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Can you draw more avatarstuck?? I'm trash for that au and your art is amazinggg

:DDD AAAHHH Thank you! And of course! Here’s a few doodles I had laying around that may or may not work their way into the plot of a fanventure if I don’t lose motivation like every other time argh

Vriska most definitely is a well known pirate known for her amazing luck at sea as well as her witchcraft during the full moon (aha guess what she’s a blood bender)

Dave really needs to get his family issues and feelings sorted out

and Terezi has these mysterious scars rendering her sightless. She has her ways to get around though. 

After a very shitty day, I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who came to my ask box with support after reviewers tried bashing my story on fanfiction. I love you guys like seriously!!! <3 <3 <3

On another note, a much happier one, I have made it past 400+ followers. It may not be such a big deal, but I never thought I’d even get past 10 followers. I usually don’t know how this works, but yeah I leave you here with my crappy drawing of Loke/ Leo lol

Again thanks for the constant support and your kind comments about my writing. Please look forward to may more stories and one-shots in the future.

Special thanks to: @ayumichi-me who allowed me to write a fanfic about her nerd au and has been so kind as to take the time to read it. Thank you so much, you are extremely talented!!! and i seriously love you!

@illustraice Babe seriously I don’t know what I’d do without you. You gave me the inspiration to come up with Red Card (Nalu soccer Au) and I’m forever grateful for how you take care of me. I’m looking forward to continuing red card! Love you <3

@sumer-z Te quiero mucho!!! Fuiste unas de mis primeras amigas en el Tumblr y me puse muy feliz cuando me empezastes a hablar. TE QUIEROOO!!! <3<3<3

@stormtrpo You have been the sweetest since I met you. You lovable Kouhia of mine!! Thank you so much for deciding to make a doujinshi out of my story! As I’ve said before I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product lovely!!!

@bookinganimelady @firebam @jarrynx @darth–brick @acnomogia @sugaronhaz @shippersaurus Thank you so much for cheering me up after this incident. You have no idea how much it means to me that you took the time to come and encourage me! 

Okay, also big thanks to all those anons who would come with asks about updates! I love all my followers and seriously guys, if you follow me please don’t hesitate to ask me anything. I really want to get to know you guys

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Is your headcanon Pearl trans?

I do sort of wonder if I got this question because of my habit of drawing Pearl as totally flat chested.

To answer, with regards to canon Pearl, no, she is not trans. She, like all the CGs are asexual aliens who use gendered pronouns. I tend to draw gems as missing typical human anatomy, such as no eyebrows, fingernails, etc. I think it makes them subtly more alien that way. Rose is rather unique in having eyebrows consistently as part of her construct as well as breasts. Amethyst, being closest to human of the gems in personality may or may not have breasts as well.

If I were to make a human AU, or to imagine what each of the gems would be like if they were human, I could see myself having Pearl be trans, it would certainly be interesting and I can actually picture it pretty well. I haven’t made a human AU version of the gems yet so I hadn’t much considered it.

Thank you for the question, anon!

[MH Gen] La Lance


Peur de se prendre un coup? Ou bien juste envie de faire une évasion et de bourriner comme un fou? Ou encore cette sensation quand tu charge et contre une attaque et que le monstre flinch comme pas possible. Bienvenue sur ce billet sur la lance! Une arme dans la simplicité mais cependant redoutable.

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