mayan shit

The mayans predicted a reset, not the end


“Siete es la puerta que abre los misterios de la vida; éste es el más sagrado de todos los números. Siente los siete portales en tu cabeza: dos ojos, dos oídos, dos fosas nasales, una boca. El ser humano también tiene siete glándulas endocrinas. Observa las siete estrellas, tanto en la Osa Mayor como en Orión. Siete es el poder de la sintonía resonante y tiene un significado universal en todas las culturas, mitos y religiones. Por ejemplo, los siete pasos de Buda simbolizan el ascenso de las siete etapas cósmicas que transcienden el tiempo y el espacio.”

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Request: “Hi my lovely! Can I request an imagine with Jax pretty please? The reader is pregnant with their daughter, about 5 months maybe. And one night Jax has to stay late at the clubhouse for some business n stuff, and maybe the mayans or some other gang tries to break in while she’s alone, but Jax gets there on time when she calls Gemma to tell him, and is super sweet making sure her and the baby r okay? Thank u hon! I already know I’m gonna love this blog! 💕✨” I hope you love it! :)
“Are you sure you can’t get home any sooner?” You asked as you rubbed your protruding stomach under one of Jax’s SAMCRO shirts.

He sighed, “I wish I could babe, but some shit went down that I have to deal with.”

You rolled your eyes and giggled, “President’s job is never done. We’ll see you soon baby. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Living life with SAMCRO had keenly trained your senses. So, it was no surprise when you woke up as someone was fiddling with your front door handle. Jax had a key, so you knew it couldn’t be him.

You had a tight grip around the 9 millimeter Jax requested you keep in the nightstand as you walked slowly to the door.

With the other hand, you pulled out your cell phone and called the first number you could get to in your contacts.

“JAX!” Gemma yelled as she ran outside, “Y/N called, and someone is trying to break into the house. She says she thinks they may be Mayans.”

“Shit!” Jax exclaimed as he climbed on his bike with the guys following suit.

Your eyes were trained on the door as the people on the outside kept attempting to get in.

You jumped when you heard two shots outside, but you stayed in place for fear of what it could have been.

“Babe, it’s me,” you heard from outside the door.

Sighing in relief, you opened the door to be engulfed in a hug from Jax. “I was so scared,” you told him as he held your face in his hands.

“My girls,” he said, placing his hands on your stomach, “Is she okay? Are you okay?”

You nodded, “We’re both fine.”

“I was scared I wouldn’t make it in time,” he admitted with a mist in his eyes.

“Well you did, and you saved both of us,” you told him, giving him a kiss.

“I love you,” he said.

You nodded, “I love you too, babe.”

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Tig Request,

Can you do an imagine where your sick and tig stays home to take care of you but you dont want him to close because you dont want to get him sick? thanks

Soup and Cuddles

I woke up feeling sore, and not in the way you’d think, my whole body was hurting specially my head and I was freezing. I thought Tig had already left for work so I groaned loudly. Not long after I heard footsteps approaching our shared bedroom, Tig had his black curls wet from the shower and was holding a shirt in his right hand while looking at me trying to find a reason for my outburst.

“You, okay babe?” he said and I just denied with my head “What’s wrong?” he said putting his shirt on before seating next to me but I moved to the other side of the bed.

“I think it’s the flu, don’t get to close I don’t want you getting sick” I said noticing my stuffy nose, he put his hand over my forehead and gave me a worried look.

“You’re burning, baby. I’ll bring you some water and medicine” he said, I touched his hand slightly.

“Don’t worry, Tig. I’m alright, I’ll take some medicine and tea while you go the TM. Jax needs you more than I do right now” I said and he looked at me preoccupied. “I swear I’m alright, waking up it’s hard every day anyways” I said with a small laugh and he just nodded.

He brought me a bottle of water and some pills, he also adjusted my pillows and put my phone next to me “Call me if you need anything, YN. I’ll be here in no time” he said and I nodded before sending him a kiss. “I love you”

“Love you too” I said with a groggy voice and he smiled at me before taking off.

