Frobismth Fan Playlist!

Because I spend too much time looking out songs that fit these two. It turned into a bit of a master post. :P Enjoy the tears

There’s quite a mix up of music genres here, so hopefully there’s something everyone will like.

If You Only Knew by Shinedown

The Part That Hurts The Most by Thousand Foot Krutch

Masterpiece by Madonna

Aftermath by Lifehouse

♥ Franz Schubert’s Serenade

♥ Call Me by Shinedown

Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey 

The Scientist by Coldplay

Say Something by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera

♥ River flows in You by Yiruma

Ever After by Marianas Trench

Just Tonight by The Pretty Reckless 

The Crow and the Butterfly by Shinedown

Start of Time by Gabriel Aplin 

Concerto in A Minor (2. mov.) by Salvador Bacarisse

By The Way by Theory of a Deadman 

The Man Who Isn’t There by Oren Lavie

Please Don’t Say You Love Me by Gabriel Aplin

♥ Come Sweet Death by Bach

Like We Did by The Maine

A Short Goodbye by Oren Lavie

Once by Bradley Caleb Kane

Eyes Closed by The Narrative

Please Don’t Leave Me by Pink

♥ The Swan of Tuonela by Jean Sibelius

Shattered by Trading Yesterday

Haunt by Bastille

How To Save a Life by The Fray

Let Her Go cover by Birdy

Icarus by Bastille

The A Team by Ed Sheeran

Love Song Requiem by Trading Yesterday

Why by Secondhand Serenade 

♥ Shouldn’t Be a Good In Goodbye by Jason Walker

Heartbreak On Vinyl by Blake Lewis

All The Same by Sick Puppies

Open Up Your Eyes by Chris Daughtry

The High Road by Three Days Grace

Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine

Pray by Kodaline

Start the Machine by Angels and Airwaves

Come Back To Me by Trading Yesterday


mythology meme- three/seven otps .

NICTÉ-HA AND CHAKTZITZIB. Chactzietzib was a prince in the land of the Mayab. He was known for his great aim and expertise with his bow,a just and brave warrior.He was deeply in love with the guardian of the sacred cenotes daughter, Nicte-ha .They would meet every night where they would express their love for each other. This relationship did not resonate well with the priests and many of the townspeople. They thought because that Nicte-ha ,no matter how beautiful she was , was not an adequate match for their prince. 

For the good of the kingdom Chactzietzib should marry a princess from another city.The priests making their plans to sacrifice Nicte-ha was overheard by a close friend of the Prince . He the prince immediately sent out a warrior to bring Nicte-ha to his side and formally claim her as his wife. 

The warrior could not carry out his orders as he was mysteriously killed before he could find Nicte-ha. When the prince heard this he took his bow and went to the cenote in search of his beloved Nicte-ha .He found her there but out of the shadows an arrow struck her in the heart and she fell into the cenote .

The prince watched helplessly as she disappeared into the sacred waters leaving her dress floating on the surface. Heartstricken the young prince begged and prayed to the Gods for mercy. They took pity on him and transformed Nicte-ha into a water-lily and the heart of the prince transformed into a beautiful red bird (cardial).thanks amy.

so ah. i made a new oc for a story idea i had . i had it and i really wanted to make it a thing so im going to try and put alot of work into this so to sum up this is bud. hes the main character. i was inspired by my life as a teen age robot and i want to make a something with a vibe with that. like mayabe i might add in a monster of the week kinda thing.. ill make another post explainging what the story is.  for now i might call the story “human” but i might change it in the future


G/merG/te is just the extreme end of casual misogyny

I’m really glad that men are responding to G/merG/te and the extreme harassment of female celebrities with disgust and public outrage, that’s good.

But I’m also worried.

I’m worried because for every guy who takes this as an opportunity to self-examine and really listen to what feminists have been saying, there seem to be ten more who take it as an excuse to ignore the casual misogyny in themselves.

It’s pretty easy to say ‘Obviously death and rape threats and terrorist action that stops a woman speaking at a university is wrong’. I mean, there are a lot of real sick puppies who can’t even get to that point, but a lot of men are saying that much and that’s good. But quite often that sentence is either explicitly or implicitly followed by a ‘BUT’.

BUT I’m not like those guys. You can see, because I called them out and disowned them.

BUT they’re ‘basement dwelling neckbeards’ and everyone agrees they’re weird and the majority of men are not like them.

BUT feminists are overreacting about a whole host of other stuff.

BUT when feminists are talking about being silenced they are talking about people like that and not about me.

