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RAIN is an independent short film about Ororo Munroe (the “punk” incarnation).

Many fans have been waiting for a Storm stand-alone film featuring Ororo as a complex character with her own story.
Created by and starring Maya G. @mayastormx - we finally have a superhero story told from the heart and POV of a woman of color.

Dark and emotional, but ultimately uplifting and bad-ass, RAIN is an electrifying treat not just for comic book fans but for anyone who can appreciate a powerful story of personal transformation and resurrection.


Watch it now:

**Stay til after the credits!**

Directed by Zane Rutledge and Jeff Stolhand
Produced by Matt Joyce
Score by Luqman Brown
Vfx by ZaneFX


OKAY SO I’m rewatching seasons 3-5 over the weekend and I obv started with S3E1 and I was like oh well they say that this episode parallels with S1E1 so I’d better watch that first and then start season 3 right

So I did that and I made notes for each episode and was comparing/contrasting what might parallel and I had an epiphany

THEY PARALLEL, which means you can use the pilot to plug in things in S3E1, AND VICE VERSA


ALSO, now that we’re so far into this story we’ve learned other things about the night Ali was attacked, and we should be plugging all of it in when watching 101 and 301

here’s a couple things I noticed, but I would love for anyone who has the time to watch these two episodes together and cross reference BOTH WAYS and post about it in the pll theories tag because you guys are so much smarter than me and I wanna collaborate

101x301 Parallels

Sleepover, drinking + drugged
Ali drugged the girls/A drugged Emily
Spencer mixed drugs + alcohol/Emily unknowingly did
Both have unclear potentially true or false memories of hurting “Alison”

*Remember that Ali told Hanna the girls know more about that night than they think, which has never been explained

NOTE: FUCKING MARLENE KING OH MY GOD, the girls are talking in 301 and Aria hears something but Hanna says “ITS JUST THE WIND” and immediately after they get an A text that says “Show me your boobs” and they joke about A being Mona’s brother, and he turns out to be Alison’s, like are you kidding me

*Originally we’re led to believe that Ezra and Mona care about Aria and Hanna while in reality they always had ulterior motives (Ezra’s book, Mona being A) / We’re led to believe Toby is a model friend and boyfriend while in reality is on the A team, so we have some of the liars being tricked in both episodes. I also think this applies to Wren: introduced as lovable in season 1, reimagined as having ulterior motives in season 3, specifically S3E1 when he explains to Hanna he’s working at Radley “Quid Pro Quo”

*If Mona was originally A and was basically hiding in plain sight and in the pilot when the girls got their first A messages and often popped up during the season, PLL logic rules argue that the same can be said of Charles.

*S3E1 the girls are being set up for taking “Ali’s” body, destroy and bury evidence (Spencer’s field hockey stick was buried originally/here, Aria and Hanna bury shovel), rehearse a fake alibi (Wilden said in season one that their original story seemed rehearsed.) Can this parallel to fill in some blanks about the liars on that night?

*Originally, Bethany escaped Radley that night and was killed in Ali’s backyard / Maya escaped from someone and was killed in Emily’s backyard

(trying to tell Emily something important; MAYA KNEW, possibly knew Ali was alive because she had some of Ali’s things + stayed at Kahn cabin; this could work because originally Mona knew Ali was alive, which would also be a parallel!)

Can this parallel to Bethany knowing Charles was alive?

*Spencer hallucinates seeing Alison in her old bedroom/Aria hallucinates seeing A in the school bathroom, have fun with that connection 😂

*Jessica Dilaurentis knows who “killed” Alison/Garrett knows who took “her” body


The Space Between Stars: Lucaya Oneshot

They say that the distance between two stars are so vast, it could fit several planets from point A to B. For Lucas and Maya, what they feel for each other is too big enough to fit in that expanse of space.

Summary: What happens when Maya and Lucas are alone in a planetarium during a field trip? What do you get when you put two people who have so much chemistry into a tumultuous situation like that?

Rating: T for language

Author: disneynina

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Ororo Munroe in the flesh
RAIN - an independent short film about Storm of the X-Men.

Watch Now:
(stay til after the credits!)

Created by and starring Maya G. @mayastormx
Directed by Zane Rutledge and Jeff Stolhand
Produced by Matt Joyce
Score by Luqman Brown
Vfx by ZaneFX

The Lost Delinquents Week:   Day 6: Fox

Originally posted by leonardsnheart

Fox is one of the first recurring delinquents (non-main) we see in the show. She can be seen strapped in one of the seats against the wall in the dropship in the “Pilot.” I couldn’t get a good look, since it happens so fast, but I also believe she is one of the two delinquents that one of the guys who dies during the land slams into.

