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grew up as best friends but you got hot over the summer can I touch ur bicep AU for riarkle 😏

Ok, this took way too long to write, and it’s actually three days later than I’d promised. And to the anon who sent in “wanna bet?” it’s in this fic, and i’d bet my hat it’ll be in a few more.

All PG above the cut. (that alone is over 3,000 words and is technically a complete story). The rest is steamy, with nothing higher than a T, and then some cute stuff that wouldn’t really even merit a PG rating.

Without further ado (at 5:30am): “Awkward”

She’d done something terrible in a past life. That had to be it. There was no other explanation for the ceaseless torture being inflicted on her. He was there, in her personal space and didn’t even notice. It was a normal day. It was supposed to be a normal day. Except that it wasn’t.

Riley was almost sure that when their sophomore year had ended, he’d only had a few inches on her. Sure, he’d grown a little bit, but then he went off to that damn science camp.

He’d only been gone for a month or two, but he was taller. He was fitter. His hair did this really stupid – awesome – thing where it swooshed and she just wanted to mess it up. But not with her hands wrapped in it. Certainly not when she was making out with him. Nope. She 100% did not want that.

What were those damn scientists doing the whole time? Your arms don’t just expand with exposure to radiation or whatever – or at least she was pretty sure they didn’t. Now he was there and he was at least six inches taller than he had been, and she was this close to snapping at him and she didn’t even know why.

The other day when he’d come back, she’d been so excited to see him that she’d barely noticed. All she could think about was needing to hug him, needing to hear him laugh, needing him to hold her and whoa, that was new. He was her best friend – one of her best friends. Maya would kill her if she wasn’t included in that list. Or maybe she wouldn’t mind so much if she wasn’t a member of this particular list.

She ignored all of the mess going on in her mind and proceeded to scream “Farkle!” and fling herself into his arms. He’d already seen it coming apparently because his arms were open and prepared to catch her. Then things only got worse – which is to say, better.

She wasn’t entirely aware of how much he’d grown until her head was buried against his chest and his arms were wrapped around her. She couldn’t get her chin up to his shoulder. She could probably stand on her toes, but even that was doubtful. Did she get shorter? No, he must have gotten taller. What’s more, she could feel muscle underneath his face. She couldn’t see it before, so it couldn’t be huge, but it was there.

His arms felt sturdy, and she could feel the pressure of even more muscle surrounding her, and that was the moment she knew. Her best friend was now an experiment – specifically a government super-soldier – because there was no other reasonable explanation for how he’d grown.

She felt secure there, but it wasn’t like any kind of security she’d ever known. Not even Lucas had made her feel… He was her friend. Just her friend. She was fairly sure that you weren’t supposed to think of your friends like that.

All she could manage was to hold him tighter and to her delight, he did the same. His head was bent down so that it was nearly at her level, nearly in her hair. She was about to turn a bit toward his face when a brassy voice called out “Get a room!”

The two sprung apart, seeming to remember that there was another person in the room. Riley turned to hide her blush and fell back into place with her interrupting friend.

Maya was looking at him with mischief in her eyes, but it wasn’t quite that. She was sizing him up. “Farkle, how are you the only person in the world who can go to a camp and come back even paler? I could have sworn that you were already as snow white as it gets.”

He ran a hand through his hair and gave a sheepish smile. “I spent most of my time in a lab.” He smirked and started to fend off her snark with some of his own. It was a tactic that he’d adopted back in sophomore year. Riley didn’t really think he needed to, but now she wasn’t sure that he’d seem like himself without it. “We scientists find that things like the sunlight trigger memories of happiness, and that can distract from our ultimate goal.” At Maya’s raised eyebrow, he went on. “We’re still trying to figure out how to put all of the trouble makers into a pocket universe. You wouldn’t know anyone who belongs there, would you, Miss Maya?”

Maya chuckled softly at that, but it was nearly missed when it was covered up with another sound. Riley giggling, uncontrollably. She wasn’t faking it or anything, but she couldn’t stop. She had both hands covering her mouth in an attempt to stifle it, but the looks on Maya and Farkle’s faces only made it worse.

