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Making out with... Kun


Okay, I didn’t write this one either becAUSE I WAS STRESSING ABOUT GETTING THIS READY FOR Y’ALL AND I JUST AUHBFAUSUBD this was written by lauren aka @suhsexual, who is srsly an amazing NCT blog, and everything she posts is pure sex genius. Thank you so so so much, I loved this very much and I know a lot of other people will too <3 plus, thank you for choosing to write for un, he’s probably the hardest member to right for

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  • Okay, it’s ye gurl Lauren, how u doin’? Good? Good.
  • Imma bout to bless u not rlly lmao this is probs gonna be shit but oh weLL ALWAYS HERE TO HELP, FLO.. LOL
  • Right so here’s some context for y'all
  • You had been dating Kun for about 5 months
  • And lordt, every moment of those 5 months had been an absolute blessing
  • You actually met through your roommate, Doyoung
  • He had an inkling that the two of you would match up pretty well
  • And you did. You worked so well together.. You didn’t have to be together 24/8 - you both understood the importance of space and how much people need it, even if said people are dating
  • You loved having time to yourself, whether it were to do what you loved the most or just to chill and relax and have a nice bath etc
  • Kun was the same. He enjoyed his time with ‘the guys’, he liked going out eating and drinking with them
  • And lets be honest, the boys would love you for this – not being one of those girlfriends that force their boyfriend to stay with them and not let him go out with his friends
  • They always insisted that Kun had a ‘Keeper’, implying that they would snatch you up a their own if things ended between the two of you they meaning Yuta lmao
  • Mr. Steal-Yo-Gurl
  • I’m sorry, I’ll stop
  • You found it flattering but Kun on the other hand was always tempted to throw an uppercut to Yuta’s chin whenever the grease ball tried to indirectly flirt with you
  • Despite loving time to yourselves, it made it all the more exciting when you were together. It made time spent together mean more and you actually had the chance to ‘miss’ each other, ygm?
  • So whenever he did come to your place or you went to his, you always felt a surge of giddiness at the thought of seeing him
  • He’d knock on the door with his own little tune, causing you to jump from your spot on the sofa and hurriedly shuffle to the door; unlocking it and quickly finding yourself wrapped in his arms.
  • You’d grab his hand and pull him inside
  • He’d be trailing behind you, fingers entwined, with adoration in his eyes as he took in how perfect you were to him ADSFDA
  • Even if it was just the back of you, he loved every inch of you
  • Okay this is where the whole reason u are reading this comes in LMAO
  • After talking about each other’s day; how your work was, how his practice was, you would both lounge on the sofa together
  • When you were spending time with each other, you both just enjoyed cuddling up and watching a movie or catching up on a show that you’re both watch together and vow to never watch it without the other
  • Tho you know for a fact he watches it without you, he just pretends he hasn’t seen it
  • Though today you just laying down on the sofa with your head in his lap reading your book while he plays on his video games – both doing something you individually enjoy but still being within the other’s presence.
  • With each turn of a page, you noticed how he became quieter and quieter until all you could hear was the background music on his game 
  • You felt his eyes on you as you continued to read
  • Eventually you grabbed your bookmark from beside you and marked the page you were just about to start reading, sighing as you placed it down on the floor
  • You looked up to find him already admiring you, his dimples threatening to show as his smile grew wider
  • “Can I help you?” You would tease as you sat up in his lap, leaning against the arm of the sofa
  • “I don’t know? Can you?”
  • You would feel him arm wrap around as he unconsciously starts playing with your hair
  • “Depends on what it is.” You would inquire playfully
  • But you would notice him leaning in closer to you; quickly catching your lips with his own
  • The sudden display of affection would surprise you briefly but ultimately, you would find yourself becoming lost in this touch
  • His arm that was once around your back would instead snake around you waist, pulling you closer to him, his other hand would rest on your hip
  • You felt the familiar flock of butterflies return to your stomach, the feeling making you giddy and giggly
  • Kun wouldn’t be able to contain himself from smiling into the kiss
  • You’d unconsciously bring your hand up, weaving your fingers in between his tresses of soft brown hair tugging on them slightly; in turn eliciting a small yet deep groan of satisfaction from him
  • You’d tilt your head to the side slightly, your lips moving in perfect rhythm with each other
  • His tongue grazing your bottom lip as a way of asking permission to deepen the kiss
  • His lips would taste of lingering cola, having taken a sip of the sugary drink not too long ago
  • A taste you found yourself becoming addicted to in that moment
  • You felt him shift, moving himself from underneath you so that he was now hovering above
  • You quickly shifted too, shuffling down the sofa so you were laying down again
  • He would then proceed to straddle you, his hands moving to your hips and tracing circles on them with his thumbs as he, again, admired you from above
  • A coy smile would show on his soft features as he moves a piece of hair from your face, tucking it behind your ear
  • You’d lean up and wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him down to recapture his lips once again
  • Neither of you would hear the clicks of the door
  • An unexpecting Doyoung walking through the hallway into the living room, an eyebrow quirked at the scene unfolding in front of him
  • “Do you guys need anything, I don’t know maybe a condom or a fUCKING ROOM?!”
  • Kun would sigh in a annoyance, his head dropping forward before moving off of you to go to the toilet
  • You’d laugh at how adorably-angry he got whenever he was cock-blocked
  • He would slam the door to the bathroom leaving you in hysterics with their bickering
  • Doyoung would click his tongue in disapproval as he made his way around the sofa, falling backwards onto it, offering you some food
  • “You need to let me know when he’s gonna be here in the future because 1. I don’t really want to walk in on two of my best friends fucking, y'know?And 2. This happens way too often… We’ve had some close calls before.“
  • “Gotcha.”
  • “No but seriously, why does it always have to be the sofa? Do you not know of a thing called a bedroom? Maybe even a bathroom because they’re easier to clean.”

