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as always, all images used come from official kingdom hearts artwork, feedback on how i did is very much appreciated, and please like/reblog/credit me if you wanna use this ^^

i accidentally gave myself feels when working on this, so have some of my rambling/headcanons about the kingdom hearts ladies under the cut

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I was just casually Google image searching Daveed Diggs (listen the why of it is not important ok it happened) and came across this image, and that’s it, that’s all, my life is over and I want this picture on my tombstone.

“I think we should.”

“Should what?”

- A Baking Video


Tom Hiddleston AU Aesthetic - Jag!Tom and Exec!Tom as Twin Brothers

Original Inspiration / Collaboration with teacuphiddles

Thomas and William Hiddleston, twin brothers and heirs to the phenominally successfull Hiddleston Corporations. Inseparable since birth, the brothers spent every moment of school together, played the same sports, had the same friends; until university, where Thomas discovered a little white powder called coke. When his habit gets him cut off by his father, his younger brother (by four minutes) William is groomed to solely inherit the family business. But nothing could keep them too far apart.

Twelve years later, Hiddleston Corps is in deep, deep debt. Their mum is suffering from Alzheimer’s, their wash-out of a father is gambling what little is left of their fortune away. William knows he can’t fix it, but someone has to provide for his mum. With no other options, he turns to the most successful drug lord in London: his own twin, Thomas. 

Eager to be partners in crime again (only this time, literally), Thomas teaches William the ropes of running a different kind of business. While William struggles with the morality of his choices, Thomas works harder and harder to knock him off his pedestal. But one way or another, the boys seize every opportunity to stay brothers in arms.


Traced and redrawn/edited dakimakura designs from animator Mamoru Yokota (Twitter: @yokotamamoru) ‘s sketches, available from his twitter.

I do not claim credit for the art. Extra parts that were not included in the original sketch were traced from the official daki designs. Larger versions available by PM; these may be edited again in the near future.

[Osomatsu & Todomatsu]

[Jyushimatsu & Ichimatsu] (I will not be doing these two, since they obv. did it wonderfully and a larger size than what I do!)