Riley collapsed down into the couch, still trying to stop and still failing miserably. Maya pointed a finger at Farkle. “You did this. You broke Riley!”

His eyebrows rose, and he tried to choke down his own grin. “What? I didn’t break her, I’ve been here for five minutes. How could I break her?”

Maya threw her hands up. “I don’t know how you did it, but you did. Full blame for you.”

Farkle smirked and tried to defend himself. “That’s not fair…”

Maya smiled a bit, she was having too much fun – and really was only adding to Riley’s laughter. She adopted one of her character voices before saying, “Life isn’t fair, Einstein. Now get.”

“Get?” He raised his eyebrows at her, more amused than anything.

They really did need to get a handle on Maya’s voices. She sounded like an old man in his seventies yelling at children from his porch. “Get gone. I think you’ve loosened a screw somewhere, and I’m the only person who might be able to fix it.” At this point, Riley had broken out into the kind of laughter that you can’t even hear, and she couldn’t spare the energy to do anything other than breathe.

Maya thought she was sobbing – implausible though it may seem – until Riley let out another peal of giggles. Riley wasn’t sure if she would asphyxiate or pee herself from laughter first. In hindsight, the banter following the joke was funnier than the whole reason she was laughing – but all she knew was that she couldn’t stop.

Farkle covered up a snigger of his own and conceded. “I’m not sure I did it, but you’re right. You’re the only Riley technician we know.” With one last look at Riley, he shouted out, “Leave the bay window open, I’ll be back later!”

Once the door clicked shut, Maya flung herself down on the couch, laying across her friend. She tapped something out on her phone, probably a text to Lucas. When Riley’s giggles went on, Maya started pinching her. Not hard, but just enough to annoy Riley out of it.

“Why are you doing that?” The laughter had nearly subsided, and now she was trying to shove her friend onto the other side of the couch. “Ouch, Maya, I wear short dresses, there are going to be bruises everywhere!”

Maya hoisted herself up into a seated position, perched on top of Riley’s lap. “Good, maybe you’ll quit before you give yourself brain damage from oxygen deprivation!”

Riley feigned disappointment, “Maya, use smaller words, we don’t know how many you have in you.”

Maya was starting to laugh and Riley got sucked in. This was a different kind of laughter, a bit less manic. Maya put on a more recognizable character voice, “Inconceivable!”

With that, Maya stood and took a sword-fighting stance, pretending to deliver a blow to Riley. “Maya, do you even remember the movie?”

Maya gasped in mock outrage. “Of course I remember the movie, there was sword-fighting and death and almost death and shit.”

Riley stood up to ‘fight’ Maya. “Then you’ll remember that that was Vizzini’s line.” With that, she landed a ‘killing blow’ to Maya, who collapsed onto the couch for a two-minute death scene.

As Maya acted out her prolonged death, Riley fell back to the couch with her and enjoyed the moment. Maya had always been able to fix her.

The time spent waiting for – and enjoying – Maya’s death scene left her mind open to unwanted thoughts.

He was her friend. Just her friend. She was fairly sure that you weren’t supposed to think of your friends like that. “Hey, Rileytown, is my visa still valid?”

Riley’s face softened from the scowl that had set itself there. “Maya, you’re the honorary Mayor. Don’t you remember? I gave you a key to the city.”

Maya snorted at that. “That was my favorite part of childhood. All of my visits to Rileytown. It truly was the place to be.” Maya frowned a bit at Riley’s slightly discernable frown. “What’s going on in Rileytown, Mrs. Mayor?”

Her eyes darted away from her inquisitive friend before snatching up a blanket to fling over herself. “Rileytown is all confused, Mayaville.”

Maya raised her eyebrows. “Is it because –“

She shook her head fervently, not enjoying the current topic. “Shhh.”

