maybe a condom

Ok but losing your virginity with Peter Parker:

- You would have defs talked about it beforehand because Peter doesn’t do well with spontaneity
- You would do it at his place on a night when May is out
- He’d be kissing you and your heart would be pounding
- and is he shaking or are you making that up??
- after the foreplay starts heating up a little he’s like
- “Do you still want to?” all breathy
- and you’re like “uh hi yes.”
- so you’re laying there and he’s pulling his pants down & you’re like
- “you bought condoms right?”
- And Peter’s like “……..I thought you were on birth control?”
- And you’re just staring at him like hoW COULD WE HAVE MISCOMMUNICATED HERE
- slowly you’re like “no….I thought you said you were buying condoms”
- THANK GOD it’s dim in that room bc Peter is blushing so hard at this point
- He’s all like “Uh uh, no, I, uh, didn’t. B-but I can go get some!”
- He’s immediately jumping up and grabbing his backpack like
- “I’ll just run to 7/11! It’ll only take me 5 minutes! Not even! 2 minutes!”
- Of course this would happen to you two on this night of all nights
- And you’re like “wait but what am I supposed to do just lay here naked????”
- (answer: no way in hell)
- You’re going to come with him even if it’s the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you
- PETER is trying to figure out wtf to say to to you
- he was just gonna change into the suit and swing into the convenience store all cool-like in the mask
- Maybe grab a pack of condoms and just toss a ten dollar bill at the cashier
- and swing out like a badass
- But he’s already fucked it up enough at this point so he’s gotta let you come
- Cut to the two of you standing awkwardly in the checkout line 20 minutes later
- Some biker dudes in front of you buying beef jerky
- Some grandma is behind you buying a redbull
- And let’s be real neither of you are really making eye contact with the guy behind the counter
- Then you’re RUNNING back to Peter’s
- You don’t even know if it’s the humiliation or the nerves spurring you on
- but you and Peter literally run up to the 7th floor and you’re breathing SO HARD when you get back to the apartment
- But it’s cute and it works and he’s kissing you and then he’s CARRYING you back to his bed
- And yes it is the bottom bunk whatever
- It’s kind of awkward and it’s slow but he’s so gentle
- he just keeps saying how much he loves you and how beautiful you are
- Afterwards he just holds you
- And you guys can’t help but giggle about the whole situation
- Peter may or may not have texted Ned and told him after you left
- You may or may not have gone home and started researching different positions to try in the future
- Peter definitely webbed the box of condoms to the bottom of his bed
- and still checks daily to make sure Aunt May hasn’t found it

Hidan, Kisame, and Kakuzu Reacting to Their Fem!S/o Telling Them They’re Pregnant

@lilysflowershop here you go darling! I hope you don’t mind but I’m splitting your request up into two parts for the sake of length. But I’m working on Itachi and Konan’s headcanons now!! Thanks for the support and thanks for the request, hope you enjoy!

Trigger Warning: I do mention abortion (referred to as termination in this case)

Other than that, this post is SFW, it’s just long.


