…Because I don’t think he can handle losing her again…? EDIT: I have to admit that after watching the B2nd trailers I’ve suddenly been attached to the Alternis x Edea pairing. XD;;;;

It was time for me to stop working on this and I was starting to lose focus. I’d like to redraw it some day though. 

I drew this several months ago in November. It’s funny now looking back when I was semi-happy with it but then now I see all these issues with it… especially the anatomy. Ew. 

Dan and Phil have grown and changed so much in the past year in many ways, but all some people can focus on is that we’ve gotten more phan, and they think that means its promotion for their book?

Dan had become happier and more comfortable expressing opinions, and Phil as come out of his innocence shell and has started acting more like 2009 Phil.

So yeah, we’ve gotten more phan, but maybe instead of promoting their book, they’ve grown as people and are happier and more comfortable.