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What the mcsm crew do when they’re drunk because I’m bored

• MJesse likes to lay in the bed and rub his belly and eventually he starts taking clothes off because he complains about the heat

•FJesse says she isn’t drunk when she is and hums loudly

• For Axel, it takes him a while to feel the effects and is usually the one who helps Jesse and Olivia if they start acting like babies. But once he does he starts talking and will not stop until he goes to sleep.

•Olivia gets all jumpy and giggly

•Lukas tries to stay calm but she easily laughs at everything

•Aiden just wants to fight everybody and becomes confused

•Maya takes pictures of people doing dumb things

•Gill stumbles a lot and turns into a human bumper car

•Petra tries to fight Aiden

•Ivor gets all quiet and ponders about life

•Gabriel sits and goes to sleep every five minutes


•Ellegard starts roasting people

• Everyone tells Soren that he had to many drinks when he didn’t drink at all

•Isa just chilling like a bad bitch

•Milo gets mad at nothing

•Reuben is just like wtf is going on and stares at everybody from the corner of the room


Here have all these doodles I’ve drawn over time,
highschool au Lukas wanting Jesse to notice him.
Jesse I drew from the highschool Jesskas comic I’m working on.
Petrolivia for Max.
Kids au Highschool au crossover, over protective dads.
Highschool au jesskas doodle.
Maya being sad…


if ur lookin for some minecraft: story mode garbage, you’ve come to the right place my dudes

i may draw a lot of jesse, but i also draw a lot of jesse here @ablockandahardplace so you probably wont hAVE TO PUT UP WITH TOO MUCH GARBAGE FROM MY BLOG??

i promise i’ll draw a lot more characters soon <”D

Norwegian Bands/Music (Categorized)

Oslo Ess
-Emilie Nicolas
-Sissel Kyrkjebø
-Siri Nilsen
-Kaizers Orchestra
-Lillebjørn Nilsen
-Marit Larsen
-Maria Mena
-Thom Hell
-Morten Abel
-Sirkus Ellassen
-Kurt Nilsen
-Susanne Sundfør
-Alexander Rybak

-Karpe Diem

-Edvard Grieg

-Mari Boine
-Jarle Bernhoft

Metal/Hard Rock
-Theatre of Tragedy
-The Sins of Thy Beloved
-Mortal Love

-Cashmere Cat
-Maya Vik
-Gabrielle Leithaug

-Kings of Convenience
-Odd Nordstoga
-Sondre Lerche
-Kaja Gunnufsen
-Kari Rueslåtten
-Leaves’ Eyes
-Thomas Dybdahl

I love this, man. In BMW: Resurrection, Josh is having problems breathing after his birth and everyone’s waiting in the hospital. When Cory, Topanga, and Shawn are walking towards Josh’s room, Shawn is stopped by a nurse. And that was Alan’s response. 

 Picture this: Josh gets in a motorcycle accident (it was rumored he’d get in one because of Uriah) and the Matthews family rushes over to the hospital to see how he’s doing. And then cORY AND MAYA PARALLEL THIS SCENE PLEASE AND THANK YOU

Might I add this could also work with Cory and Farkle because Farkle’s been friends with Riley for the same amount of time Maya has. He is practically family.