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  • We’re gonna start with him because why not?
  • Out of all of them he is certainly NOT the happiest person about this. He did not have kids ANYWHERE on his life agenda.
  • Oh gosh, I feel really bad for his s/o because she knows that kids were not on his life agenda and she’s mortified to tell him. Hell, she probably doesn’t tell him first because she’s that scared. She’ll probably confide in Konan or Kakuzu (I have a feeling that Kakuzu and Hidan’s s/o get a long very well). If she confides in Konan, she comforts Hidan’s s/o. If she confides in Kakuzu, he’s gonna be likes “…Well when are you going to tell him? Why are you telling me?” - although Kakuzu is generally concerned, he’s not going to admit it and still be his frigid self.
  • His s/o would catch him in a good mood before she tells him at all, that’s the key to all of this. The man has a short fuse, his s/o doesn’t need it taken out on her or their unborn child.
    • “H-Hey Hidan. How’re you?” 
    •  “Pretty alright. Sasori and Deidara took the mission Kakuzu and I were supposed to have so we get to stay back and relax. Which means you and I can relax…or do something more fun.
    • “Heh-heh, yeah…about that…”  
    • “Are you feeling alright? You look, well, like shit.” 
    • “Hidan. If I tell you something, do you promise not to get mad…?” “Depends. What is it?” 
    •  “Well…” 
    •  “Spit it out dammit.” 
    • “I’m pregnant.” 
    •  Silence for .5 seconds and then “SON OF A MOTHER F—— @$!&&&!#@$!) 
  • The first thing Hidan does after she tells him is take the box of condoms from the bed side table and set them on fire. Calling them “fucking useless” in the process. He doesn’t even look at his s/o, he can’t bring himself to. He’s spewing cuss words like no tomorrow, his s/o is on the verge of tears, it is a mess. After the condoms are gone he grabs his scythe and mutters something about “going to make a sacrifice” and leaves without even a glance. Although, he definitely knows that his s/o is crying when he leaves. 
  • Hidan is feeling a whole bag of emotions, he can’t even sacrifice right. He builds the alter wrong, he fails to catch a victim, he’s a mess. He can’t wrap his head around the fact that there is someone who’s carrying his offspring. And they were so careful because this is literally the last thing they wanted, the last thing he wanted! 
  • Hidan is extremely mad, but it’s not the dry type of mad he would get when an enemy pisses him off. It was more of the wet type of mad that he experiences with his s/o. This type of mad comes with wet eyes and a closed off throat. He’s just so pissed that he wasn’t more careful. Maybe he should’ve done more than just condoms, maybe he and his s/o should’ve gone with the morning after pill, or have some back-up for their back-up. And now his s/o has to go through all this trouble while he just watches?
  • Hidan is one of the Akatsuki who I think is VERY protective of his s/o. This is due to him being immortal: he’s immortal, they are not, there is the possibility that he can lose them. So when in battle or any dangerous situation, he usually takes all of their hits and keeps them safe. Let’s be real though, once your Hidans you’re his for good. And he’s pissed because he can’t protect them from. He’s not that stupid, he knows how childbirth works and he can only imagine the complications to go with it. He can’t protect them from this, he got them into this, and he’s beating himself up over it. 
  • Oh and he’s practically pissing himself at the thought of raising a child. He doesn’t even know where to begin, how do you change a diaper? What the hell is a bassinet? He doesn’t even know that you’re supposed to warm a bottle before feeding a baby. The only thing he knows about babies is that they’re annoying, they cry, they smell, and suck the life out of you. He’s SO not on board for any of that, it’s just not the life for him.
    • Also, I fully believe that the idea of a child doesn’t appeal to him because he’s immortal. He does not age, his kid does, his s/o does. He hates the idea that one day his kid is going to be older than him and will age past him and die (same deal with his s/o). He doesn’t want to have to watch that, it’s one of his greatest fears. Don’t bring it up unless you want to die. 
  • He’s going to blow off the sacrifice and wipe his eyes, he’d never hear the end of it if he was caught crying. He’s going to go back and try to talk it out with his partner and convince them to…terminate things. But when he gets back to the hideout and hears his s/o sobbing to Konan about how he’s going to leave her and the baby, how she’s going to leave tomorrow morning and never come back, how she’s going to raise the child alone. That breaks him  ~ oh yeah, Hidan is obnoxious, loud, hot-headed, cruel, mean, you name it. But he still has a heart and still loves his s/o.
  • He has a sudden change of heart and leaves once more, only this time to go to a neighboring town. He’ll come back hours later, in the dead of night and while everyone is asleep. He’d enter his and his s/o’s room and find them packing. She just assumed he wouldn’t want her after this, terrible things assumptions are. The two would make eye contact, she having tear stained cheeks, he with his normal look. He would toss a bag at her before ditching the scythe and flopping onto the bed. She would be confused, but open the bag regardless. In it she would find two things: a tiny Akatsuki cloak and another -little-  jashin necklace. His girlfriend would be choked up, ‘Could this mean?’
  • He’d interrupt her train of thought by saying, “So. Are you coming to bed or what?” His girlfriend would drop everything and practically jump on him and cry into his chest. He’d react with something like,”Hey! Quit the cryin’ and get some sleep, for the love of Jashin.” 
  • Hidan realized that the two had a lot to prepare for and even though he knew that his child would age and die, he figured that if he was going ever have a family, it was going to be the woman he was with now and with the child growing in her womb.


