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anonymous asked:

What the heck were the dark implications of tfa ive watch the show three times and it only feels like something trying to be edgy

That’s kinda funny to me, because in my eyes, it’s the opposite. It’s really silly and cartoony, but the things that happen are kinda messed up in an also cartoony way, as if the writers either tried to see what they can get away with or they didn’t realize how messed up it is. I’ll try to explain myself, just please keep in mind that it’s 3 AM and I am very exhausted, I hope my memories right now are correct, I apologize if I got some facts wrong. Alright, this is how I interpreted TFA:

There’s stuff like Wasp’s prison time that makes me wonder what the hell happened to him (the difference between Wasp when he’s arrested and when he broke out is huge). I mean, yes, he was in prison, but the Autobots are supposed to be the heroes and you’d think they’d not have jails where people are turned into an obviously traumatized mess. 

Then there’s Cybertron, which is a weirdly dark place, where Ultra Magnus, who seems like a sweet and wise person, orders scientists to get “expendable” people to do their experiments on, experiments they don’t know will work and, if they malfunction, what they could do to the subjects. And they choose twins who were in an accident and almost died to do this. Now yes, as others have pointed out, you could argue that their lives were saved by this, but as others have also pointed out, Magnus didn’t seem to care about whether or not they lived or died. He just wanted expendable people to do experiments on without their consent. And that is quite disturbing to me.

There’s more obvious ones like the drastic increase in violence in the third season, but what really got me where all the hints at where Cybertron was heading. You have (Spoilers for TFA’s final season) Ultra Magnus severely injured (and, as far as I know, he would’ve died in season 4) and Sentinel Prime taking over as Magnus. The thing with Sentinel is, he had so many chances over the course of the show to better himself and stop being a massive asshole, but he got worse and worse. At the point where he meets Blackarachnia again, he stops just being a douchebag, he’s an intolerant, cruel person, who rejects somebody he once cared about because she’s part organic, despite having experienced first hand that organic does not equal bad, and tells her in her face that it would’ve been better if she had died. And no, I am convinced he didn’t say this because she turned bad, because he didn’t even attempt at talking sense into her, he immediately attacked her.
He also made a rather unsettling speech to a cheering crowd that they should trust him and that he’ll hunt down every single Decepticon. He wants to be hailed as a hunter and his audience does so, they cheer him on, and we get Percy and Alpha Trion’s worried glances because they too know that this is not a good sign at all.
And this person is going to take over Cybertron. Somebody who seems to have learned nothing, who is a liar, who has a screaming mob behind him (and mob thinking is often not reasonable thinking), who is treating his former friends horribly because one of them is part organic and “an abomination” and the other took the blame for something he knows he had no control over. This person, who can’t control his anger, who acts irrationally, who has only come this far because of his team and because of Cons he made deals with (add that to the list of sins), is supposed to take care of an entire planet. This is dystopian as hell, because now, there isn’t even a big bad villain to go against him anymore, as far as we know, the Decepticon forces have been captured or destroyed for a large part. Cybertron is at the mercy of a man who is not a good person, who has had his chances to prove he can be rational, but he didn’t. He’s unfit for such a big role, and he’s going to mess it all up. He’s the type of person who would abuse his power (hell, he already does to a lesser extent!). 

And that, Lovely Anon, is why TFA is kind of a dark show.

Edit: Oh shit yes, how could I forget, thank you! Perceptor deleted his emotions and, basically, his personality to make room for science.

The Sims 4 Mod: Customizable Career Outfits

Want to customize your Sim’s career oufit? Now you can! No longer will you be stuck with the outfit the game assigns you.

This mod adds a new interaction, “Plan Career Outfit” to the dresser. As the name implies, it allows you to customize your Sims’ career outfits. Additionally, your Sim will always be pushed to switch to that outfit when going to work, even if there isn’t an outfit associated with the current career level. This will effect both open careers from Get to Work, and closed careers from the base game.

By default, the game will still generate new outfits when you start a career or get promoted to a level that has a default one, which will erase any changes you made. However, I’ve included a script mod that disables this, so the game will only use outfits you set.


How to install mods:

(You will need to enable “Script Mods” in the option for the script part to work)


  • This may require Get to Work, but I haven’t tested without it.

Additional Credits:

  • injector.pyo (used in the script) created by scripthoge on ModTheSims

Sheik - The Legend of Zelda (Super Smash Bros. 4 Default Version)

Cosplayer: Elocin Cosplay [Facebook | Tumblr]

Photographer: McCurdy Pix