After hanging the last piece on the wall I turn an walk into the middle of the room sitting and looking at all of the paintings and pieces that I have created. This is it I have finally made it, if only he was still around to see it. I stare blankly towards one of the paintings I did after our first kiss until the door opening and ringing draws my attention. I quickly get up straightening my tight blue dress and slipping on my black 5 inch stilettos. As I look up I see the man looking at the painting I was staring at. I smile to myself and walk over “Welcome to MH & Art. What brings you in today?” He turns in what feels like slow motion until he is facing me, he smiles then responding with a thick southern draw “I heard about it from a friend. She insisted I drive all the way from Texas to see it. It truly is wonderful, would you happen to know where the artist is? I’m an old friend.” I pause a moment scanning him head to toe “Who may I say it is?” He looks me over once more with a smirk “ I think you know who it is, Shortstack.
—  a fanfiction I will most likely never finish

I’ve been workin’ on a new animation. It’s been an off and on process since I’ve just started a new odd and end job in town. The video is the first piece of a continuing animation that I will be working on this month. In this segment the kid is sighing. I hope that it reads well. I feel like I will go back and tweak this bit later on and in the mean time move on to a different part of the animation. I have a weird habit of going ahead with certain sections of an animation and flushing them out instead of focusing on the whole thing. I know it’s not what I was taught in school, but I like to work this way sometimes. Adding the little animations in the face and hands are always my favorite! I can never wait <3

Oh yes, and the rig I am using is called ‘Kyle’ by Josh Sobel (