maya makes a mess

the eyes to pull me in (lucaya)

basically i wrote this for secret santa and i thought it could use a repost ;) also, if you read this, shoot me an ask and lmk if i should change my url to trahgedy or not!!

It was never supposed to get that far. Lucas and Maya, together. Before that night, they could maintain the tremulous balance, so close to toppling. No one was supposed to get hurt. No one was ever supposed to acknowledge that they did get hurt. If it wasn’t for the rain and the stupid, stupid bus, then things would probably have worked out alright for just a bit longer.  But it was just Maya Hart’s luck to get caught in a thunderstorm.

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Not your type.

Riley laid flat on her stomach across her bed, mindlessly flipping through a vogue magazine as her best friend aggressively went through her wardrobe, leaving no shoe un-turned.

“I don’t get it.” Maya mumbles under her breath, “how on earth is it that you go to the Fashion Institute of Technology and yet your closet has no fashion.” She huffs throwing one of Riley’s scarves on the floor.

“Looking for anything specific?” The brunette asks, though truth be told she had zoned out 15 minutes ago and couldn’t for the life of her remember why the petite girl was rummaging through her clothes.

“Something nice?” The blonde states but the way it sounds comes off as more of a question. “I don’t know. The guy I’m seeing tonight is kind of boring? Okay, maybe not boring per say but he’s kind of this goody-goody, he’s in med school I think? Super polite, you know the type.”

“Yeah, I do.” Riley raises her eyebrow, “And he doesn’t sound like yours.”

“He’s not.” Maya smirks. “I figure I can mess him up a bit. Make him more fun, maybe a little dangerous.”

“Or, and hear me out on this one, you can date someone you actually like.” Riley offers, finally sitting up from her bed to inspect the damage her friend had caused.

The entire contents of her dresser and closet were sprawled out on the floor, making the carpet underneath it barely noticeable.

“The guys I date suck.” The blonde pouts, “Besides, they’re always so predictable.”

“That’s because you have a very specific type.” Riley rolls her eyes, “Musician or Artist. Super sexy and always super emotionally unavailable.”

“Which is exactly why I’m going out with this guy.” Maya reiterates. “- and usually I wouldn’t know what the hell to talk about with someone like him but that’s exactly why you’ll be there.”

“What?!” Riley stands to her feet, crossing her arms over her chest. “Nah uh no way not going to happen.”

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Sparkles, Chapter 2

(Chapter one) (Chapter 3)

When they got to the Matthews’ apartment, Riley dragged Maya to her room and tried not to seem too dismissive of Farkle, but she needed Bay Window time. This wasn’t something that he was going to be able to help her with.

Maya all but pushed her into the window seat. “You haven’t told him yet? Why haven’t you told him yet? He has no idea why you’re upset, and this is killing him!”

“What do you mean that this is killing him?” She was the one who was upset. Obviously, this was all her fault, but that was not the point.

Maya sat down from her lecturing stance. “He loves you, Honey. Whether that’s in the way that I think he loves you or in a platonic way, he loves you. Seeing you like this is hurting him. Don’t you see that?”

Riley looked down and lowered her head. She hadn’t thought about that. She’d been wrapped up in her own feelings and didn’t even see that her pain was causing his. She was a terrible friend.

“No, I see the cogs turning in your head, you don’t get to wallow in more self-pity. I don’t know what you did, but you can’t fix it by ignoring it. You’re gonna do something.”

“But –“ she started.

Maya held a finger to Riley’s lips. “Nope, no more excuses, you’re going to do something.”

Riley’s face reddened and she stood up to face Maya. “What am I supposed to do? I care about him. I don’t know how to fix this! I know that I did everything wrong, and I’m so, so sorry, but I’m in too deep! This is too big, I can’t fix it! I’m out of options.” Her voice had escalated to a yell at this point.

Maya knew that she had either pushed Riley too far, or just far enough. “He deserves to know, to understand. You owe him that at least.”

“What do I owe him? He has everything of mine, all of my feelings! He has my damn heart!” Riley was really working herself up, and the danger meter was creeping into the red zone.

Maya stood up to make eye contact. “You’ve given him nothing. He doesn’t have your heart until you tell him. Until then, you’re holding onto it. Scared. You’re not a quitter, and you’re not a coward.”

Riley turned away, unable to withstand Maya’s gaze. Riley had entered full rant mode and was now waving her arms around for emphasis. “I’m not a coward, but this is too much for me!”

