The story goes like this: In 2012, the Mexican government released a number of Maya artifacts they had been protecting for 80 years as state secrets. These objects were retrieved from an unexplored pyramid that was found under another pyramid in Calakmul, the site of one of the most powerful ancient Maya cities. A government-sanctioned documentary by Raul Julia-Levy (the son of famous actor Raul Julia) and financier Elisabeth Thieriot (ex-wife of a former publisher of the San Francisco Chronicle) featured a number of these finds, most of which clearly depict UFOs and alien visitors.

Stone balam - Balam de piedra. Mayan landscapes - Paisajes mayas. www.chicosanchez.com

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Zoomorph P: a masterpiece of ancient art. Located at the Maya site of Quiriguá, Guatemala.

Dedicated in AD 795, this extraordinarily carved boulder stands as a testament to the skill and beauty of Maya bas-relief sculpture during the late Classic Period.

A “zoomorph” is a term often used in art history, which essentially refers to something that has the form or attributes of an animal. In this example, the work is shaped as a mythical animal: the Cosmic Monster, a waterbeast which inhabited the Underworld’s primordial sea. This work is also thought to represent third stone of Creation -as indicated by the various symbols of aquatic imagery employed. Small images of the rain god Chaac are visible around the mouth of the waterbeast, and water is poured over the throne by numerous mythological animals. This monument was created during the reign of Sky Xul, commemorating the end of an era in the Maya calendar. Dressed in ceremonial attire, Sky Xul sits in the mouth of the Cosmic Monster.

Photos courtesy of Daniel Mennerich.