maya made me this in october

Tonight: Ending. Beginning. Tomorrow: Why did you do that? Sunday: Liar. The story was clear from the pilot. What is the secret of life?

— Girl Meets Writers (@GMWWriters)

October 16, 2015

I casually watched this show on Disney when I had nothing to do.

When it started, I thought it was quirky and fun, a nice little turn-your-brain-off interlude, but nowhere near the awesomeness of its predecessor.

But well, I kept casually watching when it happened to be on TV and I happened to be free. Mostly, it made me nostalgic for BMW, and I appreciated the presence of Farkle and the occasional unexpected chemistry between Lucas and Maya but thought they were going a very straightforward Disney fairytale route, shoving Lucas & Riley as “Cory & Topanga” down my throat in a way that wasn’t faithful to the spirit of the original series, and well I didn’t care for any of that. (On top of that, the life lessons also seemed to be delivered by Cory in a stiff inorganic way; largely because I didn’t really get what they were doing with them)

I had not watched most of S2; in fact, I think the last ep I caught had been GM The Tell-Tale-Tot, in which the college kids openly encouranging the Josh/Maya stuff made me raise my eyebrows. I’d see gifs here on Tumblr of in-your-face Lucas & Maya, and think - huh - maybe they are going somewhere else.

And then… then I watched GM Texas. And saw the above tweet.

And holy fucking crap! did I misjudge the writers and their crafty underhanded build-up.

I am now set on rewatching the show, in production order cause I hear that’s good, to finally fully appreciate it.