“Well, I mean it was fairly obvious.” Maya turned on the couch so that she could look Riley in the eyes.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Maya adopted a serious demeanor that she usually only used for feelings. Oh, feelings. Damn. That meant she must be having feelings. She didn’t want feelings. “You do want to talk about it, Riles. You don’t want to want to, but you want to.”

She rolled her eyes and tried to play it off. “I’ll have whatever you’re having, dear.”

Maya shrugged and nodded her head as if conceding to Riley’s point. “I just mean, maybe you want to talk about it, just not with me.”

Riley made an absentminded sound of assent. She was only halfway listening to Maya. Her mind was starting to wander back to Farkle. She’d have to start a new train of thought. Maybe bunnies. “Could be, I don’t know.”

“Maybe you want to talk to somebody else?” Maya’s words snapped her out of her wandering thoughts and back to the problem at hand. She’d never be able to smother this if Maya was convinced that it was real.

Riley was flailing and she knew it. But then stubborn in the face of stupid had always been the way. “Somebody? No. Nobody.”

Maya looked… not quite angry. Frustrated. It was an odd look on her, and one that was rarely pointed at Riley. “Perhaps somebody who does science… who looks at you like you hung the moon… who might have grown a foot…”

Riley put her hands over her ears. She felt childish, but she was already halfway down the rabbit hole. Best to stick with the denial. “Nobody asked you!”

She dropped all of the cuteness that usually tinted her words, settling into something more serious. Riley hated when she did that. “Yeah, you did ask me. You asked me when you started freaking out. Whether you like it or not, if the siren goes off in Rileytown, it is my job to help you fix it.”

Hearing Maya say it - hearing how serious she was - shook away some of the silliness that she was feeling. Riley pulled her knees up to her chest and sighed. “I don’t want to want to…. I don’t want to want him.”

Maya raised a well-manicured eyebrow at her. “Riley, you said it yourself a long time ago. Why would you ever settle for anything less than Farkle?”

Her lips pressed into a firm line as she tried to suss out the root of her feelings. She – she wanted him, which she knew. But she was too late. She’d had a chance and she’d been an idiot. Now he was pretty – prettier. He was out of her league, and …. Oh that’s what it was. “Maya, am I shallow?”

She waited for Maya to say something, but she appeared to be deep in thought. “Why do you like him, Riley?”

Because he’s him. Because he’s always been there for her. Because… the thought of having to leave him and Maya had been like a stab wound when leaving Lucas felt like a pinch. “He’s just so – he’s-” She took a deep breath. She was losing all ability to articulate her thoughts. “I’m pretty sure that if there wasn’t you, he would be the most important person in my world.”

Maya said nothing but nodded for her to go on. “He’s kind. He’s always done what I needed, even when I didn’t want it. Because…. Because there’s no one else. Not for me. Because I should have seen it a long time ago. I don’t think I like him, Maya.”

The corners of Maya’s lips turned up into a smile. “Then why don’t you tell him that?”

Riley didn’t notice at the time, but if she had looked up, she would have seen Maya grinning at the entrance to the hallway and the person who was standing in it. “He’d never like me like that. He got over me.”

Struggling to smother the grin on her face, Maya all but snorted out, “Wanna bet?”

She threw her hands into the air in exasperation. “Maya, he’s out of my league! What’s the point?”

Then a voice from behind her startled her into actually falling off of the couch. And she thought her clumsy days were somewhat over. “I don’t think that’s possible, Riles.”

Riley tried to right herself, but all she could manage was keeping the skirt of her dress from flipping up. “You’d think that with all of the falling I did when I was a kid, that that would have hurt less.”

In the conspicuous absence of Maya, Farkle rushed over to offer her a hand. “Sorry, Riley. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

She blushed and ran her hands over her skirt and hair, trying to smooth things out. She must look like a mess right now. “I just didn’t know you’d be there. I thought you left?”

Farkle pulled out his phone and opened his texts from someone labeled “Future Minimart Employee of the Month”

Hey, Farkle, I think she’s ready to talk to you again. Do you mind coming back?

