i got tagged by sirchompskychompington to tag my top 10 fandoms and faves but i dont even think im in ten fandoms bc fandoms are sinful and unholy but i will see what i can do (these are in absolutely no particular order btw)

  1. saints row - johnny gat 
  2. steven universe - amethyst
  3. fallout - arcade gannon
  4. dragon age - zevran
  5. mass effect - james vega
  6. gta v - lamar
  7. atla/lok - toph in both series she is my forever girl
  8. jet set radio - jazz
  9. borderlands - maya
  10. fucking toontown idk im rly scraping for fandoms rn - clarabelle even tho she’s capitalist scum

???? i tried is whats important