Self love is obtainable...

It may seem so far away from where you are now, but I promise you can get there.

It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.

Imagine waking up in the morning and not looking at your stomach and thighs in disgust but instead enjoying their softness and plushiness.

Imagine sitting down and instead of constantly shifting your shirt to mask your rolls you simply do not pay the slightest bit of attention to them.

Imagine being out with friends at a restaurant and ordering whatever you feel like eating without numbers rushing through your mind trying to figure out how many calories are in it.

Self love is nourishing both your body and your mind in a way that is sustainable and brings purpose and happiness to your life. There is no need to torture yourself by restricting everything you enjoy and cutting out all forms of happiness just to obtain a certain weight or dress size. 

You can get there, you just have to try.

It honestly feels like being slapped in the face.

“You didn’t work hard enough.”
“You didn’t stream enough.”
“You couldn’t do anything.”

I’m sorry, guys…
I couldn’t do anything to keep you from getting separated.

I’m happy for Wanna-One (seriously, i am), but the group feels…

like i have this weird feeling that the members don’t have chemistry with one another.

I don’t know if i’m the only one feeling like this (maybe it’s because i’m still drpressed and bitter). But not having jonghyun as the leader…

they even stated that the group will have no leader (found this on twitter)

I’m sorry i couldn’t protect you guys from getting separated. i’m sorry that minhyun now has to promote with wanna-one alone and that ㄴㅇㅅㅌs have to wait 2 years for him to come back. i’m sorry we had to go through this pain, that pledis isn’t saying anything about NU'EST’s future, that disbanding may not be so far away now.

That jonghyun said that for most people this is the beginning, but for them this is their last chance

i’m really sorry…

Let’s look at positive things now~
NU'EST songs are charting, and albums are being sold. Minhyun will be able to gain fame with Wanna-One. Because this is happening…

I’ll work harder, i promise ❤️

Giving up is not an option.
The older you get, you’ll realize some things do not mean anything.
You’ll learn to pick your battles, and not give a fuck about other things.
You’ll learn what is and what really isn’t important.
That may seem so far away right now.
But it will come.
And living will be easier.
—  @fallense
Dream may all of creation be with you til the end of your life
Dream wherever you are, will welcome you
Dream may your trials end in full bloom
Dream though your beginnings might be humble, may the end be prosperous

So Far Away- Min Yoongi

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the amazing lyrics that this genius writes. 

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I JUST NEED TO SAY THAT MY FINAL GIRLS HAS ARRIVED AND I WASN'T EXPECTING IT UNTIL THE BEGINNING OF MAY BECAUSE AUSTRALIA IS *SO* FAR AWAY FROM EVERYTHING... I shouted at the reception girls when they told me I had a flat book-type package, and then I shouted at my colleagues that an *unexpected book* had arrived. There has been much shouting today. I am so excited to read this tonight. Thank you in advance for another wonderful world to lose myself in!

ZOMG hooray!

Good book, to make the crossing so quickly.  Good, good book.

GOT7 Reaction - Min Yoongi’s (BTS) Mixtape, Agust D

Hey! Thanks for the request @cheekychimchim and I hope you like it! <3


Youngjae - *I don’t think it would be his style though he’d try to make sure that he didn’t have anything negative towards it. He may like ‘So Far Away’ and would find Yoongi’s writing inspiring*

JB - *Would find it amazing and would actually spend time trying to learn the songs off the mixtape album*


Jinyoung - *Wouldn’t know what to think of it at first would would grow to have a liking towards it*

Yugyeom - YES! SLAY! *Would be very excited while listening to it and make up dances to go with it*

Mark - *This guy would actually learn all the songs no problem and would play the mixtape quite often*

Jackson - *He’d actually non-stop play it until he knew word for word and would probably go crazy, or sometimes turn half of the raps into the style of JYP* 


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All I want for Christmas...

Is A Court of Wings and Ruin!! Why God is May so far away?!?! 😰😭😭

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[ENG TRANS] So Far Away - Agust D (Suga) ft. Suran

So Far Away - Agust D (MIXTAPE TRACK 10)

It’s something to have nothing that you want to do
I know that it’s sad (a shame) to not have a normal (stereotypical) dream
Id you do what you’re asked to
“It’s going to be fine once you go to college”
To the me who believed those words,I must’ve been a retard
Since I couldn’t die,I continued living

Give me a drink as I want to get drunk today
and please don’t stop me from doing so
Even though drinking is a luxury for an unemployed person
I can’t continue being in a sober state when everyone is running while I’m still standing here

Everyone’s running but why am I still here?
Everyone’s running but why am I still here?