He frowned and tucked his phone away. “I was sort of confused about why you didn’t tell me yourself.”

Riley didn’t say anything. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to tell him, it was just – no that was it. She didn’t want to tell him. This could only go badly.

Farkle leaned awkwardly against one of the arms of the couch, and Riley was glad that she wasn’t the only one who might feel that way. “So who’s the idiot that you think is out of your league?”

Her face only continued to redden, but somehow, that wasn’t giving her away. He looked concerned, as well as something else that she couldn’t quite place. “He’s… well, he is something of an idiot sometimes, but he learns.”

Hints, ok. She could give really bad hints and still talk to him about him, without him knowing that it was him that she was talking about. Oh god, he’s gonna figure this out.

His face had slipped back into a casual expression, but it looked somewhat strained. “You still have yet to convince me that this guy is anywhere near worthy of you, let alone out of your league. What’s so perfect about him?”

Riley gave a rueful smile at that. “That’s sort of the thing. He is perfect, except in all of the ways that he isn’t. It just sort of makes me like him more.”

He raised his eyebrows at that but seemed otherwise unfazed. “So where did you meet this pretty boy?”

She thought hard about it for a moment before she realized that the true answer gave nothing away. “We met at a party.”

He pulled his phone out again and looked at it. Strange, she hadn’t heard it buzz or chime. “Huh. I don’t think you’ve mentioned that before.”

She tried to hold back a giggle that threatened to come out. “I’m actually certain that we have talked about this, Farkle.”

Farkle scrunched up his nose at that. “I guess he didn’t really strike me as important then.”

Her smirk softened into something more sympathetic. “I mean, what is there to prove that he isn’t good enough for me, Farkle? I think he’s pretty amazing.” He all but glared at her. She felt bad about that, but she’d resolved to tell him the truth anyway. She had it in her. She could do it.

He’d already built the fire, though, and this only seemed to set it off. “Riley, we don’t even know this guy. You need like 4 friend stamps of approval, and as far as I know, He’s got none.” He was walking toward her, but she held her ground – even if he was horribly tall now.

“I don’t think that it ought to matter what my friends think about him, Farkle. You all approved of Lucas, and that turned out so well.” He actually did start glaring this time, and she nearly flinched at the anger in his eyes.

He’d been getting closer and closer, leaving her craning her neck further with each small step. “Riley, I’m only saying this because I care about you. Because we care about you. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

She backed up a bit, wanting to better look him in the eyes. “He would never hurt me. Not again.”

He was closing the gap again, pushing her further and further back with nothing but his eyes. “Riley, how can you say that? He hurt you, that’s already too far. Why do you do this to yourself?”

With him yelling at her like that, she couldn’t help but get flustered. This was a horrible idea. She hadn’t meant to make him so angry, even if it was on her behalf. She hadn’t meant to tease him so much. Now there was one foot between her and the counter, and he was in her personal space. It didn’t help that he was wearing some kind of cologne that smelled like sandalwood, or the fact that his pupils had dilated – which only made his eyes bluer.

She felt embarrassed and self-righteous all at once – never a good combination for her. She’d thrown herself down this rabbit hole; there was nothing left to do but climb back up. “Because I – because – Oh, screw it.” With that she stood up as high as she could on her toes, taking his face in her hands to pull him down the last few inches. They were going to have to work on this height difference.

Farkle was a bit stiff for a moment but he caught on quickly. That isn’t to say that he wasn’t oh-so-awkward about it, though. His hands barely found their place on her waist but in leaning forward to help, he nearly knocked them both into the counter.

It wasn’t the most experienced of kisses either. It was passionate, to be sure, but teeth gnashed, tongues hesitated, unsure of what to do with themselves, and teenagers fumbled to figure out what worked.

That isn’t to say that it wasn’t pleasant. She’d been wanting this for much longer than she consciously registered, and it felt as if a huge weight had lifted itself from her shoulders.

