sounds live feels live north america: a summary

i’m sorry but jemma’s “i’m not losing you” in the promo to her mother figure is fucking me up big time rn and the episode is still two weeks away just kill me now like we went from may’s “she’s just a kid” to this awesome i didn’t need my heart anyway

Okay! Since @agent-jaselin is doing “Ford in Peril” drawings for Inktober, I made a themed art prompt list. I call it “Everybody Saves Stanford.” (A couple of them are just taken from my earlier list of prompts, but only because they fit the characters so well.)

They’re designed more for visuals than fic but literally anyone is welcome to use them as prompts for art, fic, etc!

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way first:

After an exploratory trip down to the old bunker goes horribly wrong, Ford finds himself locked in a life or death struggle with the Shapeshifter, who is wearing his form. Dipper must figure out which one is really his Grunkle and save him from the impostor!

A group of renegade merfolk are bitter about the long peace between their kind and the manatees, and blame the intervention of Mermando’s upbeat human ambassador. They decide to get back at Mabel by capturing a member of her family (Ford.) Mabel must don scuba gear and sneak into the underwater fortress to save him!

A native of Lottocron Nine captures Ford, intending to get revenge after losing his life savings to him way back in Ford’s portal days. He can’t be defeated by physical force, so Stan has to win his brother back by cheating his way through the Lottocronian’s bizarre games of chance.

Ford was a grumpy gus during Summerween and the Trickster is after him! The only way for Soos to save him is to chow down on the loser candy the monster is made of! (Yes I know Soos already ate him once. He’s magic and comes back every year.)

While investigating some creatures in the words, Ford was kidnapped by one of the Splinterkin, a monster that lures you into the forest and slowly transforms you into a tree. (No not that guy, shut up.) Wendy must use her knowledge of lumberjack lore and her axey forest skills to save him before it’s too late!

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Okay. If I didn’t already love Briana Venskus from Supergirl, this moment right here would’ve sealed the deal for Agent Piper. She’s tough, she’s awkward, she’s maybe a little gay. I’ll miss Vasquez’s boss-boner for Alex, but commander-boner for May is even better maybe.

(Also, don’t call women in command “sir” for crying out loud. They’re ma'am, they’re women, calling them sir makes it a masculine title and they deserve better than that. It’s total TV bullshit nonsense that women in power want to be called sir. There was once a Q&A with a female soldier and someone asked if people called her sir. She said, “Some do. But only once.”)

(Also, Piper calling May “sir” does all sorts of things to me, okay?)