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Yoshiki is a rock star in Japan. And it is a great artist.
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Sheinside Labour Day sale yay!

Treat yourself with amazing pieces of clothing on Sheinside, they have a variety of items for sale! I went through the first 3 pages and already saw about 10 items that I loved!

Use codes!

Spend $46  Take OFF 32% Code: labour32
Spend $96  Take OFF 34% Code: labour34
Spend $186 Take OFF 38% Code: labour38

The cute items above!

- black ripped skinny jeans (absolutely adored!)
- plain black t-shirt with cities (simple, loved it)
- floral dress with sheer accent (really summery!)
- denim ripped shorts (amazing for hot weather!)

have a wonderful labour day!

(ends MAY3)

On May 3rd Starbucks will release a new cup size, Trenta, because clearly the Venti was not cutting it. The Trenta is equivalent to 4 cups up coffee. Needless to say, if you’re looking for 31 ounces of caffeine, Starbucks has your back.

I just can’t wait to hear how people would say it :3