She was about to turn around to ask Maya for advice, as she had decided to try and deal with her mess, when she saw Farkle standing in her doorway.

Her arms dropped to her sides and she felt a cold chill run down her spine. “Did you hear any of that?”

Farkle shook his head. “Just a lot of noise. You don’t have to tell me, if you don’t want to. I understand. Just tell someone.” Riley sighed in relief, until she realized that she was still going to have to tell him. The stress that she had been shoving down bubbled up and she started crying. Not again. It took for damn ever to stop the first time. When she saw the sad look on his face, she knew that she had to stop, but somehow it only made her cry harder. Was it possible that these were period tears? No, she was just a big ball of feelings today.

When Farkle spoke, she looked up. “I’m gonna – I’ll just head home.” As he turned and started walking away from the room, from her, she ran after him and pulled him into a fierce hug. She wanted to say something about Sparkles, but she couldn’t, so for once she said what she was actually feeling. “Thank you. I’m so sorry.”

He held her cheek in his hand and though she tried very hard, she couldn’t resist leaning into it. “You don’t have anything to feel sorry for. If you did, I’d forgive you, always and forever.” She watched him walk away, and tried to muster the courage to stop him, to tell him then, but she couldn’t. She wasn’t ready yet.

How had she gotten in so deep?

She wasn’t sure when it had started, because she’d always loved Farkle in one way or another. At some point it had changed, and she didn’t know when. The first time that she’d gotten an inkling was when she’d been hanging out with Maya in her room.


Riley had been texting a boy, Curtis. He was sweet and cute, but a bit dim. He tried, but she was having trouble staying interested. The only thing he would ever do right was when he paid her compliments. Most of these were shallow, but sometimes, he’d say something to make her blush or laugh.

She’d gotten a text from him, where he detailed all of the things that he liked about her, ranging from the superficial to the real and deep. She was flattered and blushed, but it didn’t help the fact that she was going to break up with him.

Maya noticed her blush and started teasing her about her new boyfriend. They hadn’t been introduced yet, but that was Riley’s normal protocol for dating. She didn’t let her dates meet her friends until she was sure that they wouldn’t be scared off by them. Suffice to say, most of the boys that she dated didn’t make it to that step.

When Maya asked for a picture, she scrolled through her phone to find one and Maya snorted. “That’s not surprising.”

When Riley asked Maya why, she gave her a look. “You don’t see it?”

“See what?”

Maya took her phone and started scrolling through it, pointing to all of the guys that she’d dated. “Do you see a pattern?”

“They’re all… cute?”

Maya rolled her eyes. “They’re all F- I mean…” She took a deep breath. “They’re all tall, with light brown hair, and blue eyes. Remind you of anyone?”

“You don’t mean –you think I like Farkle?” How could she think that? He was her best – second best – friend. “Wouldn’t I know?”

Maya sighed. “Feelings are confusing, Pumpkin, but I’ve seen the way that you look at him. Just because we feel something, doesn’t mean that everything’s sorted out. Do you want to talk about it?”

Riley pulled her knees up to make herself smaller. It was like Maya had turned on a light. She now knew why she’d started having issues with Smackle. Why she never dated anyone for longer than a week. “I want to not feel things. I want to not feel these things.”

Maya put an arm around her. “You feel things, it’s what you do. What’s important is to know what you feel and to do something about it.”

Riley pursed her lips. “How did you know what you felt for Lucas was real?”
Maya thought for a minute before she spoke because she knew what she said would influence how Riley handled her situation. “There are different kinds of sparks. There’s the kind that seems like love at first sight, and that’s nice, but there’s another. The other one is the moment that the person that you love stirs something in you. It can be a kiss, it can be a touch, or it can just be a look. It’s the kind of spark that can only come from someone who really knows you because something in them calls to something in you.”

So that was what that was. “But what do I do with that? He’s moved on. I can’t handle this.”

Maya stood up to leave and looked back. “You’re insane. I’ve never seen a boy more in love.”

“So how do I do this? How did you start out?” She asked, looking at Maya with her big searching eyes.

Maya put a hand on her cheek. “You’re not me, and Farkle isn’t Lucas, but you knew that a long time ago. This is for you to figure out, Honey.”

“When did you get so wise?”

“I have a very good friend.”


