i love how cough syrup comes with the little measuring spoon

like im ever gonna use that mother fucker

ive just drank the shit outta the bottle since i was hella little lolol

needless to say i probably just drank far too much as usual and i’m fighting to keep my eyes open

So I started taking a new medication because my doctor was all like yeah this will help so I was like cool. Went and researched it a little more yesterday and found out it’s an antipsychotic, widely used for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. I mean it’s also used for just extreme depression, but still. Now I feel like my mother. It also makes me sooooooooo tired and dazed. Like I have a really slow reaction time. The new girl in my office is very chatty and she keeps saying things to me then I just stare at her for a few seconds while I process what she said, then I answer. She thinks I’m crazy. Which apparently I am. But seriously, the drowsiness is not just drowsiness. It’s I-could-fucking-fall-asleep-standing-up-ness. Yesterday was awful. I ate like 12 candy bars and had a diet coke and walked around a bunch and I still just wanted to sleep forever. The side effect should go away soon, but holy crap I just want to be Sleeping Beauty right now. I fell asleep on the couch at 6 last night and I probably would have slept until the next morning if my dad hadn’t stopped by.

I’m tired of feeling so heavily medicated. So medicated, it feels like I should be confined to a hospital bed. But I’m still functioning in everyday life. Well…“functioning”. Being present at work and kind of doing stuff while trying to keep my eyes open. I actually took a nap on my break yesterday. I have NEVER done that because I think it’s creepy to nap in the break room. And usually I’d never be able to fall asleep for 15 minutes. But I definitely did. And I was not refreshed at all when I got up.

Now I’m going to go to the bathroom so I can just sit in the stall and close my eyes for a few minutes. It helps for like 5 minutes.

Just a quick note/word of warning.

After quite an interesting experience with a travel sickness tablet today, people should ignore whatever I’m saying.

In all honesty, I should be allowed on the internet tonight but shit happens. And so does an obsession with Tumblr.

I need to sleep this off.

Woke to 2 packs of medications that the housemate got from me at the chemist. The left column reads, “a non- drowsy formulation…”, the right column reads, “this medication may cause drowsiness…”. Hmm, make up your mind, maybe?

Med: *may cause drowsiness*

Me: Lol okey. *takes meds*

Me: wheee….. *floatts up zeiling* *scroll thu tumblr mobile app and plays with circular pencil blog button and swirls them around the screen*

anonymous asked:

I'm back from vacation, so it's story time again! I saw you were on a semi-hiatus, but I thought you'd like some stories anyway :) "Use of this product in conjunction with alcohol or sedatives may cause drowsiness." -NyQuil. "Do not take if allergic to aspirin." -Bayer Aspirin. "This broom does not actually fly." -Harry Potter Toy Broom. "Some assembly required." -500 piece puzzle. Stay awesome! ♥

i hope you enjoyed your vacation!! you stay awesome <3

“May cause drowsiness. Alcohol may make this worse. Use care when operating a vehicle, vessel, or machinery.” I, a flesh vessel, must take care

I got my wisdom teeth taken out a couple days ago and I was given antibiotics and pain killers and I’ve been feeling super loopy and shit and I’ve been like shit dude what’s in these little plastic bottles here and I go to read the pain killers and it’s like ‘may cause some motha fucking drowsiness bitch’ and I’m like well that explains shit and then I pass the fuck out cuz Top Gear is a show everyone needs to watch

I took some cough syrup cause I’m sick…
“May cause drowsiness ”

“May” my ass!
My body feels like a slug

Midnight Complaining:

* WHY have I STILL not bought any pressure medication that “may cause drowsiness”? This bullshit is starting to work my last nerve

* Being hot but then also being cold at the same time. Too hot for blankets. Damn you Air Conditioning for working so well!

* WHY does tumblr seem to believe that Dylan O'Brien looks good with that patchy gross beard (this thing has to be for a movie! No way does he think he actually looks good with it. Or he just doesn’t give a shit.) I don’t understand. It’s gross. Sorry lil fella but you aren’t lumberjack material.