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evolution of a larrie: niall horan edition

aka no matter how hard you ship larry you’ll never ship it as much as niall horan, so there’s that.

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anonymous asked:

Did Eric wrap it up when with Ashley and other girls he never seemed very concerned about it when he was with Everly

With Everly, he knew she was on birth control after her first physical. He wouldn’t have used a condom since he had little worry she’d get pregnant. He also liked the idea that it was just him and her, nothing between them, and he was the only one in Dauntless that had been with her in that manner.

With the other girls I think he would have been very direct about what could possibly happen, and hold them equally accountable. I could see him maybe using a condom if he was worried, but being smart enough to only sleep with someone who knew what they were getting into and was aware of their own sexual wellbeing. I think he’d make it very clear he wasn’t in it for a relationship, and he’d have little interest in them afterwards even if their night together ended up in pregnancy.

Ashley was more of a long term fling; she would have been smart enough to figure out birth control in Erudite. She had a whole life on the line there, and especially as Jeanine’s assistant, she wouldn’t want to show up one day, pregnant and alone.

A lot of people have this idea that Eric couldn’t be bothered to use a condom, mostly because it would ruin the experience for him. I personally don’t believe he’d be that stupid. You can catch a lot more than a baby from having sex, and he’s a pretty smart guy. That being said, I think once he was in a long term relationship, he’d be fine to skip them, and prefer not to ever use them for his own purely selfish reasons.

Best Friend Break-up~part5~Luke Hemmings

It had been three weeks of you and Luke pulling pranks on each other trying to get back at each other from everything that had gone down. Every single time you walked into your dorm, there was either a mess, or something was missing. Today when you got there, there was a sock on the door. You groaned, you had no idea why it was there but you knew it was Luke. You took it off before unlocking the door. 

What you found was a ton of open, and maybe used, condoms all over your bed. You couldn’t help but laugh. You were mad, but you had to laugh. How could he have even gotten this many condoms open and onto your bed in a short period of time? 

You quickly gathered your purse and headed off to the store to buy pads and tampons to put on his bed. You knew all boys hated those things and he would be pissed. You would handle the condoms later but Luke was in class right now for another hour and a half so you didn’t have much time. 

Once you got everything you bought onto his bed, you quickly left going back to your door to clean up the mess Luke made. There was a soft knock at your door and you figured it was your roommate who forget her key. 

“Luke?” You asked when you answered the door. He gave you a half smile and offered you his hand. 

“Truce.” He said and you giggled shaking his hand repeating the word. “Wanna go get some coffee or something?” 

“Yeah. I’d like that.” You smiled at him. It was fun pranking Luke. It was like old times when Liz would let you into his room on the first day of school to pour cold water on him to wake him up. 

“I know a sorry won’t make anything better but I am sorry.” He said. 

“It just hurt,” You locked the door. “That the only person who really cared about me didn’t actually care about me.” You shrugged as you walked down the hall looking at him. 

“I know. And I know that there’s no way for me to make it up to you. But I would love to be friends with you again. I missed you.” He rested an arm on your shoulder’s as you walked. 

“I didn’t ask from much from you. Just for someone to care about me as much as I cared about them.” You looked at his hair that was seeming to fade. “How come you never dyed your hair back to your regular color?” 

“Thought it was a good story to tell people when they asked.” He smiled and you giggled. 

“I thought the condoms were funny.” You said and he laughed. 

“I didn’t like the pads and tampons. I made my girlfriend clean them up.” 

“I used gloves to clean up the condoms. They weren’t used right?” You asked as he opened the door to the coffee shop for you. 

“Of course not.” You both walked over to the counter ordering what you wanted, pulling out money but Luke insisted on paying. “This is the start to my apology.” He said and you nodded. 

“It’s gonna take a lot.” 

“I know, but I’m willing to do it.” 


Disney made a movie about Hercules - and then a game on PS1. Maybe condoms as well, I dunno.

I could totally see a Hogwarts AU where Nori is muggleborn and is basically an entrepreneur on the Weasley twins’ level, making a nice profit selling muggle stuff to other students.

Everything from candy (“Jelly beans that you know what taste they are going to be? Wow!”) to normal pens and pencils (never worry about spilled ink again!) and notebooks to just random shit like rubber chickens or whatever the student wants.

Latest books and music I guess. Music players (because batteries has to work at Hogwarts since there’s been mentions of wrist watches).

Lol condoms maybe? Because if there’s such a thing as spells for that sort of thing you better make sure you sleep with someone who studied. Condoms would be a lot less risky.

