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  • Phoenix Wright Square Badge [8 USD]
  • Phoenix Wright Pixel Circle Badge [7 USD]
  • Miles Edgeworth Square Badge [8 USD]
  • Miles Edgeworth Pixel Circle Badge [7 USD]
  • Miles Edgeworth Multipurpose Acrylic Keychain/Stand [15 USD]
  • Maya Fey Multipurpose Acrylic Keychain/Stand [14 USD]
  • Larry Butz Multipurpose Acrylic Keychain/Stand [13 USD]

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It doesn’t make Pearl’s behavior any better, but part of the reason why she was so adamant about Maya and Phoenix being a couple stemmed from her unconscious desire for a father. She loved Morgan, but she still recognized that her mother was distant. And Maya couldn’t carry the entire emotional support work Pearl needed (which was unfair to both of them).

After she met Phoenix, Pearl worked herself even more into her wish world. He proved to be everything she had always wished for in a father and hoped he’d stay close if he was in a romantic relationship with her cousin. It would also mean Maya had more support.

Family movie time commission for @caromellarts! This took a while to finish because of such a busy month, but I’m glad it still turned out well! 

EDIT: Please do not repost this, edit or use as your icon whatsoever! I would usually allow it with permission and credit, but this is a Commission and I would like everyone to respect that this is also partially my client’s property. Thank you very much!