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I didn’t know what to draw;; so many good arts already drawn of the bitterbabe i just… rubbed my face on my keyboard for three hours and hiccuped this!



Happy Birthday | J-Hope (Rated M+)

A/N: OKAY so I’ll be posting any scenerios I have written already from AFF. I’ve been MIA from my AFF for a while (oops), so I’m going to try to keep both that and this blog updated. 

I may or may not edit/rewrite this later at some point. I wrote it for a friend last year on the fly so its not my best of writing but enjoy!


Word Count: 1468
Genre: Fluff, Smut (rough),slight food play, dirty talk, mirrors
Scenerio: Morning after your birthday w/ Hoseok 


“Happy birthday, baby.”

“My birthday was yesterday, remember?”

“But the weekend isn’t over yet, hun.”

“This time you’re going to watch yourself get off.”


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ducktapeofficial-moved  asked:

hiiiiiii! it's my 18th birthday on may 19th, and i would really like if you could draw oikawa and kuroo interacting, if it's not too much to ask? thank you!

Happy birthday!! :D Not sure if it’s already the 19th in your timezone but it should be close enough! 

Have a great day! and careful with what’s in the cake

Seattle to LA

AN: this is a fic for Phillip, who prompted me with:

Hey, could you please write a fic where amelia is around 4/5 months pregnant and her and Owen are driving down to see Addison? Just something fluffy :D maybe they get stuck in traffic, or amelia gets sick? I’d really appreciate it!! Its my birthday today!!                 

A very happy birthday to whichever Phillip this is! Also, there may well be a couple of shout-outs to some readers in here…

WARNING: language

2 hours and 25 minutes:

“You must be joking right now Owen, I refuse to believe you can be this wrong about something,” Amelia argued, throwing him an unimpressed raised eyebrow. He chuckled from the driving seat, looking in all his mirrors before changing lanes to overtake. They’d been in the car for over two hours already and conversation had taken a turn for the absurd.

“Look, believe what you want but I’m telling you, if there was a gun to my head and I had to shoot either Elmo or Big Bird, I’d be taking Elmo out. Simple. As. Have you not heard that toy that Bailey has? The stupid giggle when you shake it makes me want to rip its head off.”

“But Big Bird is so yellow and creepy! Whereas all Elmo wants to do is tickle people!” Amelia used her cute, high-pitched voice on the last two words that she usually reserved for the children as she defended her opinion in the most pointless argument of all time.

“OK, let’s agree to disagree on this one…”

“I’m not agreeing to anything… Your turn!”

Owen rolled his eyes at her before thinking of a scenario. “OK, you have to poke the President or the Pope in the eye, who do you pick?”

“Oooohhhhh, good one… hmmmm… I’m going to say the President. I mean, if it turns out there is a heaven, I’m pretty sure we’ve got a place considering the amount of lives we’ve saved. I wouldn’t want to jeopardise my spot by poking any of God’s favs,” she reasoned.

“Is the President not on the list of God’s favourites?” Owen asked.

“I doubt it… he might have a place up there but compared to Pope-y, I’m going to hedge my bets on poking POTUS’ eye,” she insisted. He smiled at her and admired her beauty. One of his favourite things about spending time with his wife was her charmingly immature nature outside of work, managing to keep him interested and amused in hour-long conversations where they debated whether there were more spots on one leopard or twenty two ladybirds. It made every interaction with her so effortless and without fail, always made him smile.

4 hours and 38 minutes:

“Look, it was your idea. This was all your idea Amelia,” Owen chuckled as she whined for the third time about needing the toilet.

“I thought it would be fun! It’s not like we’re going to get anymore chances to do a roadtrip down to LA once this one pops out…” she grumbled, pointing to her stomach.

“Is he moving?” he asked.

“She’s fine. But I’m not. And neither is my bladder…”

“Amelia, unless you want to pee on the roadside, you’re going to have to wait for a cafe or a service station, clearly.”

She jiggled her leg and frustratedly sighed.

“Can you at least try to take my mind off it?”

“Sure… TSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS,” he joked, making the sound of a stream of water.

“You are such a cock.” The honeymoon period of the roadtrip was wearing thin.

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                                                                Happy Birthday
                                                     Christopher Paul Colfer
                                                                  May 27, 1990


♕ Christopher Paul Colfer ♛ (May 27, 1990)

“Whether I’m in front of the camera, behind the camera, at my computer writing a novel or a screenplay, as long as I get to entertain someone out there, I’m happy.”