  • I should have probably said this with Hidan, BUT NONE OF THE AKATSUKI ARE ACTIVELY TRYING TO GET THEIR GF PREGNANT. They are literally in the most dangerous organization in the world, constantly being targeted, there is no room for babies.
  • So when Kisame’s s/o discovers that she’s pregnant, she is having a god damn heart attack. (All of the s/o’s, besides maybe Itachi’s and Konan’s, is freaking tf out). She’s pregnant…with Kisame Hoshigaki’s baby. One of the infamous members of the seven ninja swordsman, had she not been so consumed with fear she would have felt a sense of pride.
  • She throws the pregnancy test away and just fades out of reality. She’s still physically conscience but mentally…not so much. She ends up leaning against the bed, bringing her knees to her chest and just…fades out.
  • When Kisame comes into the room he’s in a mood. He just came back from a long mission, he didn’t get enough fighting in, and he’s riled up. He begins to go on a rant about the enemy and how he could have finished them off had it not been for Itachi. He keeps talking not even noticing his s/o until after he throws his sword across the room and sees her flinch. He’ll actually freak out a little bit because he has never seen her like this. He’d get down to her level and talk to her, gently, completely forgetting that he was pissed.
    • “Hey, what happened to you?” 
    •  “…” She keeps quiet, and doesn’t make eye contact 
    • “Babe, c’mon. Talk to me.” She’d look into his eyes and be brought back into reality, and then completely lose it. She’d start to ball her eyes out and then he’d freak the fuck out because his strong s/o is crying??? Now he’s more determined to find out who made her cry, 
    • “Tell me what happened!” 
    •  “I-I’m p-pregnant.” And then just like her, he freezes and takes a seat next to her.
  • His s/o leans into his shoulder and cries, he throws an arm around her subconsciously and then just sits there and contemplates life and the news he was just given. 
  • First and fore-most he becomes scared for his s/o’s safety. When Kisame decided to pursue his current s/o, he told her how dangerous it could be and asked if they really wanted to get involved with him. Because it’s never just him, it’s the Akatsuki. And he told them that they would automatically become a target because they’re an S-Rank criminal and because they’re his s/o. People would stop at nothing to use her to get to him. But she didn’t care, she went with him. And of course since then he has always been concerned for her safety, but she proved herself worthy and strong so his worry began to ease up. BUT NOW, the game has changed. Now there is a child in the mix. His child. His girlfriend can’t defend herself anymore and if people find out about this, they will use his child to get to him and he can’t stand that. So now Kisame is feeling that weight on his shoulder. 
  • Number two, Kisame is thinking about the genetics of the child. If we are to assume that he was born and raised as half-human, half-fish, then the odds of his child coming out that way are super high. And he doesn’t want that at all. I think one of the reasons Kisame became so strong is because he was probably picked on by the other kids in his village for the way he looked. This is probably also the reason why he likes to fight so much, he was constantly challenging the bullies in his neighborhood. I mean, he’s gotten over it now because he’s found people who look past his looks and love him for his internal beauty. But he got tormented a lot, he wouldn’t wish that pain and suffering in his worst enemy let alone his own child. 
  • Then, something he’s thinking about that Hidan didn’t even think about, what is the leader going to say about this? Is he going to banish his s/o? Kill her? Kill the unborn child? Kick him AND her out? The Akatsuki really don’t have a policy on babies because they never thought that they would need it. If Pein thinks he can do ANYTHING to Kisame’s s/o, he’s surely mistaken.
  • Finally, while I do think Kisame has a strong paternal instinct, he still doesn’t know much about raising kids. He’s hostile and sadistic, two traits that don’t exactly make for a great parent. He knows this, but he’s not about to change because he’s not like that. 
  • Kisame would ask his girlfriend what she would want to do, considering it is her body (Konan probably gave all the guy members a week of feminism and women’s rights education, so all the guys are really respectful) and it is her child too. If she does not want it, he totally respects that. But if she does want the baby, things are going to change. First, he’s going to hand his s/o over to Itachi as a precaution while he goes off to tell Pein. Assuming all is okay there, Kisame is taking her off duty immediately, he’s not risking anything.
  • He’d have a long talk with her about other things, what to expect from him, what he expects from her, and they would definitely talk about where she would stay. He can’t have her roaming the streets because she’ll be targeted and he cannot have the enemy finding out she’s pregnant. But is the Akatsuki base REALLY that ideal? It would all be things to work out as the months go by. 
  • But after that talk, they would just call it a night and head off to bed. And right before they go to sleep Kisame mumbles something about how he’s going to protect both of them and then proceeds to holding his s/o tighter.


  • Due to his medical expertise, he’s going to know his partner is pregnant before she does. He’s going to see some of the symptoms (nausea, back-pain, he’s gonna notice she missed her period) and then casually go up to her - in private - and ask her to take a pregnancy test.
    • “Well, what does it say?”
    • “Positive.”
    • Cue a deep sigh from Kakuzu, “well shit.”
  • Between Kisame and Hidan, Kakuzu is the type to take it…better than them. He’s not going to burn anything like Hidan, he’s not going to freeze like Kisame. He’s just going to sit down with his s/o and think.
  • The first thought that comes to mind is that he is going to be the oldest father in the world. He’s going to have a newborn at 91! Grant it he is “immortal”, but at he same time it’s just like…”I’m too old for this. I don’t have time for this.” (when he literally has all the time in the world)
  • The second thought that comes to mind is that he is in the Akatsuki, his partner is in the Akatsuki, they both probably have high bounty’s on their head (they all do, but I’m sure there is a pecking order), this is literally the worst thing to happen to them. His partner’s bounty would probably go up if people found out she was carrying his child, and Kakuzu knows how far he would go for a high bounty so he’s imagining how far the enemies would go to get to his partner. That thought doesn’t sit well with him. And if she goes the whole 9 months then she certainly can’t protect herself because, HELLO, B-A-B-Y.
  • Also, babies are expensive, something that also doesn’t sit well with him. It costs $12,000 dollars for the first year alone (according to American statistics). Kakuzu is not about to pay all of that, he has the cash don’t get me wrong, but he barely shares with his s/o so why would he share with his child?
  • Let’s not forget Kakuzu is also looking at this from a medical perspective, he’s going through the list of things that could go wrong, all the medical expenses (I don’t think the akatsuki would have a sonogram on hand, but that’s just me), and the more he thinks about it, the more he is not liking the idea of this whole pregnancy thing.
    • I don’t think Kakuzu would have a problem raising a child, given his age he’s probably had experience in his life. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gotten someone pregnant when he was in his 30’s. But he left them when the child was still fairly young because his greed got the better of him and domestic life was never quite his style
  • And that’s another thing, Kakuzu isn’t the type to settle down. I could see Kisame slowly switching to that lifestyle, Hidan maybe (that’s a weak maybe), but Kakuzu is too greedy to settle down. He wants to keep collecting money until he kicks the bucket.
  • So, after thinking it over, he would talk with his partner about it. He would be blunt with his concerns and definitely use a logical approach to the situation. I think, given his lack to change, his age, and their occupation, he and his partner would turn to termination or giving the child up for adoption.
  • (I’m sorry if that’s upsetting, but I seriously do not see Kakuzu wanting or having children in present-day canon!verse) 
Making out with... Kun


