seeing things.

I also think I see brown hair. is that Belle? ugh the bitch is here as well? she’s looking around, why is she looking around? oh wait, she’s now looking at me, and is it just me or is she coming closer? nope it’s not just me, because my bodyguard Marshmallow just stopped her. okay he’s not my bodyguard but he’s fond of me for some reason. what’s he saying?

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