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2x11 “I Must Confess”

scene: Emily and Maya meet at the Grill. Spencer and Toby make out in his truck. “Come here.”

This Week in Science - April 22 - 28, 2013:

  • Bone marrow stem cells here.
  • Olympic torch spacewalk here.
  • Dutch reality show for Mars volunteers here.
  • Small fairyfly here.
  • Theory of gravity test here.
  • Maya civilization origins discovery here.
  • Earth’s center here.
  • Sea-surface temperatures here.
  • Synthetic skin here.
  • Iron clumps in bird ears here.
  • Students discovered comet here.
  • Illegal drug breathalyzer here.

The Crystal Cave is a cave system in Belize that was used by ancient Mayan shaman for ritual ceremonies. Fire pits, exposing the ashes of ancient fires; charcoal pieces; beads; obsidian knives; ceramics & broken pottery; a human skeleton - calcified in the limestone floor- all evidence of the flourishing ancient Maya civilization.

Maya Lin, Civil Rights Memorial, 1989.
Black granite, water table: 11 feet 6 inches in diameter, water wall: 40 feet long x 10 feet high. The Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, Alabama.

photo by John O'Hagan, courtesy the Southern Poverty Law Center


Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico

Here are some pictures I took from my trip two years ago.

The pyramid at Izamal is massive. And I mean, massive. When I went to visit I went up this small path (first picture) and did not realize I was going up the actual pyramid. I thought the pyramid on top was the Izamal pyramid (second picture) situated on a hill (third pyramid). Another tourist informed me that the hill was the pyramid and it blew me away. I’ve included a screenshot from Google Earth to show how big it is. The rest of the pictures are from me poking around the other sides and realizing just how huge this thing was. 

Apparently the nunnery across the way was made from reused building materials from a second pyramid just as massive as this one that the Spanish destroyed.

From Wikipedia

Izamal is an important archaeological site of the Pre-Columbian Maya civilization. It is probably the biggest city of the Northern Yucatec Plains, covering a minimal urban extension of 53 square kilometers. Its monumental buildings exceed 1,000,000 cubic meters of constructive volume and at least two raised causeways, known by their Mayan term sacbeob, connect it with other important centers, Ruins of Ake, located 29 kilometers to the west and, Kantunil, 18 kilometers to the south, evidencing the religious, political and economical power of this political unit over a vast territory, of more than 5000 square kilometers in extension. Izamal developed a particular constructive technique consisting in the use of megalithic carved blocks, with defined architectonical characteristics like rounded corners, projected mouldings and thatched roofs at superstructures, which also appeared in other important urban centers within its hitherland, such as Ake, Uci and Dzilam. The city was founded during the Late Formative Period (750-200 B.C.) and was continuously occupied until the Spanish Conquest. The most important constructive activity stage spans between Protoclassic (200 B.C. - 200 A.D) through Late Classic (600-800 A.D). It was partially abandoned with the rise of Chichen Itza in the Terminal Classic (800-1000 A.D.) until the end of the Precolumbian era, when Izamal was considered a site of pilgrimages in the region, rivaled only by Chichen Itza. Its principal temples were sacred to the creator deity Itzamna and to the Sun God Kinich Ahau.

Scholars, Anthropologists, and historians have all formulated theories about the emergence of this civilization[the maya] and have speculated on the dates of it’s evolution. Not one of these investigators, however, was a Mayan, nor have any of them ever asked the heirs to this tradition about their origins. Quite erroneously, researchers have believed that nothing more than ethnicity connects the Maya of today to such a complex, magnificent past.
—  Carlos Barrios, The Book of Destiny

Uno de los mejores museos que he visitado, Gran Museo del Mundo Maya :3 Hermoso por fuera y por dentro. Historia y mucho más.
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okay so here’s what i know, or think i know, about jojos:

the story follows members of two families, the Joestars, and another one, and from the first pair on they’re all super close buddy buddy. in this universe, certain human beings have exceptionally strong life force which can be projected as a humanoid figure who has certain rad powers and can fight alongside you. these are Stands, and each one is named after a song.

all the joestars and the other guys are super beefy and wear rad clothing at all time because their family is super rich i guess.

uh at some point a green stone mask is discovered in central america which unveils a secret society of vampires which ran the Maya civilization? and one of the jojos also gets vampirised, and theres a vampire whos stand is ‘The World’ and he can stop time, and when asked how many people he’s fed on he replies by asking how many loaves of bread the asker has consumed.

also there’s at some point introduced another, different kind of weird magic shit which isn’t called stands. i forget their name.

there’s some dude named Hol Horse and im pretty sure he’s the godawful het one who has some weird cowboy aesth going on. 

anyway that’s p much all i know abt jojos

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anonymous asked:

How do u pronounce ya name ???

my-uh or my-a :^) like the maya civilizations that you hear abt in school!! 👍🏼

The signs as 3rd-century BC establishments by country:
  • Aries:3rd-century BC establishments in Guatemala
  • Taurus:250s BC establishments by country
  • Gemini:200s BC establishments by country
  • Cancer:3rd-century BC establishments in the Maya civilization
  • Leo:3rd-century BC establishments in the Roman Republic
  • Virgo:240s BC establishments by country
  • Libra:3rd-century BC establishments in India
  • Scorpio:3rd-century BC establishments in Italy
  • Sagittarius:3rd-century BC establishments in Vietnam
  • Capricorn:3rd-century BC establishments in Spain
  • Aquarius:3rd-century BC establishments in Egypt
  • Pisces:3rd-century BC establishments in China
Belize: Maya Leaders Arrested as they Peacefully Protect Sacred Site

International human rights organizations Cultural Survival and Rainforest Foundation US stand behind Maya Leaders as they Peacefully Protect their Lands.

Joint Statement by Cultural Survival, the Rainforest Foundation, and First Peoples Worldwide:

“Maya leaders of Southern Belize were arrested on Wednesday in a gross violation of their rights. On the early morning of June 24th, traditional leaders of the Maya people of Southern Belize were violently awoken in their homes by police on the charges of unlawful imprisonment. The charges were brought against 12 people, including the Village Chairman, and the Second Alcalde, elected by their communities according to traditional practices. Also arrested was Maya Leaders Alliance (MLA) spokesperson, Cristina Coc, a peaceful and well-respected advisor to the traditional leaders and mother of two…”

Maya Angelou: The Complete Poetry

Maya Angelou: The Complete Poetry

Throughout her illustrious career in letters, Maya Angelou gifted, healed, and inspired the world with her words. Now the beauty and spirit of those words live on in this new and complete collection of poetry that reflects and honors the writer’s remarkable life.

Every poetic phrase, every poignant verse can be found within the pages of this sure-to-be-treasured volume—from her reflections on…

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