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Can you make a post about what biracial women you think can rock as Barbra Gordon?

Sure Can!  I had to think about this for awhile because I don’t think I watch much outside my chosen genre anymore (which means a lot of my faves have been snatched up my Marvel already) but here are some ladies who I’d like to see give it a shot:

Kimiko Glenn is 27 and half Japanese

Lindsey Morgan (god the more I think about this the more she’s the only choice) is 26 and half Mexican. Zack, can you read this? Ben? Geoff?

Malese Jow deserves better than the roles she’s been getting and she was poorly used by CW Flash in my opinion. She’s a little younger than I would cast this role at 25, but not too young. She’s half Chinese.

I haven’t seen much of Jessica Lucas but I’m ready to steal her from Gotham already. She’s 31 and half black.

Speaking of stealing, Maya Stojan was just cast aside by the MCU after a really horrific racist arc, maybe their loss is our gain. I loved her on AoS. She’s 30 and half Srilankan.

Speaking of actresses screwed over by the MCU, GIVE DICHEN LACHMAN A STARRING ROLE. She does a great nerd, is sweet as pie, and will go any hair color for a role. She’s probably as old as most would go for this role at 34 but it’s not a reach at all since J.K. Simmons is 61. She’s half Tibetan.