Artoo In Love Is A Fun Live-Action Animation Hybrid Involving R2-D2

With some CG, art, VFX and references to Pixar’s Wall-E, this short seems fit to inspire some animators. After all, it’s Star Wars! It even has a killer soundtrack.

Evan Atherton is the Autodesk engineer and design brain behind this short. Using Autodesk and Maya, as well as some pretty impressive camera equipment, with the aid of a couple other VFX artists, Atherton brought this appealing short to life.

Learn more about the tech behind the short and see some breakdowns of it all at AWN.

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anonymous asked:

Two years ago, the fanfic writing for this show was big. 5-6 postings a day and sometimes, 10-15. I just counted and there have been eleven fanfic stories or updates since March 1st. Is the Nick/Jess thing? Because basically all of the fanfic writing was Nick/Jess. Is it really gone because I find it so sad. There are some great writers out there. I wish they'd come back and write. -Maya

It is sad! Yes, I think it’s because of Nick and Jess… I mean, I understand it’s hard to find the will to write about two people when you’re given nothing. But I sure wish people would start writing again.

Can we talk for a second about how The 100 does not shy away from incorporating female characters at all?

Who’s the main character that winds up leading her people? A woman

 But it doesn’t stop at just one powerful female.

Who leads the twelve united Grounder clans? A woman

Who led the Woods Clan? A woman

 Who leads the TonDC tribe? A woman

Who was training to be a second? A woman

 Who took over as chancellor on the ground? A woman

Who is the Sky People’s crucial mechanic? A woman

Who was the leader of the Guard? A WOMAN

Who acts against her own people to help save others she barely knows? A WOMAN

And the list of female characters does not stop there. There’s Harper, Monroe, Roma, Fox, Echo, Diana, Tsing, and multiple other background characters.

Any of these characters could have easily been male instead, but they aren’t. They are all incredibly written women and girls. And this is so important. A lot of other shows are starting to have great female characters, but only have a limited number of them. The 100 does not hold back and feels no need to put men everywhere.


The 100 Ladies Appreciation Week
Day 3: Favorite Quote

“I am not afraid.”

#Octavia is the one who says this quote. #She learned it as a child as a mantra #for when she was afraid. #And that’s what I love about it in relation to all these ladies. #Because of course they’re afraid. #They have every right to be. #But to do what they all do #to be brave and fight like that #what else can you say #except ‘I am not afraid’? #What else can you do but push through the fear #and continue on anyway? #Which is exactly what they all do. #That is what I love about the ladies on this show. #They are strong and brave #but they are afraid as well. #They do show weakness. #But they fight anyway.