mayan rule

anonymous asked:

What's the difference between cultural appropriation and borrowing?? If I were to make some sort of traditional Mayan meal would that be appropriating? Is there a fine line between appropriating and respectfully doing something from another culture? you can appropriate "white" culture, right? I can't like dance around in a kilt, that would be appropriation right? Like it is appropriation to make pasta and stuff?

There are other blogs that do a better job at this than I can. I’d look through this and this and this. I also know anthropologists have written on things like native American mascots … but I can’t find it. 

I think respect is a major component, but also I have to ask why you would be so adamant about making a Mayan dish. My rule is: when in doubt, don’t. 

Appropriation is reliant on white supremacy and power imbalance. Eating pasta is not cultural appropriation. Wearing a kilt is not cultural appropriation. Because there is a power difference. 

For example, there was a lot of debate when white women were wearing bindis for their instagram makeup tutorials. REAL Indian women were outraged because these are the same white assholes who would bully them in school for having a bindi, and now they are financially profiting from it. That’s cultural appropriation. Black women are called ‘gross’ and ‘ghetto’ for wearing dreads, but Kylie Jenner or whoever teh fuck wears them? Cool! Now it’s neat. The images of black women with dreads being gross is what leads to girls being kicked out of school for having them, or teachers literally shaving the students. But if it’s on a white person, we think it’s okay! 

I wouldn’t stress too much about food. Don’t be an asshole.