Eventually, they realized that their height differences were causing issues – they’d later argue over who’d pointed it out – and relocated to the couch where kissing didn’t involve any neck pain. Once there, she settled into the most comfortable position which may have involved her… straddling him. It was entirely possible that that was the situation she’d unwittingly gotten them into.

He was getting quite good at kissing, and if he and Isadora had gone as far as it had seemed, he was a swift learner.

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Really am I the only one who wishes the show focused more on the girls’ friendship with Farkle? Am I the only one who would watch the heck out of a show where it was just the three of them? Would I be the only one to enjoy it if I wrote a fanfic on it?
Community Post: Which Degrassi: Next Class Character Are You?
You likely already relate to many of them, but who is truly your Next Class twin?
By afro83

You likely already relate to many of them, but who is truly your Next Class twin?

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Have you noticed Lucas only seems interested in Riley when they aren't in New York? In Texas he was going to ask her to be her boyfriend but she played the "brother" card. Then at the ski lodge he finally said that he chose her. But when they are home they barely have any interactions as boyfriend and girlfriend. He doesn't put any effort in their relationship. It feels like they are just friends. I don't see how RL fans are so happy about this. I see Farkle acting more like Riley's boyfriend.

Tbh, Farkle really does act more like a boyfriend should (minus the whole cheating on isadora thing because she’s a wonderful bean and I love her so much).

That is a really interesting correlation, but I don’t think that it was all that intentional.

I think Texas and Ski Lodge (and semi-formal) had more to do with Riley being something that he couldn’t have.

Lucas is a perfectly nice boy, and he does respect his female friends, but damn, can he get jealous. And it’s usually only ever over Riley.

It’s a huge spot the difference for Lucaya and Rilucas though, because when he can’t have Maya, he waits. He continues to feel the way that he feels, and he waits.

In ski lodge, Maya didn’t want him - as far as he knew. So he went to Riley. She’s good for him, and he knows that - although let’s not get into whether or not he’s good for her.

In Texas, he didn’t have an opinion or do anything really, right up until Riley shut the door on anything happening. That was the catalyst. Riley, his relationship with her basically boils down to a thing that he can have.

In Semi-Formal, he doesn’t even think to ask her to the dance, not until Charlie steps in and she accidentally says yes to him. He really must be completely unaware of her, because if there is any girl in the world who would want effort put into sweet things, it’s Riley Matthews.

Rilucas is very sweet, and is usually very cute, but it’s seeming to go the way most first relationships go. It’s going to happen. They’re going to learn things. They’re probably going to end up stronger friends for it.


Cylinder vase

Late Classic Period
A.D. 680–750

Place of Manufacture: Department of El Petén, El Mirador Basin or Calakmul (Mexico) area, Guatemala

Codex-style (orange background substyle) vase with a scene depicting three supernatural co-essences (wayob) dancing in a procession. The dog-eared jaguar wears a long red scarf around his neck. The waterlily jaguar vomits into a water jar that has a small drinking cup set on top of it. The deer has a disembodied eye hanging by the optic nerve. A short hieroglyphic text in front of each supernatural records its name.


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With Riley, all she wants is to be ask to dances and he can't even give her that. He just wants them to go without making any effort. Right now she agreed to it. But I bet when she sees other girls getting asked she is going to be upset. If Lucas was dating Maya he could get away without asking her to the dance because Maya wouldnt like the big gestures. Riley deserves more effort from Lucas.

Well, I’m not sure if that’s entirely true. Maya’s one of those people who would appreciate the gestures, because she usually doesn’t get them. Don’t get me wrong, she’s going to make fun of him for it when he does, but deep down she wants the gestures, big and small.

Now rucas… there’s a bigger issue. The fact that they agreed on him not needing to ask her to dances is troubling. Riley Matthews is a wonderful, bubbly ray of sunshine, but with all of that comes her insecurities. She values the big gestures, and she thinks that that is what makes a relationship. I’m not sure what the implications of this will be, but at some point, either she’s going to tell him she really does want the big gestures, or he’s going to let her down - even if she says now that it’s ok. I think she expects him to ignore that.