Match Day

Two years ago on the morning of Match Day, I was sitting on the rooftop drinking black coffee laced with whiskey, eating Egg McMuffins, watching the sun rise with my friends. We couldn’t sleep all night. Our future was at hand. And we were dying from anticipation, fear, excitement, curiosity.

Tomorrow, massive numbers of fourth year med students will participate in one of the weirdest, unifying events in medical culture: Match Day. After all, how many professions out there give 10,000 plus people jobs simultaneously on one day every year? 

There will be tears, of happiness, joy, confusion, disbelief. There will be shock, there will be screams, there will be hugging. No matter what happens, know that it’s all going to work out no matter what program is listed on that piece of paper.

We residents are also anxiously waiting to hear where you will be going because we’re excited to meet our new colleagues! 

May the odds be ever in your favor, good luck and congratulations wonderful fourth years!

What's that guys?! ♧ FLASH FRIDAY ♧

& its your lucky day! Pick a # 1 thru 6… and see what your luck has in store for YOU. These are even better flashes then the ones before. If you reblog you get another lucky flash. Its that easy.. ♧♧♧♧ may the odds ever be in your favor 😉

Good Luck with the ticketing!!!! Hope for the best~ Have like other options for tickets you’ll get if you didn’t get what you initially wanted!! May the odds be ever in your favor~~ I really hope you all get to buy tickets and get to watch bangtan and party with them and ARMYs.

No. I will NOT “respect your opinion” and “remain friends” with Trump supporters. I do NOT respect your “opinion” that I don’t deserve my rights. I don’t respect your “opinion” that gay people don’t deserve rights. I don’t agree with your “opinions” when your OPINIONS DEVALUE HUMANS. Refugees, transsexuals, women, muslims, immigrants, the black and latino communities. If your opinions involve supporting someone who proposes to strip these people (and more) of their basic human rights, no, I do not and WILL NOT respect you, and you have A LOT OF FUCKING GALL to demand it. How dare you demand it. How DARE you expect it. You spit on us but then post bullshit like “I will still be friends even tho we disagree because I’m mature” bullshit? You are not mature. You are not an intellectual. You are NOT the tolerant one when your opinions are built on and support INTOLERANCE. You post those sort of images and statuses to make yourself look like the bigger person, like “I’ll still be friends with you even tho you are gay and are scared for your life” like, congratu-fuck-u-lations? You want a gold star for being willing to still be friends with us after you screw us all over? Want a cookie? Want a pat on the back? You feel like a good person for accepting us as “friends” as you actively ruin our lives? We. Don’t. Want. Your. Friendship. You. Can. Keep. It.

Famous Quotes Everyone Knows From Movies

Hunger Games: May the odds be ever in your favor!

Star Wars: *koo pah* I AM YOUR FATHER

Also Star Wars: These aren’t the droids your looking for…

Lord of the Rings: YOU. SHALL. NOT. PASS!

Indiana Jones: Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

Pirates of the Caribbean: CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow


Harry Potter: Yer a wizard, Harry

Yuri on Ice Episode 6: Thoughts

- So clearly Victor forgot to tell Yuri they are dating. I suppose he will just catch on eventually, when they are, like, married or something.

- Yakov, don’t you be mean to my silver haired babu. Worry more about what the shit is keeping your skater’s hair in place. Seriously. The hair dynamics in the anime are so legit, why is Georgi wearing what is clearly a piece of brown foam

- Chris makes me feel the most uncomfortable, and that’s insane considering we have a painted Russian clown on the ice.

                 -Also, no one grabs Yuri’s butt except Victor. Back off, Swiss 1990′s Justin Timberlake.

- Phichit now has to fight Minami for title of cutest fanboy. May the odds be ever in our favor.

- As an American, I’ll be damned if our representative isn’t a special little snowflake of happiness. Shine on, Leo.

Overall, my shipping heart beats and I look forward to wherever this sparkling train of maddness takes me.

As long as it lands in Vikturi.

anonymous asked:

im have a concert on tuesday at 7 pm and i have mouth surgery the same day at 8 am we're playing beethoven's 5th symphony and also something by john rutter wish me luck

I hope you don’t play a wind/brass instrument but if you do may the odds be ever in your favor, man

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I am interested in you, how does a girl get your attention?

Try not being an anon.

I’m not sure now is a good time, though.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

The character of the week


When you know we dedicate a week of the month to a character, soooooooo we like to know that character you would like to see in this week.

Coment what you like to see!

The character more voted will be the chosen!

Goodbye friends, and may the odds be ever in your favor! 