Okay, I didn’t write this one either becAUSE I WAS STRESSING ABOUT GETTING THIS READY FOR Y’ALL AND I JUST AUHBFAUSUBD this was written by lauren aka @suhsexual, who is srsly an amazing NCT blog, and everything she posts is pure sex genius. Thank you so so so much, I loved this very much and I know a lot of other people will too <3 plus, thank you for choosing to write for un, he’s probably the hardest member to right for

Originally posted by chanhees

  • Okay, it’s ye gurl Lauren, how u doin’? Good? Good.
  • Imma bout to bless u not rlly lmao this is probs gonna be shit but oh weLL ALWAYS HERE TO HELP, FLO.. LOL
  • Right so here’s some context for y'all
  • You had been dating Kun for about 5 months
  • And lordt, every moment of those 5 months had been an absolute blessing
  • You actually met through your roommate, Doyoung
  • He had an inkling that the two of you would match up pretty well
  • And you did. You worked so well together.. You didn’t have to be together 24/8 - you both understood the importance of space and how much people need it, even if said people are dating
  • You loved having time to yourself, whether it were to do what you loved the most or just to chill and relax and have a nice bath etc
  • Kun was the same. He enjoyed his time with ‘the guys’, he liked going out eating and drinking with them
  • And lets be honest, the boys would love you for this – not being one of those girlfriends that force their boyfriend to stay with them and not let him go out with his friends
  • They always insisted that Kun had a ‘Keeper’, implying that they would snatch you up a their own if things ended between the two of you they meaning Yuta lmao
  • Mr. Steal-Yo-Gurl
  • I’m sorry, I’ll stop
  • You found it flattering but Kun on the other hand was always tempted to throw an uppercut to Yuta’s chin whenever the grease ball tried to indirectly flirt with you
  • Despite loving time to yourselves, it made it all the more exciting when you were together. It made time spent together mean more and you actually had the chance to ‘miss’ each other, ygm?
  • So whenever he did come to your place or you went to his, you always felt a surge of giddiness at the thought of seeing him
  • He’d knock on the door with his own little tune, causing you to jump from your spot on the sofa and hurriedly shuffle to the door; unlocking it and quickly finding yourself wrapped in his arms.
  • You’d grab his hand and pull him inside
  • He’d be trailing behind you, fingers entwined, with adoration in his eyes as he took in how perfect you were to him ADSFDA
  • Even if it was just the back of you, he loved every inch of you
  • Okay this is where the whole reason u are reading this comes in LMAO
  • After talking about each other’s day; how your work was, how his practice was, you would both lounge on the sofa together
  • When you were spending time with each other, you both just enjoyed cuddling up and watching a movie or catching up on a show that you’re both watch together and vow to never watch it without the other
  • Tho you know for a fact he watches it without you, he just pretends he hasn’t seen it
  • Though today you just laying down on the sofa with your head in his lap reading your book while he plays on his video games – both doing something you individually enjoy but still being within the other’s presence.
  • With each turn of a page, you noticed how he became quieter and quieter until all you could hear was the background music on his game 
  • You felt his eyes on you as you continued to read
  • Eventually you grabbed your bookmark from beside you and marked the page you were just about to start reading, sighing as you placed it down on the floor
  • You looked up to find him already admiring you, his dimples threatening to show as his smile grew wider
  • “Can I help you?” You would tease as you sat up in his lap, leaning against the arm of the sofa
  • “I don’t know? Can you?”
  • You would feel him arm wrap around as he unconsciously starts playing with your hair
  • “Depends on what it is.” You would inquire playfully
  • But you would notice him leaning in closer to you; quickly catching your lips with his own
  • The sudden display of affection would surprise you briefly but ultimately, you would find yourself becoming lost in this touch
  • His arm that was once around your back would instead snake around you waist, pulling you closer to him, his other hand would rest on your hip
  • You felt the familiar flock of butterflies return to your stomach, the feeling making you giddy and giggly
  • Kun wouldn’t be able to contain himself from smiling into the kiss
  • You’d unconsciously bring your hand up, weaving your fingers in between his tresses of soft brown hair tugging on them slightly; in turn eliciting a small yet deep groan of satisfaction from him
  • You’d tilt your head to the side slightly, your lips moving in perfect rhythm with each other
  • His tongue grazing your bottom lip as a way of asking permission to deepen the kiss
  • His lips would taste of lingering cola, having taken a sip of the sugary drink not too long ago
  • A taste you found yourself becoming addicted to in that moment
  • You felt him shift, moving himself from underneath you so that he was now hovering above
  • You quickly shifted too, shuffling down the sofa so you were laying down again
  • He would then proceed to straddle you, his hands moving to your hips and tracing circles on them with his thumbs as he, again, admired you from above
  • A coy smile would show on his soft features as he moves a piece of hair from your face, tucking it behind your ear
  • You’d lean up and wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him down to recapture his lips once again
  • Neither of you would hear the clicks of the door
  • An unexpecting Doyoung walking through the hallway into the living room, an eyebrow quirked at the scene unfolding in front of him
  • “Do you guys need anything, I don’t know maybe a condom or a fUCKING ROOM?!”
  • Kun would sigh in a annoyance, his head dropping forward before moving off of you to go to the toilet
  • You’d laugh at how adorably-angry he got whenever he was cock-blocked
  • He would slam the door to the bathroom leaving you in hysterics with their bickering
  • Doyoung would click his tongue in disapproval as he made his way around the sofa, falling backwards onto it, offering you some food
  • “You need to let me know when he’s gonna be here in the future because 1. I don’t really want to walk in on two of my best friends fucking, y'know?And 2. This happens way too often… We’ve had some close calls before.“
  • “Gotcha.”
  • “No but seriously, why does it always have to be the sofa? Do you not know of a thing called a bedroom? Maybe even a bathroom because they’re easier to clean.”

