"I never play healer in any game, ever. In the Borderlands series, it’s now what I aim for. I’m never really any good at keeping up with the damage of my teammates so I wanted to feel useful. Now they can be glass canons if they want because I’m a pretty good medic on the field. It’s one of the few multiplayer games I feel like I can be useful in a team."

Maya is Alive

We have had the theory that Maya has been alive for a long time now. We think that her death was planned, just like Ali’s death. When Alison’s body was found in her own backyard and when Maya’s body was found are set out very similarly. I think it was a parallel and as Ali is still alive, so is Maya.

 In 1x01, Emily is walking back to her house, an ambulance drives past to her house. Emily runs over to Maya and she tells Emily they found Alison’s body. Her body is then wheeled away by the coroners with her body in a black bag so we cannot actually see the body.

In 2x25, Emily and the rest of the liars are walking back to Emily’s house and again, an ambulance drives past leading to her house. Emily separates from the rest of the liars and runs to her house. Hanna, Aria and Spencer follow behind after. Pam (Emily’s mum) runs over to Emily and tells her they have found a body and they think its Maya’s. Similarly to them finding Alison’s body, the coroners wheel away the body in a body bag. We never actually see the body. And in Rosewood they aren’t dead until you’ve seen the body.

Also when Maya went to Noel Khan’s cabin, she goes through a back door somewhere and this is seen on the security cameras. A car turns up and they go through the front door. Maya is obviously staying in a secret room and when she later comes out the back door, it seems like she knew where to walk where she would be on the edge of the cameras view. I think she knew who A was and she planned for A to make her death look like a kidnapping. She walked so that A could grab her without being seen.

I guess this could mean that Maya is on the A-team :(

I can’t think of anything else at the moment but I guess that’s enough to say she is alive.


Don’t mix Sleeping pills and Vitamin C, kids.

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This great Muppet-like Willy Rig was made by Matthew Moore~