maya makes what she calls 'art'

Girl Meets Civil Rights

“Today’s lesson is going to talk about causes to fight for,” Mr. Mathews said that week, “we are so lucky that in today’s society people have the right to fight and protest for what they believe is best for the country. Can anyone name me some civil rights movements?”

“Black lives matter!” Zay called out and he and Lucas fist pumped.

“Feminism!” Riley called, Maya and her high fived.

“I, to, shall participate in this highest of fives ritual.” Smackle began, standing up. “I admire the work of Eleanore Roosevelt and-” Maya high fived her in the nose.

“All lives matter!” Everyone looked at Farkle. “What? All lives do.”

“Yes but-” Zay started.

“Maya do you have any to contribute? Because I can think of one more.” Mr. Matthews looked over at her knowingly.

“Feminism, I already said feminism, feminism is my movement, remember STEM and stuff and farkle being a sexist to Riley and-”

“Feminism is Riley’s movement. You participated in it but you aren’t as passionate about it,” Mr. Matthews directed at her, “which is why this week I want you all to write a report and present it, about a movement you’re passionate about.”



“Get out of here ya filthy animals!” He yelled as the bell rang and they all shuffled out.

“Mr. Matthews?” He turned around to see his favorite blonde student.

“I don’t have a movement I’m passionate about,” maya muttered.

“Everyone does, you’ll find it, just do a little research, and I’m sure your best friend here,” he gestured at Riley who was waiting by the door, “will be more than happy to help.”


“Rileyyyyyy! I don’t have a movement I’m passionate about,” Maya whined hanging over her best friend as they sat in the bay window.

“What about poverty?” Riley suggested shrugging, Maya gripped the front of her dress.

“You calling me poor sunshine?” The blonde demanded, Riley smiled big, and then hugged her.

“Yeah!” She called out and Maya groaned from beneath the hug.

“I’m not doing my report on poverty!” She said untangling herself from her… friend.

“Well how about arts education in schools?” Riley asked and Maya watched her get visibly excited.

“Okay, I guess,” the blonde shrugged. “I did do that whole presentation about it.”

“Yay!” Riley yelled pulling her into another hug.

“Hey guys, what are you talking about?” Topanga asked walking in.

“Our reports in history class,” Riley happily responded, scooting over to make room for her mom.

“Ooh! What are they about?” She asked rubbing her hands together.

“Movements we’re passionate about,” Maya told her and Topanga nodded.

“So Riley you’re doing yours on feminism,” her daughter nodded, “and Maya yours is on ga-”

“Arts education in schools,” the blonde cut in and Topanga looked utterly confused.

“Are you passionate about that?” She asked, her head tilting.

“Very, I did an entire presentation about it in front of the school board, remember?” Maya reminded her.

“Yeah like a year ago and-”

“Riley had hers like a year ago, why can’t I have mine a year ago? Why can’t I just be like everyone else?!” They both looked at her. “I’m gonna go work on it,” She bolted out the bay window.

“Am I missing something or…” Riley trailed off.

“Forget about it, she’ll figure it out.” Topanga responded.


“Welcome back ya filthy animals!” Mr. Matthews said to his class. Everyone groaned. “Alright alright, Lucas you’re presenting.”

“My movement is the anti bullying movement.” He said standing up and walking up to the front. “When I lived in Texas I bullied people because I thought I was protecting my friend, but as I look back I realize there’s no excuse for punching someone,” He paused, “And as I’ve gone through middle school and high school I’ve come to realize that more and more. I have friends who’ve been bullied,” he gestured to Riley and Farkle, “and my first inclination was always to get violent. Earlier this year I thought we were being bullied by some seniors, I wanted to hit them. My friends wanted to listen to them. In the end my friends were right.” He nodded at Maya and Riley now. “Every year over 3.2 million students are bullied, and that’s not right. No one should go to school and feel unsafe.” He stood up straighter now. “I’m going to do my part to stop bullying at this school, so the next time I see it I’ll intervene, peacefully, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll tell a teacher,” he nodded at Mr. Matthews, “and I hope we all will do the same.” Everyone clapped, especially Riley who wiped a tear from her eye.