Making out with… series

anonymous asked:

Hi there! First off, your writing is amazing and you are a cute and pretty person. Secondly, could you write some fluffy and/or funny headcanons for a fem s/o who is pregnant and in a poly relationship with Noct and Prompto? Thanks <3

You’re too kind, darling!!! Thank you so much! I got you on those headcanons! 

I don’t have any personal experience with a true poly relationship. I’ve been a couple’s “girlfriend” before but I dunno that was toxic that was a mess let it stay in the garbage where it belongs (withardyn). IN ANY CASE! I love the idea of Poly!Promtis so I gave it my best shot despite my lack of experience!!

 More under the cut for length. 

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So who’s going to tell me about Whiskey and Tango growing up as altar boys? What about their first communions? I am now calling it: Whiskey went to a Catholic school and all the stories I got from my brother and cousin I am now projecting onto him. Except maybe the condom balloon one. That one sounds like a Tango story.

Saudade: Ch20

As soon as Josh found out you were pregnant, he was just as overjoyed as Tyler had initially reacted. In fact, even more so. That night, Tyler was extremely confused, Jenna was very worried, and you, honestly, were without words. The rest of the night consisted of celebration, although you knew as soon as you were going to get home, Josh would have a lot of questions. In fact, you had plenty of your own. So many thoughts were racing through your mind it just made you want to vomit again. Josh kept showering you in kisses and hugs, unable to stop smiling, excited beyond belief. You only felt twice as sick. Jenna, thank god, just played along. Every so often she’d shoot you a glance, as if to say that maybe you should just come clean, but you couldn’t. There was no way in hell you were going to tell Josh, especially now that you were pregnant. He would be heartbroken, and he didn’t deserve that.

On the car ride home, along with the bag of leftovers sitting in the backseat Tyler had insisted you bring with you, Josh and you stayed mostly quiet. You could tell he was distracted though, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel, bouncing his knee up and down, chewing on his lower lip, or occasionally unable to suppress a smile. When you finally got home, all you wanted to do was lay down and forget about it all. However, it wasn’t that easy. You laid in bed, Josh’s arms wrapped around you, him kissing your neck, unable to shut up about it all as soon as you had stepped foot in the apartment. “I can’t believe you’re pregnant,” he mumbled against your skin. “God, this is surreal.”

“Yeah,” is all you managed to reply.

