Disney rant

Disney is tryna sabotage GMW. Think about it, there STILL has not been a commonism promo while Bunk’d has been promoting all of this week AND last week. GM Texas didn’t get nearly the same amount of promos as an Austin and Ally special. They only promote the episode one week in advance after a long hiatus and wonder why they get low ratings…..hmmm. AND they release the show a week in advance. So imma say Disney’s tryna sabotage them and it’s a matter of time before Rowan says something they won’t like and want to fire her. Or Sabrina does something sexual (cuz ya’ll already know she ain’t innocent) and they’ll want to cut them. All I’m saying is this is more of a reason for us as their loving and loyal fans to find a way to convinence them to move the show to abc family(I’m not calling it freeform). Seriously, we should move them to abc family. Write the writers or whatever to let them know we will faithfully watch if they moved to abc family. A show like GMW shouldn’t be surrounded by crappy shows such as bunk’d, best friends whenever. They deserve and need to be free to talk about whatever they want and I feel Sabrina and Rowan feel trapped and are being controlled so much. I wish Disney would let their actors be themselves instead of this fantasy teenage dream child who’s famous and always happy.  I’d love to see Sabrina for who she really is not what they’re trying to make her. If you see her RDMA performance versus her performances now, something’s changed. She was herself that night compared to how she acts now. Rowan is the greatest person ever and I hope she doesn’t listen to the shit her fans tell her because she doesn’t smile. Think about it, her fans watch Disney, they expect teenagers and actors be a certain way so when Rowan is herself, they bully her. Disney what are you trying to do here because from what I see you ruin amazing shows and give little girls hella insecurity. Just something to think about. #GMWonabcfamily2016

I love this shot in GMW Texas!

It’s their reactions to Pappy Joe’s telling Lucas that “you’ll ruin the family name if you fail and we’ll hate you forever” line. I love how you can see all 4.

Zay is ready to pounce and fight.
Riley is ready to make a fantastic, well-delivered verbal retort.
Maya feels for him.
Farkle is annoyed at how illogical the situation is and how unintelligent Pappy Joe is. 


Dating Maya Hart would include

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-Gaining Riley’s friendship and approval along with the matthews, Shawn, Lucas, Farkle and Zay’s

-Becoming apart of the high five

-Falling in love with her hair, her eyes and her in general

-Constantly being a model for her art

-Constantly praising her art

-Hand holding


-Cuddling, a lot

-Becoming apart of the bay window

-Gaining your own friendship ring

-Learning all the depths of each other, even the parts that the two of you try to keep most hidden

-Trying to ban each other of the others “dungeon of sadness”

-Helping her with her father

-Supporting each other no matter what

-Banter and a lot of it

-Dozens of nicknames for each other

-Never leaving each others sides

-Knowing everything about the other

-Learning how to be rebellious like her

-Helping her with her homework

-Loving her “little ferret”

-Forcing each other to pursue things such as singing, guitar and painting

-Constantly stealing each others clothes

-Becoming fully comfortable with each other

-Wanting to flaunt each other constantly

-The two of you becoming very jealous when the other talks/flirts to others

-Lots of sleepovers and movie marathons

-Constant chimichanga consumption

-Never letting the other feel worthless or unloved, and if they do, the other will show them there not in more ways then one ;)

-Loving and being with each other through it all


ColorKines by Alya Nery
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Cada um com sua beleza da cor!

“Just as Dream and Magic... (6) - The mystery of this gigantic world illusion

[From: “Guru Ramana”, by S. S. Cohen, Pg 54; from Chapter IX “ Maya”;
“Mr. C wanted to know the mystery of this gigantic world illusion” (15.4.1937)]

Cohen:   We speak of the world as illusion, yet everything in it follows rigid laws, which prove it to be well-planned and well-regulated.
Bhagavan:   Yes, he who projected the illusion gave it the appearance of order and sound planning. In dreams one also sees a well-regulated world with saints, scriptures, etc, but the moment one wakes up they all disappear. So also waking from this dream world into the Supreme Consciousness causes them all to disappear.
C:   But how out of Truth does illusion, falsehood spring up.
Bh:   Maya is not falsehood, although it has the appearance of it, but the active side of Reality. It is the maker of forms in Consciousness and form means variety, which causes illusion – mind you, all this variety is in Consciousness and nowhere else; it is only in the mind. One jiva, seeing another jiva, forgets its identity with it and thinks of it as separate from itself. But the moment it turns its attention on its own nature as Consciousness, and not as form, the illusion of diversity or separateness breaks as a dream breaks when waking takes place.
C:   It is hard to conceive God, the formless, giving rise to forms.
Bh:   Why hard? Does not your mind remain formless when you do not perceive or think, say, in deep sleep, in samadhi, or in a swoon? And does it not create space and relationship when it thinks and impels your body to act? Just as your mind devises and your body executes in one homogenous, automatic act, so automatic, in fact, that most people are not aware of the process, so does the Divine Intelligence devise and plan and His Energy automatically and spontaneously acts – the thought and act are one integral whole. This Creative Energy which is implicit in Pure Intelligence is called by various names, one of which is Maya or Shakti, the Creator of forms or images.
V:   Is there any genuine difference between the experience of jagrat and that of dreams?
Bh:   None, except that jagrat appears to be more enduring than the other to the person who is injagrat, though not so to the dreamer himself. The person in jagrat relates his dream to have sometimes covered hundreds of years, hence he calls it transitory, whereas actually there is not the slightest difference between the nature of the two states.
C:    There is this difference: each time we return to jagrat, we come to the same place, same people, same activities and interests, which is not the case with going to the svapna state.
Bh:   This is because things move very rapidly in dreams, compared to as they appear now to you injagrat. But each time you go to the dream world do you feel being a stranger in it? Do you not feel thoroughly at home with the people and places as you do here? Don’t you sometimes dream of being a minister, or meeting your father who had died in jagrat long ago, or seeing God seated on a throne, etc, without noticing any incongruity in it? The dream is as real then to you as jagrat is now. Where is the difference? If you call the dream illusion, why do you not do so to jagrat also?

From the Blog:  “You have been told; why have you not realized?”

Siren Song - Borderlands [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 3/3
Fandom: Borderlands
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Handsome Jack/Rhys (Borderlands)
Characters: Angel (Borderlands), Handsome Jack (Borderlands), Rhys (Borderlands), Rhys - The CEO, OCs, Athena (Borderlands), Vaughn (Borderlands), August (Borderlands)
Series: Part 2 of Do You Remember

After losing her father to Vault Hunters, Angel is torn away from the one person who loved her just as much as Handsome Jack. Since coming back from the dead and reclaiming the life that was taken from him, Jack is on a mission to find is daughter. Only trouble is, he has no idea where to find her.



My part of the art collab we made with Kiwiitin ! I surely took my sweet time and Kiwi basically had the patience of a saint with me with this one ;w; 

So yeah, Kiwi did the “sketch” (”sketch” because I was delivered a goddamn lineart, damn you, made my own scrubby sketch shiver in a shame lmao) and colors by yours truly.

Crossover to celebrate Handsome Jack’s arrival to league.

I should definitely do studies of objects in cool light situations. Haven’t tried too hard to look for those, but casual browsing doesn’t seem to yield many reference images that aren’t heavily tampered or filtered in photoshop. The lineart was added last to bandage the improv painting.