So far away, If there was a dream for me
If there was a flying dream
Don’t far away,If there was a dream for me
If there was a flying dream

Dream,You’ll be together with the creation and the life you have made in the end
Dream,Wherever you sit,be humble (generous)
Dream,In the end,in every test there will be good news in the end
Dream - Even if the start is weak may the end be strong

Yes,fuck it I couldn’t die but there was nothing I wanted to live for
I was depressed and sad but the only words I hear from around me were
“Get back to your senses”

I release my anger but the only opponent was myself
I release my anger to myself
I was scared to wake up in the morning to open my eyes and breathe

I got more distanced with my friends and family
The more the time went it felt like it was going impatiently

I feel lonely and the now that I am alone
Everything disappears like a mirage
It disappears,It disappears
and now I disappear

I throw the world away like this
I distance myself from the skies
and I fall

So far away, If there was a dream for me
If there was a flying dream
Don’t far away,If there was a dream for me
If there was a flying dream

Dream,You’ll be together with the creation and the life you have made in the end
Dream,Wherever you sit,be humble (generous)
Dream,In the end,in every test there will be good news in the end
Dream - Even if the start is weak may the end be strong

So far away, If there was a dream for me
If there was a flying dream
Don’t far away,If there was a dream for me
If there was a flying dream

Dream,You’ll be together with the creation and the life you have made in the end
Dream,Wherever you sit,be humble (generous)
Dream,In the end,in every test there will be good news in the end
Dream - Even if the start is weak may the end be strong

You’ll be together with the creation and the life you have made in the end
Wherever you sit,be humble (generous)
In the end,in every test there will be good news in the end
Even if the start is weak may the end be strong

So far away
So far away
So far away
So far away

So far away, If there was a dream for me
If there was a flying dream
Don’t far away,If there was a dream for me
If there was a flying dream

So far away
Don’t far away
So far away
Don’t far away

Dream,You’ll be together with the creation and the life you have made in the end
Dream,Wherever you sit,be humble (generous)
Dream,In the end,in every test there will be good news in the end
Dream - Even if the start is weak may the end be strong


It’s a date - Nate Maloley

So this is the first time I make an imagine for tumblr and I chose Nate since, well, he’s hot. I’ve got a Spanish friend that loves Gilinsky so this goes for her, as well. I love you so much, we may live so far away but I love you. 

I know it’s a long imagine. If you like it, let me know. I’ll take requests if you really like it. Thanks. 

Words: 2190



“You seem really nice, thanks God you’re here.” He said. “I’m Jack, by the way. Thanks for fixing this shit. Are you new?”

“Yes, well. I’m from Spain and I moved here because I got this job. I’m trying to get used to this life. Literally I got here two weeks ago and I don’t know anyone.”

“Well, here’s Gilinsky to cheer you up and make you feel better.”

We both worked on a magazine, a really important one. I had to write articles, that was what I had to do, while his job was editing the things I wrote.

We chatted while we worked and he told me about the city and then asked me about home, I explained him how was life in Spain and then I talked about my favourite spots of my city which caused him to look at me widely. Jack smiled and said his favourite spots about LA then, his smile grew while he talked.

“I’ll take you out this weekend. Your friend can come, too.”

The week went by and by Friday, my best friend already got a job in a nice café so I grabbed two take away coffees so he wouldn’t be that sleepy. He always came to work with that sleepy cute face and it was funny to see him like that.

“Have a nice first day here, hun.” I smiled. “Grab me some cookies for when you get home.”

“Of course, I already knew you would get mad if I didn’t.”

“Love you, babe” I giggled after paying and making my way to my job. “Good morning, sleepyhead” I smiled to Jack, giving him his coffee. “I got a latte for you, I don’t know if…”

“I have known you for less than a week and I already love you.” He said and took the coffee. “Thank you, this is very nice from you.”

“Well, I did this because it’s awful to work with you when you’re thinking how good you’d be if you were in bed.” I giggled.

“Still, thanks.” He smiled, obviously ignoring what I had said.

We worked; it was a busy day for him. I finished everything on Thursday and he had to set everything for Monday, so instead of leaving I stayed and helped him. He was like the first friend I made. I tried to give him my opinion and we finished and sent the work to our boss.

“Thanks for the help and for staying, you could have gone home.”

“Well, it wouldn’t be nice if you had to stay here alone.”

“I came by car, I’ll take you home.” I said the address when we got in the car. “Damn, you are my new neighbour!”  he giggled. “I live with my best friend, his name is Jack.”

“What? You kidding, are you?”

“No, he’s a douchebag, like me. You’ll have to deal with two Jacks now ‘cause after this, you’re staying in my life and not leaving. I need someone who brings me coffee in the morning” he said while parking. “So, tonight my friends are coming home. Why don’t you come too? It would be nice having my new best friend around.”