The Sons were out almost all day working on stopping a retaliation from The Mayans after some shit went down, I was still in the same position as Tiggy left me, I just went once to the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my necessities before going back to bed. I didn’t felt hungry I was just really exhausted so I slept through the day, I didn’t hear Tig pull outside of our home or even get upstairs.

I was awaken suddenly by the sound of two voices next to me, I recognized Tara’s right away and I was about to go off at my old man for calling the doc, she smiled at me before doing a general check up.

“This is definitely the flu, one that has been poorly taking care off that’s why she’s so sore and exhausted. I think I have some medicine on my car that can help her out, take her tomorrow to the hospital so I can give her an injection of something stronger” she said and I looked at both of them with big eyes. “You can’t be scared of needles, YN.” She said and I nodded furiously “I’ve seen you all bad ass, you are married to a Son but you are scared of needles?” she said laughing and I nodded, it was pathetic but I hated them.

I heard Tig talking to Jax on the phone, he asked to be off tonight’s deal to take care of me and I smiled a little bit in my slumber.

“You don’t have to stay, Tig” I said but he approached me putting his hands next to my head before kissing my forehead. “I really don’t want you getting sick because of me”

“Jax said it was okay, don’t worry babe. I’ll be your sexy nurse tonight” he said and I laughed a bit. “I’ll bring you something to it, wait up”

Minutes later he came with a big bowl of soup, he was feeding me like a baby and making stupid jokes to lighten the mood. He later put on the Boondock Saints, my favorite movie on the TV and I was trying really hard to concentrate but I felt my eyelids getting heavier every second that passed.

“Go to sleep, babe. We have already watched it a hundred times” he said but I was too stubborn to just let myself go that easily so I approached him for the first time today and cuddled next to him. He kissed me softly on my head and draw small figures with his fingers on my back. It was the perfect moment if it wasn’t for how heavy my head felt that moment. “I love you my sleeping beauty” he said before I fell asleep on his chest.

The next day I woke up feeling so much better, I went downstairs to be met with the sight of my husband preparing breakfast, he was putting some bacon on the pan when I approached him from behind to hug him, he put his hands on top of mine before turning around to look at me with those beautiful eyes I loved so much.

“I’m glad you feel so much better” he said turning the bacon over “I need to take you to the hospital and drop you off before 11 to be on time for Jax’s meeting” he said and I pouted at him, putting my hands all over his chest “Babe, you need to get the injection to feel better”

“I feel good already” I said looking at him, using everything in my charm to stop him from getting me there. “I can show you how good I feel now if you want” I said before turning him again to make him look at me, my lips on top of his. Oh dear at the end I was going to get him sick no matter how I tried to stop it just the day before.

When you come back home

Imagine you’re Juice’s old lady and sent him naughty pictures when he’s on a run. 

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Juice being away was something you could never ever get used to. You craved him 

every second of the day, every second of the night and when you didn’t knew about him you just wanted to run towards him and bring him home back to you; Maybe being the wife of a SAMCRO member wasn’t exactly for you, but you did your thing, or at least tried, whenever he was away. 

Like today. He’s been away for a week on a run to Stockton, and you’ve been calling, and you’ve been texting and you’ve been Face Timing but of course you missed him; He was supposed to be coming back today, in a few hours so the second you got home you started setting everything up.

From the warm dinner in the oven, to the cold bottle of Tequila in the fridge, to the high wasted black lingerie he loved so much; Everything was ready with hours of anticipation. You took your time dolling up, you were a very girly girl,so you enjoyed this kind of things and Juice loved the results. You were sure to be wearing all his favorites: black lingerie, smokey eye, and red lipstick, your hair down natural and wild. You looked so good you just wanted to snap a picture. 

You lifted your eyebrow looking at your phone. 

“Why not?” You grabbed your phone and snapped a picture of yourself. Your boobs in full display, a cheeky smirk on your face. Another one, sending a kiss, your glossy red lips right on the camera, and a mirror naked selfie never was so shamelessly sexual. You giggled like a school girl while caption them “Missing u xxx” and pressing the key “send”.

