“As an ace who ships MayaXKrieg, I’m offended by Anthony Burch’s statement regarding Maya not reciprocating Krieg’s feelings because of her asexuality, and truly feel Burch doesn’t understand the scope of what he claims. Asexual people are able to be in healthy and happy relationships and merely don’t have the need for a sexual intimacy.

Now that Burch has left the company, I’d be interested to see where the new writers take Maya as a NPC if she returns for a new installment.”

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Maya & Lucas - Good To You by riarkling

Seated Woman with a Child -this Maya artwork is dated to AD 600-900.

This small clay figurine depicts an elegantly dressed female, seated cross-legged and holding a baby in the crook of her right arm. Her close-fitting garment covers her left breast but leaves the right exposed for the child to suckle. She wears copious jewelry–two bracelets, a necklace, and large earrings–and a highly elaborate headdress. The figure may represent the moon goddess, who was also worshipped by the Maya as a patroness of fertility and childbirth. The figurine was most likely a grave offering, perhaps for a woman who had died in childbirth. The hollow clay object could also function as a whistle, and a few notes may have been blown at the funeral before the figurine was placed in the grave.

Courtesy of & can be viewed the Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, USA. Via their online collections1958.15.10.