“Oh bravo!” She yelled, “bravo!” Farkle and Smackle grimaced.

“Gross,” the muttered together.

“Okay!” Mr. Matthews called, “tomorrow we have Farkle and Zay, than Smackle and Riley, than last we’ll have Maya,” he looked up, “that okay?” They all nodded and the bell rang.

“Wait?” A kid in the back asked, “what about the rest of us?”

“Class is over get out of here!” He yelled. “Man what type of nerd stays and talks to a teacher?”


“So have you guys picked a movement yet?” Lucas asked the group at Topanga’s and nearly everyone nodded, Maya just looked nervous.

“I’m doing feminism!” Riley said sipping her pumpkin spice latte, she handed it to Maya who took a sip too, than smirked at Lucas.

“I’m doing research on an organization called Autism Speaks,” Smackle responded.

“That’s really cool Smackle.” Lucas smiled.

“OH MY GOD STOP HITTING ON ME! Farkle is right here!” She gestured at her boyfriend, whom she was currently sitting on the lap of.

“I’m doing the all lives matter movement,” Farkle said pushing his hair to the back like Justin Bieber. He didn’t notice everyone glaring.

“I’m doing Black Lives Matter,” Zay said through his teeth.

“Boy tomorrow will be so fun!” Maya smiled. “Well lookie here it’s tomorrow already!” She called from her seat in history class.

“Farkle you’re up.” Mr. Matthews called.

“My movement is all lives matter. This is important to me because all lives do matter. African Americans complain that they’re being shot by police officers, but the truth is what’s killing Americans today are not police officers, but heart disease. Which afflicts everyone, not just people of one color, which is why we need to stop looking at it through a black and white lense. THANK YOU I AM FARKLE!” He sat down and no one clapped.

“Sir?” Zay called.

“Please save us, I can see our ratings dropping already.” Mr. Matthews muttered.

“My movement is black lives matter. Because I believe that all lives matter, but all lives are not being targeted by the police, and systematically being shot for existing. All lives are not put in prison for either doing nothing, or just on small drug charges, all lives are not denied jobs, or in one case, that happened her in New York, denied the right to breathe. No, only one type of life is treated that way. We were brought here against our will, forced to do hard labour, and when we were finally freed we still were treated like dirt. All lives matter, but every time I go outside wearing a hoodie, every time I pass by a cop, I fear for my life. And when I’m in a store, or an airport, they all watch me like hawks, and that’s not because I have great style. It’s because I’m black, and racism is alive in America today, and that is what I fight against! And that is what I am passionate about!” He ended in a yell, everyone clapped loudly before people began cheering.

“I was wrong Zay.” Farkle said at last, “it pains me to say this, but you are smarter than me. I was really wrong.” And Zay smiles and nods.

“Bro hug man.” And they went in for the hug.


“Hey Maya!” Riley called the next day after she presented, “what’d ya think of my report? Feministastic? Girliful? Civilrightsy?”

“None of those were words honey,” Maya said and Riley shrugged. “Cmon it’s time for art,” she grabbed her friends hand and took off in a run.

“You’re nervous for your presentation, aren’t you?” Riley yelled knowingly as the blonde pulled her along.



“Okay Maya you’re up.” Mr. Matthews said.

“My movement is Arts education in schools.” She looked at her paper, “arts education is really important because-”

“Maya?” Mr. Matthews asked, “are you passionate about this?”

“Very,” she responded sharply, “arts education is very important because,” she looked up at her classmates who looked at her expectantly. “Because, um, because-”

“Maya,” Mr. Matthews said, “it’s time.”