Clay looked everyone around, a very serious look on his face. 

“Chibs, what’s the status of this Mayan shit?” He asked, caressing his forehead as Jax took a drag of his cigarette next to him. The Scotsman shook his head and look down, a bit defeated looking.

“We’re out of our element here.” He took his own drag and blew the smoke out. “Alvarez is teaming up with a new chart up in the north, The Orphans.” Clay slammed his hand down and shook his head, making Bobby sigh and look at Chibs more carefully. “We need to go back to Charming. Talk to Laroy. Set him up against them.” 

Juice was carefully listening, like a good soldier, like a good member, when his phone buzzed in his pants, and he buzzed not once, but three times, making him worry a little bit. It wasn’t the first time he went off on a run, but it was the firs time he’s been gone for so long. You both needed each other and you were both a little bit dependent of each other but it worked for both of you, so you were alright with it. He brought his phone out and looked down, seeing they were messages from you. He bit his lip, trying to decide if it would be a smart decision to open the messages or wait until table was done. They Sons kept talking for a few more minutes when Juice couldn’t handle the curiosity and opened the text while everyone was distracted.

“Holy shit…” he said under his breath, flushing red up to his ears. Opie was next to him, heard the whole thing and smirked, denying with his head at the dumbness of the newly weds. Remembering when him and Donna used to be like that. 

The gavel came down and everyone left the temporary table, minding their own business, getting ready to go back home to their families. Juice adjusted himself in his now too tight jeans and started doing his own set outs, sending you a quick text back.

From: Juice Ortiz <3 

Are you out of your freaking mind, woman? I was on the table with my brothers. God, you’re so gonna get it ;P

You smiled at the text and giggled like a little girl, once you were sitting on the bed. You turned on the TV and started flipping through channels in hope that the two hours drive that Juice was supposed to do any minute now would pass by flying. 

You heard him pull up in the drive way and smirked, turning off the TV and opening the door for him, only wrapped up in a black silk robe. He took off his helmet, dirty from dust and mud of the road and smiled at you. You walked the steps down and wrapped your arms around his neck, your legs around his waist and kissed him roughly on the lips, exploring every piece of the mouth you’ve missed so much. He laughed in between the kiss and broke it apart, setting you down on the ground again.

“Don’t think for a second i forgot about those pictures you sent me.” You blushed and looked down, hiding your lips and trying to hold back your laugh. He shook his head and started to walk towards the house. “I’m gonna take a shower and i’ll deal with you later.” He went inside leaving you horny and confused on the front porch.

But you were not a girl who took a no for an answer. 

The warm water caressed Juice’s body while he stood under the stream of the shower. The heat was relaxing his body and it was making him feel completely calm and satisfied with one dumb shower and it was the life he lived that made these moments unique and over-romanticized. He ran his hands down his face, the steam lifting up on his sides when he heard the bathroom door open and a sly smile appeared on his face, as he also head the curtain run, feeling your smooth hands on his backs, getting rid of the soap.

“You were taking too long…” You said already getting wet as you kissed his back and caressed his abs from behind. He turned around, his hands trailing down your back until they reached your ass. He found you pleasantly naked as he kissed your slippery lips moving his hands to cup your breasts.

“Juicy…” moaning in satisfaction you closed your eyes as the warm water trailed down your bodies. Juice was taking it slow, painfully slow. The water tickled down your skin as he started pumping itself, making you smirk and turn off the water, wrapping your arms around his neck as he pressed you against the wall, lifting one of your legs. He positioned himself at your entrance and pushed himself into you, making you gasp and close your eyes. “Oh fuck…”

“I missed you…” He whispered into your ear and trusted into you, making you throw your head back against the wet tiles, filling you up with every time he pushed in.  You gripped onto his shoulders as he flung your leg up holding it in the crook of his arm, biting your lip. “God, (Y/N).” He moaned.