“Best friend?” I smirked.

“Yeah, after all you’ve done this week for me I owe you my life. But, being serious now, thanks. I kinda want to get to know you so well. Like, I’ve always to wanted to have that friend who can hang out and get to sleep in my bed but just, you know, being friends. No sex” he said quickly, I giggled. “It would be nice, Jack.”

“So, you coming?”

“I’ll ask my best friend, if she wants to go, we’ll be there. If not, we’ll leave it for another day.”

He nodded then. “I really hope you can come, we could have a sleepover at mine.”

“I’ll text you later.”

When I got home, I saw Laia, my best friend, laying on the couch and looking at me widely.

“It’s been a loooooong day”

“Yeah, how was it?”

“I enjoyed it. There were like a million cute guys.”

“You want more? There’s a party…”

“I’m super tired. Can the party wait for us or…?”

“We don’t have to go if you don’t feel like going. I wanted you to meet Jack.”

“Oh, that guy. The one you won’t stop talking about?”

“I swear I don’t like him.”

“I’ll take your word.”

“I actually think he’s your type of guy, not mine. But I wanted to meet his friends. We can chill here, let’s watch a  movie!”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, we haven’t had a good time together since Sunday which we need. So I’ll stay. Kinda missed you. Not too much, but-“

“Shut up, this is about to start.”

I got a text from Jack, then. “Everyone left and Jack’s sleeping. You didn’t come. I miss you.”

“Hahaha, want me to go now? My best friend’s sleeping too”

“Hell, yes, I’ll go to the door.”

I left, leaving a note and going next door where I could see Jack smiling.

“Why didn’t you come?”

“She was tired, so I was. So we watched a film or maybe three. Not sure.”

Jack giggled.

“Here” he said while he was leading me to his bedroom, I supposed. “Cuddle?” he asked, while he lied in his bed. “Yeah”

“I’m falling asleep, beautiful”

“Go, then”

“You’ll stay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be here to annoy you when you wake up.”


After that, Jack and I built a really strong friendship. We would spend almost all the day together, and quickly I became friends with Johnson so I told Laia to come with us. After that, everything worked.

I could see how much Laia and G liked each other, and when he did a party at his house, I kind of tried to set them together.

“What? Guys, you told us you were going to help us”

“Yeah, but you never choose the right drinks so Johnson and I are going to buy them while Laia and you are staying in here.”

“I know what you’re trying, not gonna work” G told me. I smirked.

“We’ll see.”

Johnson went back home when we bought everything and I went home to get ready, I hadn’t met Jack’s friends yet so I was a bit nervous. Like, he was a really important part of my life now and I wanted his friends to like me as well.

Not that I was in love with him nor I liked him in anything else that as a friend, but still.

I also wanted to look good so I spent a lot of time trying to get ready, until I found a perfect outfit. A crop top with a bit of cleavage and a skirt. And, of course, black heels. I looked good. My make up was great. And I felt gorgeous so I headed to my best friend’s house.

“Damn, Y/N” Johnson said. “I thought you were not coming.”

“I’m here”

“I know. YOOOOOOOOO” He yelled. “Imma introduce you to Y/N” he said while entering the room. I followed behind.

All of them looked curiously at me.

“Damn” I heard. “I’m Sam, but you can call me daddy if you want.”

I giggled and blushed.

“Sam, I want you to stay away from her” I heard Gilinsky. I smiled. “You look really good.”

“Did my plan work?”

Jack blushed.

“I’ll take that as a yes” I smirked and then hugged him. “I’m so happy for you”

Then, all the guys introduced themselves and some of them hugged me. They were all so nice, and it was pretty nice to be there.

“Hey” I turned around.

“Hi” I smiled back at him. “Nate, right?”

“Yeah, mhm…”

“Sorry, did you want to take-?” he smiled and I felt stupid then, his dimples got me like if I was stupid. “I came here to talk to you, they got boring after hearing them say stupid stuff.” I giggled.

“The music is so loud, we’ll not hear each other.”

“Come” he said and I followed him. There was so many people, even more than before. Nate grabbed to drinks and made sure I was following him. “How did you met Jack?”

“At work.”

“We’ve heard a LOT of you. Like, I’m impressed. Don’t you miss home?”

“I do, but I’m leaving my dream. I wanted to be journalist and now I’m working on a magazine. I’m happy. It’s sad my family’s not here but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them. I got this opportunity and I couldn’t drop it.”

“For how long are you planning to stay?” Nate asked.

“I don’t know. If I fell in love, I guess I would stay. If I don’t find any reason to stay here, once the contract is over I’ll go back home.”

Nate nodded.

