She’s a Grimm, isn’t she?

Salem. I’m sure of it.

The writers have been really cagey so far about the possibility of part-human Grimm. What if she’s not even human? She definitely doesn’t look it- she has the glowing red eyes and facial lines of the Grimm, as well as the coloring of her face, as if it’s just a mutilated, human-shaped version of her monster one. As for her awareness, we’ve already heard that “not every Grimm is still mindless,” and that they can learn and adapt and become more intelligent the longer they live. So the assumption there is that Salem is old enough to have adapted into a person-shaped monster with enhanced intelligence- maybe as old as the story of creation itself, which she tells in the very first episode. Salem has lived for a very long time and become very powerful.

And who else do we know who is implied to have lived a very long time and become very powerful? 

Ozpin. Presumably her greatest enemy. 

Something tells me these two have lived for ages and known each other just as long. Exactly how they met and became enemies remains to be seen, but I have an idea why Salem wants him dead so badly.

Because it is strange- Salem is ancient and all-powerful and hasn’t died yet, so it seems she’s functionally immortal. And despite those things being true for Ozpin as well, she seems pretty confident that she can kill him. Maybe she’s the only one who can.

And maybe she wants to eliminate the only one who can kill her, too. 

someone photoshop patrick kanes head onto the dude next to him

“He’s seen her eat worms as a dare and make mud pies and climb trees and fall out of trees, and he’s seen her in dirty, baggy clothes and in sun dresses with tiny, freckled, sunburned shoulders and then she was gone.

He hadn’t understood, at first. Hange always came round on a Saturday - even when she was sick - so there was no real excuse for her not to turn up and Levi had tried not to be scared when his mother sat him down with tears in her eyes and on her cheeks, and he’d tried not to be scared when she’d said, “There’s been an accident,” and he’d tried not to be scared at the choke in her voice but he was. He was so scared, because his mother was crying and Hange wasn’t here yet and there’s been an accident and the week that followed was all black clothes and tiny coffins and flowers and dirt and that was it. 

Hange was gone.”

-WIP #8-million 

Major/Minor peeves of RWBY Volume 3 [Spoilers]

RWBY Volume 3 definitely proves to have gone above and beyond what was possible from the previous volumes (and if Monty were still with us, RIP). Even before seeing the finale, I began to think of what this volume faulted at (not just in terms of personal taste). At the very least, I can think of 3 (2 of which are on characterization and focus, and the 1 being on personal taste)

1) The irrelevance of the rest of Team SSSN

Ultimately, they’re just placeholders. They get the spotlight for one episode, wherein Sage and Scarlet, two team members some, if not most, have been dying to know more of, get shafted, and Neptune was borderline useless/ineffectual. They were just not given justice during the Volume.

2) Adam’s character derailment

Why did they make him an abusive-coded character? He could have been someone viewers could sympathize for, and instead he was just gross. Kylo Ren is more likable compared to Adam Taurus.

3) No payback on Mercury

This Volume finally gave me a reason to hate the villains, but no more than Mercury. That little shit got away with so much shit, that I wanted some shit to befall on that shitbag. And we get no resolution as to what Em and Merc did after the fall of Beacon. If that shit doesn’t get shit on in the next Volume for the shit he pulled off, I’ll be mighty unhappy.


The End Is Nigh