“Oh god” You groaned, feeling him hit your g spot with every move he made. You tried to hold on to something, to anything to keep your balance. You dug your teeth into his collarbone, making him hiss and bit his own lip. All your sensitive spots were being played and you’ve never felt this good. “J-Juan…” you moaned, feeling your orgasm rush.  He continued plunging inside of you quickly and smoothly, his fingers working your clit and his tongue working your breasts. 

“You close, baby?” He asked you with some sort of trouble to speak. He was close himself. “Cum, baby. C’mon.” You inhaled the sweet scent of sex and soap and before you could answer, you were cumming on him, screaming his name in full pleasure. 

“Oh god…” you shivered as he pulled out of you. He was still trying to catch his breath, his hands in either side of your head, you smiling up at him.

“I think i’m out of shape.” 

“You just need to fuck me more often.” You winked as he laughed, grabbing your face and leaning down to kiss your lips softly, as you runned the water on both of you once again. 

Tig Trager || Chibs Telford - This Life |6|

She was in the ring with Half-Sac as Chibs was standing behind her watching as she used her strengths to fight.

At first Half seemed uneasy about fighting her seeing as how she was both a woman and Clay’s niece, but that quickly went out the window when she gave a killer right hook to the side of his head causing the poor boy to stumble about the ring before regaining his composure.

Chibs watched as she used her methods of fighting. She used her body fat to her advantage when she was too slow to dodge a blow. She’d turn her body around where she had the most fat and would use it to take the blow instead of her chest or shoulders.

“Keep yer arms up Clara!”

Chibs bellowed out as he watched her arms start to grow heavy. He had to take into consideration that she’d probably never fought a man before and the man being someone in the light weight category.

“Keep em up, lass!”

He yelled out again as Clara was backed into the corner by Half. Chibs stood there with his arms crossed over his chest and watched as she just wasn’t able to go any longer.

“Ight! Break it up! Break it up, Prospect!”

Chibs called out having the young man back off the girl. Clara was out of breath as Chibs came up to the side of the ring where Clara was leaning against the ropes.

“Ye gotta keep yer arms up, Clara.”

Chibs told her sternly. She nodded not really saying anything as he offered her the sweat rag he had for her. She took it and dabbed at her forehead, moving some of the brown strings that had fallen in her face out of the way.

“I need to lift more. I’ll never fucking make it if I can’t keep my damn arms up.”

She said, her piercing blues looking into his dark browns. Chibs nodded knowing that she was right. If she couldn’t keep her arms up she was a sitting duck out there when the real fight started.

“Take a break Half.”

Chibs told the boy who nodded and stepped out of the ring. Clara had noticed that things with her and Half had been odd since she told him she was looking for his type for a relationship. She brushed it off however, seeing as how she always got into confrontation from someone somewhere.

“What would you suggest training wise to get me to where I need to be in the week and a half?”

She asked the Scottsman as she climbed out of the ring. Simple black boxing shorts and a black sports bra is what she wore considering that’s what she was suppose to wear during a fight. Chibs helped her out of the ring by lifing up the lines for her to climb down.

“I’d say bench presses would be your best bet.”

He told her figuring that would be the faster way to help.

“Maybe pull downs while yer at it.”

Clara nodded as she dropped the rag across her shoulders. She placed her hands on her hips as she looked at the ring.

“You’re a good trainer Chibs.”

She told him with a smile. He looked down at her. Her face was flush with red and her chest heaved fast from her breathing. But she did seem grateful for his help. Chibs nodded, glad he was able to help even with all this Mayan beef shit floating around.


He replied before he patted her on the back of the shoulder and went to the clubhouse. Clara took a moment longer to enjoy the piece and quiet she had to herself after her training with Half. She kept her eyes focused on the ring knowing that she had to do better if she was going to win.

She couldn’t let all Chibs’s training go to waste.

