Yes ok Maya is selfless because “that’s who she is” but her selflessness comes from her not valuing her life as much as she loves those around her. She doesn’t see herself as important compared to everyone else in her life so she sacrifices her feelings and thoughts for Riley because, hey, she’s my everything and I’m nothing, she’s the one that matters. This is such an unhealthy mindset and I need people to see that. I need Maya to learn that taking care of yourself and doing things for yourself isn’t bad. I need this character growth because I relate to Maya so so hard, I’m also this selfless with this mindset and I’ve gotten hurt quite a lot from it (not that I mind too much.) It’s really difficult to stop thinking this way and it’s been a long, slow journey for me to start caring for myself and I’ve barely made any progress, but it’s progress. I need Maya Hart to care for and love herself and realize she’s just as important as anyone else because she is. Protect Maya Hart 2kforever


Tripod plate with rattle feet

Late Classic Period
A.D. 600–750

Place of Origin: Department of El Petén, Guatemala, Tikal area

“Supported on tripod rattle legs encircled by a stepped band, the tondo brightly painted with a warrior, possibly one of the Hero Twins displaying insignia of Xbalanque with spotted cheek, holding a trophy-head by a long hank of hair, and a long staff in the left hand wrapped with blood-spattered cloths, wearing a distinctive shaggy costume with tail, a pectoral of crossed bones with scarf below, his headband with large beads securing thick coiffure and a streamer flowing at the back, flanked by seven glyphs, the three on the left noting the date of the event and possibly the name of the decapitated individual, the right upper hand glyph possibly naming the central figure, and the walls encircled by repeat glyphs and jaguar pelt motifs.” [from Sotheby’s catalogue text]

Torture and sacrifice were crucial rituals that sought to ensure the balance of the universe. Here, a sacrificial decapitation reenacts that of the Maize god by the lords of the Underworld, leading to his resurrection.



Incense burner lid

Early Classic Period
A.D. 400–550

Object Place: Department of Tiquisate, Guatemala

Conically-shaped lid of a Tiquisate-Teotihuacán-style incense burner with red-slipped and flared orifice at the top. Surface is embellished with appliqués representing earflares, flowers and divination mirrors. Two lug handles are attached to opposite sides at the lid’s bottom edge. 




Favorite Fight Scene

Most of Kurt’s fist fights either tend to take place in the dark (where it’s hard to make out his moves) or involve him getting into difficulties and Ninja Jane having to intervene to save the day. So I’ve gone for my favorite gunfight: the one at Dr. Borden’s cottage (Episode 20 - Swift Hardhearted Stone), in which Weller plays a key part and it’s Jane’s turn to take the support role. Of course, Patterson is the real hero here, but put a gun in Kurt’s hands and he’s virtually unstoppable. He also looks great in that blue shirt - a nice change from the badly-fitting jacket he usually wears out in the field.   

  • *au where they don't know each other*
  • Maya:Rough night?
  • Lucas:Yeah. These clubs are supposed to be fun, right? Why do I hate them so much?
  • Maya:Because all of the stuff you're supposed to like, usually sucks. Like these clubs. Or cruises.
  • Lucas:Or New Year's Eve.
  • Maya:Or the Super Bowl.
  • Lucas:Or rodeos.
  • Maya:The rockettes.
  • Lucas:Or rodeos.
  • Maya:You already said that.
  • Lucas:I really hate the rodeo...