maybe 8 actually

very lazy AU doodle cause I wanted a new header I guess

windexsniper  asked:

I love your art so much. It is absolutely beautiful. I love love love the way you draw Jasper. Could you do a tutorial on how you draw her?

yeah sure
first I sketch out a basic cheeto shape

then I build around that

then I add lines, colours and shes DONE

I feel like the more time passes, the more conservative I get about fish keeping? I swear, one day I’m going to get to that point where I’m telling people not to bother trying to keep fish in less than 40g.

I’ve been thinking about that big glass bowl I have that I’d been planning to eventually set up sometime after I move. (Not necessarily in my next apartment or whatever, but one of those at some point.) But full of water it’ll end up being around 10g? And its nearly perfectly spherical, so not a lot of horizontal space. So I keep trying to think of ideas of something I could house in there and it just feel too small.

I don’t want a betta for sure. The bowl has a cool magnifying effect, so something really small would be ideal. I like the idea of tiny nano fish in there, except when I actually try and think about real fish species in that space it just seems way too small. Not sure I want shrimp either. Always liked CPOs, but apparently crays of any kind are illegal in PA, so that’s not a possibility any time soon…

Guys,, I jus gotta say,, I love my puppy,, I’m filled with a lot of love right now,,, later tonight I’ll be answering some asks so if y'all wanna tell me about your day or something nice or whatever you want that’d be lovely,
And heads up, ima be making an “ask guidelines,” so it’s easier for me to answer more serious asks and so that my answers will be better.
Anyways,, love you guys!!



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Okay but there’s something to quintessentially British about the bake off being on the bbc that just don’t think channel 4 will emanate like I can’t explain it but bake off exists in this bubble of British and bbc and they can keep everything the exact same yet it still won’t be right and it’s like doctor who or roadshow or top gear like seeing it anywhere else just won’t feel right and thus won’t be bake off