maya goes to leakycon

also i hugged anthony rapp which nobody else seems to think is a big deal but!!!! ohmygod!!!!! revolutionary changes to the use of storytelling for social change!!!! and such a big impact in terms of aids/hiv awareness and also the lgbt*q community!!! rent is so foundational in terms of what our community can do now and!!!! that means not only the harry potter/fandom community but also musical theatre and performance art in general and i!!!!!!!!! i hugged him and he hugged me

There are some books I wouldn’t want to write, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be written.

a panelist at the LeakyLit “Bad Books and Why We Love Them” panel 

(Likewise, there are some books I wouldn’t want to read, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be read. Or written, for that matter.)

one of my favorite things about nerd events and concerts and shows and stuff is that everyone is really respectful and good to each other

so many shows you go to the people in the mosh pit and the crowd just shove each other around

social anxiety and anxiety triggered by brush contact means i can’t handle that sort of crowd on most days 

but every nerdy sort of show i’ve ever been to i’ve been just fine

i’ve gotten way into crowds on accident or decided in a moment of insanity to go through and everyone has just been really good about it

i’ve fallen over and expected to be trampled and actually just been immediately helped up by like six different people

i’ve needed to go get water and been let out and then also let back in

and at vidcon in the mosh i started to panic attack and everyone was so good to me, like, way better than i could have expected or hoped, and they left me space on all sides i mean it was just really really nice

such a great community gah potter fandom and nerdfighteria have just been so good to me

Okay, question. 

Here are the cosplays I have relatively set up- 

Faith from Buffy (+ fairly simple, supah sexy, i get to wear my boots, - i have to walk in those gorram boots all day, might be too warm, con boys are assholes)

bbc!Sherlock (+ i have it all ready, already bought wig, fairly simple, - the costume is super warm, fandom is batshit)

femme!Eleven (+ i absolutely love this costume, it’s super easy, i look adorable in it, avery’s bringing her tardis dress ??, - i’ve worn it everywhere)

steam!Eleven (+ i’m really proud of my steam!sonic, the pieces are all really cool, - i don’t like how i look in it, it’s super hard to pack all the pieces, a lot of prep work) 

Renaissance peasant (+ i have it all set, it looks really cute, - it’s not for a set character so it’ll be a little out of place)

Slytherin student (+ it’s a harry potter costume, i could just wear the robes over street clothes, - it’s a harry potter costume and that’s super boring at a harry potter con) 

What should I go with for Leaky? Should I even do a cosplay at all, or just be super adorable? Should I cosplay every day of the con, or just wear my favorite nerd clothes some days?