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New research reveals clues into downfall of Maya civilization

The reasons for the downfall of the once great and powerful Maya civilization has long been debated among scientists and historians. Countless theories for their decline have been proposed ranging from overhunting to foreign invasion, climate change, deforestation, drought, disease, peasant revolt, and even supernatural explanations. A new study has been released than strengthens the theory that drought played a major role in their demise.

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New Model! I stumbled across this gem on tumblr one day and saved the link so I could play later. It was a bit of a challenge as I only had 1 view to go off, but I did the best I could do.

Also found a new way to Ambient Occlusion render, woop. So he looks lovely. I’m afraid I couldn’t find out his name, so if anyone knows that would be ace!

Modeled in Maya and some parts tweaked on Mudbox - about 2 and a bit days overall.

He belongs to zazB (aka Guillaume Bonnet)

Video Turnaround:

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Quick Turnaround - shrink down in Photoshop

Close Up shots:

Holy Week in la Antigua

Semana Santa de la Antigua

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Monument 146 from Toniná
This features Ruler 8 , K'Inich Chapat , who reigned in Toniná between 787 and 806 AD . He ruled for the final period of Toniná’s prosperity , and oversaw military invasions into neighbouring provinces , as is noted by one of his titles - “ aj bolon baak ” ( he of the many captives ) .

Liverpool’s World Museum is uncovering the world of the ancient Mayas this week in a major free exhibition of treasures direct from Mexico,

Mayas: revelation of an endless time, which opened on Friday, is the flagship exhibition in the nationwide cultural programme for the Year of Mexico in the UK, with Liverpool the only place to host the show in the country.

And with almost 400 stunning objects, it’s also the biggest temporary exhibition ever staged by National Museums Liverpool.

The artworks, brought together from various historic sites and institutions in Mexico, were previously shown in Mexico City, Sao Paolo in Brazil and Paris.

The ancient Maya kingdoms stretched from eastern Mexico to modern day Guatemala, Belize and into western Honduras and El Salvador, from 1000BC to 1542.

Colin Gould

The Maya archaeological site of Muyil, located in the modern State of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is thought to date from approximately the Middle Formative period (before 400 BC), and was continuously occupied up to the arrival of the Spanish. From this point it was abandoned, with no evidence of Maya or European occupation until the 1800s.

Photo taken by Cristopher Gonzalez.