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They say everyone’s born a hero. But if you let it, life will push you over the line until you’re the villain. Problem is, you don’t always know that you’ve crossed that line.


Drown The Sun

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“Allie this man has had more one night stands that you’ve had therapy appointments,” Gabie points out and I gape. What a cold thing to say!

“I wasn’t even alive most of the time he was having those flings so they don’t count!” I argue pointlessly and Gabie gives me an incredulous stare. “Yeah that was a dumb remark.”

“Well, you know…you have saved yourself a world of pain Maya Hansen. I mean look at this mess,” Gabie rants and redirects to her.

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That’s Tony Stark addressing Maya right before he undergoes the Extremis procedure that she developed.

Let’s talk about Maya Hansen. No, not the MCU version. The original character from the Iron Man Vol. 4 comics, which was subsequently butchered by the screenwriters because Hollywood hates anyone who’s not a straight white male. Maya’s a brilliant bioengineer and geneticist who developed Extremis, a sort of bio-electronics neural injection that’s meant to be a super-soldier solution similar to Erskine’s serum. While she receives her funding from the military, her motivations for this research are medical - she hopes to cure cancer, save car accident victims, and eventually advance humanity’s evolution. She is in many ways a futurist like Tony, and just as smart. But we hear none of that in Iron Man 3, so I’m here to educate you.

  • Maya is smartShe’s a leading researcher in her field and the key developer of Extremis. How many villains have attempted to recreate the super-soldier serum and failed? Well, Maya succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. Tony tells her flat out in the above panel that she’s smarter than him. Sal Kennedy, a tenured professor at Berkeley and personal friend, says Maya could attain Tony’s level of power and intellect in 5-10 years. In a universe where most of the famous geniuses (Tony, Reed, T'challa) are men, Maya stands out as a brilliant woman scientist who is at the top of her field.

  • Maya is driven: Sal says that Maya’s problem is that “she’s a woman. There’s a glass ceiling.” Yet Maya persevered through discrimination, through having her funding cut, without wavering from her target. When Sal asks her what she’d do when she got to Tony’s position, she answers without hesitation, “Four years of engineering and I could cure cancer.” Now, that’s confidence.

  • Maya is a futurist: The first time she and Tony meet, it’s at the TechWest conference on emergent technology, and already, Tony recognizes her as the medical designer working on the brain. She’s realized that bioengineering is the next frontier, and the results of her Extremis dose far exceed the capabilities of the purely mechanical Iron Man suit. In fact, Tony’s initial battle with the Extremis enhancile leaves him nearly dead, and this is in Tony’s latest, state-of-the-art Iron Man armor, which he spent months improving in his garage.

  • Maya is a complex character with noble goals, but morally grey means, much like Tony Stark: At the end of the story arc, Tony discovers Maya was the one who released Extremis to the terrorist group she called him in to help defeat. Turns out, the army pulled her funding, so she took matters into her own hands. “An Extremis enhancile tested against a man wearing the most advanced personal combat system on Earth.” And it worked, perhaps better than Maya could have imagined - except then she found out Tony was the pilot of the Iron Man suit, so she saved his life by injecting him with Extremis, despite knowing that he’d figure out the truth. Like Tony, she wanted out of the arms race. She wanted to focus on medical applications. This was her ticket out. 

I wish we’d seen this Maya in the movies, rather than replacing her with Aldrich Killian, who by the way was an old dude that had exactly TWO PAGES in the entire comic dedicated to him, during which he did nothing but send an e-mail and shoot himself in the head. I mean, he was literally a throwaway plot device. And the screenwriters looked at this and thought, gee, he’s white and he’s male, let’s make him the main villain! That genius female bioengineer with the complex motives who developed Extremis? Pffft, obviously just another of Tony Stark’s random hook-ups. Give her a few lines and kill her off.

And this is why the mainstream movie industry deserves to go to hell.



Day 6 - Saturday: Iron Man (2004)/Invincible Iron Man

Who can forget Tony Stark injecting himself with the Extremis virus, turning him into Iron Man inside and out. 

This resulted in Tony being hacked, but made him a tougher component in the Civil War. Regardless he became Director of S.H.I.E.L.D fighting the side effects Extremis had on his mental health. Choices led him to battling the Hulk with his Hulkbuster armor & battling the Mandarin.

While Invincible Iron Man resulted in the famous Tony Stark wiping his mind which happily put him into a coma. This event of rebooting his mind birthed his arc reactor and upgrading Extremis to the Bleeding Edge armor, a fan favourite! Fear Itself arc led to Tony getting an Odin enchanted armor, visiting Asgard & even taking on Odin himself. Also he had a fling with Pepper AND once again had his mind controlled by the Mandarin.

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Nerdy Fact #1549: The central villain of Iron Man 3 was originally written as a woman, but it was requested that the character be replaced by a male because the villain’s “toy won’t sell as well if it’s a female." 


Follow up edit: It’s important to note that Disney decided late last year that Ike Perlmutter, the man many saw responsible for Marvel’s sexist marketing practices, no longer oversees the development of Marvel Studios. 

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I low key only watch gmw for the ships(lucaya and riarkle) . Some of the lessons are great but their making joshuaya canon so the writers obviously don't care about lessons for kids.

I feel you with the Josh/Maya relationship being questionable and potentially uncomfortable on a Disney show, where the age of some viewers is as young as 6. But i think there are things to consider before you throw the “they don’t care about lessons for kid’s” card out there. 

This is a Disney show, right? And a freshman in high school having some type of “relationship” (or even a promise of one) with a freshman in college is extremely atypical for this network. Actually, its an anomoly. Disney is very strict with their rules on how far they will let relationships go and how they will allow them to play out on their programs, because they are extremely committed to upholding their wholesome reputation. Actually, each show even has to present every episode to someone from Disney each week, so they can let production know what is/is not allowed to air.  With that said, we need to stop and wonder if Jacobs and Co. are maybe trying to prove a much bigger point with Josh/Maya that takes a little longer to play out, and that this point has already been communicated to the network executives. We know that the show is dealing with “perception vs reality”, and we know that even in BMW, Jacobs had Eric deal with a crush from Topanga. We have seen the track record of BMW/GMW have overall stellar lessons for the youth of their times, so we have to consider that this might not be any different.Yes, Josh reciprocating feelings for Maya is a stark contrast to Topangas totally unrequited crush on Eric in BMW, and the Josh/Maya dynamic is definitely not something we would have ever seen in 1993. But, this is a new day and age in a world where sometimes kids have to grow up a lot faster than they did in the past. So putting all those pieces together, do you think that maybe, in the long game of things (no pun intended), the Josh/Maya scenario won’t be some epic love story between two kids who are years apart in age and life stages, but instead a valuable lesson to teens about what we think we want and need from love and relationships, versus what is actually good for us?

Just something to ponder.