A little oil-barrel dog I made for fun. Design largely inspired by  Tarō Okamoto.

Practiced rigging from scratch, though I ran into an issue I couldn’t find more about. I want to limit the joint rotation on the knees, but it is attached to an IK system. Maybe me more technically savvy followers can maybe help me out?

I have the model/rig for download here. It is kind of janky (I have two IK systems on the legs for different rotations) but feel free to do anything within reason

*The Incas are not from Mexico.

*The Incas who btw are from an entirely different continent from my people are NOT Mesoamericans, they’re from the Andes.

*Not all nations in Mexico are Mesoamerican, more specifically the northern tribes.

*Aztecs, Maya & Incas are not interchangeable related people. Different languages, different beliefs and different clothing.

*Mexican is not a synonym for the indigenous people of Mexico, stop saying stuff like “Mexicans built the pyramids” or “Mexicans first domesticated corn thousands of years ago”. You don’t say “Canadians met Vikings before Columbus arrived” or “Americans built a city called Cahokia that was bigger than London at the time”.

*We are not dead or a thing of the past, the Spaniards didn’t wipe us out. We are still living, numbering in the millions actually.

Meet the Red Queen of Palenque. She lived around the time of the city’s greatest grandeur under K’inich Janaab’ Pakal I (King Pakal the Great) in the 600s CE. When she died she was between 50 and 60 years old, and stood a little over 5 feet tall. In her lifetime she must have been important. The lavish tomb she was buried in, at the heart of Temple XIII, is evidence of her high status and high respect.

Her tomb was found sealed by a wall in a corridor inside Temple XIII. When archaeologists removed the stones blocking the passage, they found first the body of a male between 11 and 12. Just beyond him was also an adult female roughly in her thirties. Both bore signs of fatal injuries – sacrificed to accompany the Red Queen on her journey to the afterlife.

Then there is the woman herself, buried in a sarcophagus made of a single block of heavy limestone. Inside, surrounded by lavish grave goods, she wears an intricate mask of malachite and a jade tiara. Everything in the grave’s interior, the mask, the body, the jewel-encrusted treasures, were covered in powdered cinnabar. That’s the common term for poisonous mercuric sulfide. Besides being toxic, mercuric sulfide has a bright red color which we know was a popular color with the ancient Maya. As the tomb’s occupant decomposed her very bones were stained red. Researchers still do not know why the sarcophagus’ interior was liberally coated with a poisonous red powder. But it gave the elite inhabitant her nickname: the Red Queen.


Made a 3d model of Flug for practice because why the heck not. I tried keeping it generally on model to the show, but gave up on his jacket collar because I am Tired and have other things to work on atm. I’ll try to rig the lowpoly version when I get a chance.

Block out was done in Maya, polypaint and additional sculpting done in Zbrush. Please don’t repost.

“Leader of the mischievous gang known as the 8 Bits, Wart used the power of the Dream Machine to conquer Subcon, the world of dreams. However, his distaste of vegetables proved to be his downfall when Mario and his friends fought to liberate the Sobcons from his tyrannous rule. But was it all just a dream?”

Timelapse Video

APPEARED IN: Super Mario Bros. 2
                          Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Beyond jazzed I got the chance to create an illustration for ‘Two Scoops’, an ice cream shop dating sim. 💕🍨💕

If you’d like to see this game come to life or even snag a postcard of this piece, make sure to head on over to the Kickstarter and make a donation (No cash? Don’t sweat it, retweets/re-blogs are always appreciated)!

P.S. Only 11 days left on the campaign so swing on by soon if you’re interested!…/two-scoops-an-ice-cream-shop-…

Elizabeth B.