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  • Wells was murdered by Charlotte. Did Clarke beat her bloody? NOPE.
  • Finn was mercy killed by Clarke. Did Raven beat her bloody? NOPE.
  • Maya was killed by Bellamy and Clarke and indirectly by Monty. Did Jasper beat Them bloody? NOPE.
  • Gina was killed by a grounder assassin and indirectly by Echo. Did Bellamy beat her bloody? NOPE.
  • L/exa was shot and killed by Titus. Did Clarke beat him bloody? NOPE.
  • Jake was floated by Jaha and indirectly by Kane. Did Abby or Clarke beat them bloody? NOPE.
  • Lincoln was executed by Pike. Did Octavia beat him bloody? Nopppeee. She just killed him, blamed Bellamy and beat him while he was chained to a wall because why not? It's not like Monty and Bryan were following him too.
  • I know thay everyone deals with grief differently, but DON'T try and tell me Octavia is doing what anyone would else would do. DON'T try and tell me that it's okay.

okay, so the other day I came across a video on youtube with some people who do episode recaps. I was curious so I started watching their one for A Lie Guarded. Not even a few minutes in I realized these people were pretty anti-Jonty in this episode, and went on to say that Jasper doesn’t even deserve to be mad about the list because he’s choosing to die…

but the thing is Jasper being upset about the list, and especially the fact that Monty isn’t on it, is completely in character with who Jasper is. 

From episode one Jasper has actively disregarded his own life and safety when it comes to others, especially his friends.

Honestly, he doesn’t know Octavia all that well in the Pilot episode. It’s possible that up until that trek through the woods they’d never spoken before. Actually, this is pretty likely given Octavia’s upbringing. Still, Jasper is the one who jumps into the water to save her, when he very easily could have been attacked and killed by the river monster.

Later in Murphy’s Law, he is terrified to go outside of the safety of the walls, but when he thinks Octavia is in danger he pushes past that to go after her.

What about His Sister’s Keeper? When he chooses to go with Bellamy to find Octavia and then continue to when they realize they’re going into even more dangerous territory? He’s even the first person to go behind Bellamy. 

And that’s just stuff with Octavia in season 1.

Continuing season 1 stuff

When Clarke and Anya are talking at the bridge and Jasper sees the grounders with weapons drawn and pointed at Clarke he runs out and tells her to run, putting himself in the open. The grounders could have killed him then and there for this…which I will admit that this is pretty much the only time he’s put someone other than himself in danger too, but his intention was not to do this. It was to warn Clarke.

Then we have Jasper wanting to go after Monty when he’s gone missing. The only thing that stops him from doing so is the fact that Bellamy won’t let any weapons leave camp. So, since he didn’t actually go I’m going to count this one as a half cause he still wanted to.

Later in that same episode Jasper walks in on Murphy after he’s killed Myles. He very easily could have lied to Bellamy about what happened over the radio, instead he tells him the truth, because he has no idea what Murphy’s motives are. He knows that Murphy was banished, and what’s stop him from hurting or killing more people. People responsible for this. The other delinquents that beat him or stood by and watched as he was hanged. The ones who thought it was okay to string him up because he was an asshole and they didn’t like him. Still, Jasper doesn’t care that he is alone with Murphy in the dropship, he tells Bellamy what happened and gets himself held hostage for it. 

Season 2 

Jasper agrees to the blood trial to save Maya without hesitation, even though Dr. Tsing has just told him and Monty that she isn’t sure what would happen to him if he did this.

When Monty has gone missing he goes to confront President Wallace, even attempting to threaten him with a sword, only to have it turned around on him and it held against his throat.

After Bellamy gives Jasper the gun and Dr. Tsing and the guards come in to get another person, they grab Monty and Jasper draws the gun and shoots one of the guards. This of course prompts Dr. Tsing to tell them to take Jasper instead of Monty. Jasper would have been taken down and drilled into until he died if Bellamy hadn’t gotten the level radiated.

After they’ve defended themselves against the guards and he realizes they’ve taken Fox he tries to go after her. What stops him is Miller holding him back

Stepping away from his friends/people that he knows, when Mr. and Mrs. Peters are being held at gun point by the guards, he eventually comes out of his and Maya’s hiding space. He willingly gives himself up to be tortured and killed in order to save these two people that had hidden and protected him. Still, they wind up being shot.

Season 3

ALIE sends all of Arkadia after Jasper when he is getting Raven out of there because he’s seen what ALIE has done to her….he also saves Clarke by telling her to get into the Rover here, despite him still being pissed off at her.

