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Hi, Sleii!~ I really luv your art, and I wonder how long did it take you to become that good?? Did you go to an art school? Tell us your story

ahh I guess I started drawing when I was a kid, so it’s hard to say how long, but maybe 8-10 years? Aside from a kiddy class back when I was 10 or so, i’ve never been to an art school. In 7th grade I was mostly copying off Naruto haha,, and I didn’t take digital art seriously until 11th grade. From below you can see I made some improvement in anatomy but my colors stayed mostly monochromatic and boring…

And then Homestuck happened. 

It’s really not an exaggeration to say Homestuck changed my life, with its enormous fandom full of amazing artists who still inspire me now. This was when I started to reevaluate my art and tried new things like *coughs* actual colors. I also got support for my art in ways I couldn’t have imagined and it was incredible motivation. Even when I moved onto other fandoms Homestuck is still the one that helped me develop the most as an artist.

Overall, my development was pretty slow and inconsistent because i was mostly motivated and influenced by fandoms… I’m trying to push myself to do new things right now because I still have so much room to improve! (ò n ọ)9