Ще ме искаш, не защото ме нямаш.
По-скоро, защото съм това, което искат
да видят очите ти.
Ще ме виждаш в съня ти, после ще ме търсиш,
защото знаеш, че мога да дам и това,
което иска сърцето ти.
Ще ме искаш, не защото ме нямаш.
По-скоро за това, че много други ме имат.
Те искат емоция, аз им я давам,
после е лесно…превръщат се в мои.
Ще ме искаш, не защото ме нямаш.
А защото знам номерата ти.
Другите са идиоти разбират само от коли и мускули.
Искаш онзи, който знае как да вземе душата ти.
Ще ме искаш, не защото сега ме нямаш.
По-скоро за това, че
някога преди
ме имаше.

Hi lovelies!!

This is super old, but I’m not bothered enough to take a selfie…

BUT, come on over and message me because I love meeting new people have making new friends… 😊


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Because while I watch you it looks like you’re having so much fun and doesn’t even remember I exist :( And also when you don’t reply me I know you don’t have a answer but I feel really hurt :( Just a emoticon is fine for me :(

not wanting to blame u but i’m most of the time on skype and this is the only social conversation media i have. I rarely look at my tumblr inbox so i am ???? sometimes i delay to answer because i dont even notice i have new asks. I would never forget u exist but the thing is: we kiinda dont talk to each other anymore? u know i am always online but u never try to call me idk i really dont want to sound rude but that’s how i feel it looks like ur scared of talking to me or something but i dont want to say things without understanding it so maybe you can explain to me why we lost contact and stopped talking to each other??


“They are so loving, so supporting. They fly from all over the world just to see us and we wouldn’t be here without them. They really are a great group, and we inspire them just as much as they inspire us. My fans, my Evil Regals, my Oncers or simply ‘Lana fans’… I have incredible fans who not only support me and love me, they also love and support one another.” – Lana Parrilla on her fans