You Caught My Eye

Imagine being 21 and is moving back to charming after three years at university. You catch the eye of juice which your father Tig doesn’t take it very well

Word Count: 2690

Warnings: kind of smutty:):)

“I’m back!” I shout while walking into the clubhouse duffle bag over my shoulder, backpack on my back as I pull my suitcase along behind me.

“Y/N!” I hear my father before I see him and he’s making his way over to me, arms stretched out with a huge smile on his face to go with it. “How was your drive home baby?” He’s asks letting me out of his tight embrace.

“Fantastic, but I seriously need a whiskey right about now because the last few hours driving that old truck almost killed me” My dad laughs at this before throwing an arm over my shoulder and walking me over to the bar.


Later that day once me and dad had done some catching up, I sat in the office with Gemma after I had been fixing up my old Harley.

“So meet any guys at this University of yours?” Gemma asks as I clean my oil covered hands on an old oil rag.

“I met plenty of guys…” Gemma smirks at me “and some girls” She barks a laugh at this

“You’re your fathers daughter alright” she smiles “Any of these people look like they could be more than just fun?”

“Nothing promising but I’m still on the look out” As I say this I hear the rumble of motorbikes driving into the TM. Opening Gemma’s office door I watch as they all pull in just coming back from a run, dad said something about ‘dealing with Mayan shit’.

“Gemma who is he?” I ask motioning to one of the younger members of the group. He had tanned Puerto Rican skin, muscles practically bursting out of his cut and he was rocking a mohawk, both sides of his head tattooed adding to the ‘big bad biker’ look. And if it weren’t for his big brown puppy dog eyes and that cute smile he would pull it off.

“That’s Juice” she says as I continue to watch the handsome man man interact with his brothers when he suddenly turned towards me his eyes meet mine, he must have felt my stare. “Don’t get involved with him baby”

“Why not?” I question quietly as Juice sends a smile my way practically knocking the breath out of me before Chibs regained his attention.

“Your dad would have a heart attack, a brother bedding his golden girl? I don’t think Juice would be breathing for much longer” I did listen to what Gemma had said but I just didn’t choose to follow her advice. The guy was a god and I’d be damned is I don’t get to know him


Months passed and while nothing romantic wise had happened between me and Juice, the eye contact, shy smiles and blushing cheeks continued. We spoke often and whenever Gemma had a dinner we would sit next to each other. He wold give me a ride home every night and every morning he would pick me up on his way to the clubhouse.

Tonight however was going to be different, tonight there was going to be a party, it will be the first time Juice has seen me in something other than jeans and a crop top. I decide on wearing a tight black leather shirt with a tight black lace belly top with Juices favourite pair of my black heels. The skirt made my butt look awesome and my make-up was all out tonight. When I had perfected my hair into perfect loose brown curls I pulled on my leather jacket and ride my Harley to the clubhouse.

Walking into the party is in full swing, members with croweaters by their sides, old ladies by the bar talking or feeling up their old men and everyone was drinking and getting high. I spotted Juice after greeting my dad and the rest of the guys, he spotted me seconds later. His smile dropped when he saw me. His eyes traveling down my body as I remove my jacket exposing a small portion of my stomach. His big brown eyes never left mine as I walked towards him as I did so I take in his appearance. He wore simple clothes, black jeans, black top, simple but it worked wonders for him.

“What you drinking Juicy Boy?” I ask sitting on the bar stool next to him. He shakes his head coming back to the real world and the smile that I love comes to his lips.

“Just beer, nothing special…you look great by the way” the familiar blush on my cheeks return and he watches with pride in his eyes, happy that he was the one to redden my cheeks.

“Thank you, you don’t look to bad yourself babe” I smirk at his reaction it was always the same when I called him that.

The rest of the night we spent together people coming and going from our little pair but we stayed together the entire night. It was all quick glances when the other wasn’t looking, touching of arms when we laughed, the casual touching of knees when we where only talking, and looking into each other’s eyes and. It realising we where starring. Finally it came to the point in the night where old ladies had went home drunk and stumbling with their men, members had passed out with croweaters some on the pool table, on the couch and even the sticky floors. However me and Juice stayed at the bar making fun of all our friends and the conditions they had gotten their selves in. We where both laughing so hard hat I ended up spilling my drink all over myself.

