Queen Marcella WIP. I wanted to take a break from monster creature and decided to work with human face anatomy in general. I want to bring some expression plus warm beauty in the final render. I hope to achieve and bring to bring the realism as close as possible.


Aw yiss, we’ve got a pair of those coveted “Feeling Squirrely” weights from Maya Organics, and you can be sure these babies will not last long in the studio. Come in and be the lucky critter to snap ‘em up!

Beyond Beautiful Jewelry in a Beautiful Girl. Conch Jewelry by Body Vision Los Angeles, First Lobe Jewelry by Maya Organics, Vertical Double Lobe Jewelry by Industrial Strength.

4g “Kali Ma” in Bloodwood from Maya Jewelry. These incredibly detailed pieces are perfect for the adventure loving archeologist in your life, just be sure to remind them to cover their heart while wearing these bad boys.