“I’m not ready,” she muttered, a tear began to fall down her face.

“Yes you are, I know you are.” He said, Maya swallowed than walked over to Riley’s desk and took her hand.

“My movement is not arts education in schools,” she said directly to her, then looked down, “it’s the lgbt rights movement.” There were audible gasps but Riley just kept studying maya. “I’m gay.” She finally whispered.

AN: this is my new AU I’ll be posting stuff within this AU later but for now, well yeah. If I got anything wrong please tell me so I can fix it. If you object to Autism speaks know that they changed their mission two days ago so they aren’t trying to find a cure anymore. Um please hit me up with any constructive criticism and thanks for reading!

“Let me love the lonely out of you”

Rucas Fanfiction Week 2016: Day six
Prompt: No you don’t have to wear your best fake smile and you don’t have to stand there and burn inside. ( Angsty )

AN: Okay, so this fic is actually a part 2 of my very first fic ever, “Am I still not good enough?” I just think that this prompt is a good continuation for the story so here it is. You can read the first part or not, I think it makes sense without it too but I really wanted to connect it all. This is also inspired by James Arthur’s new song ‘Let me love the lonely’ so you can listen to it while reading. Also, this is an angsty fic but it is with a happy ending so there’s that, Auguste. It’s not my best work but I wanted to write another entry for the RFFW so I hope you like and enjoy it anyway.

Part 1


Six months later, Riley still wouldn’t let anyone reach her – not Maya and most definitely not Lucas. She just hung out with her friends, fake smiled and laughed when she felt appropriate and then went home by herself. But she did more than that, she pushed Maya towards Lucas again – she wanted to give her best friend a little time to date Lucas, to find if he is the right one for her. Lucas didn’t even disagree, he wanted to make Riley happy and if him going out with Maya was what she wanted – he would do it. And he did, but he just stood there, pretending to listen to her while she was going on and on about her day and her art. It’s not that he didn’t care about Maya, he did. And he really wanted her to be happy but he wouldn’t sacrifice his happiness anymore, he couldn’t just sit around waiting for Riley to take him back, while in the meantime she was probably dying inside to see him with her best friend again.

One rainy afternoon, Lucas called Maya and asked her out on a date – he had to make sure she won’t be at Riley’s. He knew that Mr. Matthews would be at school, trying to grade some papers. He knew that Topanga would be out shopping with Auggie. He also knew it was time to corner Riley. Lucas respected her space and wanted to give her time to come to terms with herself but she was destroying them both in the process and he couldn’t just sit by and watch, he wouldn’t. Climbing up the fire escape, he remembered the last time he climbed those steps – he remembered what he found in her room. Lucas sighed and continued climbing until he was at her window, ready to knock but he stopped. The girl he is in love with stood in the middle of her bed, just staring at one of her walls, surrounded by pictures of him and her, and of her and her best friend. Lucas gently knocked, causing Riley to turn around. She quickly pulled the covers on the photos and went to unlock her window.

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edge of desire

“Or maybe this mattress will spin on its axis and find me on yours.”

The biting winter air of Manhattan is even more unforgiving when he’s alone. Each inhalation sends shivers through his sinuses and spreads them all over until he’s almost numb. It hurts, but there’s something familiar about the sting, and soon enough the shivers don’t even take him by surprise.

He used to walk home with Maya from Topanga’s after doing homework, because all Riley had to do was go upstairs and usually the others had left by then. But after the three of their feelings had entangled them in messy chaos, Maya decided she would start walking home with Zay instead, leaving the other two to enjoy each other’s company and whatever other things boyfriends and girlfriends did together. He figured she didn’t want to know.