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(you are in Katniss’s place in 3rd, 4th, 6th gif & Dean in Peeta’s in 4th, 6th gif)

“Welcome, welcome, welcome” the woman with weird clothes and hair said through the microphone “Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!” she said once again cheerfully.

You shook your head and looked down at your feet. How could ever anyone be happy about them? How? They were nothing but a death trap to whoever had the un-fortune to be chosen as a tribute. You clenched your fists and gritted your teeth in both anger and… fear. You were scared, not that you would be chosen, but that your sister, Katniss, would be the one to get chosen. She, along with your mother, was the only family you had left.

You glanced up and smiled at your sister that stood next to you, her hand on your shoulder trying to comfort you.  You smiled weakly at her and she did the same. You both knew that there was no point in trying to pretend that everything was ok. Because nothing was ok.

You turned your head and looked at the side where the boys were lined up. You immediately spotted the eyes of your long-time best friend, Sam, and you felt yourself relax just a little bit. He always managed to make you feel less nervous in situations like this and every time you found yourself to be the luckiest girl to have such a good friend like him. You and Sam had gone through this many times but every time the feeling never changed. The feeling that was brought to you and every other person in the 12 districts by the Hunger Games. 

You nodded at Sam with a small smile as he did the same and you both turned to look back at the weird lady.

“I just love that!” she said once again way too cheerfully and you had a hard time not scoffing “Now-” she said again and you took in a sharp breath, knowing fully well what was to come “-The time has come for us to select one courageous young man and woman for the honor of representing district 12 in the 74th annual Hunger Games. As usual, ladies first.” she said and went to the big glass-boll on her left. Sticking her hand in it and taking a paper from it.

She took it and walked in front of the microphone. She unfolded it and you held your breath, fearing (as always) to hear the name that was written in it.

“Katniss Everdeen” she said and your eyes widened at hearing the name of your sister being called out. Your heart started beating rapidly and you felt everything around you freeze.

You shook your head and looked frantically around you once you realized that Katniss was no longer next to you.

“Katniss” you whispered looking around you “Katniss” you whispered once again until you finally spotted her walking towards the woman.

“No, Katniss no!” you screamed and without waiting you started running towards her direction.

The peacekeepers stopped you, holding you back by your arms. Katniss looked back at you with glistening eyes.

“No” you mouthed, shaking your head . She smiled bitterly at you and after shaking her head she turned and started walking again.

“I volunteer!” you screamed, making her stop dead in her tracks.

“I volunteer as a tribute!” you screamed again and this time the peacekeepers let you walk.

“Oh I believe we have a volunteer, Mr. Mayor” the woman said.

The peacekeepers let Katniss return and as you walked forward she enveloped you in her arms. You hugged her tightly and whispered “It’s ok, I’m alright. Don’t worry about me. Take care of mom, ok?” you said with a pained smile once you pulled away.

She was shaking her head, tears ready to fall “No” she whispered.

“No!” she screamed once again as the peacekeepers dragged her back in her line. She was you older sister and you knew fully well how she felt. Like it was her responsibility to take care of you and protect you, not the other way round. But here you were, sacrificing yourself to save your sister.

 “A dramatic turn of events here in district 12″ the woman said as you walked towards the stage. You bit your lip that was trembling and tried to compose yourself.

“What’s your name?” she asked once you were up on the stage, bring the microphone close to you.

“(Y/n) Everdeen” you said with no emotion.

“Well, I bet my hat that was your sister, wasn’t it?” she said and you gave a weak nod.

“Yes” you said.

“Let’s have a big applause for our very first volunteer, (Y/n) Everdeen” she said and clapped while everybody else merely raised their hands in salute.

You just stood there, looking around you at the people you were probably not going to see ever again in your life. The life that, you were sure, would end in the Hunger Game.

“And now for the boys” she said and proceeded to do the same thing.

She walked in front of the microphone again and unfolding the paper, she read the name in it…

“Sam Winchester”

If your heart was beating rapidly before, now it had stopped beating altogether. This could be happening. You could not believe it. You did not want to believe it. No, not Sam. Not Sammy. Not innocent, sweet Sammy. Not your best friend. You would not be able to compete against your best friend. You would not be able to… kill you best friend. No the mere thought made you want to scream and cry. Sam? Why did it have to be Sam. Why Sammy? You would never be able to do this… no, not to him. And even if you didn’t then… somebody else would. No. 

He meant so much to you. He was not only your friend. He was more. More than friend, more than family, more than somebody you cared for deeply… He was like Gale was to Katniss. You could not say it clearly yourself either but Sam… Sam meant a lot to you.

