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Tell me I’m not the only one who cried like a little child because of Dean’s grief this episode. I began with the prayer to Chuck, and then when Dean wrapped Cas in yellow and sunshine, I bawled.

Ishim, to Cas : So now… I’m gonna help you. I’m gonna cure you from your human weakness. Sam way I cured my own.

Ishim : By cutting it out.

Ishim : *attacks Dean*

…Okay. Okay, hold on : the angel obsessed with a female human, angel who “had his heart broken” and tried to get rid of his feelings by breaking this same human’s heart in turn… This same angel talks about “curing Castiel’s human weakness”, in a direct parallel with himself, by killing Dean?

“I loved you”, Ishim said to Lily. I loved you.

“I’m gonna cure you from your human weakness”, he says to Cas. “Same way I cured my own.”

And then, he attacks Dean ?

Wow. Wow.

Dean’s reaction when Cas comes back… So different from Sam’s. Poignant, and hurt. Hurt because Cas always leaves and because Dean cares too much.

“Team Free Will”, he? Dean has come a long way in expressing his need to have Cas near, but. He could do better. He could be even more blatant in showing his love for Cas, and the writers know it and everyone knows it. What is the meaning off all this if not, in the end, putting definitely destiel into the text?

A tape. I knew it was coming, but… a tape, Dean gave Cas a tape, and if that’s not a romantic trope, I don’t know what is.

Sam : I understand. Believe me. But, after you’d your revenge, then what?

Eileen : I have… no idea. My mother was a lawyer. Must be nice to follow in her footsteps.


Sammy. Sammy, Sammy, Sammy.

What had he said, already? Ah, yes. “Not marriage but.. something? You know, with a hunter. Somebody who understands the life.”


Sam and the mythic arc. Playing the adventure hero.

Dean and the emotional arc. Playing the emotional hero.

I love them so much. :)

Castiel: "Honor bar.“ What’s honorable about a miniature bar in a motel room?


Dean: Everything.


Castiel: How are you, Dean?

Dean: I’m fine, Cas. How ‘bout you?

CastieI: I miss my wings. Life on the road… smells.



Dean is on a very, very dark path. He is tired and hopeless, and Castiel still manages to make him smile.

They are both so tender with the other.

…Are you telling me. That Dean managed to call for Cas while under Amara’s influence? That she was there, and he didn’t thought about her once? That Amara is snatching Lucifer away and Dean IS ONLY THINKING ABOUT CAS AND MANAGED TO CALL FOR CAS??

Amara’s face. A confused and heartbroken face. Because her bond with Dean, that she thought inescapable, is weaker than Dean’s bond with Cas. Amara’s bond, which was presented like something imposed but darkly romantic, is trumped by Dean’s bond with Cas.

Amara’s bond, which was presented like something imposed but darkly romantic, is trumped by Dean’s bond with Cas.