maybe a dryad

What goddess do I petition to make the “polyamorous family” line actually be a prediction for how the main casts relationships over the season develop though ……

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So he'd be a guayacan hamadryad and I think this is super cool and fitting! I think there could be an AU were all the SMH are nymphs because there's so many possibilities? Like Chowder as an Hydriad, Dex as an underworld nymph (Lampad maybe???), Holster and Shitty as Maenads, Lardo and Ransom as Muses, Bitty as a peach tree hamadryad, Jack as a celestial nymph. So many possibilities! Sorry for rambling, I'm just very excited over this kind of stuff!!




This was not her forest, of that, Huntress was certain. A thick, ominous fog sifted through the wood, and the damp smell of eternal Autumn lingered on the tree bark of oak and maple trees. It was a drastic contrast to the Spring-turning-Summer weather that was her own forest.

The wizard concluded that she must have wandered through a naturally-made portal through time and space that the magical forest she resided in was known for doing.

Her feet made a strange squishy crunch into the wet leaves as she roamed, keen wizard eyes attempting to see through the fog. There, in the distance, she spotted a dark figure with antlers. It wasn’t a deer, as it appeared to have no long snout and walked on two legs. Maybe it was another Dryad, or a Satyr… though, if that was the case, then why was she feeling a sense of dread as she continued to look on?

She stood there for a moment, debating whether or not to approach the figure. Ominous or not, she was lost in a strange world and she needed help finding the ingredients to get her back home. She ultimately decided to approach the figure; if push came to shove, she could certainly defend herself.

Stuff I’d like to see more of in the Sciles Tag:

  • Scott-centric prompts - There’s a sciles prompts blog, but almost all the prompts are Stiles-centric. How’re we supposed to be inspired with no Scott prompts?
  • Art, Edits, and Gifs that celebrate Scott’s skin and physical characteristics (yes, his jawline and alpha eyes but also his plush lips and DIMPLES!!! and moles and beautiful nose and thick thighs and dat ass and… you get the idea) as much as Stiles’ gets celebrated
  • We have some, but I’d love to see more fic with pining!Scott, fic from Scott’s POV, fic with Stiles caring for sick!Scott, fic that centers around Scott’s canonical depression and post-traumatic stress, fic that values Scott and Stiles’ relationships with the girls, fic that celebrates Scott’s love for animals, and fic that celebrates Scott’s teaching skills (seriously there’s so little teacher!Scott or mentor!Scott he’s SO GOOD AT IT)
  • More Something!Scott! Hedgewitch!Scott was a really fun AU for the scerek fandom to play with. I know seriousshit88 loves empath!Scott. I’d love to see maybe Fey!Scott or Dryad!Scott or Druid!Scott or even a fanon power switch - werewolf!Stiles and werefox!Scott could be fun! There’s nothing that says Scott always has to be a wolf!
  • More soft floral bro everything. I’M SORRY I JUST REALLY LIKE IT OKAY. But like along with that, no “no homo” since a) both Scott and Stiles are bi so that’s silly, and b) it’s hurtful. Don’t do that. Unless you’re planning to follow it up with “Full Bi”, “No Homo” has no place in the sciles tag. 
  • More AU ideas! Canon is terrible right now! We know that! Post your fun / angsty / silly / awesome alternate universe ideas in the tag! I want to read those and be excited about us all collectively reading that fic even if you know you can’t / won’t write it (see again bullet point one)
  • More weddings. Not sorry. 
  • More Scott and Stiles making one another happy and working through problems together and being treated as equals by one another and by fandom

The tag has been a really stress-inducing place basically since the fandom of the year competition (with its floods of people who don’t actually ship sciles invading our space) and has only gotten more awful with the events of 5A. We have a probably terrible hiatus in front of us, so let’s take our tag back, sciles fans, and make it even better than before! 

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zosan, dryad zoro develops a crush on sanji and his crush spurs a tree to grow up through the kitchen of his restaurant overnight

*rolls with this* 

“Hey. Sanji.” 

Sanji looked up at Patty in annoyance. “I am busy, what the fuck do you want?” 

Patty cleared his throat and lowered his voice. “Don’t look now, but someone’s watching you.” 

Sanji frowned. “What do you mean? We’re in the kitchens. Customers aren’t allowed in here.” 

“Through the window, dumbass.” 

Sanji looked up and only caught a glimpse of a brown face before it vanished. 

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I keep seeing this Persephone/Hades klance au around my dash and I love it but now I want Magical Life Goddess™ Allura and Magical (benevolent) Death God™ Shiro who r old friends (w some mutual pining!) and Lance and Keith r their respective apprentices/assistants/adopted sons(?). Allura dresses in rainbows and light and flowers, so does Lance, and they both got sparkles while Shiro and Keith both wear all black but Stylish All Black™ and idk snow decorations? Petrified wood and stone accessories! (But also sparkles! Everyone magic sparkles!) And when Allura and Shiro introduce their apprentices, Regal Allura is all like “This is Lance. He’s under my training so you’ll see more of him in the future.” *Lance does/says smth stupid* “😩 Please be patient with my idiot son.” And of course Lance and Keith have Words™ but since they actually have magic training together and assistant stuff to do together (while their teacher/guardians r on a date usually - “business my ass”) they get along somewhat. Also in this world I want Pixie!Pidge, Dryad!Hunk, Fairy!Coran. Or maybe make all three tiny pixies/fairies? And have them b kind of messengers between the 4? (And Pidge ofc like to mess w the apprentices). Maybe Shay is the dryad on Allura’s side but also I want Zarkon, Haggar, Nyma, and Rolo somehow involved (maybe Keith dad Thace too? Idk I never kno tho so 🙃)