From that point on, not only did she see what she’d already felt, but her feelings grew exponentially, to the point where it hurt to look at him. She loved him, and she failed to treat him the way you treat someone that you love. The way someone who loves him ought to treat him, especially her. He cared so much about the truth, how had she let herself let him down this way?

Once Farkle had left the room, Maya sat her down. “Pumpkin, I gave you time to do this on your own, but now I’m stepping in. Spill.”

“I was in a chatroom, with no agenda, and I found Farkle. We started talking, and I didn’t want to stop. It seemed like he liked me, her, so I didn’t tell him. We’ve been talking ever since, for weeks, and I don’t know how to clean this mess.”

Maya sat down next to her. “The only way that you’re going to get through this is if you talk to him. Talk to him as you. It’s gonna be hard no matter how he reacts, but you have to give him a chance to react before you decide how it’s gonna go. He deserves that much.”

Riley nodded. “I – I can do that. Can you stay here for moral support?”

Maya squeezed her hand. “Anything you need, Honey.”

Riley logged onto the app that she used to text from a different number. How had she ever let herself believe that this was a good idea? This was what happened when she made her decisions without telling Maya first.

Riley tapped out her response and showed it to Maya. She didn’t want to make a bigger mess, and it was time that she started including Maya in her decisions again.

Riley as Sparkles: Mars, I’m sorry I didn’t respond earlier. I want to meet.

They sat there for a while waiting for a response. After five minutes, they crawled into Riley’s bed and watched a Disney movie on Riley’s laptop. If this was going to take a while, Maya wanted her in her happy place.

They’d gotten about halfway through Lilo & Stitch when Farkle texted back.

Farkle: Sorry, I got tied up. One of my friend’s is having a really rough time and I’m trying to think of a way to cheer her up. I could meet you later tonight or after school tomorrow?

Riley started tapping, “After school would be great,” when Maya stopped her. “You know that if you put this off, you’re going to chicken out. You need to do this now.”

Riley nodded and deleted what she’d just typed. Maya watched over her shoulder as she tried again. If she had a problem with it, she didn’t say anything.

Riley as Sparkles: It’s probably best if we meet sooner rather than later. How about in front of Abigail Adams HS at 8 pm?

His response was almost immediate.

Farkle: Is that where you go to school?

Riley knew that she was giving him clues, and while that would have bothered her earlier, she knew that he would know soon enough. If he didn’t know already, it wasn’t likely that he would figure it out now.

Riley as Sparkles: Yeah, but I figured it was close enough to midtown that you could get to it without going too far. Is that ok?

She knew it would be, and she felt bad keeping up the charade longer, but if he knew, he might not come. And he deserved to hear it from her, before he found out on his own.

Farkle: Yeah, I’ll see you then.

Riley bit her lip. “He knows. He knows that it’s not someone else, he knows that it’s me.”

Maya looked at her in confusion. “What do you mean? How would he know? Did you say something?”

Riley shook her head. “No, I don’t think so, but he’s been asking me all week if we could meet, and now he’s lost all of his enthusiasm. He usually flirts.”

“Maybe he wasn’t that into her. It’s entirely possible that he liked the idea of her more than the actual person. This could be a good thing,” Maya said with a small smile.

Riley pulled the covers up and grimaced. “I hope so, Peaches.”

They watched another movie and talked strategy, but Riley was becoming anxious. She wasn’t sure that she’d make it, but she knew that Maya would push her to where she needed to be.

When 7:40 rolled around they got their things together, and as Maya was heading in the opposite direction, Riley stopped her. “I need – can you go with me and make sure that I go? I might need a push.”

They headed to the subway stop and waited. And waited. And waited. She was going to be late, damn.

By the time that they caught their train, they knew that they were going to have to run to get there even slightly on time, and Riley thanked God that she’d worn combat boots instead of heels.

Sitting there on the 12 minute ride – they’d timed it before – Riley started to rehearse what she was going to say. “Farkle, I need to talk to you. I – “

Maya cut her off. “Nope, that sounds like a breakup or bad news, start over.”

“Farkle, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to –“

Maya shook her head. “Don’t make excuses, start over.”

Riley took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, Farkle. I’m Sparkles.”

Maya nodded. “Go on.”
“I shouldn’t have, and I’m sorry. You deserve to know. I never meant to hurt you, but now that I have, I’m so sorry.”

The train screeched to a halt. “Now you’re getting it. Let’s go.”