Making out with… series

im tired of people saying that men dont experience periods like sorry im trans and my period has been getting worse every month. its so frustrating because i just got off my period and ive been dysphoric for a whole week but cis girls like to dismiss that and when trans men bring it up we need to shut up and stop prioritizing ourselves over women

Pregnancy (Carl Grimes) prompts

Prompt :
#42 : “Im pregnant”
#20 : “I just think you’re afraid to be happy.”

Paring : Carl Grimes x Reader

Warnings : implied sex, implied thoughts of abortion, angst, cursing, fluff

A/N. I just wanna say that I have no idea if this is along the lines of what you wanted, if not I apologize in advance. I honestly struggled a tad bit with this one trying to work both prompts into it but I tried :)

Two weeks ago.

Four days late.

Two weeks ago you and your boyfriend had finally done it. Had took your relationship to the next level.

But non of this made any sense.

Maybe you were just paranoid or something but whatever it was you wanted it to stop.

You are Carl had made sure to use a condom and be as safe as possible. How could this have happened? Maybe the condom broke?

You groaned in frustration as you stared at the calendar. You were four days late from your period. And of course it had to be just after what happened between you and Carl.

Walking to the counter and opening the package of the pregnancy test you sighed, eyes closing and taking a deep breath.

You had to make sure. You didn’t know what you’d do if you were really pregnant.


Minutes turn into what feels like hours when waiting for the results. You paced back and forth every so often taking a look at the stick to see if it was done.

Finally you looked, this time with your answer.

“Positive.” You breathed out.

Your body froze as your eyes blinked repeatedly in slight shock.


Carl was sitting on your bed his knee bobbing up and down as he waited for what you had to say.

“Cmon Y/N. Just tell me what’s going on.” He said grabbing your hand and squeezing it in his lap.


“Im pregnant.” You said quietly. Your heart was racing and you couldn’t stop shaking.

“You’re… you’re what?” He laughed taking it surprisingly well.

“ Carl im pregnant. This isn’t a joke.” You said hoping to get him to be serious about this.

His face softened and then went confused.

Shaking his head he looked away standing.
“I don’t get it. We used protection. And as far as I knew the condom didn’t break.”

“I know that’s what I thought to. But that doesn’t matter okay what matters is it happened and now im pregnant. Im down right terrified Carl.” You said falling backwards on the bed groaning.

“You know. Maybe this isn’t so bad Y/N. We’ve always talked about being together as a family, having kids. Just think of it as its coming a bit earlier than planned. He said taking a seat beside you.

“I don’t know Carl. I mean… yea but.. what if im just not ready. I can’t have a fucking child. What if.. what if I like, you know.. get an abortion or something.” You said looking at him.

frowning he stood up. “ Fuck Y/N, why would you even think about something like that. You know. I just think you’re afraid to be happy.” He said storming off.

“Carl. No- cmon wait a minute!” You yelled after him.


2 months had past since that day you told carl. And he was right. You were scared but now happy. Happy you would be having his child.

“Hey babe.” Carl said walking up beside you. His hand on your new baby bump as he smiled.

“Hey. How’s it going?” You asked kissing his cheek.

“Good. And I hope you two are as well?” He asked looking at your belly.

“Happy as can be.”

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Wait so if yoongi's veins light up when yoongi is worked up .. does this mean his d*ck lights up too ??? if he and jimin f*ck around with each other .. does this mean he wears fireproof condoms ????

