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Chelou returns after a year’s silence with a spellbinding new song named Halfway To Nowhere. The UK based artist coos softly from a bed of minimalist elements, giving us a goosebump inducing fusion of earthy folksiness and hypnotic electronica. In fact, Chelou collaborated with deep house virtuoso Maya Jane Coles on this haunting song. Her production touch is unmistakable on the steady clattering tune. Halfway To Nowhere is a song that hangs in the air, a deep entrancing ambler in which I eagerly surrender all sense of time. The single will be out on Friday, November 4th. 

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Brighton quartet YONAKA made quite a statement with their single Bubblegum, a crunchy sawing, jaunty thrumming pop rock charmer, whose video you can watch, here. Esteemed British deep house producer Maya Jane Coles has turned the track on its head with an astonishing electronic re-work. Bubblegum takes on a three dimensional spaciousness on the hypnotic remix, featuring MJC’s signature shadowy shuffling texture and guttural beats. The mesmeric remix is available from iTunes, here.

MoMA PS1: Warm Up

Show off your dance moves at MoMA PS1 Warm Up this Saturday with London-based DJ Maya Jane Coles, “the hottest emerging talent in dance music” according to Mixmag and creator of catchy samples for hits like Nicki Minaj’s “Truffle Butter” featuring Drake and Lil Wayne. Use code WARMUPFAM for discounted tickets and start planning your day full of dancing, food, and art. Alongside MJC will be Detroit DJ on-the-rise Jay Daniel, house music master Joey Anderson, lo-fi synth artist Palmbomen II, and Brooklyn’s very own Ohal, who seamlessly blends abstract experimental noise music with the sensibilities of pop songs.

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“get to know me”

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Name: kyria.
Nicknames: kyrie, ky, kry, ky baby, kyri, kyri-berry, lil moon, lil sis, dad.
Gender: female, she / her pronouns.
Star sign: gemini !
Height: 5'2″.
Time: 5:09pm.
Birthday:  june 12th !
Favourite bands: bombay bicycle club. highly suspect. kaiser chiefs. sir sly. makeup and vanity set.
Favourite Solo Artists: elton john. maya jane coles. fyfe. alt-j. carpenter brut
Song stuck in my head: deadcrush.
Last movie I watched: jumanji.
When did I create my blog: a good few months ago.
Last thing I googled: deus ex augmentations.
Do I have any other blogs: adam jensen and bigby wolf !
Do I get asks: yes, sometimes ! reminds me that i’ve got a few sitting and waiting to be answered actually. i’m always accepting of more though, whether that’s memes or questions you want to ask about me or sebastian, ask away.
Why I chose my url: ❛ tillaras ❜ is spanish for gold, and considering how much he cherished his gold badge, and half spanish himself, i thought it fitting !
Following: 128.
Followers: 197. ( i love you all you talented nerds )
Average hours of sleep: 6-7 for college days, 8-11 while on holiday.
Lucky number: 5.
Instruments: guitar.
What am I wearing: baggy sweater, joggers and fluffy socks !
Dream job: novelist and screen writer.
Dream trip: italy and new york for now.
Favourite foods: delicious food full of flavour !
Nationality: british, but india also runs through my veins.
Favourite song right now: deadcrush.

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Tiga & Audion – Let’s Go Dancing (Maya Jane Coles Dancing in the Dark Remix)