They ran off the train and hopped off the platform into the rain. “Are you kidding me? It’s fucking raining?” Maya yelled. She stopped and stared at the sky. “This is not a damn romantic comedy!”

Riley took her hand and pulled her along. “Come on, we have to go, universe be damned.”

They ran for a few minutes but had to stop for traffic. Riley pulled out her phone and 7:55 blinked back at her.

The moment that the walk sign started they were running again. Within the next block, the rain let up, and continued to do so until it wasn’t even sprinkling. Unfortunately, that didn’t help their hair much.

When they got to the school’s block they stopped. There he was, sitting on the steps of the school checking his phone. She heard a buzz and knew that it was from him, but she didn’t bother to look.

“You can do this. You’re going to do this.” Maya gave her a little shove. “Go, you’re ready.”

Riley walked toward the school, toward him, but couldn’t stop fidgeting. She’d moved her hair in front of and behind her ears too many times to count. About ten feet away from him she stopped.

Riley looked back at Maya, but before she could get reassurance from her, she heard Farkle speak. “Riley. What are you doing here?”

She looked down at her feet, but forced them to move forward until she was sitting next to him on the steps. “I’m really sorry, Farkle. You – you know, don’t you?”

Riley couldn’t quite read his face. It didn’t seem angry, but it was like he had put up a wall. He didn’t do that with her. At least, he didn’t before. “I need you to say it. I’m not going to believe it if you don’t say it, Riley.”

For the first time all day, she knew that she wasn’t going to cry. She felt conviction. “I met you in a chatroom without trying to, but I didn’t tell you. I’m sorry.”

“I need – say it, please.” He had turned towards her and was looking into her eyes.

Riley wanted to shy away, but held her ground. “I’m Sparkles.”

His face hadn’t changed. Why couldn’t she read him? “Why did you do it? Why did you lie to me?”

A crack was beginning to form in the wall that stood between them, but it was tiny, and it didn’t offer much. “I had something to say, and I went about it all wrong. I hurt you. I hurt my best friend.”

His face softened. “You didn’t hurt me, Riley, you’ve confused me. What could you possibly have to say that would require you tricking me, lying to me every day? What could be so important?”

“I love you, Farkle –” she started.

“Stop beating around the bush, Riley.” She knew that he didn’t really understand, and that she would have to make him.

“Farkle, I like you.”

The wall came down, but she didn’t see a feeling, just more confusion. “Wait, what do you me-”

He wasn’t allowed to finish his thought because she’d leaned in, and suddenly his lips were busy with something else entirely.

Instead of the sense of relief that she’d expected, she felt flames. Fire.

Riley was about to pull away when he pulled her in closer and started to respond in kind. Maya was wrong. This wasn’t a spark, this was a damn forest fire. All she felt was heat. Heat from his kisses and heat burning from deep inside.

She gasped and he took that as an invitation. She could feel his tongue exploring her mouth, testing his limits. She could taste coffee and something sweet, chocolate. She wanted to know how it felt, and started testing limits herself.

Before she could fully enjoy herself, he was gone. He’d ripped himself away from her, and she looked up in confusion. Farkle was breathing heavily and she could see the effort that it had taken to stop.

Riley leaned in to try and capture his lips again, but he leaned back.

Farkle stood up and walked away from her. She thought that he was just going to leave without saying a word, but he stopped.

He came back and held out a hand to her. When she took it, he helped her to stand and pulled her close. “You confuse the hell out of me, Riley.”

“I’m sorr-” and his lips were on hers again.

He kept it chaste and pulled away, laughing. He started pecking at her lips, drawing laughter out of her as well, slowly making his way down her jaw and neck. “You” Kiss. “are so” Kiss. “damn” Kiss. “vexing.” What had started out sweet and silly had been stirring feelings in her that were less than silly.

When Riley couldn’t take the teasing anymore, she pulled him back to her lips and began kissing him again with as much fervor as she could muster. Once again, he pulled away, and she felt a pang in her chest.

“I’m not rejecting you, I swear, it’s just that – this is important, to me at least, and you… you drive me to distraction. I can’t make this decision when I’m distracted, as lovely as this was. Can I have some time?” She bit her lip and nodded. He gave her one last kiss before leaving, and smiled before walking away.


She started walking back towards Maya – a real trooper who had stayed through the whole ordeal – but found that Maya was already running towards her. She was caught up in a bear hug and laughed. “Was that so bad?”