IM SCREAMING glow in the dark dick oH my friggin asgkasbjssjshsj idk dude maybe bighit invented condoms for mutants :’-)

(I need to start thinking about the sexy times of this au there are so many unanswered questions thank u for bringing glow in the dark dick to my attention)

The List

I made the list when I was drunk one night, then promptly hidden it in the morning. Apparently I didn’t hide it well enough since Chris is currently holding it in one hand and grinning at me.
“Where I want to have sex?” He asks with a grin. “On a giant floaty in a pool is your first one?”
“It sounds fun.” I say, positive my face is cherry red right now.
“In the shower. In the bed of a truck in the middle of a field. On a couch, which we’ve done more than once.”
“Hence the check mark.” I point out.
“In a rocking armchair. Sitting on a swing. Are we both on the swing?”
“No, you’d be standing so we’d have to make the swing higher.”
“We should do these.”
“It was more a joke than anything Chris.” I say reaching for the paper.
“Let’s knock off number one.”
“On a giant floaty? We don’t have one.”
“I’ll go get one. And maybe some more condoms this is quite the list.”
“Oh my god.” He grabs a pen and scrawls something at the bottom of the list then looks thoughtful before adding another thing.
“There. Now it’s our list.” He folds it then pins it to the cork board on the inside of the pantry door. He kisses me with a hand on my ass then nips my ear before grabbing his wallet and heading out the door. I go to the pantry to see what he’s added to the list and see.
In my childhood treehouse
On a trampoline. You on top.
I’m not going to lie. The trampoline sounds fun.

Chris seems to be taking his sweet time getting a floaty and some condoms, to the point where I’m about to get naked and in the pool now so we don’t waste any more time. I go out and open the pool cover, while I’m out there I hear Chris come home and start the pump to fill the floaty. I can’t believe we’re actually doing this. He drags the floaty out from the garage and drops it into the water then starts to strip.
“Uh, Chris?”
“It’s still light out.”
“What of the neighbors see?” He comes over to me and kisses me deeply and I can feel his semi-hard cock pressing against me.
“Neither of them are home.” He says before kissing down my neck and biting gently where it meets my shoulder. His hands are roaming my body.
“Okay.” He starts peeling off clothing as he kisses me. Off go my shorts, then my shirt so all we’re wearing are our underwear, he removes my bra as I pull off his briefs and take his cock into my hand. I slide my hand slowly up and down his hardening cock and he groans into my mouth. He shoves my panties off and then wrapping his arm around me he falls backward into the water. We come up out of the water and I splash him with a laugh.
“Come on.”
“Someone is in a rush.” I tease and he swims toward me as I move away. He catches my ankle and reels me in toward him where he’s holding onto the giant floaty. He helps me onto the floaty in the deep water.

“Lay on your back.” I do as he asks and he wraps his arms around my waist then presses his mouth to my clit.
“Oh!” I moan as his tongue brushes against my clit in expert strokes. He’s bobbing in the deeper water and I can’t help but buck against his mouth. He presses a finger against my clit and pressing down as he works his mouth along my pussy. His teeth graze the slick flesh and I moan loudly arching up off of the floaty. The man knows how to make me cum, with every part of his body. He presses his thumb against my clit and I hiss loudly. “Chris.” I murmur.
“I’m coming up.” He says hopping then sliding his wet body up next to mine.

I lean down and take his cock into my mouth. “Fuck babe.” He growls and I hum happily bobbing my head up and down taking him further into my mouth. I give his balls a soft squeeze and he bucks into my mouth. I slide my tongue along the underside of his cock and he reaches a hand down in between my legs, “So wet.” He murmurs slipping a finger into my throbbing pussy and I moan around his cock. “Fuck babe.” He growls pumping his fingers into me as I take as much of his cock into my mouth as I can, choking on him slightly before coming up for air. He adds a second finger into my pussy brushing his thumb against my clit.
“Oh god Chris.” I moan pumping my hand up and down his cock in time with his fingers inside me. “I want you in me.”
“Get on your back.” He says moving carefully so neither of us fall off of the floaty.

He moves between my legs and rolls the condom on, for a man who went to the store so we could have sex on a pool floaty he’s taking his sweet ass time getting inside me.
“Chris.” I whine and he chuckles and leans down to kiss me, his hands brush along my sides up to my nipples. I gasp into his mouth and reaching between us take his cock and line it up with my pussy, thankfully he takes the hint and thrusts into me. He buries himself deeply in me with a groan of his own.
“So tight. How are you always so fucking tight?”
“Keagles.” He laughs as he starts to move the motion of the water underneath us adds to his thrusts. He goes deep with every thrust, his nipples brushing against mine, teasing them to attention. “Oh fuck Chris. I’m so close.”
“I know baby, I know.” He mutters into my ear and I hook a leg over his shoulders so he can bury himself even deeper inside me and he slams into me knowing exactly what I need to cum.
“Fuck.” I hiss into his shoulder. He presses a thumb to my clit and I’m lost, my walls clench around him, my brow furrows, eyes squeeze shut and mouth drops open.
“Yes. Cum for me. Cum on my dick baby.”
“Chris.” I groan as he thrusts wildly into me, seeking his own release. He groans deeply, stilling deep inside me, his head thrown back and mouth open in a silent cry. He rolls off of me and slides my body toward his as the cool wind blows by.
“We can check that one off the list.” He says with a smirk. “Was it as fun as you hoped?”
“Sex with you is always fun but yes.” He laughs and cups a hand around one of my tits. “You looking for round two already?”
“You’re just so soft.” He says kissing my shoulder. “Where do you want to try next?”