She’s seen once again towards the end of the episode as Mbege and Murphy remove her wristband, and she’s later seen chanting along with the others to their new motto “Whatever the hell we want!”

We don’t see her again until 1x05 “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” when Raven’s pod has come down to earth and Clarke and Finn have returned to camp. Fox comes up to them “Did you guys see that? You know it’s from the Ark, right? It had to be” Clarke tells her to grab her stuff and they’ll go find out, but she tells them Bellamy said they were going to wait til sunlight.

Originally posted by 0ctaviablake

In 1x09 “Unity Day” She stands near Raven and Miller watching the monitor that’s broadcasting the Unity Day pageant from the Ark. Later, she’s part of the group playing the drinking game with Clarke. It’s Fox, Clarke, Sterling, and I think maybe Miller, I’m going off the beanie and jacket cause I couldn’t get a good look at his face. It could have just been a random delinquent, though. 

After the virus has started to spread in 1x10 “I Am Become Death” Fox starts to collapse near Raven, and winds up coughing/spraying blood into the eyes/face of one of the boys who tries to catch her. This is what causes the mass panic and for Clarke to disappear into the dropship before returning and firing into the air to get everyone to try and calm down some. 

The last time we see her in season one is 1x13 “We Are Grounders Part 2.” She’s walking behind Miller and Drew as they make their way through the woods, and she’s one of the delinquents that doesn’t carry a weapon. She’s close when Drew gets the throwing weapon to the face. Later in the episode when the Ark starts falling from the sky she asks Clarke if it’s from the Ark, only for Clarke to reply that it IS the Ark. After Jasper fires the rockets and barbecues the attacking grounders, she is one of the first to exit the dropship. Third to be exact. First is Clarke and second is Harper. We see her, like several of the others, looking at the charred bodies before the knockout gas comes in. 

Fox is among the delinquents gathered around Jasper in 2x11 “Coup de Grace” when he tells them that they’re getting out and to pack up. She questions what’s going on, and Monty explains that Mt. Weather had been lying to them. The Ark was on the ground and they weren’t safe there. She starts to pack up her stuff when the doors close and they’re locked inside.

The next episode 2x12 “Rubicon” she is with Miller, Monty, and Harper as Jasper tells them he saw Bellamy. The second time Dr. Tsing and the guards come to take someone she is standing behind Jasper and Harper, and after the fight breaks out (which is easily subdued by the guards) we can see her bending down behind Harper, seeing if she’s okay and most likely going to help her back up. 

In 2x13 “Resurrection” she takes out the cameras and is about to go take care of the ones in the hall, but is stopped by Monty who says they will need them. 

Originally posted by clexakisses

When the guards blow the door off in the hall and start to make their way to the room they’ve barricaded themselves in, she expresses her worry to Jasper.

“We are not ready for this”

“Yes we are. Just follow the plan and we’ll be okay….I promise”

“Okay.” The look on her face is still one of a scared kid, but she’s putting trust in Jasper. They’ll be okay. She’ll be okay. Only this doesn’t happen, and when they think they’ve had a victory, the sounds of Fox screaming can be heard. The guards had taken her during the fight.

“Jasper! You promised!” she screams and Jasper tries to run after her, but is stopped my Miller. 

Fox is being taking to the harvesting room, and she is screaming, crying and struggling against the much larger men all the way. She sees the bodies of the previous two delinquents that had been taken, and after she sees the chair they’re going to kill her in she pushes one of the guys, knocking him into a shelf and turns to run to the door. 

Another guard is at the door and she stops, but to her surprise he turns his gun from her to the other guards, shooting them dead. He removes his helmet and Fox sees it’s Bellamy, and she runs and throws her arms around him, sobbing. 

Originally posted by bensolcs

Maya takes them to her quarters and she tries to convince her dad to help them. Vincent is wary of this because he doesn’t want Maya to wind up hurt or worse, but she reminds him of what he and her mother had stood for. It isn’t until after Fox looks at him and says “Please. They’re killing us. We don’t have anywhere else to go” that he decides to let them stay for the night. Maya then takes Fox back to her bedroom. 

Fox has been found along with Miller, Jasper, and Maya in 2x15 “Blood Must Have Blood Part 1″ and is handcuffed and walking with them and two guards when they’re stopped by Maya’s dad. Bellamy is hiding in the air duct nearby and kills one guard, before Miller managers to knockout (maybe kill) the other. Vincent removes the cuffs and Fox and Miller go with him to the Harvest Chamber where they’ll be safe.