Anyway, Dwalin (a pureblood) totally gets hooked on some muggle candy or other, or that’s his excuse anyway to keep finding reasons to seek Nori out.

Nori would probably be a kickass Seeker too, and I can see Dwalin easily as a beater, so maybe they can bond of Quidditch too. Or well, argue about it since I don’t expect them to be in the same Hogwarts house.

I just want Dwalin eating gummi bears by the fistful and being all adorable and Nori fighting to hide that he also thinks he’s adorable as fuck. (“So these aren’t actual bears, right?”)

I wanted to introduce the storyline because it felt very real to me, and I actually haven’t seen it dealt with on TV very recently. Especially in their age group, with people maybe not using condoms as much as they should, people end up HIV positive. Really it just felt real and important in a certain way, because I like visibility of certain things that we don’t see a lot. How it affects the relationship is going to be twisty and turny and hard. Whether they stay together or not, They’re really bonded, and Connor feels very grateful for how much Oliver’s helped him—even though Oliver doesn’t know it—through the post-murder stuff. Connor has a good heart and wants Oliver to be okay. Just watching him feel that distraught and scared at the end with the news that he’s positive, Connor needs to figure out what his role is in the relationship now.
—  Pete Nowalk (x)

lololol I wake up from a lovely extra long sleep to find out clients–MEN–have picked up on Ms Mendoza’s case (HIV + woman sold sex without disclosure of her status, the men do not have HIV, yet she’s been charged with 17 felonies for not telling them) men have found out about her case and are losing their shit whining “you better believe I would change my mind about barebacking if I knew she was positive”

Let that sink in.

“Change my mind about bare backing.”

From men you KNOW (because it has been proven again and again) don’t get tested EVER and who pressure their partners to have bareback sex, ALL their partners, sex workers and non-professionals alike, and transmission is much more likely from penis to vagina than the other way around–

These disease vectors never think that maybe they should just USE CONDOMS and get tested, they’re still putting the onus on the very people they’ve infected to protect themselves from themselves, and they want to go merrily on their happy way?

Why don’t the laws prosecute men? Seriously?

Some of you fools are losing your shit about how this is rape, which is only a concern in a world in which the power dynamics at play are TOTALLY and VIOLENTLY different than the world we live in, you’re hand wringing about how this is rape when actual sexual assaults continue to go untested and rapists continue to walk free and rape, a great deal of them, by the way, raping sex workers whom no one cares about, and no one would care about this if it wasn’t a brown woman involved with men, largely white men, and oh my god!

My skin is CRAWLING over some of the responses to that article.

You bet I’m blocking each and every one of you. Free speech doesn’t protect you from being hateful thoughtless bigots. You don’t get anymore space to talk about this than Ms Mendoza does.

Suicide Squad review - SPOILERSSSS

I knew that this movie wouldn’t live up to the hype because, let’s be real, these kind of blockbusters never do; I’m still surfing down the disappointment wave from CA:CW. But Suicide Squad was definitely enjoyable, just not groundbreaking, and it had a lot of problems - more than I was expecting.


  • Costumes. Very cool, very nice allusions to the characters’ origins while keeping it fresh.
  • Jared Leto, no matter what you think of him, has to be praised for his turn as the Joker here. Maybe it was worth the rats and condoms (maybe not) but he was certainly one of the highlights. He’d be electrifying opposite Batfleck in a standalone movie, I think.
  • The Joker and Harley were seriously fantastic together, in a relationship which was surprisingly…. mutually affectionate?? I know in canon comics and that their relationship is abusive, and they reportedly cut some scenes where they might have shown that - but as it stands, this movie alone, those two together stole the show.
  • Flash cameo, ayyy
  • Croc saying “I’m beautiful”
  • Viola Davis serving ALL the looks
  • The dynamic between Rick Flag and Deadshot was one of the nicer things about this film, I thoroughly enjoyed their back-and-forth, the grudging respect and bro-ing out that went down too. And if they gave off some cute gay dads vibe in that end scene with Deadshot’s daughter, well, ,,   i’m only human and it was cute asf


