maybe a bit of a life hack


I am sure you too have a pile of clothes, which you are not wearing any more. Somewhere deep down at the back of the closet. Maybe you forgot you have these clothes at all. Could be they are too plain, a bit worn out, or you’re just not feeling them any more. 

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High school hacks (to make it easier)

High school sucks. This’ll make it easier. Probably. Maybe. 


  • Have your supplies in order. I don’t care how many posts you see here about ‘only bringing earphones and gum’ Slacking does not make you cool. Seriously, if you have your supplies it’ll make your life much easier.
  •  Do your fucking homework. Doing it is like half of your study load. If you do your homework, studying will be easier cuz you already know atleast a bit about it.
  • Carry your weight during group assignments. This means that most of the time you’ll have to carry other people’s weight too, but atleast you won’t be disliked for doing nothing. (i learned this the hard way. nobody wants to team up with somebody who doesn’t do anything)
  • Most important one: START STUDYING ON TIME. You don’t want to deal with the stress and anxiety that comes with having to study last minute and getting everything cramped up and then only JUST passing the class
  • Teachers love it if you hand in your essays in those see through folders. We call them ‘snelhechters’ the Germans call them “schnellhefter” the French call them “chemises de présentation” That should help you figure out what I mean. (Apperently they’re called fastners? idek)


  • Walk with your head up, back straight. Looking confident will help you feel confident. Even if you’re faking the looking confident part. Seriously. Also teenagers don’t mess with people who look confident (most of the time)
  • if people do mess with you, just remember that you’re awesome and beautiful and fuck them.
  • Be nice to your fellow students, unless they did something that makes them not deserve your kindness. Then destroy them.
  • Don’t pick fights, but if someone picks a fight with you, you have all the right to defend yourself. Just know your limits. 
  • Be nice to the teachers. Seriously. There’s nothing better than having the cool teacher like you. And even if the teacher isn’t that cool, still be nice to them, because they chose to work in a place with TEENAGERS all day, everyday, for the rest of their life. 
  • Be friends with the people you want to be friends with. Being popular isn’t everything. 
  • Being yourself is cool

Washrooms: (these are super obvious)

  • Always check if the stall you’re going into has TOILETPAPER
  • Check if it’s clean (seriously)
  • The stall the furthest away from the entrance, is usually the one least used. Use this information wisely.

I’m actually looking forward to going back to school. You probably won’t all feel the same, but I enjoy school. Even though I usually only complain about it. Good luck and I hope you all pass your classes at the end of the year!