I could totally see a Hogwarts AU where Nori is muggleborn and is basically an entrepreneur on the Weasley twins’ level, making a nice profit selling muggle stuff to other students.

Everything from candy (“Jelly beans that you know what taste they are going to be? Wow!”) to normal pens and pencils (never worry about spilled ink again!) and notebooks to just random shit like rubber chickens or whatever the student wants.

Latest books and music I guess. Music players (because batteries has to work at Hogwarts since there’s been mentions of wrist watches).

Lol condoms maybe? Because if there’s such a thing as spells for that sort of thing you better make sure you sleep with someone who studied. Condoms would be a lot less risky.

Anyway, Dwalin (a pureblood) totally gets hooked on some muggle candy or other, or that’s his excuse anyway to keep finding reasons to seek Nori out.

Nori would probably be a kickass Seeker too, and I can see Dwalin easily as a beater, so maybe they can bond of Quidditch too. Or well, argue about it since I don’t expect them to be in the same Hogwarts house.

I just want Dwalin eating gummi bears by the fistful and being all adorable and Nori fighting to hide that he also thinks he’s adorable as fuck. (“So these aren’t actual bears, right?”)

honey moon w/brad

A/N: this was a requested smut by anon asking for smut in a weird place (; 

you and brad where on your way to your honeymoon in paris through plane and you couldn’t be more excited. brad had a private flight organized and you were more than suprised to say the least. “ BRAD. you did not need to do this!” you said in an excited tone. “only the best for my beautiful wife” he said sweetly kissing you. “this is crazy, i cant believe were actually married” you said breathless. “i know, howd i get so lucky” he said now looking into your eyes holding both of your hands in his. “i should be asking you that” you said smiling slightly laughing. “were going to paris, holy shit” you said when it really hit you. “yes babygirl, yes we are. now come on, lets get on the plane.” he said pulling you onto the plane finding your first class styled seats, the two of you fitting in one big comfy seat. with a closing curtain for privacy and whatnot. you sat next to brad and cuddled next to brad before the flight started and stayed there in content.

soon the flight started and brad and yourself started to watch a movie together, after maybe two movies you fell asleep in brads arms making him smile down at you and tucking your hair behind your ear. you were asleep for about a half hour before brad began to hear muffled moans leave your lips, causing him to wonder a bit. he tried to not let his mind wander to sexual thoughts because the two of you were in fact on an airplane and its not the most sane thing to do right now. he heard his name escape your lips a few times, and he was trying really hard to control himself from getting turned on in that moment. as time went on you got more and more into your dream and began lightly pressing your hips to his thigh. “oh fuck, i cant do this” brad mumbled running his hands up and down your side. he began to kiss your jaw leading down to the base of your neck until your eyes fluttered open humming in appreciation. he smirked down at you kissing your shoulder driving you crazy making you run your hands up and down his back. “was my princess having a naughty dream?” he said in your ear turning you on more than you were already turned on. “mmhh,” you said playing with his hair. “would you like to tell me about this dream, hm?” he said as slow as possible. “well, you were there, and you eat me out right on the plane and then you taught me how to ride you and you made my body feel amazing” you said getting lost in thought. “you know baby, i can make that dream an actual memory” he said before kissing you deeply on the lips. “mmmh, please brad” you whined.

he started of just simply making out with you on top of him, some grinding involved but more kissing and touching than grinding. he slid his hands underneath your shirt pulling it over the top of your head exposing you in your bra to him. he ran his fingers over your stomach and your bra straps pulling your bra off, automatically attaching his lips to your chest teasing you to no end. “shit, brad don’t tease me” you said pulling his hair. “shh, princess be patient.” he chuckled leading his hands down to your sweatpants pulling them down and feeling you through your underwear. “baby you’re so wet” he said in your ear while playing with your clit. he pulled your underwear fully off and you stopped for a second. “now something isnt right here bradley” you teased running your hands underneath his shirt pulling it off of his body causing him to laugh a little at your comment. he unbuckled his jeans and pulled them off semi relieving his bulge. “there we go” you giggled pulling him in to kiss you. “okay babygirl i want you to sit on my face” you looked at him weird for a second. “really” you asked already straddling his stomach. “yes baby please, itd be so hot” he said with his hands having a firm grsp on your ass. you moved your hips right over his face before he attatched his lips to you where you needed him most. the more he got into it the more his name left your mouth as you began to rock your hips a bit. “shit brad im cumming” you moaned. “yes baby, cum all over my face” he said into your core making you crash into such an intense orgasm you didnt know what was happening. “holy shit” you said breathless. “that was fucking hot” brad said whiping his face.

