Treasure trove of jade stones used in Mayan rituals discovered in Guatemala

Polished greenstone objects made of jade and serpentine were discovered in Ceibal, Guatemala, dating from about 1000 to 450 BCE. The artefacts are elongated objects called celts, thought to have been used in public ceremonies.

The early years of the Mayan civilisation are relatively poorly understood. Many of the archaeological remains from this time have been buried by those of the later Mayans and by modern developments. A rare find in Ceibal, Guatemala, has led to new insights into the early Mayan culture.

A total of 18 cross-shaped holes in the ground called caches were discovered, with a total of 72 polished greenstone celts. This is the largest single find of celts in the Mayan lowlands dating from the era. Read more.


Cenote Sagrado is a sacrificial Mayan pool located in Mexico. The remains of over hundreds of people have been found here. Most bodies were placed here intentionally. They were killed centuries ago by the Mayans in human rituals. They did it for their rain god, Chaak. 

Part 1

She’s on that bench again, heartbroken and out of hope.

She just finished her twelfth job interview.

Her twelfth rejection.

They said if you work hard, if you get good grades, if you know enough of the right people, the world would want you. They would give you everything you need to become a productive member of society.

It’s a ploy, as she had discovered, to grow enough ambition out of her so they could pluck it off her mercilessly. The world wanted nothing from her except the naive optimism of a youth.

She should have followed Pete to Afghanistan.

It’s still another way for the world to wear her down (she sees it in the dark shadows under Pete’s eyes when they Skype once every two months) but at least she’d be doing something useful.

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