maya organic body jewelry


Aw yiss, we’ve got a pair of those coveted “Feeling Squirrely” weights from Maya Organics, and you can be sure these babies will not last long in the studio. Come in and be the lucky critter to snap ‘em up!

anonymous asked:

What are some good body jewellery brands?

The brands I’m about to list are a bit pricey, but they’re defiantly worth the price tag! Not only are they high quality, but their items are stunning! 

4g “Kali Ma” in Bloodwood from Maya Jewelry. These incredibly detailed pieces are perfect for the adventure loving archeologist in your life, just be sure to remind them to cover their heart while wearing these bad boys.

Who knew a lotus blossom could be so shiny and amazing?! Well, these “Petal to the Metal” pieces in plated yellow gold from Maya Jewelry should bring any doubts you may have had to rest.


These gorgeous babies are the “3rd Chakra” in plated yellow gold from Maya Jewelry, and man oh man are they fantastic! Also, no need to have stretched earlobes to wear these beauties!


In case our earlier post of these “3rd Chakra” pieces in plated yellow gold from Maya Jewelry wasn’t enough to really get your lust going, here are those amazing pieces in plated rose gold. B-E-A-UTIFUL!