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I never got to read those spoilers so do you remember any other spoilers?

I saved them. ;) 

‘Flashbacks!! -Flashbacks of young lexa and how she became commander. -The key about the city of light. the commanders.City of light !!! -ALIE is controlling the people who are on the city. -She wants to finish with the grounders. -Lexa knows about the COL since she is the commander. -ALIE choose the commanders.Clexa !! -Lexa open her heart. -Lexa cries in front of Clarke. -Clarke is afraid. -Lexa is gone.3x8 -A loved character died. -Jaha wants the sky people go to the city of light. -Octavia is angry and she lost her mind. -Bellamy is crying. -Clarke is crying and angry.3x9 -Clarke is back on arkadia. -Lexa is gone. -Raven has to take a painful choice. -Bellamy is angry at Clarke but that doesn’t long to much. -Octavia is very very very sad.3x11 -A loved couple finally kissed. -The city of lights is making everyone “happy”. -Clarke and Bellamy go against ALIE. -The grounders are in danger.Bellarke !! -They are angry at each other. -The hug is full of feelings. -Something happens between them and is more than just a hug. -They fight together against ALIE.


「  Miraculous Ladybug RW Aesthetics  」

As a child, Adrien did not have the time to believe in silly things like magic and superheroes. The son of influential, world-famous designer Gabriel Agreste, he has been modeling for his father’s label since he was merely five years old; in between a full time job and a schedule full of lessons, there was little time for anything other than sleep. Now a young man of twenty-two, he is perhaps the best known French model in the industry. But he has a secret: when the light from the reflectors dies, Adrien Agreste becomes Chat Noir, the leather-clad superhero who is most at home in the middle of chaos and mischief. His partner in saving is the mysterious Ladybug, in whom he takes much interest…

For her part, Marinette Dupain-Cheng struggles to balance her unexpected nightlife with her plethora of troubles, like the bane that is university and her keen best friend’s infatuation with her heroic alter ego. With ambition and optimism, she aims to become the next hot thing in the world of fashion and paste her designs all across the world. In the meantime, she must find a way to survive in the dark heart of Paris, and keep herself in check around both childhood crush Adrien and her adorkable super-colleague.

Will their masks tumble and the secrets spill out? We certainly hope so.


She’s a Grimm, isn’t she?

Salem. I’m sure of it.

The writers have been really cagey so far about the possibility of part-human Grimm. What if she’s not even human? She definitely doesn’t look it- she has the glowing red eyes and facial lines of the Grimm, as well as the coloring of her face, as if it’s just a mutilated, human-shaped version of her monster one. As for her awareness, we’ve already heard that “not every Grimm is still mindless,” and that they can learn and adapt and become more intelligent the longer they live. So the assumption there is that Salem is old enough to have adapted into a person-shaped monster with enhanced intelligence- maybe as old as the story of creation itself, which she tells in the very first episode. Salem has lived for a very long time and become very powerful.

And who else do we know who is implied to have lived a very long time and become very powerful? 

Ozpin. Presumably her greatest enemy. 

Something tells me these two have lived for ages and known each other just as long. Exactly how they met and became enemies remains to be seen, but I have an idea why Salem wants him dead so badly.

Because it is strange- Salem is ancient and all-powerful and hasn’t died yet, so it seems she’s functionally immortal. And despite those things being true for Ozpin as well, she seems pretty confident that she can kill him. Maybe she’s the only one who can.

And maybe she wants to eliminate the only one who can kill her, too. 

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Been how do I get into a rated r film? I wanna see dead pool, I mean I'm mature, and I'm a teenager, ik people that have gotten in that are even younger then me. What do I do? I've never done this before

get a smaller kid to stand on your shoulders and put a trenchcoat on, works every time