In 2x16 “Blood Must Have Blood Part 2″ Octavia sees a body come out of the chute into the bin in the tunnel. She looks inside and we see that it’s Fox, her body is bloody and bruised and has drill marks in it. Sometime between their capture in the Harvest Chamber and then she’d been drilled in and killed. 

We see Fox again, though, during the flashback scenes of 3x13 “Join or Die.” She sits in the front seat of the Earth Skills class for the first few lessons Pike gives. When they’re waiting around for Pike to come in before the last one she is sitting and talking with Harper, and during this class sits behind her. 

When Pike starts to slap Murphy around she sits, watching shocked with a hand over her mouth, and as Pike pulls him up, she stands along with several of the others. As he starts tossing Murphy about the room she runs to the door, pounding on it and screaming for them to help them. Which, like the fact that there has to be a code entered to open the door from either side is kind of fucked up. Pike continues and some of the others try to physically get him off of Murphy, as Fox still frantically pounds the door until finally Kane and the guards enter.

My poor poor Fox. She started out so excited and hopeful. She seemed to get along with the other delinquents and had a curious nature. You can tell she wanted to go with Clarke to find what had fallen from the sky when Clarke tells her to go get her things. She gets scared, but through that fear she won’t go down without a struggle, even if she isn’t very strong. She thought she’d have a new life on the ground, only to have her first new home attacked by an army sent to wipe them out. She then thought she’d have another new life in some place safe from the grounders and with plenty of food and other things to go around, only to be killed because someone decided that her life was worth less than theirs’.

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It’s about time a new kind of hero took to the sky…
Fans hungry for a Storm stand-alone film featuring Ororo Munroe as a complex, independent character now have RAIN.

RAIN is a slick fan-made short film. Dark, gritty, ultimately uplifting… this is a must-see not just for fans of the mohawk-rocking, lightning-slinging leader of the X-Men; but for anyone who can appreciate a powerful story of personal resurrection.

Support this film and others like it to send the message that these kinds of characters and their stories matter.

Watch RAIN:

Created by and starring Maya G. @mayastormx

BigUps to @superheroesincolor@punkstormrocks and @lycheelovescomics for the support! ☇😘☇☇
The Riley Diaries Pt2

AU: Riley Matthews is a regular teen,until one day,she is not. Can moving away erase your past? Can you ever move on if you don’t actually accept it? Riley Matthews was a regular teen,until one day,she wasn’t.

A/N: Part 2 is here!
I feel like this may be moving too slow for some of you, but I am still trying to figure out where I want the story to go, so maybe stick with me? I promise it will get interesting. This part is mainly focused on Rucas, so I hope you will like it.
Enjoy xo

tw: mentions of sexual assault

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part6 Part7 Part8 Part9 Part10 Part11 Part12 Part13 Part14 Part15 Part16  Part17 Part18 Part19


The tall blond boy walked over to us and put his arm around his sister’s shoulder.

“If it isn’t the blind girl that can’t even cross a street to save her life.”

A little laugh escaped his lips and I got a little held back, maybe the moment I though we shared gazing into each other’s eyes was just in my head. But he remembered me, right? That had to mean something. Without even realizing it, the next words escaped my mouth and started what seemed to be an endless banter.

“If it isn’t the blind guy that almost ran me over.”

“I am sorry, Sugar, but people around here usually watch where they’re going. I am surprised someone else didn’t actually run you over on your way here.”

He was witty, it was a little annoying but also intriguing and a tad bit charming.

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alright, there seems to be this idea going around fandom that miller hates jasper.  i saw no evidence of this in the actual show, so i asked a proponent of that theory to explain it to me.  they basically said “WATCH THE SHOW YOU IDIOT.  THERE’S PLENTY OF EVIDENCE JUST LOOK AT THEIR EXPRESSIONS.”  and then they blocked me.

so I took their advice and did them one better.  i didn’t just rewatch the season.  i documented it.

so come, fandom, take a journey with me through season two as we examine the evolution of the relationship of one nathaniel miller with one jasper jordan.  let’s put this shit to bed once and for all.


~with fucking receipts because i’m sick of unsupported bullshit.

our journey begins in 2x02, where miller is released from surgery after the people of mount weather saved his life.  now, jasper tends to catch a lot of flack in this fandom for wanting to stay in mount weather when clarke wanted to leave.  what people tend to forget is that miller was right there with him.

you see that vicious side-eye?  that is miller-when-clarke-griffin.jpg, specifically when she starts talking about doctoring gunshot wounds to make them look like arrow wounds.  he thinks she is just as crazy as jasper does.  he fucking says so later in the scene.

