A Palpatine!Hux headcanon that is a bit divergent from some of the ideas I’ve previously had, but I like it enough to share. @hux-s-hat @fangurls-united @firstordershitposting since you were all participating in that Palp!Hux post I mean it was Hat’s post in the first place.

(hint: read it carefully)

Imagine Kylo Ren has been growing increasingly aggravated with the General, who has been belligerent and incisive from the day they met, who has challenged Ren’s authority over and over, and has dared to speak back to him in front of the entire bridge crew. Several times, he’s come close to lashing out, but every time Hux has raised his hand and coolly reminded him, “Do not forget, Ren, that the Supreme Leader has forbidden you to use the Force against me.” Ren seethes, he knows how easy it would be to carve up Hux’s feeble mind and leave him broken and humbled, but he cannot defy his master.

Imagine a time after Starkiller, when Kylo Ren goes on a warpath once he returns from his training, dragging everyone responsible for that disaster before him and detailing every one of their mistakes. Captain Phasma gets a big earful to the tune of being overpowered by a smuggler, a walking rug, and a janitor, and being the one to let the shields down. But when Ren reaches Hux, about to lay into his command ability, Hux fixes him with a death glare and insinuates that Ren has no business lecturing others about their failures. “Did I not warn you of letting your personal interests interfere?” and then he mouths the word ‘Ben’. In an instant, Kylo Ren is ready to choke the life out of Hux, but the General quickly interrupts him with a sharp gesture. “And now you would dare disobey your master, who has made it explicitly clear that your powers are not to be used on your co-commanders?”

Burning with hatred, Ren makes his exit, and finally demands an audience with Snoke, who is not pleased at all that things are being demanded of him. “I beg you to reconsider, Supreme Leader!” Ren pleads. “The General must be put in his place. He has no respect for the Force, or for me – and by extension, for you! Let me show him what fear means – surely he will be more effective for it! Let me use the Force to punish his insolence!”

The smaller hologram of Snoke – the Finalizer has no room for a massive chamber like on Starkiller Base – settles back on his throne, eyes narrowing. “What gave you the idea,” he murmurs, “that I had ever forbidden such a thing in the first place?”

1000 Followers - Mass Effect Sims Release :O [update]

So I’ve reached 1000 Followers (holy shit thank you everyone :D) so here are the vote results – not surprisingly, Kaidan won overwhelmingly by 41 of 130 votes, with Garrus and James on a close race for 2nd and 3rd. However, due to the fact that I haven’t gotten around to finish UV mapping Garrus, he isn’t releasable, and thus, for third place is instead John (MShep).

So in total, three sims are going to be up for download and will be put up soon – when I decide I have enough time – and when I’m less reluctant to give them away ;-;


Aversion to (and fear of) bootlegging in the kaiju fandom is kinda hilarious to me, especially in the digital age. For example, as @spacehunter-m recently said, if people just fucking shared shit around instead of hoarding, The Return of Godzilla/Godzilla 1985 wouldn’t be seen as such an elusive “Holy Grail” film. Hell, I first saw that on VHS when I was around eight or nine - the international dub, no less. It’s really weird to me that it has that reputation around it.

Also like… multi-region DVD players have been around since the turn of the century, and the Universe Laser Hong Kong RoG disc (with English subtitles) was released in 2006. It’s a shitty release, but holy shit, it was a cheap and easy way to see the film legally and in an English-friendly edition, but no-one really seemed to take a whole lot of notice, or wanted to.

I’ve noticed a tendency in specifically American fans to only want to own releases that are domestic to the U.S. It’s weird.