It’s Monday night, and the wind ricochets off the buildings and hits him full-force as he walks. Though the winter is something he’s gotten used to, the silence isn’t. He remembers when Maya would be rambling about her new favorite art piece so passionately he’d have to stop her from accidentally running into oncoming traffic, when she’d hum his favorite songs under her breath on nights he didn’t want to talk, knowing he’d eventually start singing along. And now, they couldn’t spend time together, though they were good at being friends, too. Frankly, it boiled down to the fact that Maya would never overstep her boundaries with Riley, and Lucas wouldn’t overstep his boundaries with either of the girls in turn. So he has to allow his walk home, which used to be marked with small, warm quiet moments and blushes and hidden smiles, become a vehicle for the cold isolation that penetrated him with every step. It was the only way.

Soon enough, he finds himself at the intersection where they used to separate each night. He waited at the corner until she safely disappeared from sight before going his own way. He would call after her disappearing silhouette, “Maya, walk faster! I’m freezing!” and she would smirk and shout back, “Ranger, go home!” because she knew he never would.

A gust of wind hits him like a ton of bricks, and the air around him lowers itself a few degrees. He walks the rest of the way home with his hands in his pockets.

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lucas around maya basically

he’s so mesmerised when he looks at her, like she’s the most beautiful creation to ever step into this planet

he lets her call him names if that’s what made her happy, he’s willing to do everything to make sure she stays that way

he knows how passionate she is about art and how much she values it, and he wasn’t willing to give up on something that was important to her even if she was

he spoke so blatantly about it to the whole class, like it came naturally, like he would stand up in front of an audience and tell everyone that she was the best artist he’s ever seen and that she deserves everything good in the world

he continually shows that he cares for her, like when he prevented farkle from saying something that would make her upset, or when he noticed she was a bit down and told riley to console her, even if they were on their first date, in which he went through the trouble of asking cory for permission, only to end up with him being concerned for maya

he smiles whenever she says something in class, like he could replay her voice in his head and it wouldn’t stop making him feel like it did the first time

lucas just looks maya as fuck everyday and i am h e r e for this

anonymous asked:

lucaya and riarkle for the ship thing


Who kisses who first?

Lucas. Maya was wearing those jean shorts he loves so much and the cowboy boots she got in Texas. There were splatters of paint on her clothes and skin, little streaks of blue and red in her hair and a smear of purple across one cheek. He’d just gotten out of football practice and is covered in dirt and sweat, but he could care less. Maya’s going on and on about this set she’s supposed to finish by the end of the week for the high school show but she can’t get one of the colors just right. He kisses her mid-rant and, when they pull apart, there’s paint smeared on him too. Maya just laughs and kisses him again.

Who makes breakfast?

Lucas. Maya can’t cook for shit. She can burn water, which Farkle finds fascinating. Lucas, having grown up on a farm with an avid cook for a mother, was an expert in the kitchen. The only time Maya is ever in the kitchen is when she’s trying to distract Lucas from cooking. Which works most of the time. The fire department hates them.

Who says ‘I love you’ first?

Lucas. Maya is more reserved with her feelings, having the upbringing she did. Of course, she can tell all of her friends and the adults in her life that she loves them. But as soon as she says or hears the words from her significant other, she believes that everything goes downhill from there. Lucas, although he’s struggled with his feelings for both girls, takes Riley’s blessing to heart and, one day, storms into the art room in the middle of class and professes his love to Maya. Riley makes $50 bucks off of Farkle and Zay because of it.

Who holds the other one during a storm?

Maya. She has acute astraphobia (fear of thunder and lightning). So she grabs onto Lucas like a leech and won’t let go. Usually, Lucas will hum or sing some country tune until Maya falls asleep, but she continues to cling to him until the storm passes.

What is their favorite song?

Lucas feels like their song is either Angel Eyes by Love and Theft or Angel with a Shotgun by the Cab. Maya makes fun of his obsession with seeing her as an angel, but he just rolls his eyes and tells her she is. Maya’s song for them is Ingrid Michaelson’s Parachute.

What they do when one of them is upset?

