i just wanna know what happened to her. Is she dead? Is she alive? If she is dead who killed her and why? And what exactly happened to her body if “they thinks it is Maya” ???? I mean something really terrible must have happened to her for them to not be sure that it is her.

And was there a funeral? Cause i cannot remeber anyone mentioning a funeral.

Queen Marcella WIP. I wanted to take a break from monster creature and decided to work with human face anatomy in general. I want to bring some expression plus warm beauty in the final render. I hope to achieve and bring to bring the realism as close as possible.

The Maya archaeological site of Muyil, located in the modern State of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is thought to date from approximately the Middle Formative period (before 400 BC), and was continuously occupied up to the arrival of the Spanish. From this point it was abandoned, with no evidence of Maya or European occupation until the 1800s.

Photo taken by Cristopher Gonzalez.