Alrighty, I’ve been writing a Reddie fic that’s basically the “Soulmate Bracelet AU” (when you love someone you earn a permanent bracelet: nobody can see it unless your soulmate shares the feelings) sort of thing, and I’m somewhat far into it. I’m wondering if I should post it idk my writing levels are below par



Another year, another birthday letter. Your dad is always surprised that we’ve managed to keep this tradition going on so long - especially me. You’ll probably be surprised, too. We only have a few more years of these letters left, which is pretty scary to us. You’re growing up so fast, and we know that the next few years are going to go even faster.

You love that your school has a uniform - one less thing for you to worry about every morning. You hate your braces, but what kid doesn’t? You won’t have them for much longer, though, and I don’t think we’ve ever seen you happier than when the orthodontist told you that you only had a few more months to go.  You still love vegetables, but I think Thai food is probably your favorite now. We know that you love coffee, and that you think it’s a secret - probably the only secret you keep from us. We love Lacie & Auggie, and we love how happy they make you - it’s nice knowing that you have such good friends to support you. We have a feeling they’re here for the long haul, and we don’t mind at all.

You seem to have finally settled into a favorite color - it’s blue now, and it has been for months. You always reach for it when we paint together, my mini blue period Picasso. You still love singing when your daddy plays the guitar, and his favorite thing is being able to teach you to play the piano - spending that time together means so much to him. You’ve always looked just like him, but even though you’ve picked up both of our talents, your personality surprises us year after year. You remind me so much of your Aunt Lily - you’re so smart, much more serious and studious than your dad or I ever were. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish with that big brain of yours, but maybe not too soon - you can slow down on the growing up if you want to!

Happy birthday, Charlie. I know we tell you all the time, but we love you very much & we’re so proud to be your parents.

D’you know what’s a really nice thing to think about? Soulmate AU, but canon compliant

Up to a point, of course. 

I’m talking Dirk, stuck out in the middle of the ocean and he’s alone even if he doesn’t know it yet because there’s a name on his wrist and a feeling that’s strangely hollow. He doesn’t know what a soulmate is really supposed to feel like, because in this time his is 400 years dead, and it hurts to find that out for the first time, to see this man’s face on the news and think ‘That’s my Bro, he’s mine,’ and then realize that he’s not ever going to come home, that Dirk won’t ever get to meet him. After that, it doesn’t really matter, if he starts shoving his heart to Jake English, who doesn’t actually have a name on his wrist but is probably better off for it. There’s lots of theories that Dirk reads about this kind of thing, of course; some that say a soulmate is meant to complete you, that of course it’ll always work out with them and it has to be romantic. Others say that it can be either platonic or romantic, but they’re still someone who completes you, who will always be there and who you can rely on. He reads things that say people without marks are self-contained and whole already, that they don’t need others and are therefore better; he reads things that say those without marks are heartless and horrible abominations. He reads about people with dead soulmates and shitty soulmates and more than one (wow, that’s a thing, and he’s sure to send that link to Roxy) and people who’ve been mismatched. He looks and looks and looks to find who Dave Strider’s soulmate was, but there’s nothing anywhere. 

When he makes Squarewave, he doesn’t give him a name, not until Sawtooth comes after. The two of them should have each other, after all. They have to. He can’t bring himself to put his own name on them, but they take care of him anyway. It’s just a simple gesture, it doesn’t mean anything. Not until he makes Hal. He doesn’t give Hal a name because there’s no body to put it on, and Hal’s him. It never occurs to him until they’re an hour into a vicious argument and Hal sends a screenshot of one area of code and there it is, written in. Dave Strider. But that doesn’t make him a person, Dirk says, just a piss poor copy- and isn’t it bad enough, as it is? Why should he have to share the memory of a dead man with someone else? Just like Dirk tried to burn the name off his wrist when he was twelve and knew the truth, Hal tries to get rid of Dave’s name, tries to put Roxy’s instead. It doesn’t work, of course, not for long before it just reverts back. This is who he is, apparently, and he hates it. It doesn’t stop him from running simulation after simulation and digging up every bit of evidence he can find about Dave. About who he was, what he was like. It doesn’t stop him from hating Dirk for saddling him with this soulmark, even if he’s different, he swears. (It won’t be until much later that he realizes there’s more than one Dave Strider, but that there’s only one that really understands him and completes him like he heard it’s meant to be). 

And then there’s Roxy, with two names on her wrist and one bond dead and cold until she makes her second-ever friend at 13 and it’s like nothing she ever imagined before. The other is her fourth friend ever who she knows isn’t born yet (because the bond isn’t cold, just asleep, just waiting), and between the two of them, they make her want to change things, to get up and go and meet them, somehow. Lying to Jane about why they can’t meet up now is the hardest thing she has to do, but she promises herself that it won’t always be a lie. It stings to think that Jane wouldn’t believe her, if she told the truth. Soulmates are supposed to trust you, supposed to believe in you and just know, but she knows as much as anyone else that you need some kind of physical contact to have it snap into place properly. She tells herself that just knowing is enough, for now, and stops thinking about things like ‘realistic options’ and ‘doomed’. She’s going to get out of there, and she’s going to meet them. Of course that’s how she finds out about the Game at first, finds out that it’s real. Of course, that’s why she plays it. Staying isn’t an option for her, not like how it could be for Dirk. It’s maybe cruel how she uses meeting Dave as bait to get him to agree, but she knows it’s for the best. She’s not going to just leave him here for the meteors when they come, or for the Drones and the Condesce or to starve if they don’t. He doesn’t thank her, of course; he rarely does, but she doesn’t need it. Not from him, even if it would be nice. 

I’m happy and excited that we got so many of the old cast members back, and I’m really looking forward to see a proper goodbye to everyone, the characters I loved, the characters I loved to hate and the show I love.