Riley pulled back with an incredulous look on her face. “Maya, it was terrifying.”

“Yeah, I know it was, but I didn’t mean Farkle kissing you.” Riley gave her a look and they both fell into a fit of giggles. They wrapped their arms around each other and headed for home.


Within a few hours, the happy glow was starting to fade. It was still there, and she was happier than she’d been in weeks, but the rest of the world had started creeping in. She and Maya were hanging out with Lucas, eating pizza when she pulled Maya aside.

Riley would have said it in front of Lucas, who was one of her best friends in the world despite their history, but she didn’t want to say anything until Farkle had made up his mind. She didn’t want to get her hopes up.

“Maya, he left,” Riley sighed.

Maya looked back at Lucas and smiled. “He didn’t leave. He needed to clear his head. You distract him. That’s a good thing, Riley.”

Riley, stubborn as ever, still wouldn’t let it go. “But he walked away.”

“Riley, he showed up, that’s what’s important. He was there. I saw your phone when you checked it. He showed up.

After Farkle had walked away, Riley finally checked her phone to see what he’d sent her.

Farkle: Riley, where are you? You’re late.

She had gone along, thinking that she’d fooled him, but he already knew. She’d underestimated him, and what’s worse, he didn’t hear it from her, not really.

Maya put on her ‘adult’ face and tried not to sound condescending. It wasn’t often that she had more experience than Riley in something. “You had time to figure out how you felt. He deserves that. Don’t you want to know that it’s real?”

“But what if he decides that I hurt him too much? What if he can’t be friends with me anymore because he doesn’t feel the same way?” It was easy for Riley to become plagued with “what-if’s”. For her it was as easy as breathing, and she wasn’t all that good at holding her breath to see what would happen next.

“Honey, you can’t worry about the things you can’t control. This is up to him now.” It was a fair point, and something that she had come to accept, but it was like she was thirteen again, and she hadn’t grown at all. Maybe that was how Farkle had felt about her all of those years ago, stunned by someone’s presence and rendered awkward and incapable of coolness.

Certainly, she’d never felt this way about Lucas. Lucas had been an experiment, her dalliance outside of love that let her know what love meant to her. She couldn’t even really explain how she loved Farkle, because loving him was a part of who she was, just like it had been for him when he’d loved her.

Riley smiled and put an arm around Maya. “Thank you, Peaches. I don’t know where I’d be without you.”

They went back inside and tried to fold themselves back into casual conversation, and Lucas was fairly helpful, since he didn’t know about the awkwardness yet. “So, what was going on earlier? I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there for you.”

Riley smiled at him reassuringly. “Lucas, I love you, but this was something that you wouldn’t really be able to help me with.”

He held a hand to his chest, feeling slightly offended. “Riley, I’m always here for you. You can tell me anything. Don’t you trust me?”

Riley blushed and smiled at him “It’s just -”

“She’s madly in love with Farkle and thought that you’d feel awkward,” Maya cut in.

Riley spun around to glare at her best friend, who knew that she wanted to keep it private until it was real. “Maya!”

Lucas spat out some of the water he was drinking and stuttered out a response. “Wait, that’s an actual thing? Really?” He’d managed to cover his lovely girlfriend in some of the spray, which he was surely going to pay for later.

Riley narrowed her eyes at him. “What’s so wrong with it?”

Lucas shook his head and smiled. “Nothing, I actually like you guys together, but you’ve far surpassed our bet for when you would get together.” He started counting something off on his fingers, probably months.

“You made a bet about us? About when we would be an us?” Riley’s blush was creeping up her neck, and she felt somewhat ashamed that it had taken her so long to know her feelings.

Maya tried to explain it away with a smile. “It wasn’t that big of a deal.”

“Even you Peaches?” Honestly, Riley wasn’t all that surprised, but it still stung a bit.

Maya snorted. “Well it was bound to happen, I just don’t know what took you so long.”

“And nobody told us?” Her voice was getting louder, she’d have to keep that in check.

Lucas frowned and thought about it. “We didn’t want to scare you off.”

Maya jumped in with another excuse. “No one wanted to get Farkle’s hopes up, it’s just not a good idea.”

Riley took a sip of her drink to calm herself into a teasing tone. She was still a bit miffed about the fact that they’d bet on her love life. “You people with your ‘no more excuses’ and your hypocrisy. You guys suck.”

