mayan chocolate

My ancestors didn’t add milk or sugar to ka’kau. Ka’kau was a gift from the Gods and consumed as a ceremonial elixir and mood enhancer. Most people don’t like the taste of pure ka’kau so I include bananas and dates to sweeten this potion. I also added a bit of instant espresso for an added kick but this can be omitted.

Kaape Ka'kau Smoothie

2 frozen bananas
1 ½ cup water
1 tbsp raw cacao
½ tbsp instant espresso
1 tsp maca (optional)
2 tbsp hemp hearts
3 pitted medjool dates

Blend until smooth.

When Chocolate Was More Valuable Than Gold

In the Mayan civilization, cacao beans were the currency, and counterfeiting cacao beans out of painted clay had become a thriving industry. Goods could be priced in units of cacao: a slave cost 100 beans, the services of a prostitute cost 10 beans, and a turkey cost 20 beans. In some parts of Latin America, the beans were used as a currency as late as the 1800s.

Hello Flight Rising! Taylor the latte-coatl here, ready to show off my new coffee shop situated right in the Reedcleft Ascent! I’m opening it with a great event, The Flight Rising Coffee Crawl, and for it I am featuring 2 drinks for each Flight (and telling you how to make them, but keep it quiet– trade secrets, y’know?) 

For each flight (listed below) I have compiled 2 drinks. 1 coffee beverage and also a non-coffee cafe beverage for those of you who might not like coffee. I hope you find it interest and informative! Please note that these are my personal opinions and that not all may agree with my selections.

For those of you who may not be caught up with coffeeshop lingo, here are a few key terms:

Latte: a shot (or 2) of espresso with steamed milk

Cappuccino: 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 foam (on top)
Mocha: latte w/ chocolate
Chai latte: can either be made using a tea concentrate or a powder. I prefer powder, personally, since the texture is more silky and foamy. Mixed into steamed milk.
Steamer: steamed milk



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