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People may disappoint you anytime, even the ones you decide to trust. That's why I don't trust anyone. Are you not a human?

I know..but apparently, I’m still a bit naï happens. No, I’m not. I’m some kind of fairy or something, don’t know. ….Yes, I don’t know my own species..

As annoying as that inbred harpy doubtlessly comes off, her tirade at least had a small semblance of logic behind it. She had a legitimate reason to be pissed off (the order was wrong, the workers didn’t appear to care much about it/were being rude by speaking in another language when at work), but projected it onto the least relevant thing in a highly abrasive way, thus coming off batshit crazy and entirely invalidating whatever legitimate grievance she may have had.

Still, at least it’s still possible to see why she got angry. The worst workplace adversities are those with zero logic behind them, such as the time I was a cashier at a fast food place.

We had an old white guy who would come in almost every day, and basically be rude to every employee, but he particularly singled out my brother, myself, and a black guy who was a co-worker at the time.

From what my brother told me, the guy called his legal status into question and made fun of his English (despite the fact he speaks it passably).

In my own experience, that fucking asshole asked me how many kids I have at home (we’re Mexican). He didn’t call my English into question because I probably write and speak it better than his senile motherfucking ass does, despite it being my second language, but still. Fuck that douche.

However, unlike the rest of you, I don’t live under the delusion that most people are this way. He was one isolated, senile asshole, and his particular brand of asshattery does not define the world at large. That said, I do hope he is dead now.

But actually what pissed me off the most about that stupid fucking situation was the fact that, despite numerous complaints about that man’s fuckery on our part, he refused to just ban him from the fucking place. That, along with not abiding by state labour laws about breaks and totally disrespecting our hours, was among the main reasons I fucking quit working at that Hellhole and never looked back.

I didn’t say anything at the time because I was homeless and needed the money. But boy was it Hell. Though it was partly thanks to all that fuckery that I finally got my ass back in school, and I am much better now.

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Ma… ma tu hai un naso fantastico! Si lo so è un complimento alquanto strano, ma è bellissimo. u.u

ODDIO GRAZIE MILLE AHAHHAHAHAHAHAH. L'anonimo più dolce che io abbia mai avuto fino ad ora HAHAHAHAH

050915: Bata bata, bakit ka nananakal?

Kanina lang kasi binisita ko yung friend ko sa bahay nila kasi medyo may stiff neck yung loko. Nung mga 5:30pm nasa byahe ako papuntang Cityhall.

Nung bababa na sana ako biglang may pumasok na bata. Mga nasa age 9-12 tapos basang basa siya dahil sa ulan. Eh syempre isip ko papasok yan para humingi ng mga pasahero eh bumaba na ako. Hindi ko alam na sinusundan na pala ako ng bata.

Hinatak niya yung jacket ko at iniangat niya yung kamay niya. Palimos daw. Eh ako  walang barya kasi sa wallet ko. Hindi naman pwedeng 50 pesos yungibibigay ko. Ano siya sinuswerte? Edi umiling na lang ako at lumakad papunta sa underpass.

Hindi ko expect tumakbo siya papunta sakin at sasakalin niya ako sa leeg. Malamang nagulat ako pero buti mabilis reflexes ko kaya nakailag ako. Eh yung hindi ko talaga expect yung isang kasama niya hinahalungkat na pala sa loob ng bag ko. Syempre ako parang nawindang maulan pa nun at lumakad ako palayo habang iniharap ko bag ko. Wala naman silang makikitang pera sa bag ko eh takte mas daig pa sila maghalungkat kaysa sa mga guards sa FEU jusko.

Ang point ko dito. Ok lang na buksan bag ko pero yung mananakal? Iba na yan. Kahit bata ka pa maling mali yung ginawa mo. Kung galit pala ako ng ganung oras malamang itinaob ko na yung bata eh kaso hindi kasi wala akong karapatan manakit ng bata lalo na istudyante pa ako.