Lucas’s phone chirped, and he looked down at it. “My momma need’s me at home, do you mind?” He asked it as a general question, but his eyes landed on Riley when he said it.

Riley stared him down. “If it’s Farkle, that’s fine. You don’t have to lie to me.”

Lucas ducked his head and nodded. “Yeah, it’s Farkle. You don’t mind?”

“He’s my friend. I want him happy, and I know that he won’t be until he figures this out, no matter what the answer is. Go ahead.” Lucas smiled at her and left after kissing Maya goodbye.

“I’m proud of you, Honey,” Maya said with a smile.

Riley grimaced at how Maya had managed to underestimate her. “I’ve always wanted him happy, Peaches. That’s never changed.”

(A/N): Much love to my Riarkle Beta, @dearmisslyss , fellow writer, and awesome human being.

The best is still yet to come, darlings.

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do you think there's a parallel between the way that lucas conciously flirted with smackle, someone he doesnt have feelings for, he was calm cool and collected and then when you compare it to his date with maya, someone he's supposed to "only likes as a friend", he's a nervous fumbling mess that has trouble putting two words together

Idk if I’d say it was a parallel, but it certainly does say something about Lucas’ feelings for Maya. People always want to talk about how he obviously didn’t like her romantically and only liked her as a friend, but if that’s the case, then why did she make him lose his cool and act all nervous and fidgety? Clearly Lucas can be smooth (like with Smackle) and say all the right things without missing a beat (occasionally with Riley), but Maya makes him a fidgety mess? Pretty telling if you ask me.

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“There’s a storm rolling in. You scared?” Rucas

After much convincing their senior year, Cory and Topanga Matthews finally allowed their daughter and her friends to spend the weekend up at their Lake House. Alone. They went in pairs - Riley and Lucas, Maya and Farkle, who, while they weren’t labeled, they still weren’t seeing anyone else, and Zay and Vanessa. Vanessa had moved to the city her senior year, partially to be closer to Zay, but also because New York had Julliard, and that’s where she wanted to study. They figured it would be a great last huzzah before they all part ways to go to college.

Lucas pulls up to the house in his Jeep and everyone empties out. It’s been a long drive, almost two hours. They all grab their respective bags and Lucas glances up at the sky, then back at everyone walking into the house. His eyes meet doe brown and he smiles warmly.

“There’s a storm coming you know,” she smirks, lacing her fingers with his. “You scared?”

“What? Riley, I’m not afraid of anything,” he says, rolling his eyes and locking the jeep, following her inside. “Movie to start off the night?” he asks everyone, looking at the analog clock that reads 7:45 pm. “I don’t think with this storm rolling in we’ll be able to do much.”

“Who says rolling in?” Maya laughs. Lucas ignores the comment.

“Yeah,” Zay agrees, taking a seat on the L shaped couch in the middle of the room. He drapes an arm around her shoulders as she nuzzles against his neck.

“Oh! We’ll make popcorn!” Maya exclaims, grabbing Farkle’s hand and running into the kitchen. “Any request for seasonings?” she asks.

“We all know how you are with spices, Peaches,” Riley laughs, briefly reminiscing on their seventh grade adventure in the cafeteria. “Nothing in particular?” she looks around and no one responds. “Just don’t burn it!”

“I would never!” Maya says, throwing a hand over her heart in mock pain. Riley giggles at her best friend before bring her bags into the master bedroom. It’s spacious and the bed is big, equipped with a walk in closet and view of the lake, Riley always loved coming up here.

Lucas sets their bags down and smiles. “I can take the couch tonight,” he says and she rolls her eyes. “Your dad wouldn’t be happy knowing I spent the night in your bed.”

“My dad also wouldn’t be happy knowing what we did last weekend,” she whispers, leaning on her toes and giving him a kiss. “But there are some things he doesn’t have to know. Plus, our friends are here. Nothing like that will happen, Lucas. It’s just sleeping.”

Lucas chuckles and kisses her. “It was a really good weekend.”

“Mhm,” she hums, lacing their fingers again. They walk back out into the living room and Riley smiles at the respective couples chatting away with each other, Farkle and Maya throwing popcorn salt at each other. “Don’t make a mess!”

“No promises Riley!” Farkle exclaims as he wraps his arms around Maya’s waist and twirls her around.

“So comedy or horror?”

“I don’t know, Luke,” Zay chuckles. “If we watch a horror movie are you gonna piss yourself like last time?”

