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i don’t know if that makes me believe in coincidence or fate or sheer blind luck, but it definitely makes me believe in something

so i guess this is it folks. i won’t be participating in anything team delusional from now on. (i feel slightly relieved??) i feel the need to explain why, so if you want to know, click the read more, and if you don’t then just keep on scrolling!

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Cold Skin Afterthought designs are all designed WOOOOO.

Custom hair and design for Kiki made by @shortsketcher, mixed hair for Alex made by myself.

Danny finally has a design, might mix it up a bit later if I don’t like it, but there he is. He and Maya become a thing after Kiki and Ana move away! Except it ends up being a toxic relationship!! He doesn’t abuse her physically, but it’s just… bad. Yelling and fighting from both sides but they still wanna be together. Bad times.

tbh I’m just glad Kiki and Danny have designs now and Maya has a purpose.


rip me


Nate is a bit clumsy to his vampirism but luckily he has Maya to help him during the bad days.  Even if Maya isn’t aware of it…


You walk out of here with everything you’ve learned … and you live life. You live it. You face whatever comes. This is going to be the greatest test of your friendship yet.


For fucks sake Miles you were trying to prove her guilty of murder five episodes ago

there must be times where Maya looks at Damian and suddenly starts thinking  that this is the person who killed her father and a volcano of bitter feelings erupt in her stomach…the younger boy is oblivious, going on about some plans he plotted to take down their enemy.. while she turns away trying to repress all of the pain she wishes to demolish forever..because she chose to be by Robin’s.
Sometimes I don’t get how characters can easily forgive someone who killed their parent ( I mean..imagine if someone did this to you and they’re still around and are even close to you!)..even if that parent was horrible, abusive or whatever..
In Maya’s case, she actually mourned her father, as we saw her crying after retrieving his helmet..
So I couldn’t help but think of how it’d surface again when she’s with Damian…it must be hard

This took forever

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