Mag-ingat na lang tayo lalo na sa mga ganung tao kasi hindi natin masasabi kung kailan yan mangyayari sayo.
Polícia Federal descobre rede de apoiadores do Estado Islâmico em São Paulo
O achado assusta. Ainda mais porque terrorismo, no Brasil, não é crime

Guerras e rumores de guerras iram acontecer assim estar na bíblia, os fins dos tempos, não vai melhorar não a tendencia é piorar porque estar escrito na bíblia ira se cumprir ou melhor estar se cumprindo, aqui no Brasil não vai ser diferente, pessoas do estado islâmico já agem aqui no Brasil 


Man, it’s been a long night
Just sitting here, trying not to look back
Still looking at the road we never drove on
And wondering if the one I chose was the right one
Oh, but I’m scared to death
That there may not be another one like this
And I confess that I’m only holding on by a thin thin thread

I’m kicking the curb cause you never heard
The words that you needed so bad
And I’m kicking the dirt cause I never gave you
The things that you needed to have
I’m so sad, sad
I’m so sad, so sad

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[TEXT] I just want to eat bacon and see you naked. And then eat bacon off of you naked.

send me somethingaccepting

[ TEXT: Shouta ♥ ♥ ]  i’ll admit that bacon may not have been my first thought

[ TEXT: Shouta ♥ ♥ ]  i think chocolate or whipped cream is more popular with this act

[ TEXT: Shouta ♥ ♥ ]  but what my shouta wants, my shouta gets.


ogni giorno mille foto dal paese per ora..eccccc


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9, 17, 21, 35

9: hai mai viaggiato per l'Europa? Quali paesi hai visitato? Si, sono stata a Parigi da piccolina e recentemente nella mia città, Madrid.

17: qual'e il tuo genere di libri preferito? sentimentale, e vale lo stesso per i film. Sono un'inguaribile romantica.

21: ti piacciono i tuoi occhi? Perché? Credo ci sia di meglio, perché li trovo troppo grandi ma credo che i miei occhi sappiano parlare.

36: qual'e il tuo film preferito? Le pagine della nostra vita.

Grazie anche a te!

I can barely begin to explain how my insecurities have been a huge influence on my life. I can’t even remember a time when I was carefree enough to do something without having the worries in the back of my mind “Am I being annoying?” “What will they think of me?”. They’re heavy, and crippling, and they seep into every little thing I do.

Countless potential relationships have been ruined because, for some reason or another, I pull away when things progress. I end up regretting it for the longest time. It may have never worked out, or it could have been amazing. The point is, I never get to find out.

I can barely walk down the street without hoping that people aren’t judging me for anything at all.

I second-guess every action and comment.

I’m over it.

FOTOS IMAGENS-Atropelamento na noite de sexta feira na salgado filho próximo a universal Uma mulher ainda não se sabe a identificação

FOTOS IMAGENS-Atropelamento na noite de sexta feira na salgado filho próximo a universal Uma mulher ainda não se sabe a identificação

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3 h


Atropelamento na noite de sexta feira na salgado filho próximo a universal
Uma mulher ainda não se sabe a identificação

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King Sejong, who in 1403 issued an extraordinary decree, which sounds enlightened even today and must have been extremely so at the time. ‘To govern well,’ he said, ‘it is necessary to spread knowledge of the laws and the books, so as to satisfy reason and to reform men’s evil nature; in this way peace and order may be maintained. Our country is in the east beyond the sea and books from China are scarce. Wood-blocks wear out easily and besides, it is difficult to engrave all the books in the world. I want letters to be made from copper to be used for printing so that more books will be made available. This would produce benefits too extensive to measure. It is not fitting that the people should bear the cost of such work, which will be borne by the Treasury

Peter Watson, Ideas a History

derxwnakapsyla said: sats how drunk off fruit were you one night for this to occur

[[That’s just it. I don’t know.
I don’t even remember making them, that’s how long ago it was.
So really late at night, probably a few peaches involved. That’s all I can gather. Either way as far as I’m concerned, they appeared one day and idk what to do with them. They may exist, but they sure as hell aren’t getting used.]]

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Hi, love! I adore your blog, it's definitely one of my favourite . I don't have a request, I was just thinking... How do you do your texting imagines? With an app or stuff like that?

Oh my god I’m one of the good ones?!?! Cool! That’s amazing thank you.

What I do for the texting imagine is I have an IPad as well as a phone so I just text myself back and forth. If you don’t have and extra device you could use just text yourself with one of them. You may need to delete some texts you send to yourself though.