guys, regarding wonho’s mother sharing that his real surname is Lee and not Shin, please respect his wishes and refrain from calling him that. he clearly chose to be called shin for a reason, which seems to be his mother’s surname whom we know he loves very dearly. don’t go around calling him lee hoseok, he most likely wants to be known as shin hoseok so please don’t be that person and possibly make him feel bad on twitter or vlive by commenting about it.

thank you!!!

Wonho’s real/birth name is not Shin Hoseok but Lee Hoseok!

A fan was talking to Wonho’s mother at MoMo Coffee, and when the fan asked about his name ‘Shin’ on the internet, she explained that his name is actually Lee Hoseok.

Below, in blue handwriting is Wonho’s mother writing his real name, Lee Hoseok!

cr: Protector_1ho

P/N: I do understand that this is not an official announcement by Starship, however I do know the fan who met Wonho’s mother personally, so I can confirm that this is indeed what Wonho’s mother said and wrote!