                                                               Happy Birthday
                                                  Christopher Paul Colfer
                                                                 May 27, 1990

Things I [Scorpio] Love About Each Sign
  • Aries: I love that I can put you in charge and rely on you to lead properly and fairly. I love that you take things seriously and are always, always willing to stand up for what you believe in. I love that you're a great and trustworthy leader, and you're great in project groups or as partners too.
  • Taurus: I love that you're seriously stubborn and that I can argue with you for hours on end. I love that you'll have new reasons every time that will let me express my anger. You make me expressive, even if it is just negative emotions. You let me get the negatives out of my systems, which is sometimes difficult to do alone; I love you for that.
  • Gemini: I love how much you love. People make it out to look like you're fucking satan but that's probably because it's what you want to seem like. Even if it's hard to show the fluffy, sweet side of you, I want you to. You're actually an angel, and I love that you don't take your sweet nature and naturally good heart for granted, but I do want to see that side of you more often.
  • Cancer: I love that you're my best friend and that you'll always keep me out of trouble. Sometimes I joke about you being a buzzkill or that you're not fun, but I'd probably be dead without the love and help you've given me for as long as I've known you. You probably want me to be more open and I've never really been comfortable with being open, but you're the type of person that makes me like to try, so I love you.
  • Leo: I love that you're funny and you seem to relate to everything. Despite what you're stereotyped as, you're not really that bossy. Sometimes you're a little forward and friendly, but I think it's because you like to take charge of any relationship. I think you're really one of the coolest signs and that's what I love about you.
  • Virgo: I love that you're the one I talk to every day. You listen to me, and you're actually really funny and relatable. You don't seem to have a filter, but sometimes I love that because you're determined and stand up for yourself. I love that you can always stand your ground but make jokes out of it too.
  • Libra: I love that you try your best to be the best version of you. Sometimes you get your facts mixed up and it sounds like a lie, but you're too good to lie for the wrong cause and I think you're just trying to be the version of you that people love – please try to be yourself more, I'll love you then too.
  • Scorpio: I love that you're deep and you keep secrets to yourself. I don't like that you pry, but I know that it's just because you of all people know that secrets are a tough burden to carry alone and I'm so proud of you for trying to help others. I love that you care, but maybe try to help yourself too.
  • Sagittarius: I love that you're so strong, but that you let me in sometimes. I love that you're really honest and even though it sometimes makes me hesitate, it also lets me know that if I need honest advice, you're the one to go to. Or if I need to go on a road trip across North America. You are definitely the sign that I'd take everywhere with me because you'd be so much fun and we'd do a bunch of extreme things. I love that I can always count on you to be honest, and that you also may let me give you a lap dance.
  • Capricorn: I love that you don't push me to explain things and that you try to understand me. Like sometimes, you seem uninterested or cold, but I think you just have a deep understanding of limits and I know you'll forgive me if I forget you have them sometimes – you're really open. I love that you try to understand why I'm not.
  • Aquarius: I love that you're adaptive and modern. I love that you're willing to learn from your mistakes and learn in general, and that you're so accepting and try your best to understand what I say and do. I'm glad I know you because you make me think hard about my stances on things, and I know my opinion will end up being heard by you, so I make sure it's okay.
  • Pisces: I love that you may be smart, but you don't let that get to your head because your head is already filled with innovative ideas to get smarter, even if you won't always admit that. You're different. You stand out from the crowd, but sometimes you stand above it. You inspire me. I love you for that. (happy birthday btw)

drew this for my sister’s 21st birthday, @gintoki23! Congrats girl, get swifty 

I can’t believe ur already 21 ya nerd, i remember that one summer when we binge watched like 800 episodes of One Piece. Years may have passed, but we’re still anime-watching, fan-art drawing trash, but now we’re doing it better B)

the fam misses you in cali! 

anonymous asked:

Hey Hamilmom! It's my birthday today and everyone forgot... May I get a cute fluffy lams fic? It'd be the first gift I get all day, thanks!

AWHY BBY!!! :( <333 I hope they remembered as the day went on! You can most definitely get a fluffy lams fic. I hope you enjoy this, and that you have a happy, happy birthday! <333 (Also, disclaimer: do NOT swim in the Hudson bc it’s super polluted. Let’s just pretend it’s not for the sake of the fic lol.)

“I will if you will.”

It was a sweltering summer night. Alexander and Laurens had already stripped off their tops and were lying on their bed in their apartment, which they’d gotten together for college, with three fans blowing on their bare stomachs. It was nowhere near enough.

“Laurens?” Alexander whined.

“Yeah, babe?” Laurens wiped sweat off of his forehead for what felt like the millionth time in ten minutes.

“Let’s go swimming.”

“Hell yes!” Laurens exclaimed. “But where? It’s kinda late. I think all the pools are closed.”

“I may have a plan,” Alex said, his tone mischievous. 

“Normally I’d fight you, but I’m so hot I’m just going with it,” Laurens conceded.

“You are pretty hot,” Alex said. Laurens could hear the smirk in his voice.

“Oh my god, Alex,” Laurens groaned.

“Come on,” Alex said, pulling his boyfriend up. He grinned at him. “Let’s go!”

Fifteen minutes later, the two boys were standing on an isolated bank of the Hudson River. It was isolated by sight only, though. Laurens could still hear cars whizzing past on the nearby thruway. But the cars couldn’t see them, so it felt like their own slice of the river.

Laurens took his shirt off and looked at Alex, who had done the same. They were both standing there in their swimming trunks, neither of them making a move toward the water. 

“It’s really hot,” Alex said. “Almost too hot for these.” He gestured to his swimming trunks.