“now are you gonna be a good girl and ride me princess?” he said sitting up and taking his underwear off and grabbed a condom. “mhhm maybe” you teased taking the condom from his hands. you pumped his cock a few times before sliding on the condom hearing him groan from the simple pleasures of your hand. you stood up and began to straddle his waist teasing yourself with his tip. “please baby dont tease me, i need you so bad” he moaned in your ear. you slid your self on him making yourself moan a little, from the new introduced angle. “yes, just like that babygirl” he said encouraging you to keep going. you ground your hips into him multiple times earning groans from both you and brad. “fuuckkk, baby im so fucking close” he said in your ear. you rode out both of your orgasms and was in pure bliss. you sat down next to him and took a breath trying to catch your breath. “that was, just. wow, holy fuck” you said with no words. “was it what you dreamt it to be babe” he said cuddling you. “way fucking better” you said still dumbfounded. “by the way that so doesnt count as honey moon sex my darling” he said sweetly kissing your cheek. you had a blanket over the two of you as you were interrupted by the stewardess.

“hi- oh i didnt mean to- just the plane is landing now and i thought id let the two of you know” he said quickly before leaving. you and brad looked at each other in silence before bursting out laughing leaning into him. “that was so embarrassing” you laughed, “eh he’ll get over it” brad laughed starting to put clothes back on.

How to be supportive of your gay son and his boyfriend a guide by Bo: Chapter 2

(finaly got the second chapter up thank you so much for all the support it means so much to me. Lester is an idea from @philukas which i just had to include in this.)

Philip groaned and pulled on Lukas’ arm, trying to stop him from leaving the bed.

“No, it’s too early. Stay in bed with me.”

Lukas laughed and bent down to kiss Philips sleepy curls as he pouted, before dislodging his arm from his grip and finding his clothes to get dressed.

“You’ve been living on Gabe and Helens farm for weeks now, you should be used to early mornings.”

Philip curled into a ball among Lukas’ pillow and blankets, eyes still closed as he mumbled back his grumpy response.

“The sun isn’t even up yet, why do I have to be?”

Lukas pulled his plaid shirt on and watched Philip snuggle his pillow, his soft hair falling over his forehead, nose pressed to the cotton of the pillow case as he gripped the blankets to his curled frame. God, Philip was so adorable.

Lukas crawled onto the bed, leaning over Phillip with his legs on either side of the boy’s waist, as he bent down and pressed kisses to the skin under Philips ear.

“Philip. Babe, come on. Get up.”

Philip smiled, opening his eyes as he tilted his head to give Lukas more room to leave kisses. He rolled over in the bed, to lay on his back under Lukas, and wound his arms up around the others neck.

“How about you just get back in bed and stay with me.”

Lukas trailed his hungry mouth over Philips neck, along his jaw and finally to his lips, closing his eyes as Philip wound his fingers in his hair. He pulled back only to laugh and try again to convince his boyfriend to face the day.

“How about you come to breakfast so my dad doesn’t come in here and find me on top of you.”

Philip smiled cheekily and pulled Lukas closer, so that they were pressed against each other on the bed.

“Ooh, maybe he’ll offer us condoms.”

Lukas groaned and jumped up from the bed, pushing Philip away from him as the brunet laughed.

“Oh, gross, stop.”

Philip finally sat up in bed and threw the covers off to find his clothes.

Lukas almost didn’t want to go downstairs. He could hear his dad making breakfast and he hated to think about what the breakfast conversation would be like. Philip was still a little wary of Bo but he promised to be a model boyfriend and behave, although Lukas honestly didn’t even know what the fuck that meant.

Philip took his hand as they went down the stairs, whispering to Lukas.

“He said he’s going to be supportive so it won’t be too bad, right? It’ll just be awkward conversation until we leave. Wait, are you sure he doesn’t hate me anymore?”

Lukas kept a look out for his dad as he whispered back.

“Yeah, he said you’re a lovely young man or something. He just wants to see me around the house more and since we share beds now, that means you too.”

Lukas loved the idea that his bed was now their bed, and that Philip had his own toothbrush in the bathroom, right next to Lukas’. But Philip pulled back on Lukas’ hand before they reached the last step and hissed in a panic.

“What? Does that mean he wants me here or that he’s just putting up with me because I won’t leave you alone?”

Lukas turned and gave him the most reassuring look he could, brushing Philip’s hair back from his forehead.

“He said he wants to get to know more about you. It’s fine.”

Philip groaned softly, and tucked his face into his boyfriend’s neck, gripping Lukas’ shirt at his hips.

“Can’t I just climb out your bedroom window?”

Lukas kind of wanted to do the same thing but he would feel bad for his dad, who was trying so hard. So, he kissed Philips temple and pulled him into the kitchen where Bo was cooking breakfast.

“Hey dad.”

Bo turned from the stove and smiled at the two, gesturing to their held hands with a porridge covered spoon.

“Hey, you two sleep well? I see you’ve had a nice morning, I could hear you from down here.”

Philip looked at Lukas and started to pull his hand away when Lukas gripped it tighter, pulling him down to sit at the table.

“Yeah, Philips not used to getting up so early so I had to pull him out of bed.”

Bo let out a chuckle and looked towards Philip as if expecting him to say something.