JASPER (to Clarke): What would you do with a guest who kept calling you a liar and generally acted like an ungrateful ass?

“Kick their ungrateful ass out.”

so it’s literally their first episode of the season together and right away miller is backing jasper.

unfortunately, their next significant interaction does not occur until 2x06, when jasper is trying to convince others to be blood donors.  when jasper calls on miller specifically, we get this look.

like he almost feels sorry for jasper because he knows the guy is about to get shut down.  nobody wants to puke for days.  he does look a little annoyed at jasper when he brings up the fact that mount weather saved his life.

“Why you gotta put me on the spot like that?”

spoiler alert: this is the most annoyed miller will look with jasper all season.

unfortunately, he later winds up puking for days anyway.  when they talk about their plan to stall for time and wait for clarke, he gives jasper this look.

skeptical, but not angry or annoyed (at least, no more than usual).  this is pretty much miller’s standard mode of operation.  he is skeptical, pessimistic, and questioning.  he puts forth ideas and has no hesitation about voicing his opinion, but at no point does he actually clash with or challenge jasper.

now, we get to 2x07.

here are a couple of miller-looking-at-jasper.jpgs from their pow-wow at the beginning of the episode.

again, I don’t see annoyance.  if anything, miller looks tired and a little softer than usual here.

now, this is where it gets good.  remember this moment?

here is miller’s reaction to it.

look at him.  he’s fucking smiling.  fucking monty looks more annoyed with jasper than miller does at this moment.  but maybe he’s just humoring jasper (because miller is totally the kind of guy who would fake smile to humor someone, oh wait)

nope.  as he looks down, his grin just gets wider.  he’s actually amused.  he totally feels jasper at this moment.  “yeah bro, that’s a fuckin sweet sword.”  those are dimples.  jasper jordan actually made nathan ‘scoffs at life’ miller crack a smile.  can’t you just feel the animosity crackling between them?  yeah, me neither.

here are a couple more miller-looking-at-jasper.jpgs from the convo at the end.

much hate.  so anger.  very annoyance.

now, onto 2x09, and it has occurred to me that maybe I should provide some kind of baseline for what miller looks like when he’s actually annoyed.  let’s face it– the boy has resting bitchface. he always looks grumpy.  it’s part of his charm.  so let’s look at his reactions to a couple of other characters.

here is miller-when-maya.jpg - “Thanks, you are a BIG help.”

here is miller-when-monty’s-plan-pt1.jpg - “That’s all, huh?”

pt2.jpg - No, it’s not all.

It’s a subtle shift, but there’s definitely a shift between standard-annoyed Miller and extra-annoyed Miller.  Here is miller-when-maya-pt2.jpg - “She’s afraid of losing her blood supply.”

pt3.jpg - *seethes quietly*

and now comes the fun part: “What happens in 5 seconds?”  “Miller realizes what a dick he is.”


The alarm goes off.  Jasper makes this face

and Miller looks at him like

If Miller was at all annoyed by Jasper’s antics, this would be the time to show it. Jasper is basically gloating about him being both wrong and a dick (both of which he was, to be fair).  But naw, Miller ain’t mad.  If anything, he’s less annoyed now than he was five seconds ago.  He knows when he’s beat.  plus, he’s about to get to hit shit with a hammer.

it has occurred to me that Miller is generally more annoyed by Monty in this episode than Jasper.  here is miller-when-monty-needs-5-minutes.jpg 


here is miller-when-monty-is-missing.jpg

so here we see that A: the main thing jasper does that miller has a problem with is trust maya, B: most of his animosity on that issue is directed towards maya, not jasper, and C: miller is consistently annoyed by monty’s complicated plans.

next time we miller and jasper interact is 2x11, when jasper is telling them all to pack their things.  “They’re just letting us go?”

look at that smile!

he looks at jasper again at the end of the episode, though he’s out of focus and it’s kind of hard to see.

he’s right there with the rest of the delinquents, looking to jasper for their next move.

onto 2x12, where we see what it looks like when miller actually just fucking hates someone.  miller-when-dr-tsing.jpg


now, this episode doesn’t provide us with much miller-jasper interaction, but it does provide us with SQUAD.jpg

ain’t nobody fresher than my motherfuckin clique.