You did not want that. No, not Sam. Sam could not take part in the Hunger Games. Not now nor ever!

And… why would it have to be Sam? Why would Sam have to take part in those sick games? He did not deserve it. Sam did not-

“I volunteer!” a rough voice shouted from the boys’ side.

Sam had only taken a few steps but turned to see who had spoken up. He knew very well who it was, though, there was not doubt about it.

“I volunteer as a tribute!” the man that had raised his hand before, now stepped out of the line. People took a few steps back and away from him and you could see Sam shake his head.

“No, Dean no!” he protested and even though you could not see his face you were sure that the expression he had would be the most pain-filled one.

“Don’t worry” Sam hugged his brother “And don’t ever sign up your name, you know those sons of bitches ain’t worth it” Dean said again with a forced smile.

“No, Dean! No, don’t do this!” Sam grabbed his brother by his shirt, trying to stop him.

“You know it’s my job, Sammy” Dean said with a bitter smile and walked forward, the peacekeepers holding a screaming Sam back.

“My, now this is a turn of events!” the lady said ever so cheerfully “The two very first volunteers in the history of Hunger Games, here in district 12!” she added.

Dean walked up the few stairs to the stage, his jaw firmly set and his forest green eyes burning with anger and so many other emotions you couldn’t decipher.

“And what is your name?” she asked bringing the microphone closer to him.

“Dean Winchester, sweetheart” he said with a smirk and a wink to her but you could easily tell how it was all an act. It helped and you knew it. That was his way of trying to fight off the fear, just like yours was counting your breaths. In and out.

“Oh my” the woman laughed slightly, as if she was scandalized.

She cleared her throat and spoke “Well, go on you two, shake hands” she brought him and you closer and you extended your hand to meet his already extended one.

You averted your eyes up to his and for a moment you found yourself lost in them. The memory still there as if it was just yesterday that it happened.

You were cold and shivering from the pouring rain. You stood by a tree hugging your jacket closer to yourself as your eyes kept opening and closing. You were feeling dizzy, not being able to even remember when was the last time you ate something. You heard voices and your eyes barely opened to see what was happening. A man was shouting at another, younger one. No, not just a man. You knew him. It was John, John Winchester. You best friend’s father. You hadn’t met him in person, just seen him from afar and that was all. But it was not Sam that he was shouting to. No, this must have been… Sam’s brother. Dean, wasn’t it?

You saw him get out and slam the door behind him. He ran a hand through his hair as he threw some burned bread at the dogs that you knew, from Sam, they owned. He looked up and your eyes met. You stared at him for a while just like he did but you could not keep your eyes open for longer. They closed and your head fell, resting against the tree’s truck. You stood like that for a while until you felt something fall over you and something else being placed in your hands. You opened your eyes just slightly only to come face to face with Dean. His green orbs looking at you intensely. You looked down at yourself and saw a brown leather jacket being draped over your shoulders and loaf of bread in your hands. 

You looked up at him and saw him have a soft smile on his face. You opened your mouth to speak but were cut off by another voice.

“Dean, get your ass back in here!” it was John’s voice.

Dean looked behind him mumbling something sounded like “Damn it!” through gritted teeth. He turned to look back at you as if he wanted to say something, but he closed his mouth and turned, running towards where he had come from. He looked back at you once he had opened the door and you allowed yourself to smile as you saw him walk in.

That was the first and last time you had seen Dean from close… until today of course. Sure he was Sam’s brother and you hanged out a lot with Sam but other than the few things Sam had gotten to tell you about him, you actually didn’t know the guy.

As it seemed, though, you would get to know him very well pretty soon.

“Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!” the woman said, snapping you just a little bit from your trail of thoughts.

Here we go you thought.

[Not requested - just guess who got obsessed with the Hunger Games and watched the three movies in three days together! Yeah, me!]

Just a quick jibber jabber.

So I just woke up to feed/change Matrim.

We got a fuck ton of snow here last night in Montreal. Basically, I don’t remember having a snow day since Icestorm 98, and there is a snow day tomorrow lol. They never call them on island, but they did. There’s at least 2 feet of snow on top of my BBQ right now, and it’s STILL snowing.

“Why are you telling us, Mel?”

Simple. I live in an old building, with shitty fucking lines outside. I lose power a lot. And for a lot less than this. I just wanted to warn you guys, I may be shit out of luck with posting. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t lost power yet.

To anyone else in Quebec, good luck out there.
May the odds be ever in your favor. I hope whatever you need to do can wait another day.