“…It’s not even seven yet.” Bo nodded and came to the table to place two bowls of porridge in front of the boys.

“Lukas has had to get up early to do his chores ever since he was little. You’ll get used to it. It’s good for you.” He gave Philip a little pat on the back and went to the stove to fetch his own breakfast, joining them at the table with a smile.

Lukas was already eating, and Philip grabbed his own spoon and went for it. Bo seemed to be happy to just have them there, and watched them as he ate his own food. So far, so good, and Philip relaxed a little.

Lukas was sitting close enough to Philip that their feet rested against each other under the table, and with Lukas moving around to grab milk and sugar, it soon became a game of footsies. Lukas stirred his porridge while hooking Philips ankle with his foot and tugging him over, making Philip slip a little on the chair.

Bo was unaware of this little game and Philip grew more confident to tease Lukas, hiding a hand under the table to grab the other boys knee. Lukas jumped a little as Philip smiled down at his bowl and traced circles into Lukas’ jeans. Both boys looked up when Bo started talking again.

“So, Philip. Lukas told me you grew up in the city?”

Philip smiled at Bo, and nodded while intentionally riling up his boyfriend.

“Yeah, I’ve stayed at a few different places but most of them were in the city or close to it. It’s a lot quieter here so it sometimes makes it harder to sleep. It’s nice though.”

Bo kept talking while Lukas tried to get Philips hand off his leg, where it was moving higher up with teasing fingers.

“I hear your mom might get a place down here once she’s feeling better. I’d love to meet her, Lukas said she’s a wonderful woman.”

Philip stopped his hands journey up Lukas leg to smile at him, genuinely pleased. Lukas talked to his dad about him? That’s so cute. Lukas smiled back before letting out a squeal as Philip gripped his thigh.

“Yeah, she definitely wants to move here, and it would be nice to stay close to Lukas. Wouldn’t it?”

He looked at Lukas as the blonde squirmed in his seat, trying to act normal around his dad while Philips hand was sliding up his thigh. He suddenly jumped from his chair, bumping the table, and almost spilling his breakfast everywhere.

His face was flushed and his voice had a slight tremor in it as he spoke while Philip was just trying not to laugh.

“Hey, Dad, I should probably start on my chores huh? Come on Philip, let’s go.”

He took the brunets hand and pulled him from the kitchen.

Bo looked ready to protest but Philips laughter covered up anything he said. Lukas pulled his boyfriend outside to a hay bale that lay against the shed, pushing him on to the course seat and taking his face in his hands.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Philip continued to laugh so hard he had to wrap his arms around his stomach and Lukas couldn’t help but laugh at this beautiful boy.

“God, you’re an idiot.”

The blonde leant down and kissed Philip, smothering the laugh still spilling from him between their lips. Philip pulled Lukas to sit beside him and wound his fingers through the others hair before suddenly pulling back.

“Lukas, is that-?”


Lukas jumped so hard that he almost fell off the hay bale, making Philip start laughing all over again. Bo was just around the corner and coming closer, so Lukas pulled Philip off the hay and shoved a random farm tool into his hands, launching into a speech just as Bo reached them.

“Yep, and that’s why you have to stack them that way or else they’ll get wet and be useless. Oh hey dad, I was just showing Philip how to do our chores.”

Philip was still snickering, but Bo only smiled and slapped a hand on his sons back.

“Great, well I’ll get started on those dishes and you two can finish out here. Remember to feed those turkeys.”

Lukas’ face lit up at that and he dropped the shovel he was holding as soon as Bo left, taking Philips hand, and pulling him to the barn.

“Oh man, I totally forgot to show you Lester!”

Philip dropped the pitch fork he was carrying and allowed himself to be dragged over to the barn where he could hear the squawks and warbles of turkeys. Once in the barn they gathered around Lukas’ feet as he cooed at them, patting their heads, and greeting each by name. Since the turkey shoot they had gotten more and there were five of the ugly things bopping around.

“Who’s Lester?” When Philip had tried to help Lukas save the turkeys from the turkey shoot, he had thought it was just guilt brought on by Tommy and Tracy’s death, but he was now realizing that Lukas just really liked turkeys.

The blonde picked one of the birds up and cradled it in his arms as it made noises. He smiled proudly as he patted its head.

“This is Lester. Lester, say hi to Philip.”

Philip raised an eyebrow but couldn’t make fun of the thing when Lukas was looking at it like that. The boy was gently rocking it in his arms and Philip just sighed and pointed to the other birds around his feet.

“So what are their names?”

Lukas smiled and pointed at each one, somehow able to tell the ugly looking birds apart.

“That’s, Tucker, and Mary and the tall one is James and that one is Tyler but Lester is my favourite. You wanna see the trick I taught him?”

Philip nodded although Lukas was already grabbing seeds from the shelf. He placed the bird on the ground and took a handful of seeds. The other birds were crowding around and making noise but Lester was just watching Lukas with that bobbly head.