“When does it finish?”

“In five months, I’ve been here for two months now.”

“And what if they want to keep you as a worker?”

“They won’t, this is to get experience. They do it all the time with foreigners.”


“But I really got used to be here and I would be sad if I left.”

“What have you seen of the city?”

“Not much, I’ve been working a lot and-“

“Then tomorrow we’re going out. Well, if you want”

“Yeah, I guess.” I smiled shyly.

“Take this” he said and gave me a drink while he drank his.

By the end of the night, Nate and I got closer. He would put his arm around my waist and whisper cute things into my ear. We never went back inside the house. We stayed out, he took a blanket and wrapped it around us, so he got to cuddle me. And I was fine with it.

“You’re cute” I said smiling shyly.

“You’re gorgeous”

“Are we going to sleep outside?”

“Unless you want to go back”

“Let’s stay here.”

He wrapped his arms around me so he was making me comfortable. “You good?” I nodded and he leaned in to kiss my forehead. I saw him closing his eyes, he looked like an angel. A gorgeous angel.

We woke up so early because of the sun, so we got back inside of the house.

“You still want to sleep?” I asked and he sighed.

“I want to spend the day with you, let’s leave before everyone asks.”

“I want to take a shower” I pouted.

“I’ll take you home, then.”

I giggled and he looked curiously at me, he took my hand but didn’t look at me like if it was nothing. But I felt something weird inside me, like butterflies and it felt right his hand holding mine.

“Wait, where are you going?” he asked.

“I live here.”

“You guys live next door?!” I nodded and he laughed. “I’ll be definitely coming over more often.”

“You can get a shower at Laia’s room.” I said pointing at her room. He smiled and nodded, then I headed to my bedroom to have a shower. This house was great, it was so big. Three floors. The job I had gave me the house, I had to pay 40.000$ if I wanted to keep it once I had to leave.

I already had the money, just in case I found something that made me stay. But I found it hard to find something that would make me want to stay here, without my family. I barely talked to them because of the timezone.

I got out and I dried my hair and got in nice clothes, and a bit of make up. I went to check if Nate was ready, and I jumped to him shirtless what made me crazy. He was so damn hot.

“Like what you see?”

“I can’t deny it.” He smirked and winked at me. “I’m ready, lil mama”

He took my hand once again, making my heart shutter.

“Nate, why are you taking my hand all the time?”

“Does it annoy you?”

“No, but I don’t want to get the wrong message. Like, I know you’re being nice and stuff but I might end up catching feelings for you at the end of the day if you keep acting like this.”

“Maybe I want that. And, maybe I’m feeling the same way, cutie. Like, why do you think I made us stay the night outside? I didn’t want anyone taking you away from me. Do you think I really wanted to sleep in the grass? Sorry to disappoint, but what I wanted is to spend time with you. May sound weird, we met last night and it feels like years.”

“You’re so cute, Nate.” He smiled. “Well, you’re way cuter than me. But, whatever. Let’s go. I got this date planned in my head-“

“So, it’s a date then?”

Nate smirked and looked at me. “Yeah, it’s a date”

“Well, I have to let you know that I don’t kiss in the first date. Sorry.” I giggled and his jaw dropped, soon smiling at me again. Damn, his dimples.

“You’ll change your mind at the end of the day, lil mama.”


Leia is professionally at a good place, as a senator and leader in a peaceful New Republic decades after the fall of Vader and the Emperor’s stranglehold on the galaxy. However, Gray says that a new generation doesn’t remember the lessons of the Rebellion or recognize the wrongs of the Empire, and Leia begins to see the cracks in the foundation that could lead to a dangerous future for the galaxy.

Family is a major theme overall in the Star Wars films and it plays a key role in one of the book’s most significant events, “one that has pretty far-reaching repercussions for several characters,” Gray says. “However, this novel isn’t fundamentally about Leia as a wife, sister or mom; this is about the role she’s created for herself since the fall of the Empire, and the one she takes up by the time of (The Force Awakens).”

A reminder that Bloodline is a key and canon part of the SW universe that should give some real insight into Leia’s story during the 30 years between ROTJ and TFA - While it does focus mainly on the political aspect of her life Jennifer Heddle, a senior editor at Lucasbooks, says her relationship with Han is addressed.

I’d like to send out all my love to all the exo-l’s who stayed to listen to the streams it just gets me really emotional bc we may all be so far away from each other but our love for exo brings us closer

so…….i was like hhaahhahah you’ll never catch me bangtan may 2nd is like so far away and then i remembered that korean standard time is way far ahead of mine so it’s only like half a day away really and now i’m panicking. i’m not in the mood for this. i just want to live my young life. i’m just a girl god dammit.