When Maya gets upset, Lucas knows she needs to get her anger out. Because when she’s upset, she get angry. So he takes her out of the city to a gun range or a paintball yard and lets her get her aggression out. And, while Maya might make fun of him, when Lucas is upset, she’ll drive him out to that horse farm far from the city in the middle of New Jersey. Horse back riding calms the temperamental Texan and, even though Maya used to be terrified of the giant beasts, now also finds them calming. The two of them are actually planning to move closer to one of these farms when they have the money.

Who kisses more roughly?

Maya. Lucas loves to savor the moment. Maya loves to just dive into him. Maya’s definitely the more dominant one in the relationship most of the time, but sometime Lucas pulls out Texas!Lucas, as Maya’s come to call that side of his personality. It really makes her into a pile of mush.

What their dates consist of:

Lucas will take Maya to paint bars, where she usually ends up tipsy. He hangs up the painting in their den so the blonde beauty can look at her work until the next time they go. Maya takes Lucas on picnics on their apartment building roof, where they’ll end up cuddling until they fall asleep.

Who knew they would always be together?

Katy Hart had never seen her baby girl look at any other person like that, even Riley. She had always seen her reserved girl shy away from any romantic relationship, even with that Josh fella. Maya only acted obsessed with him, but she knew it would never happen. But Katy saw the difference between her obsession with the impossible and her skittishness towards the one guy who’s fallen hard for her. She gets Shawn in on the “secret” and he tries to secretly threaten Lucas as much as possible, which makes both Harts laugh.

What they talk about at 1am?

The current topic is this three legged dalmatian puppy Maya saw at the shelter when she was waiting for Riley. It’s the runt of it’s litter and Maya’s set adopting her. So she rambles on about the dog until the moon’s high in the sky and Lucas can’t sleep until she does. It feels weird to have her sitting up and not in his arms. But he keeps telling her, every single time, that dogs aren’t allowed in their building. Her only response it to pout and respond that they need to move to a pet-friendly apartment. Lucas will just pull her down beside him, kiss her forehead, and tell her they can’t afford it.

What their favorite holiday traditions are:

Lucas loves to watch Maya decorate. She’ll tease him by wiggling around, trying to be seductive, but ultimately getting herself tangled in the lights and covered in strands of tinsel. Maya always insists that she be able to put the star on the tree, but, since she can’t reach, she makes Lucas hold her up. The Huckleberries, as Riley loves to call them, invite all of their friends over and they have a big holiday feast, which Lucas cooks. Afterwards, the whole gang watches holiday movies until they pass out in food comas around the living room.

Who’s the hopeless romantic?

Lucas, obviously. Maya’s only example of romance is Katy and Shawn, but that didn’t come until later in her life. Lucas knows that Maya doesn’t really like material things, she he makes her his gifts are subtle. Leaving new tubes of paint to replace her near-empty ones. Coffee already made when she wakes up early to go to work. Tickets to that new art exhibit at the MoMA or Guggenheim museum mysteriously appearing before her birthday or anniversary.

Who says sorry after an argument?

Both. Maya and Lucas will usually yell at each other until they both forget what they’re angry about. Riley has witnessed many an argument, but only butts in when they look like they’re about to come to blows, which has happened before. Lucas hates it when they fight because Maya calls him ‘Lucas’ instead of one of her many nicknames for hm. Maya hates it when they fight because it reminds her of her parents before her dad left. So, usually at the same time and all in one breath, they’ll both apologize. Riley, if she’s there, usually leaves after that because she doesn’t want to be there when they make up.

Bonus: Who flirts the most?

It’s always a competition about who can make who blush the most. Zay and Smackle are keeping a tally of it. Maya usually goes for the more physical approach, which is usually inappropriate for wherever they are, usually at the café where Katy works and there are tons of people around. Lucas, on the other hand, likes to whisper things in Maya’s ear, so only she can hear, but it still makes her blush.  However, according to the tally, Maya is currently winning.

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