“Okay Lester, do a hop. Come on.”

Philip didn’t know what he was expecting but the bird jumped, hopping on his feet in front of Lukas. It was freaking adorable. Lukas cooed and told him what a good boy he was before giving him the seed, gently pushing the other turkeys away when they tried to steal it.

“You taught him that?”

Lukas smiled proudly. “Yeah, he learnt it in like, an hour. You’re so clever.”

He went back to patting the turkey and smiling at it when it turned its head for more pats.

They threw seeds for the other birds and cleaned out the pen, Lukas happily telling Philip all about them as they did so. Philip was apathetic towards turkeys but his boyfriend loved them so much and he couldn’t deny how cute it was when Lukas got excited like that.

He had the most ridiculous boyfriend ever, but he couldn’t deny the way his stomach hurt. And he was pretty okay with that.

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Alone Time

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Pairing: SamxReader
Word count: 4,410
Warnings: Swearing
[She’s Leaving] [Hell’s Princess] [Hi, Franky] [Witches] [France] [Planning] [Trustworthy] [Ohana Means Family]

You laughed and shook your head. “How about I go clean everything up from dinner, put away the leftovers, and then we get into our comfiest clothes and just watch a bunch of movies?” You suggested. “We really haven’t had much down time lately.”

Sam kissed you gently. “I like the sound of that. I’ll help clean, though.”

“Nope.” You shook your head. “You are going to get out whatever movies we’re going to be watching. Now go.” You turned him and slapped his ass before walking back into the kitchen.

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Requesting any headcanons on how the guys would be with each other's kids - extra kudos if "who's your favorite uncle" contests are involved LOL. XD Thanks!


- Look, they’re all gonna be the best Dads and Uncles they can be. This is a fact. 
- With the other guys kids, Noct is gonna be well… Kingly but mischievous. He’s the kind of guy to say ‘No’ when a kid asks for something just as he hands it to them.
- He won’t have as much time to spare, but if it’s nap time, Noct is always happy to stay with the kids. And nap with them.
- Occasionally, they will be spoiled. There will be a fully funded camping trip, or trip to a theme park. Their food, accommodation and GIFTS will be paid for in advance.
- Also the fanciest tea parties. Well… Third fanciest out of the four.
- He will also take them fishing, teach them how to fish, (though I imagine a couple will be more interested in playing in the water and scaring the fish away) and generally taking advantage of the chance to be playful and silly.
- Yes that means he will stomp after them like a Noct shaped Godzilla and let them wail on him with foam weapons. Cue dramatic death scene!
- THat said he is no good to tantrums and crying. The poor boy will do his best but he’s gonna need some serious help.

- He wins on pure energy and enthusiasm alone. Like the only one that can keep up with a horde of kids is this guy.
- The silliest and most playful uncle. He will show these kids the way of the blanket fort and the prank! Pillow, water and snowball fights!
- He like Noct will gladly play the part of Monster! just so the kids can wack at him, but this one doesn’t die so easily. When you think he’s down, he attacks them with tickles.
- Second fanciest tea parties if only because there will be dress ups and clinking. Everyone must dress up. Even the boys. Tutu’s while optional are recommended.
- He’s the uncle most likely to go with the kids to the amusement park or fair or what have you. And he is an ace at those sideshow shooting games which means GIANT PLUSHIES FOR EVERYONE.
- Prompto will also take the kids on chocobo rides.
- Bonus: He’s also a boss and taking care of boo-boos and settling fights. I have no idea what it is but the kids sort things out the best with Uncle Prom! around.
- So. Many. Pictures. Albums FULL of THEM.

- Okay, he’s gonna be a bit stricter of the uncles, but super hella encouraging.
- I mean he has limitless belief and faith in these kids to be awesome and achieve their dreams and will always be there to give them encouragement, advice and a shoulder to cry upon.
- They wanna do art? He will be their biggest fan and buy their first messy artwork. Become a Kingsglaive or Crownsguard? He will coach them on their training.
- That said though, he expects discipline. You can’t achieve you dreams unless you work. He’ll help them figure things out, help them up when they fall, but they need to do the heavy lifting.
- He’ll be the uncle that loves reading to them. You’ll find them all in a cuddle pile on top of Gladio while he reads something like the Hobbit.
- Gladdy is also the best moving jungle gym. He’ll happily talk to someone while the kids climb all over him. But it’s also risky. Linger too long and there’s tickles and noogies in the kids future.
- He’ll definitely take them camping, and on rides with Prompto, show ‘em how to survive in the wild and how to find their way home.
- And he’ll mind the ones that hate roller coasters at theme parks.
- Also, pro daiper changer.