So when season 4 comes around and people say that Jasper shouldn’t be upset about the list cause he’s choosing to die, reminds me just how little a lot of people pay attention to Jasper’s actual characterization on this show. 




Here I am with a new video and it’s a The 100 one! Let me know what you think of it and I’m sorry for the emotional roller coaster you’re about to go into!

Wednesdays At Jasper’s

They didn’t plan for this to become a thing. It just happened. It started out as a joke. An inside thing just between them but somehow, it became a ritual. With everything going on, the rest of the squad just needed one night without Bellamy and Clarke. So, every 3rd Wednesday of the month, they meet up at Jasper’s for game night.

Words: 2312


sometimes you have to let people go because they’re toxic for you. you have to let people go because they mean you no good. sometimes you have to sacrifice the temporary happiness that people will give you - in convenience.. and you have to chase an unconditional happiness only you can give you. you have to let them go because you’ve forgotten your worth and you have to regain a sense of self. let them go because they continuously take - always leaving you empty.. always leaving you uncertain. let them go because while you’re learning yourself & seeking fulfillment - they’re unapologetically draining you.
—  Reyna Biddy

Eve (Maya), Chris (Monty), Bob (Bellamy) all with cups? I know there was previous spec that the cups could mean that they were in space, but as we know Maya is dead and The 100 isn’t big on resurrection, I suspect they are filming for Jasper’s (pretty much assumed) death scene. 

All three of the actors we’ve seen with cups play prominent roles in Jasper’s life. 

Monty is his brother, his best friend. 

Maya was his great love. 

Bellamy is his father figure/big brother type/definitely someone he looks up to and trusts. 

So perhaps Monty and Bellamy are calling to Jasper in an attempt to keep him alive (and the cups are being used to make it seem as if they are speaking from a great distance). 

And Maya is also there to lead him to “the other side”?

Getting emotionally invested in The 100 was simultaneously the best and worst decision I ever made in my life.

If Riley from Farm Station was a Mt Weather citizen would u have pulled the lever™ Clarke and Bellamy???

Hmm,,,,, 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 kinda 👏 makes 👏 you 👏 think 👏 am I right??¿??¿? 👀👀👀👀🤔🤔🤔🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 everyone 👏 knows 👏 riley

so i guess this is it folks. i won’t be participating in anything team delusional from now on. (i feel slightly relieved??) i feel the need to explain why, so if you want to know, click the read more, and if you don’t then just keep on scrolling!

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save me.. like you promised you would. like the promise of us after our first conversation and how i just knew you could. save me.. like I still know you can. sometimes I wonder where you go and if you ever need a hand.

sometimes I wonder if you see me drowning and if all along this - was your plan.
and if you’re waiting for me, patiently, to say I can’t breathe anymore.

between these mixed signals and temporary lines, I can’t breathe anymore. Im waist deep praying there’s a way you can even see me anymore.. because I can’t seem to see me without you, I can’t continue to wonder if you’ll ever leave anymore..
save me.. cause I can’t dream anymore. I can’t fantasize about another love like you ain’t kiss my soul into a happy place. like you ain’t brought my life into better days. I can’t give this up like we don’t do more than fuck like we don’t really make love like our souls aint just one like this is something you can control like you ain’t really in love like this was ever a story about two fools in lust.
come on..

if you can’t remember the forever’s you’ve placed in me.. look at me. look at the woman you’ve made me. you can’t abandon the home you’ve made in me. look me in my eyes and promise me - you don’t crave me. let me know if I’m crazy.
I told myself I’d stop writing about people and then here you come. you made me question if all the others were ever really worthy.. and how I couldn’t not write about the person who fits me completely and perfectly. you fixed me completely and perfectly..

you know I love to see how much you love to see me loving the way you love me.. it is all love right?
I know.. somedays, you get afraid, right?
to have my heart, to be my rib.
to break some days, and go through shit.
it takes a warrior and a special kind of bravery to deal with someone like me.
but I’ve decided I can’t allow you to have cold feet. I swear I’ll be patient but I know you know you were made for me.
please, don’t walk away from me.
not after you promised you would save me..

— Reyna Biddy

@falafel14 omg yes to either of those

Which now I’m merging your Monty and Harper naming their first child after Jasper with my headcanon of Bellamy and Clarke naming one of their kids Maya and the two of them growing up together and Jasper Green and Maya Blake getting the happy ending that Jasper Jordan and Maya Vie deserved (even if it isn’t them being together in a romantic way, but just best friends)