“No,” Lucas scoffs, hoping over the back of the couch and plopping down. “And I didn’t piss myself, Zay. I just got scared…. it was a suspenseful movie!”

“I thought big bad Ranger Rick said he wasn’t afraid of anything!” Maya calls from the kitchen as Riley sits in a chair adjacent from the couch.

“I might be a little scared of things,” he mutters, crossing his arms.

“Okay so comedy it is,” Riley giggles, going to their movie cabinet. “Do you guys want to watch Daddy’s Home?”

“Yes!” Vanessa exclaims. “Someone wouldn’t take me to see it!” she says pointedly at Zay.

“Excuse me,” he says, raising his hands. “For not wanting to watch you drool over Whalberg.”

“Have you seen his abs?” Riley asks and he shook her a look, as well as Lucas. She laughs and moves to sit next to Lucas, Maya and Farkle coming back in with the popcorn. They sit together in the chair that Riley had just been in and Riley gets up to put the movie in.

Afterwards, Lucas opens his arms for her and smiles. She giggles and climbs on the couch, cuddling into his side and resting her head on is shoulder as it begins to rain. Riley glances outside for a moment before turning on the movie.

There’s a lot of laughter and thrown popcorn throughout the movie and as the night has passed, the storm has only intensified. The rain is pouring loudly on the rooftop, but thankfully there hasn’t been any lightning or thunder yet.

“Look at his abs!” Vanessa shouts and they all look at her and laugh. Zay stares at her for a moment before throwing a handful of popcorn in her face. She gasps and picks up scattered pieces of popcorn playfully shoving them in his face.

“Okay I give!” he exclaims as she sits up and smirks triumphantly.

“Guys,” Lucas whispers. They all look to them and he presses a finger to his lips. “She’s really tired.”

“Got it,” Farkle whispers, holding Maya closer. She kisses his cheek. “Aw, lil’ Maya Hart.”

“Watch it, Minkus.”

Time passes and they’re toward the end of the movie when a loud crash of thunder is heard throughout the house. Lucas jerks his shoulder, clobbering Riley in the nose and waking her up.

“Oh my god! Riley I’m so sorry,” he says, as she’s coming to and holding her nose. It’s already bleeding as she tilts her head back and laughs. “Are you okay?” he asks, standing up and running to grab tissue. She pinches her nose.

“Well, I was happily asleep when some goober hit me in the face and made me bleed,” she laughs sarcastically. “I could be better,” she finishes, with a nasal voice.

“I’m so sorry.”

“You basically just punched your girlfriend because you were scared,” Zay coos and Lucas shoots him a look.

“It’s fine,” she laughs. “Let’s not forget how easily I get nose bleeds. I mean last month when Zay hit me in the face with a ball,” she says, raising an eyebrow at the other brunette. He hangs his head.

“I said I was sorry!”

“And I’m sorry too!”

“It’s fine,” she says, leaning forward and blotting at the blood. “I’ll be fine, I’m a big girl.”

“Do you need ice?”

“Calm down, Lucas,” she giggles. “I’m fine. But next time? Just tell me you’re scared of storms…”

“Haha, will do.”

anonymous asked:

Lucas will be probally really angry at Riley in legacy. Remember when he got really angry because she didn't tell him about the bullying. He's always getting fired up on her behalf..😏

He’s gotten fired up AT her (Secret of Life is a good example). But he only ever got fired up *on her behalf* the one time (in GM Rileytown), which she did not exactly appreciate. When has Lucas EVER gotten fired up on Riley’s behalf the same way he did for Maya in Creativity? When has Lucas ever fought for Riley’s happiness in a way that didn’t just upset her more?

I guess you could argue Yearbook or Commonism, but those episodes had him fired up over Riley, Farkle and Maya. And of course in Yearbook he put a LOT more effort into trying to get Maya back than he did for Riley and Farkle, so much so that he got flustered and accidentally hurt Maya by talking about her home life, which he has otherwise NEVER done.

And yeah, I’m sure Lucas (along with Maya) will be upset about Riley lying and making such a gigantic mess out of the whole situation (although I imagine they’ll forgive her rather quickly)…but I don’t know why anyone would think that’s a good sign for Riley and Lucas romantically. You can’t build a solid romance with someone you can’t/don’t deeply trust, and we’ve already been shown that Riley and Lucas don’t fully trust each other—even after nearly two years of friendship and a sorta kinda not really dating Thing.