Dallas Museum of Art acquires a masterwork of Pre-Columbian art for its Arts of the Americas Collection

DALLAS, TX.- The Dallas Museum of Art today announced the acquisition of an artistically significant pre-Columbian Maya vessel for its Arts of the Americas collection. This Late Classic (A.D. 700–900) ceramic vase is from the site of Quirigua in Guatemala, near the border with Honduras. Small, at only seven inches high, and striking, it features a modeled face, perhaps that of a Maya god. The vase is scheduled to go on view this summer in the Museum’s Ancient Art of the Americas gallery on Level 4. 

Appearing in scholarly publications in 1913, 1916, 1935, 1943, and again in 1980 and 1988, the ceramic vessel was sold at auction in November 2014 by the St. Louis Chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America, which had acquired the object in 1912 through the St. Louis chapter’s support of field excavations by archaeologist Earl H. Morris during the Third Quirigua Expedition. Read more.

I’ve decided to make another fandom family. It’ll be mostly The 100, but if you have any other requests, I won’t stop you <3  (i borrowed the picture from aaronginsburg)

- Must be following me
- Reblog this post
- Check out who’s taken here
- Send me an ask with which character you’d like and a backup <3 (I will
  request an icon and a quote if you get it)
- This works on a “first come - first served” principle =P

What you’ll get:
- A permanent spot on my dropship page
- Possibly a follow from me <3 

MGEAR 1.0: RIGGING FRAMEWORK FOR MAYA (rigging/animation)

I’m back from my vacation =) 

Today a friend showed me this free and open source rigging tool. MGear is a rigging framework for Maya, that provides a set of modules, tools and solvers to streamline the rigging process. It is a modular rigging system and you can extend and customize the components library.


My thoughts on The 100 2-part season finale.

I have a strong feeling that Lexa will die. I believe she will be “reincarnated” in either Clarke, or Octavia. 

We already know Clarke has exceptional leadership abilities, but I think there is more to Octavia…if not Commander, I could see Indra’s death taking place and Octavia taking over. 

We know there will be a Bellarke moment, rumored to be similar to 1x07. Will it be a happy reunion or a sad one? I could see this being the moment Lexa dies and Bellamy is there to comfort Clarke because she has just lost another person who (was) very close to her. 

As for the mountain men…I hope that Maya, and President Wallace are able to survive the attack. They both helped the 42. At first, I was so skeptical of Maya, and her intentions, but I now find her to be a great character. I love that she stands up for what’s right, and fights what is wrong. 

I also love that the “city of light” is being explored, and I feel like our cliffhanger could be part of this… 

BUT…what could be crazier than the white room?! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

What are your thoughts? 

Original team A and Emily!

So I watched the season three premiere episode after it being said that is when Mona has the game taken from her. And this is what I think:

1. Mona as original A was working with the help of Wren and Lucas. They are the original A team.

2. Emily stole the game from Mona! We are told that we will feel sorry for A. This is just after Maya being found. And all summer the girls get nothing from A but then Emily comes home and things get weird again!

It’s not a fully fledged theory yet as I only rewatched one episode.