“Oh shit” I giggled as Juice laughed along with me

“Come on I’ll give you one of my shirts” he offers and I agree still laughing as you followed Juice into the apartments and into his room. You waited as he rummaged through his closet finally getting his hands on a top “here this is the smallest one that I have”

“Thanks Juicy” I smile making my way into the toilet and quickly changing into his white top. Looking at myself in the mirror I noticed that even though it was one of his smaller tops it still went down to my mid thigh. What made it worse was the fact that I had spilled the drink on my skirt which meant I was left in only my underwear and Juices top. Walking out of the toilet I suck in a breath seeing Juice in only his boxers. “Em…Juice thanks for the top I’ll give it back tomorrow” he turns around, having the same reaction to me as I had to him.

“Y-yeah s-sure no problem-m” He stuttered breathless making me smile softly. I move past him to the door whispering him a good night before exiting the room. With a smile still on my lips I move towards my dads room where I planned to sleep tonight. But upon entering seeing my fathers bare ass on top of one of the croweaters. I check all the other rooms and they are either occupied or so discussing that I would not be able to sleep. With no other option I slowly make my way towards a certain Puerto Rican mans room. I knock lightly on the door before entering “hey” I whisper softly

“Hey” he answers back in a sleep voice. the room is pitch black the only light coming for the window across from the bed. “I thought you where going to crash in your dads room?” I close the door quietly before making my way towards the double bed stopping at the edge.

“Dads occupying it with a croweater, i checked all the other rooms and they are all in use…so this is really the only place I can come because I’m in no state to ride home” I sigh trying to look though the darkness to see his face but having no luck.

“Sure you can sleep in here” he answers hesitantly pulling the duvet back allowing me to jump in.

When I pull the blankets back over myself the bed is suddenly a lot smaller than what it looks. Our shoulders are pressed together and he doesn’t dare to move. I sigh, I don’t want it to be uncomfortable between us. I move onto my side so that I’m facing him, now able to make out his face from this close up. He doesn’t look at me so I scoot closer my body as close to his as it could get from the angle. He still doesn’t look at me, I decide on a different tactic. I move my head forward and leave a wet open mouthed kiss on Juices bare shoulder, this gets his attention.

“What’re you doing?” He asks his voice raspy and just above a whisper

“If you want me to stop tell me…other wise shut up…” I continue to kiss my way up his shoulder slowly my body over lapping his, my leg wrapping around his waist.

“Y/N” he warms but his body is telling me something completely different, as I move to his neck, making him moan, his hand automatically moves to grip my ass and their is a very noticeable bulge in his boxers.

“You want it Juan. You know you do babe” I whisper into his ear. He starts to breath faster and all the muscles in his body are tense. I’m kissing his jaw now deciding to play my final card considering that even though one of his hands are placed firmly on my ass, he’s still not encouraging me but also not stopping me. In one swift movement I am straddling him, my hands on his chest and he’s looking up at me with a pleading look.

“Y/N we can’t …"he moans as I start to grind against his hips “your dad…” he’s says but again his body betrays him and his hands come up to my hips guiding me on the pace of my movements “he’s going to kill me”

“Don’t worry baby…I’m a big girl, your a big boy” he laughs when I say this “we can handle my father” I mutter while sliding my hands up his toned chest and leaving them on his broad shoulder digging my nails into his skin slightly as he moves to take off my top.

“Your trouble” Juan says moving to catch my lips again

“I’m a Trager, what’d you expect” I mumble against his lips


I wake up to the sunlight shining though the window and onto my naked skin. Sighing I try to move but I’m restricted but the arm wrapped around my waist and I smile. The events of last night slowly coming back to me. I twist my self round so I am facing Juice and I watch him sleep, he is so peaceful but all I want is for him to wake up so I can see his beautiful eyes. And he does eventually, smiling as soon as he’s sees me, my body pressed against his as I tangle our legs together, rubbing mine up and down his.