There’s a lot of suprise among men - not among women, I see a lot of wearily familiar reactions in women, but not really surprise. They don’t know where this came from. To them we seemed ‘so close’ to equality that death threats, bombing threats, women forced from their homes - these things seemed to comeout of nowhere.

I see a lot of men express the sentiment ‘I can’t believe this’, ‘It’s shocking’, ‘I’m stunned’.

I tell you something: women can believe it. We’ve seen it right there bubbling under the surface our whole lives - that’s if we’ve been lucky enough to never experience it breaking through into actual violence, as it so often does.

‘Cause the thing is, it was rigth there bubbling under the surface in front of you, too. You just didn’t see it.

Because a lot of the actions that are clearly associated with this kind of behaviour are actions that are a part of your behaviour.

When we say ‘silencing’ you validate that emotion when it’s Anita Sarkeesian cancelling her talk at a university because of threats of a massacre.

That’s clear silencing, right? You concede that.

But that’s just the extreme end of what men do constantly, all the time.

I’m sitting here trying to think of a single man I have known who hasn’t tried to silence me and… I’m struggling. I can maybe think of a couple - quiet guys without a lot of confidence.

Because silencing isn’t just telling a woman to shut up. And it certainly isn’t just sending her a death threat.

Silencing is talking over. Silencing is voicing your own opinions as though they were fact. Silencing is ignoring a woman’s own authority and not weighing her testimony on the basis of that, as you would a man’s. Silencing is hearing a woman explain a problem and interrupting with a solution you’d know she’s already considered and dismissed if you’d let her finish. Silencing is disparaging a woman’s questions rather than answering them, or answering them with flat denial or assertion, not giving them the weight of something that should actually give you pause.

Silencing is looking at the men in your group more than the women when holding a conversation. Silencing is pausing when a man makes a noise indicating he wants to interrupt, but ignoring, or becoming outraged when a woman does the same. Silencing is a teacher selecting more male hands to answer questions than female ones. Silencing is allowing men more back and forth with a guest speaker than you allow women. Silencing is demanding more politeness from women than men, and reminding women more often than men of their duties to be polite. Silencing is when you take a suggestion from a male coworker that has already been made by a woman because you weren’t really listening when she was speaking because you assumed she had nothing valuable to contribute.

Silencing is dismissing a microaggression as a valid thing to tackle when there are women receiving death threats.

Above are just a small percentage of the ways I am daily silenced by men, some of whom think they are good feminists, and some of those men genuinely are better feminists than most other men I know. Some of those men have made sigificant changes in their behaviour in response to things being called to their attention. Some of them I am truly grateful to for having helped me in very significant ways.

And yes. Good men can still be, and usually are, subconsciously misogynist.

The vast majority of men who behave in misogynist ways don’t know that they are doing so.

This is important because it’s not just that you can be misogynist without actively thinking that you hate women, it’s that you are not aware of the actions you take in your daily life that show you do not value women equally and that you try to stop them from speaking.

If you’re doing these things then on some level you really don’t value women’s opinions as much and you do want them to stop talking. I think in a lot of cases it’s an extension of the emotion that makes anyone want to silence someone who disagrees with them - so, yes, you will sometimes see women silencing men, usually less successfully, because it doesn’t happen to men as often and they haven’t had as many blows to their confidence and reminders to ‘be polite’ as women get, but it happens as part of the usual back and forth of debate - the thing is that men have less qualms about doing this to women. The chair of the meeting cuts off the woman earlier than he does her male coworker. He thinks he is being fair, that she was dominating the discussion. Although studies show that women only need to be talking 30% of the time for people to think they are dominating the discussion.

If you only grant behaviour as misogynist when it boils out of control, breaks the surface, and becomes a death threat, then we’re not going to stop receiving death threats. Because the boiling rage in those with less control of their anger and misogyny only happens as an extension of the general sea of permissiveness for silencing women, the tacit, unrecognised belief that women’s voices are not as valid as men’s.

Good men - men who are good enough to have read this far without being put off by the discomfort of a woman criticising you - I thank you, but you need to acknowledge the misogyny in yourself. Recognise that you silence your female friends and coworkers, probably a lot, certainly more than you realise. Consider your tone. The way you phrase your words. Make a practice of paying attention to when you call your opinions facts. Think about what behaviours you think are polite, and note when you are more irritated by women transgressing those rules than men.