“I don’t even know how,” he let out a soft chuckle. “I mean, I thought we used protection and honestly I never thought I’d be ready to be a father, but something must’ve somehow happened. In the hotel room in LA I know you uh, we, we were trying some new stuff and maybe the condom broke or tore and we never noticed or something. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Well, it does matter. That’s not what I’m saying. I guess, I mean…” He stopped stumbling over his words for a moment. “This happened for a reason. You know?”

“Yeah,” you repeated, twice as soft as the first time.

“We’re still young, I understand that. But I think we could really do this. We could start a family. Tyler and Jenna are right there beside us, they’d be more than happy to help us out. Jenna says if I’m busy with Ty at the studio then she can take you to the doctor appointments and stuff. It’s all going to work out,” he reassured.

“I hope so,” you sighed.

Josh kissed the back of your neck more, making you close your eyes and hum softly, trying to clear your mind. Josh slid an arm down your side, softly pressing his palm into your stomach, brushing his thumb against your skin. “Can you believe it?” he whispered in your ear. “There’s a tiny person in there. Our child. That’s incredible.”

“It is,” you were barely able to force out, unable to even breathe. How the fuck were you supposed to tell him it wasn’t ‘our child’ at all? That you were cheating on him for how many months? That you had the audacity to think you could lead him on for so long only to tell him it was some other dude who knocked you up? You felt like crying.

“What’s wrong?” he must’ve sensed something different. “Baby, talk to me.”

“I don’t know,” you closed your eyes tight. Your voice lowered to an inaudible whisper. “I can’t do this, Josh.”

“W-what do you mean?” he stammered out. “Sweetheart, turn around. Face me. Let’s talk about this.” He brushed his thumb over your stomach another time, making you flinch, and so he recoiled his arm, deciding to rest it on your shoulder instead. He gave a small tug. “Come on, don’t ignore me.”

“Josh-” you croaked out his name, taking a deep breath before rolling over, facing him and trying to keep your composure. Were you really going to do this? After all this time? He needed to know. He deserved to know. How else would you be able to tell him? And when? It was already way too late, but if you waited any longer, it would only be worse. You opened your mouth, attempting to explain everything, but you couldn’t find your voice.

How could anyone even begin to start to talk about this entire mess you had gotten yourself into? It seemed much easier with Jenna, when she was comforting you and reassuring you that it would be okay, that she wouldn’t tell anyone. But now here, laying in this bed, Josh holding you in his arms, it was so much harder. He was the one who you were keeping all the secrets from in the first place. And now here you were, laying in the same bed with him, for months pretending like nothing was happening, lying and faking it every second just to maintain his happiness.

“It’s okay,” he insisted, rubbing your arm and pulling you closer to his chest. “Just take your time.”

“I don’t know,” you whispered. How the fuck were you supposed to tell him? Much less, what would he do after you told him? Probably leave you.

“Are you-” he faltered, taking a moment to double check if he really was going to say what he had planned on saying. “Are you okay with this?”

“What?” you looked up at him, confused.

“The whole baby thing,” he explained. “I’m sure it’s a lot to take in. Especially for you.”

“Oh,” you became quiet. “I guess.”

“Hey,” his voice softened. “Look, we can get through this together. We’ve made it this far, you and me. I love you so much. I’d do anything and everything for you. You know that, right?”

And that was it. You didn’t know why, or what part of his words got you the most, but it was something within the mix of it all that made you break down. You closed your eyes and began to cry, unable to get out any words through your sobs, burying your face into his chest. You couldn’t do this. All of this. The baby. Jenna knowing all of this. Brendon. Josh. Your guilt. “I can’t do this anymore,” you sniffled, fighting to catch your breath. “I’m not ready for this.”

“You’re probably dealing with a lot right now,” Josh comforted, hugging you tighter, tangling his fingers in your hair. “All the hormones, not ready to be a mother, being super sick… I’m sorry about that. I wish I could make it all go away.”

“You have no idea,” you barely mumbled. “I wish it could go away.”

“Just take it slow,” he insisted, gently pushing your head up to face him and pressing a soft kiss to your lips. “We can do this, y/n. I know we can.”

“What if I don’t want to do this?” you looked up at him, feeling weak and miserable and falling apart on the inside. “I don’t think I can.”

“Like t-the baby?” Josh’s voice broke, eyes softening, heart crumbling at the same time.

“No,” you quickly replied, seeing how ruined he looked in your simple question. “I mean, like, everything.”

“That’s specific,” he narrowed his eyes sarcastically.

“All of this,” you sighed. “Life.”

“Sweetie,” he frowned. “Are you okay?” Great, just what you needed. He already knew you were a mess, but now he was going to think you’re suicidal too.

“Yes, no… I don’t know,” you looked down. “I just feel like I’m making a mess. Everywhere I go.”