now, to 2x13, the big one.  literally miller’s first line in this episode: “jasper, where do you want this?”  jasper tells him to put it by the door and make sure they don’t get in.  “they won’t.”  no screenshots because they don’t really look at each other, but this speaks pretty clearly about miller’s mindset towards jasper.  not only does he not have a problem following jasper’s lead– he actively seeks it out.

now, this next part is huge.  when fox gets captured and jasper flips the fuck out and tries to go after her, miller stops him.  but he doesn’t just stop him.  he fucking hugs him.  i’m serious.  here is a play-by-play of the scene.  first, jasper charges and miller has to catch him.

jasper tries to basically jump out of his grip.

but miller won’t let go.  he quietly says “no.”

and jasper realizes there is nothing he can do.

he basically collapses in miller’s arms.  and miller keeps holding him.

not only does he keep holding him, he actually rocks jasper for a couple seconds, like he’s trying to calm him down.  that’s not a hold, people,  that’s a fucking hug.  that’s a man comforting a brother in arms who just lost someone.

and then of course, we get this.

now that is just unnecessary.  you could argue the hold was something miller had to do to stop jasper from getting himself killed.  but there is no necessity in this. this is pure camaraderie, a gesture of comfort between fire-forged friends.  miller could have patted him on the back, he could have grabbed his shoulders and squared him up, but he didn’t.  he put his fucking hand over jasper’s heart.  you don’t put your fucking hand over the heart of someone you dislike.

now, in the next scene, miller talks to jasper about how the next attempt won’t be as easy to stop.

again, there is not a trace of annoyance here. he’s bringing up valid points, but he isn’t doing it confrontationally or angrily.  he’s just stating facts.  he looks concerned, not angry.  he looks at jasper like an equal.

when jasper is sitting with maya after cage sends her in, miller just quietly stands watch beside them.  when monty goes to fix the chute, and jasper tells miller to go help, miller immediately calls harper over and gets to work.

ultimately, all he and harper (and jasper and maya) wind up doing is standing around while monty tries in vain to fix the chute.  when monty says “almost there.”

“Almost isn’t good enough.”

you could take this as miller being annoyed or impatient, but i honestly think he feels like shit for the way he treated maya earlier.  he wants her to live, so of course he wants monty to hurry tf up.  but that’s just my interpretation.  either way, this is ten times more attitude than miller showed jasper at any point in this episode.

after they escape down the chute with maya, they’re walking down the hall together being led by bellamy, who says they are safe.  miller says they are sitting ducks moving in a large group.

he says this to bellamy, not jasper which serves to drive the point home: this is just who miller is.  he is skeptical, he is pessimistic, he questions things and gives voice to the negative.  he did the same thing to bellamy all throughout season one.  remember “i just wish i could tell them i was getting some justice,” and “your sister thinks she’s a damn samurai”?  because i do.

now, that’s his face when he voices a negative opinion to bellamy.  when he voices a negative opinion to jasper not ten seconds later…

i swear to god, his eyes soften when he looks at jasper.  he’s actually fond of the little shit.

anyway, that’s all jasper and miller interact until 2x15, where the first thing they do is work together to fucking dismantle a guard.

good work, boys.

jasper gets the keys and immediately goes to uncuff… miller.  not maya.

maya actually gets uncuffed by her father.  jasper is entirely focused on miller in this scene.  just pointing that out.

anyway, after jasper decides to go with bellamy, miller gives him another look.

then he calls out to maya to come to the harvest chamber with them, but he does so while sort-of looking at jasper, almost like ‘i’ll take care of her.’

of course, maya’s not having that, but still.  it was a nice gesture.

as far as i can tell, that’s the last time miller looks at jasper all season.

so no, i don’t see miller being any more annoyed by jasper than he is by the entire rest of the world.  instead, i see miller, over the course of the season, agreeing with jasper, being slightly annoyed by him, then amused by him, growing to like him, and eventually coming to respect him.  if anything, jasper seems to annoy miller less than the rest of the world. he directs far more irate looks and impatient comments towards monty, who many people ship him with, than he does jasper.

so, in conclusion…

  1. evidence in the show clearly points towards miller liking jasper just fine.
  2. until proven otherwise, miller and jasper are squad af.
  3. anyone who says miller doesn’t like jasper is projecting their own feelings onto a character who would not appreciate that shit one bit.

i doubt this will actually put this idea down, because fanon is like a cancer that metastasizes very easily and quickly, but for those who actually care about the characters as they are presented in the show, i hope this will be a helpful reference in the future.  now, let’s see who else blocks me over this.  :)