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1) Mod is a fan of older anime’s! I actually reference Ranma ½ when i doodle up Giorno’s Braid.  (Just for fun but Ranma is a great anime if you love slapstick humor C: )

2) He is actually incredibly awkward when it comes to intimate affection.

He has no real interests in finding love, any admirers that may be trailing his tail he’d most likely let down politely or avoid contact with. He’s not the best at reaching out to new friends either, for the most part he prefers to keep to himself.

As the Don he avoids contacts with those who hold sentimental value to him (In this case, Jona!) in order to keep them from harms way. (The Mafia is tricky and there’s a lot of enemies that are willing to snatch up loved ones and murder family members to get what they want!) Giorno wants nothing more then to avoid Innocent lives getting involved in his dangerous charades. 

3) Giorno is incredibly cool headed and gentle, he doesn’t hold Grudges nor does he have anyone he particularly despises. He is definitely a forgiver to an extent (of course) and He doesn’t pass judgement based on how someone treats him but more so on how they act in all as an individual.

4) (I’m sorry but I’m gonna stress this) (Also gonna tag the fave mista)

Giorno and Mista are incredibly close on this blog, He puts immense trust in Mista, exclusively sharing any secrets or crucial past experiences that affect his character to him without question. He’s granted him position as the Underboss but has no desire to become anything more then Friends or co affiliates with the other. (No beautiful gay love sorry boss)

5) Talk to him about Biology!! It’s the best intellectual conversation starter for this boy! He has a vast knowledge for biological animal and plant species. He could probably give you an entire A grade teaching session on the subject. (Way better then the ol’ public school lmao)

6) There’s a lot of talk about whether or not Giorno would hate Fugo for leaving the team behind. Personally I believe he wouldn’t because the choice to stay or leave was a choice given to the entirety of their group, the only difference being in everyone’s finale decision to stay aside from Fugo, whom of which also had valid reasonings for not moving on ahead. So as a FACT of this blog, Fugo’s my dudes, you’re still cool with my GioGio.

7) He’s incredibly curious yet Indifferent about his birth father. He’d love to learn more about Dio and his past but not very keen on meeting him in person- Even less likely that he’d accept Dio as any kind of father figure.

8) He’s very observant to the people and events happening around him, he can pick up on strange actions and seek out potential dangers easily. He’s also pretty darn charismatic, He’ll charm you to deceive you.~

Now for the victims: (If you’ve done the thing already, I am sorry my pal)

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“Nar you don’t look that bad. A little…” He gestures to his own face as if that’s enough of an explanation. “You’ve got nothing on this. I mean, look at this shit.” He holds up the frankly terrifying Exploud plushie with a faint look of horror on his features. “It’s the stuff of fucking nightmares!”

“Only a little? How generous.” A grin stays stuck on her face as she talks, though it dies off quickly enough once she looks over the monstrosity of a doll more closely. “…Yes, that’s… not great, is it?”

She can’t even identify it at first. Clearly a plush of something. Ugly and terrible, whatever it is. When she finally remembers the Pokémon it’s based on, she narrows her eyes at it.

“…Real Exploud aren’t this… this, are they? I’ve can’t recall having ever seen one in person.”

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younghee usually never had free time. not with jung’s school schedule and her own work schedule constantly coming one after the other. but today, an old friend had offered to watch her little baby boy to give her at least a day to relax and unwind. it left a feeling of anxiety at first because she was so used to being surrounded by any and everything that had to do with her son, but it slowly calmed down.

she did need this. her stress levels had risen and a bout of depression was beginning to sneak up on her, so she felt lucky to have this time to herself. jung would be okay, he was a big boy now even if he was only seven. with that thought, she breathed out a sigh of relief and began her stroll around hongdae.

she wanted to stop by one of the stores to find some new clothes. she needed those, so did jung. no, she had to stop thinking about her son. it was her time. he got everything he wanted.

the young mother folded her arms across her chest, head lifted to look at all of the signs and window shop until she found something she had wanted. unfortunately with her attention span focused entirely on the windows, she had ended up running into someone.

the crash had caused her to stumble back, eyes wide and lips already parted to speak.

“i’m so sorry! i should watch where i’m going! are you okay?”

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🏰: to you, what’s the most magical place on earth?

“It depends on what you mean. The Wind Clan’s home is the most magical place I’ve ever experienced, literally. But, if you meant that the other way I’d have to say the caves you can find in New Zealand that have tons of glowworms in them I find magical, even if they actually aren’t. I love going to them from time to time.”

May Wrap Up

And I’m finally posting my May wrap up. I like having all my reviews out of the way before doing a wrap up post so… Here it is. So close your eyes, and pretend it’s May. 

Books read: The Last Unicorn, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, City,  I Am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, The Forgetting, Ninefox Gambit, The Ballad of Black Tom, The Sleeper and the Spindle, Every Heart a Doorway, Runtime, The Windup Girl, All the Birds in the Sky, Child of the Hidden Sea, The Jewel and Her Lapidary, This Census Taker, & The Monstrous Child, 

17 Books (But there’s a lot of short ones though) But looking at this, Holy shit. This is why I got so far behind on reviews. 

Novelettes/Short Stories read: The Horror at Red Hook, The Liar, Afrofuturist 419, Two Hearts,  The Long Fall Up,  Blood Grains Speak Through Memories, & The Topaz Marquise 

7 Stories 

The Best Book of the Month: Ahh! It’s a close one between This Census Taker and The Last Unicorn… I’m going with This Census Taker by China Mieville. 

The Best Short Story/Novelette of the Month: Afrofuturist 419 by Nnedi Okorafor. (Link to story here)

 The Worst Book: All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders 

The Worst Short Story/Novelette: The Horror at Red Hook by H.P. Lovecraft

Total Page Count (Excluding Short Stories/Novelettes): 4,381 ~New Record~

Total Average Month Rating: 2.82/5  … I mean… that’s a better average than January. 

Overall: I read a lot. Like I don’t know how that happened. But it did.  I don’t know if I got much sleep at all in the month of May now that I’m thinking about it. 

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lux had seen it all before. from yordles, to walking birds, to a fox lady with a bunch of tails and the triangular shaped ears atop her head. but this was new. a hybrid. that’s what they were called right? being around magic had made her immune to surprises, but this still ended up getting her.

maybe she was just not used to this world still. they had so many little furry animals and the grounds were more concrete than actual grass. no, she would never be used to this world. that thought makes her miss demacia and her brother, but their little spat they had the last time they saw each other over her magic had pushed her to leave.

so here she was, standing in front of a hybrid, eyes wide and lips parted to sharp a small ‘o’.

“I’m sorry, I hope I don’t offend you. But… how did you end up this way? Were you an experiment? I know someone who was an experiment and he turned into a full on werewolf. There’s no going back to human for him. But you? You’re completely different. You remind me of Ahri, but there has to be a difference.”