may... be

Stiles and Derek share glances from across the bar for the past hour.

“Either I’ve got a real chance with Monsieur Eyebrows there, or I’m on his hit list…,” Stiles mutters to Scott as he bites his lip, debating.

“I’ll take the risk, hold my beer.”

“Wait, what?!” Scott flails, grabbing his glass and sending out an SOS group text with the guy’s picture and description, just in case.


3 years later


“Everyone please raise your glasses in honor of Mieczyslaw,” Scott covers the mic, “sorry Stiles I had to,”

“and Derek.  Who knew that three years ago you were both destined to converge on the same path in life and become one in heart and soul. Stiles took a gamble, he thought Derek was either the man of his dreams or a serial killer.”

Cora snorts loudly as Laura intones, “He still calls me to come get rid of spiders in his home!”

Derek flushes, but Stiles grabs his hand and kisses his cheek, “Spiders are evil incarnate, Der.”

John chuckles and whispers to Melissa, “Stiles found out about Derek’s arachnophobia and tried to create a spell to protect their house. Nearly lost his eyebrows when it backfired.”

“Hey, HEY! This is a joyous occasion, people! Back to our love story.” Stiles fixes his jacket and sits down with a huff.

“You looked sexy even with half an eyebrow,” Derek murmurs, delighting in following Stiles’ blush as it  travel from the top of his eyes below his collar with his lips.

“As you can see,” Scott gestures to the couple in question, “It seems the only thing Derek killed was the chance of anyone else being able to lovingly cradle and protect Stiles’ heart. Cheers to the Stilinski-Hales!”

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Angst anon: Michael, maybe it'd be better without your player 1. He sounds like a horrible guy to have hurt you during.. Whatever happened in senior year. As a fan who loves your videos, maybe it'd be better to forget about the past! Focus on the future maybe, maybe someone else would be a greater player 1 that deserves to know you and will not leave you behind! Plus who knows, if they disappeared- Maybe they're gone for good?

He ISN’T horrible. But… maybe you’re right. Maybe I should move on. 

It’s just… hard, y’know? Hah.. I loved the guy since middle school and I’ve known him for even longer.

I still remember hanging out with him as if it was yesterday. 

Even now, sometimes, I feel like I could just turn around and call out to him and he’d be standing there, laughing and smiling so wide- but… he’s not. Not anymore.

Maybe I am judging this the wrong way. 

But it’s only because I’ve known him for so long. 

I know what he’s like.  At least… I thought I did. But still, that?
That was nothing like him! It felt… different. He… was different. 

I mean, I know, I should be looking forward to a brighter and happier future but- Even if it was his choice to end things the way they did, I can’t help but feel like this could have been prevented. 

Maybe it was inevitable, but part of me feels like I just didn’t try hard enough or something. Like I was just a shit friend that didn’t help enough and I’m somewhat responsible for losing him; as if all of this… was sort of my fault. 

It’s dumb, I know, but.. what’s done is done. I just need to live with  my mistakes, I guess. He… probably isn’t coming back and I just,, need to accept that. 


“Quintessence is, as we know, a manifestation of life itself, as seen in various forms… while the most common is life force in its rawest state, a dark matter (assumed to be the fifth alchemical element, or essence, after earth, air, fire, and water) postulated to explain observations of an accelerating universe…”

“The highest levels are found in the heart, primarily due to the function of distributing… life, essentially, to the rest of the body; In fact, some studies have detected larger activity waves… during times of heavy stress or emotion. The most curious finding, however, was the discovery of matching signatures emanating from two separate life forms;”

“The opposing signatures appearing first, of course, directly over the heart.”

Recently, I’ve been trying out a more different style to the one I have right now. It’s probably because I want to experiment with a coloring style that’s more like you’re painting. Though most times I just sketch out things out in my sketchpad, which even then is rather rare these days - gotta listen to the teacher after all.

I’m glad I got a chance to at least try out the style digitally. Proportioning is rather difficult, and I’m still practicing this style.

And I got back into D-Gray Man and wow am I glad because I found another artist I admire and their art style is beautiful

But anyways, still experimenting with this style, I want to change the eyes a little to something a little more semi-realistic. Or change the nose but I’m still pretty new to this style. And still not completely back! Though somewhere in December I’ll have more free time ^^/