“Good morning beautiful” he murmurs in a sleep voice while burying his head into my neck, leaving sloppy kisses there as I sigh contently.

“Good morning Juan” I reply quietly enjoying the movement as I run my hand up onto his head feeling the stubble there and running down the line of hair on the top of his head.

“What time is it?” He’s asks against my skin making me laugh from the vibrations of his voice, he chuckles in response. I lean over to the bed side table making him detach himself from me. I pick up the phone seeing jay it was 11:04

“Just past eleven babe” I sigh, placing my phone back where it was sand falling back into the bed next to the naked god.

“They will be getting up soon” he states as I move closer to him.

“I know” I reply

“When he finds out he will kill me” Juice states again


“Maybe?” He questions. I prop myself up on my elbow and place one of my hands on his chest

“Their is a high chance that he will most probably kill you but” I say holing on of my fingers and pointing to him “their is also a chance that we have enough time to grab the drug money and run to Canada”

“This isn’t a laughing matter Y/N” Juice says but yet again his body betrays him by letting out little giggles from his mouth. It melts my heart

“You have to admit it’s a good plan” I say a huge smile in his face

“Yeah it’s totally-”

“Juicy do you know if Y/N got home okay last night cause-” we freeze and the tension is immediately there surrounding us all and suffocating us as it fills the room in mere seconds. Alexander Trager, Tig, Tiggy, my father stands at the door his face emotionless as he takes in the scene in front of him. His daughter in bed naked with one of his brother who is also naked, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out what went down last night. “Okay well obviously you do know if she got home safe…I’m just going to be outside..” he says nothing more and walks down the hall closing the door behind him even.

“I’ll talk to him” I say quickly standing to my feet and pulling on Juices top from last night then a pair of his boxers before rushing out behind my dad. I jog to catch up to him and as I’m walking though the bar I pass Chibs

“What in the name of Christ did you do ta upset yer da lassie? He’s looks like he’s gonna kill something” he gives me a questioning look.

“Not something someone. I slept with Juice last night” Their is silence and then-

“That’ll do it alright” he laughs then takes a shot “I’ll get Juicy” I nod before making my way out into the front of the building to find dad bent over with his hands on his knees, he looks like he could throw up

“Dad it’s not as bad as it looks” I say moving towards him

“Out of all the people, Juice, you have to pick Juice” dad groans as he’s stands up straight “my brother, one of my brothers? Why? And please do not tell me it was a one time thing because you will not become a croweater or a sweet butt, understand”

“It’s wasn’t just a one night thing dad, I really like Juice and I’ve been getting to know him more and more over the past months. He sweet and he’s kind, he’s got a big heart and he has never said anything mean to me. He is always making me laugh and I want to be with him dad” we stare at each other for a long while, ice blue meeting ice blue as we don’t break the contact “I know it’s too late but I’m asking for you to let me see if this turns into something” we stand in silence one again and I can tell by the look on his face that he’s thinking everything over once, twice, three times before his concentration is broke by Juice and Chibs emerging from the club house. As soon as he sees Juice his mind is make up.

Within seconds Dad strides towards Juice and hads pulled his fist back and made contact with Juices beautiful face. “DAD!” I scold before rushing to Juices side, their is blood coming of his noise and mouth but that’s about as far as the damage goes.


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Part 1

You stood in your kitchen playing with your hands nervously, while Happy stood a couple feet away, starring you down angrily. You weren't necessarily scared of him but being in your house alone with him after what had happened at the diner an hour ago, it was safe to say you were on edge. Finally you looked up and let your arms hang down by your sides. “So what, you cause a scene while I’m on a date and bring me home so you can stare at me?”

Happy says nothing, just continues scowling and you’ve had enough. “Whatever. Let yourself out.” You turn around and begin walking to your room when you hear his voice. “Why were you with him.” Even though it’s a question, Happy says it as more of a demand. “It doesn’t matter. He’s never going to talk to me again anyways.” You decide that if you just tell the truth, maybe he’ll leave and you can go back to sleeping the day away.

