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Imagine all the Persona protagonists living in one house together (NOW WITH FEMALE PROTAGS!):
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Naoya/P1:</b> Literaly the most chill protagonist. Is fine with all the other protags, but gets along with Tatsuya the most. Naoya ends up paying the rent the most. He's on good terms with P5/Kaito/Chair, Minako/Hamuko/P3P, Maya, and Makoto/Minato/P3, but Yu/Soji/P4 barley seems to remember him.<p/><b>Tatsuya/P2IS:</b> Is just always angry at Makoto/Minato and Yu/Soji. Calls them "Cash cows" and "dating sims" quite frequently. Usually hangs out with Naoya and Maya, and he's rather nice with them. He's still unsure about Kaito/Chair- but Tatsuya can stand him. Forgets about Hamuko frequently.<p/><b>Maya/P2EP:</b> Is literally the team mom of the group. Ends up ending every argument- no matter the stakes. Maya frequently drags Makoto/Minato out of his room to get sunlight. She's great friends with Naoya, and views Tasuya as a brother-like figure. She simply gets along with everyone else.<p/><b>Makoto/Minato/P3:</b> The memer/antisocial internet addict. Keeps track of every meme anyone ever had ever. Is usually stoic 99% of the time. He's usually stuck on cleaning duty. Makoto/Minato gets along with Naoya and Kaito the most, and views Yu/Soji as a rival. Literally ignores Tatsuya, but can have a normal conversation with him. He's pretty much the overprotective older brother to Minako/Hamuko.<p/><b>Minako/Hamuko/P3P:</b> The feisty teenager. Is usually energetic and compassionate to everyone, and tends to eat out the food first. Can get along with everyone, views Makoto/Minato as the annoying older brother, and Yu/Soji as the cool cousin.<p/><b>Yu/Soji/P4:</b> The most optimistic of the bunch. He's not proud of the decision to make all of those spin-offs, but looks on the bright side- at least he looks good in that DAN outfit. He's usually stuck on cooking duty. Yu's a bit distrusting of Kaito, friends with Makoto/Minato, forgets who Naoya is, and any conversation with Tatsuya ends with various insults.<p/><b>Kaito/Chair/P5:</b> The shadiest of them all. He usually provides for the whole group with money he "found", and occasionally steals them gifts, to gain their trust. Kaito/Chair tries to be nice to everyone, Makoto in particular, but sends Yu occasional "My city now" grins, or steals his not-glasses. Occasionally flirts with Minako and Maya.<p/></p><p/></p>
Heroes and Heroines with Disabilities Review: Never Seduce a Scot

So, I have decided to start this series, by in large, because growing up with a mother who had permanent damage to her feet legs and ankles due to an accident when she was 23, a father who still suffers the effects of surviving polio as a baby and a sister with epilepsy, I get really excited for heroes and heroines with disabilities. It is, perhaps, my favorite when the lead does not need to be “perfect” and they are given their HEA. 

 I am starting with a favorite: Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks 

 Protagonist with Disability:  Heroine 

Disability: hearing loss/deaf 

 Review: I am a sucker for many tropes: Scottish Highlands, star-crossed lovers, secret villains, gruff heroes, saving-themselves heroines - this book has it all. 

 To start, the Montgomerys and the Armstrongs have been warring for years. The last major straw was the Armstrong clan murdering Laird Montgomery. This has left Graeme Montgomery as laird and looking to avenge his father’s death with the ruin of the Armstrongs. The King of Scotland, however, is done with the fighting between two of his most powerful clans, and wants not to see them tear the highlands apart. So, before Still Star-Crossed thought of it, he demands that Graeme marry Eveline Armstrong, the only daughter of Laird Armstrong, to prevent feuding. Everyone is furious. 

 The Montgomerys and the Armstrongs do not wish to be aligned through marriage, particularly not through Eveline. A horse accident three years ago has left Eveline altered, to the point of an engagement being broken. Rumors have it that she is touched, crazy and the Montgomerys do not not want their lady to be this mess of a woman from a clan that wants to do them harm. 

