A tale written with fangs and claws || Chapter 10

Chapters: 10/?
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Liam Dunbar/Theo Raeken
Characters: Liam Dunbar, Theo Raeken
Additional Tags: Alpha Liam Dunbar, Slow Build, Friends to Lovers, Dunbar Pack, Bisexual Liam Dunbar, Werewolf Theo Raeken, Alpha Theo Raeken
Series: Part 1 of Morning Dew Pack

Sadie struggles to find her place with Liam and his pack, while Liam tries to be a good Alpha. New dangers arrises, old enemies show up and suddenly an unforeseen person joins the action.

Liam was at the coffee shop Theo was working. He used to spend his time there to work for his classes while Theo often stopped by and made some remarks or just tried to distract Liam on lazy days. The place wasn‘t too crowded, so Liam could enjoy typing on his laptop and finishing an essay without getting disturbed by too much noise. But suddenly his phone chimed with an incoming call and Liam looked up away from his laptop screen to check who it was. His face lit up and he immediately answered the call.

“Scott, hey.“
“Liam, how you’re doing?“ Scott asked with a soft chuckle.
“I’m fine, classes are fine and I even managed to increase my GPA.“ After he had spent so much time over his books Liam decided to not let it slide and actually maintain his good grades for once. “Theo’s good too.“
Theo behind the counter peeked up at the mention of his name and Liam mouthed Scott’s name so the chimera knew who he was talking to. Theo nodded and then returned to his work and Liam returned his attention back towards the call.
“How are you, Scott?“
“I’m fine too and so are Malia, Lydia, Stiles, and Derek. They told me to greet you.“
Liam smiled. “Greet them back. I miss you guys.“

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anonymous asked:

pleasee can you write zaya brotp headcannons xx


  • They cheat at board games. For a while no one caught on to them but they have signals that Smackle caught on to one day while they were playing pictionary. 
  • Riley has put a ban on the two of them being partners for anything anymore because she got tired of losing.
  • On friday nights they have “Zaya time”. 
  • Once they went to a house party that was put on by someone at another high school. They pretended to be a couple named Ellie and Finn and kept pretending to get insanely offended when people would tell them that they never noticed them at school.
  • Another time during “Zaya time” they went and sang karaoke. Zay chose “Man I feel like a woman” and Maya chose “Hit me with your best shot.” They both ended up in the finals competition that night where they had to battle eachother. Zay won 100$ and they split the money. 
  • When Zay’s fish died Maya came over to his apartment and they had a funeral service standing over the toilet before flushing him. She brought flowers and Zay read a super melodramatic poem.
  • A few days later they went to the pet store and got Beta fish. They named them “dumb” and “dumber”.
  • Their handshake has gotten so long that Lucas usually gets bored and walks away in the middle of it. 
  • One time they were paired up for a project in science class where they had to dissect a frog. Maya got SUPER into it. Zay threw up and was complaining the entire time while Maya was waving different organs in front of him. She never let him live that down.
  • Maya went with him to a ballet class once because she wanted to prove to him that anyone could dance. Thirty minutes into the dance class she was drenched in sweat and had to sit in the corner. She couldn’t walk the next morning because she was so sore.
  • Zay was over at Maya’s one time and found her sketch book under her bed where she had been sketching pictures of the group. She found him looking through it and flipped out on him for going through her personal things. They didn’t talk for a week.
  • The only reason why they started talking again was because Maya had a bologna sandwich at lunch and Zay had a chicken salad one. She wanted to trade, so she started speaking to him again.
  • They have friendship bracelets that Zay made at summer camp freshman year. It’s not as powerful as ring power, but Zay likes to pretend that it is. Riley gets super annoyed.
  • Maya usually calls him when she’s drunk. He wont give her a lecture unless it’s one about how he should’ve been invited. 
  • Whenever Lucas is getting on her nerves she makes Zay yell at him.
  • Zay isn’t at all afraid of Maya. Everyone else is sort of intimidated by her sometimes, but if she’s bossing him around he just throws her over his shoulder and keeps her there until she promises to chill out.
  • She hates it and makes her body limp so that all of her weight is on him. 
  • Neither of them is the “parent” friend, so when they are drinking without the rest of the group they get into really crazy situations. 
  • One night their junior they shared an entire bottle of vodka in her room and they decided to buy bus tickets to Boston to go see a concert. They rode a greyhound six hours to Boston and didn’t have a place to sleep, so they slept outside the venue on the sidewalk. 
  • Zay is the only person who will tell Maya if her outfit looks bad.
  • They attempt to have study sessions together but it usually just ends up with them ordering pizza and playing mario kart all night. 
  • When Zay starts dating Smackle Maya is the one to initiate it. She texted Smackle and said “Hey do you like Zay?” Smackle replied that she did and Maya sent back, “Okay well he likes you too so you two should go out. This Friday night. Wear something cute.” 
  • Zay and Riley are the only two people in the world that Maya will allow to watch the Notebook ten hundred times without complaining about it.
  • They graduate highschool and get accepted into NYU. Zay for dance, Maya for art. They get an apartment with Lucas and Farkle, who also get into schools in the city, and the four of them live together for the entire four years of college.

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