But my first and foremost priority for the finale is to see that the characters who are the current main characters get their Happy beginning, too, just like the established characters already did at the end of season 6.

Chase Me, Catch Me : BatCat proposal rewritten 

This is us.

Rain poured down on the streets of Gotham, clouds hiding the sky as the bat signal shone high above. He was needed, like always. The war on crime never stopped, not for a moment, not in this city. In this city one had to fight for their share, had to scrape and claw their way to victory. It was so easy for those who didn’t want to trample to be the ones trampled upon. Kill or be killed, the city seemed to scream. Yet still it fought with itself, despite the look of a losing battle. Why? Why continue the fight if it was so meaningless? They needed to. Or else they would be crushed.

We tell ourselves that this is what we want, but that isn’t true…

Midnight. He’d been fighting a long battle, but there was more to come yet. It wasn’t in the form of more scum hiding in the shadows trying to escape him, but perhaps all the more important. Bruce Wayne made his way upstairs after the rest of the night was left to Red Robin. Alfred asked if he was finally going to sleep. Bruce only smiled and grabbed his coat from the stand then headed out the door. The butler shook his head and muttered to himself, “I shouldn’t be surprised.”

He could have taken the car. He didn’t.

The chilly air of Gotham met him as he walked. It was a nice night if someone were to stop and enjoy it, to ignore the injustices of the day and, for once, stop. And he could have stopped.

He didn’t.

…this is what we need.

It was an hour later when the man arrived at her door. No, he couldn’t have stopped, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t take his time. There was a bag in his hand, it would be important when the night went on. For now, it was only him. And her. Two knocks and she was there, her brilliant green eyes shining through the night. Looking at him- looking through him. Bruce wasn’t surprised. Cats could see through the dark, after all.


He stepped inside, Selina blinking in surprise at the lack of response before her lips twisted into a smile. Had he finally come her to let her have the night she had stolen? He wasn’t in costume, it must be- what was he doing? The man was rummaging through her closet, looking through it, opening shoeboxes and then… then he found it. The picture of Helena. The only thing she has left of her.

“What are you doing?!”

This isn’t how it works.

“Do you remember my mother’s pearl? You stole it– you returned it of course, with the mouse….”

“Bruce Wayne if you’re doing what I think you’re are-”

He smiled and tucked the photo carefully into his coat. It would be safe there, he would make sure nothing wrinkled it or tarnished the picture in any way. And then he ran.

You’re supposed to chase me.

“BAT!” Selina ran after him, but he’d gone already. She cursed and looked at the cats who had stared up with their eyes full of curiosity. “I’ll be back, don’t worry. I just need to catch something.”

The night continued on. Batman was back again, running across rooftops. The night was quiet except for Red Robin’s reports coming in through the comlink. That was good, he didn’t want to stop running. He wouldn’t have, anyway. It was what he needed to do.

A whip shot out around his neck, brought him to a pause on the rooftop. He reached up and yanked harshly on it, brought Catwoman tumbling over. She let out a furious hiss, glaring daggers at him. “Bat. Since when do I catch you?!” The whip snaps next to him, but he doesn’t flinch. He knows that she won’t hurt him. She knows that he won’t hurt her. They’re at a stalemate.

“I put it back. When you left.”

“…of course you did. You can’t commit to theft.” Selina let out a sigh and turned around, prepared to go back home.


She didn’t have to stop. She could have let him continue the chase for another day. She didn’t.

Batman approached her, took her hand gently. “I can commit. To theft, I mean.”

“No, you can’t.”

“I stole something.”

“What did you steal?”

“Noon. No costumes. Meet me at the boat.”

As the Bat descended into the streets below, Selina called to him from the rooftop as the rain kept pouring. “It was the street!”

And then, you’re supposed to catch me.

Noon. Bruce had once again put away the cape and cowl, but this time he’d gotten sleep. Until Alfred had woken him, telling him of the appointment he had the butler remind him of. With a yawn, he got dressed then left the manor to once again walk in the chilly afternoon air of Gotham. It was peaceful, the sun finally having found its way through the clouds. He arrived at the boat and waited.

Selina Kyle, as always, was fashionably late. She wore a simple leather jacket with a turtleneck and leggings, looking to Bruce who was wearing a casual jacket and white shirt with black jeans. They seemed to match, like fate itself had designed the entire evening. At seeing her, Bruce smiled softly. Selina perked a brow.

“Are you going to tell me what you stole?”

“You already know what it is.”

“I do?”

“You do.”

This caused a look of confusion to sweep across the woman’s face before it was met with widening eyes as Bruce began to kneel down… he was getting on one knee. This– this was…

I already have caught you, Cat.

“Your heart, Selina. You stole the night, but I stole your heart. I bought this diamond back then, I’ve kept it all these years. Because I knew. We both knew. I love you, Selina Kyle. You were right about us. About the pain… how we– we escape it, for one moment, at least. When we kiss, it’s our lives. It’s us. Marry me.” It wasn’t a question. He didn’t need to ask, they both knew it. Time had been ticking down and they could have stopped at any moment to reach this point. They didn’t.

Until now.

“I will. You know I will.” She threw herself into the open arms of the man kneeling down and they kissed, long and deep. Passion ran through their bodies, their souls. They had always been one, the Bat and the Cat.

“I’ve finally caught you.”


“hey we talked about this ‘getting taller’ thing”

“s-sir, leaning on me like that isn’t going to make me stop growing…”

“if I do it for long enough it might”

have a wizard and his genius boy spending some time together post-canon (like maybe two or three years after? idk Angus is taller now). Did this needlessly rendered pic for my first livestream! thanks to everyone who showed up <3