My Raf Simons Spring-Summer 2004 ‘May The Circle Be Unbroken’ sleeveless sweatshirt,  courtesy of  my friend and coworker Boston Roll.

I finally got to wear it last night (to CocoRosie). The hippy vibe from the 2004 collection seemed fitting for the show. I’d been meaning to take detail shots of this for awhile because the hand-painted graphic is so intricate. 


I went so deep into the Bioshock Infinite tag, that my computer froze. The whole time I was there, I had this playing in the background. 1 hour of this song and Istillcan’t get enough.


I feel that everyone should watch this. This is a wonderful movie and has A++ acting.


May The Circle Be Unbroken - Juleah

A couple of days ago, Juleah posted a photo on Twitter with a cryptic tease that she was working on a new cover - a song by Spacemen 3. And now the secret has been revealed - her latest cover is inspired by the Spacemen 3 interpretation of the Carter Family classic Can the Circle be Unbroken (By and By).

This amazing woman really can’t put a step wrong.

I love this even more than Zia McCabe/The Dandy Warhols’ interpretation of the song. Even more than the Spacemen 3 cover it takes heed of.