“No you’re not,” Josh shook his head, instantly kissing you again. When he pulled away, he looked into your eyes. “You’re the sweetest person I know. You’re so genuine and beautiful and loving, and I am so fucking beyond lucky to have you.”

“Whatever,” you rolled your eyes, letting out a small chuckle. “I’m just a piece of shit.”

“You’re everything I have,” he insisted, wiping away the tears from your cheeks. “You’re not a piece of shit, babe. You’re gold to me.”

“If only you knew,” you wanted to tell him. “If only you knew what a terrible sinner I truly am. If you knew about all the things I have done behind your back just for my own selfish sake. You would never be able to look me in the eyes again. You would hate me.” Instead you swallowed down your guilt, deciding to say nothing. If he ever knew, he surely would never say such things about you.

“I love you so much,” he reminded. He leaned down to kiss you, his lips soft and sweet. You fell into his embrace and kiss, pressing your body against his, feeling the tears finally subside. Your worries, exhaustion, frustration, emotions all melted away, Josh’s hands pressing into your back, slowly pulling you into the tidal wave of the ocean that was his love. And for as much as it had unsatisfied a million times in the past and bored you before, it was just what you needed right now.

The slow pace, the comforting touch, the sweetness that was Josh, it was perfect. “Thank you,” you managed to get out between kisses. “For everything.”

“Again, so specific,” he smirked. “But yeah, I know what you mean.”

“I love you,” you gave a small smile. “So much.”

“As do I to you my love,” he answered, kissing you softly on the forehead.

“It amazes me you’re still here,” you murmured, running your hands through his hair. “Why haven’t you left me already?” You closed your eyes, catching yourself. “You deserve better.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” he reassured, pressing his lips to yours. “You’re everything I could ever ask for y/n.”

“You’re too good to me,” you whispered, looking into his eyes for a long moment before connecting your lips once again.

This time when you kissed, it was hot and passionate and everything you now learned to love about Josh. Although it was gentle and slow, it was also genuine and true, honest and sincere. It was love. Actual love. And this entire time, all the years of his steadfast dedication to you had been taken for granted simply just for a night of drunken lust. You hated yourself for it. So you kissed him with everything you had inside you, every fiber of your being, each particle that composed you, trying, dying to let him know how much you cared and wanted to fix it. His hands slid under your shirt, tugging it up over your head, then fiddling with the clasp of your bra before sliding that off as well. He kissed you again, tender and sympathetic, soothing your entire body, relaxing all the tension between you.

“Is um…” he paused. “Is this okay?”

“Yeah,” you nodded.

“I mean like, are we allowed to do this, while uh-” he began awkwardly.

“Yes Joshua,” you laughed, resisting a grin before you kissed him softly. You pressed your forehead against his, looking into his eyes, giving into the smile that dared to spread across your lips. “We’re allowed to have sex when I’m pregnant.”

“Yeah but like, do you want to?” he searched your eyes for reconfirmation.

“I’d love to,” you replied.

For once, everything felt right again. It felt like it had before Josh ever left you. When your life consisted of fingers sifting through bright blue curls and Red Bull soaked tongue kisses, carnival rides and sunset skies, binge watching episodes and blaring music on the aux cord, all the things you loved and cherished and enjoyed. Certain things you never seemed to share with anyone else, things you bundled up and kept safe for just you two, things you would never dare share with anyone else. Special things that made your relationship like no other. You kissed him over and over again, reveling in the sensation of his tongue pressing against yours, his hands on your body, everything that was Josh.

“Fuck, you are so beautiful,” he breathed, eyes fixed on yours. His eyes flickered down to the rest of your body and frowned.

“What?” your eyes softened.

“Too many clothes,” he muttered softly.

“Then why don’t you go and fix that problem?” you smirked.

“Don’t mind if I do,” he whispered in your ear.

His hands gave your breasts a small squeeze before sliding down your stomach, dipping underneath the waistband of your sweatpants, tugging them down to your knees, letting you slide them towards your ankles and kick them off. He kissed you again, this time grabbing your ass and slowly pulling you closer to him, your bodies gravitating towards each other, letting his hard on press against your core, making you let out a soft moan. He hooked his fingers underneath the fabric of your panties, sliding those down as well until you were fully naked, gripping your hips gently and letting you grind down onto him, a low throaty groan pouring out from his mouth in the process.

“God just fuck me already,” you whined, making him chuckle a little bit.

“I thought we were going to take things slow, remember?” he wondered.

“Not too slow,” you pouted.

“Fine,” he complied.

He carefully turned you both over, so you were now laying backside down on the mattress, then began to slide down his boxers, kicking them off before climbing back on top of you. He hesitated for a moment, catching you off guard.

“Uh, is everything alright?” you inquired.

“I almost stopped to grab a condom,” he admitted, blushing with embarrassment, letting out a soft laugh. “But I guess we don’t really need those anymore, do we?”