- Remember what I said about fancy tea parties? Iggy’s take the cake. Literally. They’re gonna be silly as hell but also freaking amazing with the best food and drinks a kid could ask for. A Iggy Tea Party becomes the most requested type of Birthday party. They’re legendary.
- Also, Ignis isn’t as straight laced as folks like to think. The man is a giant dork and will be the one making the best and worst Dad jokes and puns. When he gets the entire group to groan in agony over some bit of wordplay, there’s gonna be a smirk on his face.
- Attentive as hell. He’ll happily listen with absolute attention to whatever the kids are going on about, whether it’s dogs in order of favourite breeds and types or how water goes sploosh. Very serious topics of course.
- Another reader, and he even does the voices (though not especially well). Ignis also encourages the kids to read to each other while on his lap so he can help them with the more difficult words.
- He’ll also teach them to cook. It’ll be a mess. Brownie batter everywhere, frosting in his hair, edible glitter in every nook and cranny. Worth it though. By the time the kids are 18 they’ll be able to whip up a three course meal from scratch without a sweat.
- Second best as soothing boo-boos and settling fights. Ignis’ unflappable calm actually helps the kids behave and keep their heads about them.
- Also wins at best listener and advice giver. No matter what the subject is, the situation or how much trouble they’re in or how badly they fucked up, Ignis is a safe place for them to turn to. He will expect them to be honest and tell their parents and will expect them to do the things to fix it, but he’ll be there with a patient and understanding hand. And I do mean no matter what the problem is. I imagine one of the girls gets a pregnancy scare while they’re 17, maybe the condom broke, maybe their period is late and they go to Uncle Iggy. He puts all his appointments on hold while they tell him what’s up and gives them a cup of tea and plenty of tissues to help settle things down. Then they go get things sorted. A quick test, a gentle but firm reminder to be careful and how to be careful and “For goodness sake, please take care of yourself.”

If the kids had to choose a favourite uncle… it’s gonna be hard. They’re all so different and they really form a great unit to help raise the little sprogs, (plus the wives and mothers of course). 
But certain kids do bond closer with certain uncles. The artsy types with Prompto, the calm steady types with Noct, rough and ready with Gladio and the intellectual and quiet ones with Iggy. there’s no really way of knowing until it happens. But they love ALL OF THEIR UNCLES. Never doubt that.

 The Best uncle is Talcott and Cindy.

evolution of a larrie: niall horan edition

aka no matter how hard you ship larry you’ll never ship it as much as niall horan, so there’s that.

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BTS reaction: the condom breaks

Thank you so much! And thank you for requesting xx

Jin: He’d immediately stop. He wouldn’t want to risk anything. That’s also why he wouldn’t want to have sex until either of you had had the time to buy a new package. Because if one of the condoms in the package broke, how could he be sure the other ones wouldn’t?

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Suga: He would also stop. But he was in the mood, and wouldn’t want to stop just yet. So he’d just shrug and move down along your body until his head was between your legs.

“I guess I’ll have to finish you off like this.”

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J-Hope: He’d pull away, and ask if you wanted to continue. If you didn’t, he’d either just cuddle you or go to the shower to finish himself off, maybe helping you out as well. If you did, he’d quickly go to find a new condom.

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Rap Monster: He’d be slightly annoyed at first. Because really? The condom had to break right now? He’d been so close! He’d tell you to lay still and that he’d soon be back. He’d be back with a new condom, and would make sure to last a bit longer than usual, just to make it worth it.

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Jimin: I think this would slightly kill his mood, so he’d stop and just cuddle you. And he’d want to do like Jin and wait until you had gotten a new packages. Maybe these condoms were outdated?

Originally posted by sugutie

V: He’d stop, but then joke about him being willing to continue without a condom because he wouldn’t mind having a mini-Tae running around. But then he’d just laugh it off before giving you a suggestive look.

“Just kidding. But we could do something else.” he’d say with a wink as he stuck his tongue out slightly. You were slightly confused about what he meant until he started kissing his was down your upper body.

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Jungkook: He’d basically jump away from you, as this was the first time it happened to him. He’d not want to continue afterwards, and just go finish himself off in the shower. And he’d be a bit suspicious of condoms for a while afterwards.

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I hate how people that are pro life always talk about how ‘if the woman wasn’t such a whore she wouldn’t need an abortion’ or 'maybe if they’d used a condom’. Condoms are not 100%. Birth control is not 100%. The only thing that is 100% is abstinence and we all know that nobody is gonna be abstinent (unless you’re sex repulsed and don’t ever have it). Just because a woman has sex does not make her a whore or a slut. She might’ve had sex once, 10 times, 50 times, but it’s both none of your business and irrelevant.

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So I like to headcannon that Midorima actually has a terrible potty mouth. Like, he's the only one who gets to swear in the anime! I bet he tells Takao to fuck off all the time...

I like this bc I’m imagining that this is bc Midorima has Cool Parents™ who don’t care what language he uses and all his friends are delighted to discover that they’re “if you’re going to drink, I’d rather you do it in the house” types

The Happiest Man On Earth

original upload date: oct 5, 2014

reposted by the author

word count: 2.8k 

genre: fluff, mpreg!!

a/n: i haven’t written anything like this but i felt like it and wrote it all in one sitting… enjoy! 

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