  “I was lonely, ok? I wanted to be around someone. I wanted to laugh and try to have some fun for a day but you had to ruin that, just like you had to go and ruin our relationship.” Maybe that was a bit low but you were so angry and hurt that you didn’t care. He didn’t want to be with you but he didn’t want you to be with anyone else. When you finally started trying to be happy with someone else he had to come in and ruin that too.

“You sit there and make me fall for you and then you just throw me away. You  told me you loved me. Asked me to be your Old Lady. You tattooed your crow on me yourself for fuck’s sake. I never expected you to be Prince Charming, buying me roses and taking me to fancy restaurants and shit but I expected you to at least be consistent. One day you go from holding me and playing with my hair till I fall asleep to telling me that you don’t really want to be with me because you don’t love me anymore the next day. What did I do in 24 hours that was so bad to make you stop loving me like that. If you ever did even love me.” Finally saying all these things out loud got you worked up and tears started to blur your vision. “It doesn’t matter. Leave me alone Happy. Go home.”

You went into your room and climbed into bed, not even bothering to change your clothes. Covering your entire body with the blanket and hiding beneath it, you heard footsteps coming into your room followed by the corner of your bed sinking slightly as he sat down.

  “SAMCRO is working with a cartel.“ Even though he couldn’t see you under the blanket, you furrowed your brows. He had never, ever discussed club business with you. Not once. He had said that he was the Son and you were the Old Lady, "no reason for you to know shit that don’t concern you.”

  “They’re called the Galindo Cartel. Clay is having us mule coke for them. Brings in a lot of extra cash but its dangerous. One fuck up and that’s it. Its not the same as running arms with the Irish or gang retaliation with the Mayans. Shit goes wrong with them, they come after us. Shit goes wrong with this cartel?…they come after you. They go after you, Gemma, Abel. They’ll go after whatever a Son loves. I couldn’t put you at risk like that. So I dumped you. I lied to hurt you so you would stay away. I do love you. I swear I do. But I need you to be safe more than I need you with me.”

You sat up, pulling the blanket off your head and looking him in the eyes. He didn’t look angry anymore. He looked defeated. You crawled over to him and sat in his lap, resting your head in the crook of his neck, relishing in the feel of him again. You’d missed him so much and now that you knew why he’d left you, you wanted to be with him even more. Slowly he placed his hands on your hips and kissed the shell of your ear. He wasn’t going to ever let you go again.

Imagine you're new to charming Part 2 **REQUESTED**

Request: Imagine you’re new to charming & Happy & Juice notices you’re roughed up by your fiancé & they save you and you fall for Happy

Part 1:

It ad been 3 weeks since you first met everyone, Garett kind of disappeared, but you weren’t going to question it. You had spent a lot of your free time with Happy. The club had taken you in as their own, knowing how it could turn out if they didn’t take you in.

You had developed a crush on happy and it was only getting more intense, every time you saw him. You were sitting at the ice cream shop when Happy walked through the door.

“Where’s Jax?” He asked you roughly.

“I don’t know, What’s wrong Happy?”

“Uh, Alvarez isn’t playing too nice.”

“Oh.” You looked around, knowing that the club business was not your business.

Happy sat down next to you studying you. You tried not to look at him and you just continued to look around, just falling in love with him more every second he was in your sight.



“Is there something bothering you?”

“Uh, no.” You lied, you had wanted to tell him you had liked him like, like like.

He could tell you were lying and he looked at you more closely, not saying anything.

“Actually I do have something to tell you, I- I like you Happy.”

He smirked, “Yeah? I thought you were scared of me?”

“No, I’m not, well maybe sexually but I like you, like a lot.”

“Well, that’s nice to know.” He winked at you and Jax came down the stairs.

“Whats up hap?”

“The mayans.”

“Aw shit”

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