“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes, pulling him close to you, kissing his mouth. His tongue slipped into your mouth, his body pressed against yours, his hands finding your hips once again. When he pulled away, you stared at him, annoyed. “You talk too much.”

“Then let’s stop talking,” he suggested. He pushed into you, making you moan loudly, your body unprepared for his sudden action. He wasted no time before thrusting back and forth into you, making you a gasping mess, clinging onto him as he fucked you a little faster than usual.

“Oh shit,” you closed your eyes, drawing your lower lip in between your teeth, tilting your head up. “Fuck.”

“Come on baby,” he mumbled, quickening the pace. “I know you love it when I fuck you like this.”

“God Joshua,” you ended up coming right then and there, unraveling at his words, triggering his orgasm. Both of you were rocking your hips up to meet each other, your bodies shaking and trembling in the aftermath, his lips somehow crashing onto yours and kissing you passionately.

He pulled out as soon as his lips pulled away, collapsing on the mattress beside you, the melody of your combined labored breaths echoing throughout the room. “Well goddamn,” he sighed. “That felt… good.”

“What the hell was that?” you whispered, turning over to face him.

“I just wanted to make you feel good,” he shrugged sheepishly, cheeks reddening. “I mean, you’ve bene going through a lot lately, and I don’t know. I’m not usually one to step outside the comfort zone, but I promised I’d do anything for you, and you’ve kind of been asking for uh, something different lately. I thought it was the least I could do.”

“Holy fuck,” you exhaled, closing your eyes, reopening them to see his smiling face.

“So uh…” he swallowed uncomfortably. “That was o-okay?”

“Josh,” you narrowed your eyes. “That was fucking amazing.”

“Yeah?” he wondered, hesitant.

“Yeah,” you nodded, pulling him close to you and hugging him tight. “Don’t you ever be afraid to do something like that again. I fucking loved it.”


~Day 8 of Halloween. Smut because well Tig!~

Tig’s POV

My morning routine usually consisted of waking up before my old lady, showering, and then working on my hair for a bit. Today it consisted of waking up before my old lady and screaming when I walked into the bathroom and didn’t see anything staring back at me.

You came running into the bathroom with your gun raised. You looked around confused as you saw nothing. You lowered the gun slowly.

“Tig…?” You called out confused.

“I’m right here baby.” I tried to wave my hand even though neither of us could see it.

“Tig, where are you? This isn’t funny.” You set the gun on the sink and put your hands on your hips. You looked so hot when you were mad and suddenly an idea hit me.

I snuck behind you and grabbed your ass. You jumped and screeched, turning towards me and I let out a chuckle.

“Tig! Where the…. What the…?” You looked around still not finding anything. I smirked and grabbed your hips and pushed you against the counter, glad that we never wear anything to bed.

“You are so fucking sexy baby doll.” I growled.

“Why the fuck are you invisible!?” You asked placing your hands on where you knew my shoulders were.

“Well… I think it may of been from yesterday when you took that eyelash off my cheek and told me to make a wish, well I jokingly made a wish to be invisible for a day.” I explained.

“You are a fucking moron.” You laughed and I pouted even though you couldn’t see it. “And stop pouting.”

“You can’t even see!” I pouted harder.

“Alexander Trager, I fucking know you; I know when you’re pouting” You said in a matter of fact voice and I grumbled incoherently. “Just kiss me, Trager.” I chuckled and kissed you hard and passionately.

“Mmmmm, as you wish” I chuckled and my fingers ghosted your pussy. I turned you around and pushed your front against the counter. I lined the tip of my cock up with your pussy then slammed in hard.

You moaned my name loudly and I grabbed your hair pulling your head back so we could both watch you in the mirror. Your breasts bounced with every thrust, and I groaned watching them.

We moaned and I love watching just you in the mirror. The way your body moved and how you reacted to my thrusts and touches. I moved my hand down to your clit and started rubbing hard as I thrusted in harder.

I grabbed your breast with one hand and thanks to my invisibility, I could still see your breast while also feeling it. I could feel you starting to get close and I slowed down. You whined and whimpered as I did.

“Tiggy!” You whined at me. “Pleaseeeee….” I could never deny you anything and started pounding into you hard. It wasn’t long until we both came undone.

“Fuck!” I groaned and kissed your neck. You panted and learned most of your weight against me.

“If you knock me up and our kids are invisible, I will kill you…” you joked and I chuckled.

“And we thought having twins might be hard enough; getting them mixed up would be nothing in comparison to not being able to SEE any of them!” I joked.

“Maybe you should put a condom on for our next round. Of course, I do love the feel of that bare cock in me.” You said and smirked.

“God, you are perfect.” I said then an idea hit me. “Hold up, I’m going to go grab the camera!” I went into the bedroom and heard you groan from annoyance


@ilikechocolatemilkh Thanks love!