I feel like the “What’d you do that for?!” quote is going to come from something stupid like Maya elbowing Lucas or something and him being like “What’d you do that for?!”…..idk I want it to be like Lucas going up to her and kissing her and then she be like “What’d you that for?!” but knowing the writers it probably won’t.

Maybe it’s just my trust issues idrk…


I don’t normally do this because I have never met a celebrity but today I’m meeting Peyton Meyer a.k.a Lucas from gmw. My bestfriend and I are making him a jar filled with reasons we love him. If you have one of your own send it to me in a private message with your twitter handle (if you have one, if not I’ll write your tumblr or any other social media) and we will add it to the jar and give you credit. Also if you want to you can include your real name and whatever else you want. Send me messages or replies so that we can get them in the jar before we meet him. If you love Peyton and you don’t feel you’re ever going to get to tell him you love him and him know it, do this and please reblog so that no one misses this chance.