Unsurprisingly, the Armstrongs do not wish to send their fragile and altered daughter to a laird bent on their family’s destruction. She couldn’t possibly be safe-who knows if she even understands what is being asked of her. 

 Enter my beloved Eveline. Eveline was in an accident three years ago and it did alter her permanently. She lost her hearing to such an extent that she is functionally deaf. She can hear noises at a very low pitch, but not clearly. However, when she awoke from her accident, and discovered her deafness, she chose to use it to her advantage. Eveline’s first intended was a monster, who used to delight in telling her all the ways he would torture her once they were married. Any time Eveline tried to express concerns to her family about the match, she was dismissed as a girl with cold feet. Any young woman would be nervous. Eveline decides that she should act as if she doesn’t understand, seem blatantly confused, damaged and mute in hopes that she will be thrown over and she can remain safe at home forever. Which works, until she is promised to Graeme. 

 This is where our plot really kicks off, as Eveline has learned to read lips and is as bright as ever, tries to take the measure of Graeme as a man. Graeme, who on top of remaining staunchly anti-Armstrong, is not cool with having a potentially crazy wife who cannot really consent to having a life with him. He begins to realize quickly that his intended is not as crazy as everyone seems to think, because she seems to be quite clear with him regularly, even before he discovers she can speak. 

 This book is refreshing in many ways. Although the hearing loss comes from different mechanisms, Maya Banks based Eveline off of her husband’s progressive hearing loss and the strategies he used to cope through university so no one would notice he was losing his hearing. It is also lovely to have a Scottish hero who is quite considerate and believes in educated women, consent and truthfully, love. 

 Eveline is no damsel in distress, which I will say, Maya Banks does an amazing job of giving her historical highland women great agency. Eveline meets every challenge head on, determined to be successful and strong. She does not break under awful conditions and is an agent of strength throughout the book. 

There are some muddy bits with plot complications and the like, such as details within the feud, Eveline’s treatment in her new clan, but overall it is a great read.  I highly recommend.

This Memorial Day, #SayHerName

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What did you think of Married by morning and Tempt Me at Twilight by LK? For Elizabeth Hoyt, her maiden lane series is really good (theres also a pirate hero in one of them), I happen to love Duke of Sin especially because I like dark/anti heroes & b/c its different than other HR books. Loretta Chase's Lord of Scoundrels (LOVE It) and Dukes prefer Blondes. You probably have read HRs by tessa dare, sarah maclean, julie garwood, julia quinn, stephanie laurens & maya banks? They are A+++ ~LK anon.


Leo Hathaway is my everything. He is the snarkiest asshole to ever tie a perfect cravat, but his heart of gold slays me. And Catherine. CATHERINE. Their banter gives me wings and takes me higher. The UST sets me on fire. The scene where he catches her dyeing her hair and they scuffle and then adult scuffle on the wet rug I JUST NEED A MINUTE. “If you open that door, Cam, I’ll kill you.” LEO FUCKING HATHAWAY. When he buys her new glasses so she can see clearly…I cannot. Or when they get into it at the dinner table about how they both have lost weight and look like shit bc they haven’t spoken in weeks and then they argue all the way to the garden and he pushes her up against the wall JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. 


And I loved Tempt Me by Twilight as well! Harry and Poppy were delightful. I’ll admit though it ranks probably 4th in series for me, after Leo/Catherine, Cam/Amelia, and Beatrix/Christopher. OMG ALSO THO LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON WITH BEATRIX AND CHRISTOPHER. GODDAMN I LOVE THAT BOOK. So many trooooooooooooooopes. Also the cottage in the woods smut A++++++++++++

I’ve not read most of the others I don’t think, but I am adding them to my list!! I have read Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton Series though! A fantastic one AND SO MANY BOOKS. And Julie Garwood, as high school Ann had a biiiiiig moment with her Scottish lairds and pirates (ugh Castles anyone?????). Biiiiiiiiig moment.