maybe I'm totally wrong about all of this

Yo dude what if Krishan leaving exo was all part of the fucking plan because think about it. In the wolf drama, they were the only ones that were “wolves”. They were different among the group. And then the teasers show a lot of evidence correlating their departure as well. Maybe they are coming back…? I s2g if SM pulls something like that I will explode. BRUH THESE TEASERS ARE FUCKING ME OVER. MAKING ME FEEL LIKE SHERLOCK OR SOME SHIT B. Y. e

ok, some people think that Twelve/Clara relationship is not sexual at all, but I can’t fully agree with it

one thing I’m certain about is that their love for one another is not driven by it. but Clara is TOTALLY checking out the Doctor from time to time. and she thinks that he’s attractive. like in the very first episode after he said he’s not her boyfriend and flipped his jacket, the look she gave him…. the Doctor fancies Clara (we all know that Steven said that), he thinks she’s pretty. it’s not important for him, but I recon it’s a nice addition to his “why Clara is perfect” list :D I can see sexual tension between them, put together from intellectual admiration, deep soulmate affection and maybe, just a bit, physical attraction

we can see that Clara is aware of her feelings for the Doctor, she’s not hiding it from herself anymore (like she did in s8). she lets herself love him. that “c’mon, you’re itching to save a planet” line, the way her body reached for him at that moment and playful smile the Doctor gave her instead of the answer is probably the closest thing to flirting that we could possibly have (apart from “strangely compelling masculine figure” speech from “In the Forest of the Night”)