  • The rampant sexism. Panning up Harley’s body as she dresses, the Joker offering her to Common to do with as he pleases, the cringeworthy sexualised costumes of Harley, Enchantress and even Katana, baring her midriff… why? Slipknot hitting that female soldier “because she had a mouth”, wtf. Deadshot telling Flag to get Enchantress under control by “slapping her on the ass”. El Diablo’s flashback where he actually slaps his wife on the ass in the limited time they have to show a loving relationship between them. Enchantress controlling the soldiers by kissing them, bc ofc that’s necessary….. not
  • Pacing. This movie kept throwing cold water over some scenes, then spent ages and ages on the climax, rather that ramping up to it. There was one point where Deadshot has a slo-mo sequence overlaid with this operatic music, and I was both bored and crudely amused it was so cheesy
  • Batman/Harley make out???? why???? It was like it was meant to be CPR but he didn’t even do chest compressions so…. idk man that was weird
  • They didn’t even bother giving Slipknot an introduction, not that I gave a shit about him, but still - they barely tried to make it seem like he wouldn’t die immediately lmao
  • Katana was criminally underused. She said about five words
  • The dialogue was so clunky and corny, and some bits very out of place. One memorable part was when Flag does exposition on Katana’s backstory after we see her speaking about the same subject pretty clearly - that was strange, and almost comedic in a bad way
  • The Rick Flag/June Moon coupling made me roll my eyes so hard I saw my brain, they were tedious together and had less chemistry than Captain Boomerang and his unicorn
  • Captain Boomerang made even less of an impression than Killer Croc, who had too little to do as well
  • El Diablo calling the squad ‘family’ after 4 hours of knowing them. Okay then. That was bizarre and even more unlikely when you consider this isn’t the cute, heroic Flash who wants friends, these are supposed to be hardened criminals who made a career out of doing bad things solo. And now they want to join a boyband, okkkaaaaayyyy
  • Harley wants to be a housewife more than anything????? what the fuck.?,,???/,,
  • Stupid, cheesy villain, I could not have cared less about her and I didn’t get why she was doing her evilness other than the standard “I hate humanity” supervillain diatribe
  • “Own that shit”, a line delivered to a man who just confessed to killing his family. Weird, weird, dark, but out of place in tone with the rest of their attitudes - who “don’t kill women and kids”. They tried to water down these villains so much. The ‘worst of the worst’ weren’t so bad in the end…
  • June Moon survived to spread her blandness into another DCEU  movie, kill me now

MVPS:   - Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, just fuck me up

              - The Rick Flag/Deadshot romance. Don’t @ me

Solid 3/5 stars. Wouldn’t pay to see it again but it’s fun to watch.

Thoughts on “Mother” and Regina’s agency over her own body.

I watched 4.20 this morning, and I rather liked it, for the most part. I loved every Maleficent moment. I loved Dragon!Lily. You can’t tell me that Regina isn’t Lily’s “father.” But more importantly than all of that, I loved Regina in this episode. 

I wasn’t keen on the idea of an explicit confirmation that Regina can’t have children. But I do like that it was Regina’s choice. It was an extreme way for her to gain some agency over her own life, but I highly doubt they’ve got the pill in the EF (cultures have been using methods of birth control, some even somewhat effective since ancient times, so I’m sure the EF had amulets and potions and maybe even types of condoms but I doubt anything as effective and routine as the pill). 

Her decision was extreme, but it was her decision. In that moment, Regina had agency over her own body that many women RIGHT NOW are being denied. I am celebrating that. I’ve noticed that for a lot of fans, the conversation has turned to how that choice can or will be undone, but I don’t think that’s the conversation we need to be having. 

We need to be talking about how Regina made peace with her decision. She straight up tells her sister that she already has a child, Henry. Regina made her own decision about her own reproductive abilities. Then, when she decided she did want a child, she looked at her options and chose to adopt. That doesn’t make her any less of a mother or any less of a woman. 

Women who choose not to have children are as much women as those who choose to have them. It’s fine for a young woman to choose a form of sterilization. It is totally fine if that young woman chooses later to have children, whether it is reversing the procedure, if possible, or adopting (or maybe even just becoming a mentor). Let’s celebrate that Regina is a strong woman who made decisions that were right for her. Let’s celebrate that we got to see a character have agency over her own body and work towards letting all women have it. 

Regina was protecting herself when she drank that potion, and that doesn’t make her selfish or broken. Regina is happy with Henry, her son, and that shows her overwhelming capacity for love. And when she made the decision not to have her sister written out of existence, that shows her capacity for good. Regina isn’t perfect. I found her statement about visitation rights really problematic, but whether this baby is real or not, whether she is raising it with Robin or not, whether she continues to co-parent Henry with Emma as a friend or a lover (*sigh* my preferred happy ending for all involved), she can be good, she can change. 

Regina Mills does not need to be fixed.