I know you don’t actively dispise women. I believe that you believe it when you say you think women are equal to men. But you need to recognise that you don’t always behave that way, that in countless ways you are making the women around you feel less valued. And at the same time you are bolstering the spirits of all the men around you. Making them feel more worthy of attention, creating the environment that makes a man feel righteous when he threatens a massacre just because a woman has been invited to talk.

wait woah woah hold on.

i saw a post that i have lots of problems on and instead of reblog it im just gonna talk about it here (also bc i’m not hating on this person just very much disagreeing with therm)

why dont fob tour with paramore again or twenty one pilots or gym class heroes or literally the 1000 people signed to fueled by ramen

maybe they wanted to tour with a band that they like? maybe they wanted to tour with blink? maybe it was something they’ve wanted to do for a while but never got the chance to?

or other ‘classic’ pop punk bands

okay? name some??? all of them are gonna have the same’ dudebro’ fans that you so like to hate and be ‘scary and rough’ in the pit jfc

who wont make tickets expensive

OH NO . BECAUSE BLINK IS GONNA GO 'lol we want tickets to be a billion dollars each because we are an old band and it’s totally all up to us we control every bit of this tour’ WHY DOES THIS FUCKING MATTER

who wont make tickets sell out within 5 seconds

OKAY??? AND??????????? every 'big’ show I’ve gone to has sold out or tickets have gone fast. what does blink have to do with it? fall out boy tickets normally go pretty quick anyway??? and maybe OH NO Cobra fans want to see THEIR favorite band that would make tickets gofaster? OH NO WHAT IF PEOPLE LIKE ALL THREE FUCKING BANDS AND SO THEY BUY A TICKET RIGHT AS THEY GO ON SALE???

with nicer fans

with nicer fans. with nicer fans?????? what the fuck is this supposed to mean? I have not seen/heard of a blink fan being automatically a huge douch. the only people i’ve seen being dicks about this are all the people saying that blink fans are gonna be dicks and they don’t feel safe around 'dudebro’ blnk fans like????? there are ALREADY FANS OF ALL AGES AT FOB SHOWS PITS ARE ALREADY DANGEROUS IT’S NOT GONNA BE ANY DIFFERENT JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO COMPLAIN AND BE BAGS OF DICKS AND GENERALIZE ALL FANS OF BLINK 182

why dont they just coheadline with cobra alone



quick n dirty post-viewing analysis

1. triangle

a) riley lucas maya

b) lucas riley charlie

c) riley farkle smackle (“hi girl who is not going to be with farkle at midnight”)

d) possible lucas maya josh (maya eating her “can you love two people at the same time” card)

…orrrr this type of triangle which is called freytag’s pyramid and looks something like this:

meaning that new years is the climax of the story arc i.e. the point after which the story forms a triangle shape. i seriously doubt it tho so moving on

2. it was clear from the pilot.

this reeeeeeeally leads me to think they’re referencing riarkle here. farkle has always made his feelings for riley (and maya but that’s already been refuted) clear. he literally didn’t shut up about how much he loved her   for most of season 1. that, and the fact that there are two totally unnecessary riarkle references in new years — smackle being jealous of riley and the “i liked it!” bit. absolutely irrelevant comments but the writers are bringing it up anyway (just like charlie’s line in texas 3, tf you doin bro)

(note: everyone’s saying that “it was clear from the pilot” is referring to either sloppy joe vs. chicken pot pie or the “hi i’m maya you’re really cute” bit. not saying those are wrong, but 50% of the new years tweet (it was clear from the pilot. what’s the secret of life?) is word-for-word the exact same thing the writers tweeted before texas weekend. you know what that means? we haven’t gotten it yet.

3. what’s the secret of life?

people change people. so…

a) riley changed lucas (library)

b) lucas changed maya (campfire) (and now she’s going to stop being “mean” to him which is arguably a change in character)

c) charlie changes lucas (they rub each other the wrong way and lucas is yelling and doofy over riley as soon charlie’s around) (again also arguably a change in character)

4. and for those of you who don’t like triangles…it isn’t.

which could really only mean two things

a) lucas doesn’t like both girls equally/in the same way (like-like vs. bff-like) therefore making the triangle incomplete

b) they’re referencing an entirely different shape, which seems more likely to me because it’s more the writers’ style – tbh i doubt they would directly refute one of the main ships like that. i saw a post a few days ago with a great diagram of the gmw romance web, and i can’t find it atm but check my first point to see what i mean. basically all the romances are connected to each other and it’s a huge web thing i.e. not technically a triangle, you follow?

anyway yeah, some stray thoughts. thank you for your time