“You’re kidding, right?” Laurens said with a laugh.

Alex only grinned in response. “I will if you will,” he said.

Laurens looked at Alex, then at the water. Unlike South Carolina, there wouldn’t be leeches here. Nobody else was around. Is was just him and Alex and the Hudson River.

Laurens smirked at Alexander, reaching out and tugging his boyfriend’s swimming trunks down. “You’re on.” 

Soon their two bare bottoms were running down the bank and into the water, their delighted shrieks filling the night as they splashed water on each other. 

Laurens grabbed Alexander’s hands and they spun around in the water, laughter still bubbling up and out of both their throats. 

“You were right again,” Laurens said once they’d calmed down a bit. “This is the best way to cool down.”

“Well, I still think you’re super hot because, damn, Laurens, I sure like you a lot.” Alex winked at Laurens.

Laurens splashed water at his boyfriend. “You’re the worst!”

“But I’m your worst,” Alex said, swimming up to his boyfriend and clinging to his slick body. 

Laurens wrapped his arms around Alexander, the water helping him hold the smaller boy up. “And thank god for that,” he said before kissing him long and hard, the water lapping around them, glistening under a canopy of stars. 

A redraw of a picture frome exactly one year ago, my first drawing ever to be posted on tumblr.

Happy Ava’s dDemon Anniversary, here’s to many more! And happy birthday to our most beloved lava bun, precious cinnamon roll wrapped in fire and death. Happy birthday, Ava Ire! May happiness finally come your way this year!

Letters never sent

Summary: Phil writes dan letters, but he never sends them
Warning: none!
Word count: 1.5k
An: I’ve posted this before but I deleted it so it’s back.

October 20th, 2009
Dear Dan,
You had to leave yesterday, and as I sat in the tube riding back to my flat, I might have cried. I’m sorry I was so nervous when you got here, I just didn’t know what to do. We had been talking so much over fuzzy Skype calls it was amazing to see you in person. On The Eye I was dying inside because I liked you and really hoped you liked me too and when you kissed me my heart felt like it flipped over and it had never done that before. I miss you already and its only been 12 hours. Yes I have been counting, and I regret nothing. Please come back soon so we can sit on my couch with ice-cream and watch spirited away or totaro over and over again. Or not watch the movies, if you get what im saying XD.
I miss you bear

January 30th, 2010
Dear Dan,
Hey! Today is my birthday! Thank you for everything you sent, its awesome. I have an idea that you may or may not be down with. We should move in together. I have my own flat here in Manchester, as you know, and even if you just wanted to stay for a week to see what its like I’m ok with that! I was looking through our Skype call logs earlier today and noticed that we spent 11 hours and 39 minutes talking last monday. Thats most of the day! Time really flies when I’m talking to you I hope you know that, and I really hope you say yes to moving in with me so I can hear your voice all day long. I hope you can come down soon bear.
I miss you so much.

February 14th, 2010
Dear Dan,
You are in India and I had five hours with nothing to do so I made you something. Ill just text you the link.
Please come back soon bear.

April 22, 2010
Dear Dan,
YOU SAID YES TO MOVING IN WITH ME!!!! This is probably the greatest day of my whole life. I spent all week getting the house ready for you! I even cleaned the bathroom, and I haven’t done that since, well, I moved in. I cant wait till were staying up till 3, laying on my couch, maybe cuddling, watching attack on titan whenever we want. 2 More days bear, 2 more days.

December 9th, 2011
I havent written to you in a while have I? I have something to confess, I am falling deeply in love with you, and i never told you till just now. The fans are starting to suspect, well, they’ve suspected this whole time, and I feel like I’ve been lying to them this whole time by not telling them. I know you want to keep it a secret, but its hard not to grab your hand in public, or kiss you while we wait on the platform for the train back to my parents house for the holidays. I mean, I dont think telling our parents is enough sometimes. I want to tell the world how much I love you, but I’m to scared to tell you. I feel like I’m rambling on about nothing, but I also feel like this is very important. I don’t know anymore.
Well, I love you bear.

September 22, 2012
You stormed out today. I didn’t mean to upload the valentines video from so long ago, I didn’t even hover over it for christ sake. I went to upload a new video that I spent all day editing and youtube glitched and uploaded that one to the public. I promise I didn’t mean to. Please don’t leave me Bear. You are my world and I couldn’t deal with losing you, because of some stupid mistake that technology made. I love you more than anything in this world and I hope you know that.
I cant lose you Bear

December 25, 2013
Dear Dan,
I’m writing this to you after you have gone to bed. I finally said those 3 words I’ve been scared to say for so long. Daniel James Howell, I love you more than anything on this earth. And you know what made me the happiest when I said those 3 little words with such an important meaning? You grabbed my face and kissed me and whispered onto my lips, “I’ve been waiting to hear those words since the say I got off the train platform”
I don’t know why I was so afraid to say it, I guess i thought you would leave. Well if id known id get this reaction i would of said it earlier. You are my life.
Sleep well bear

July 19, 2014
While I was at Tesco a girl came up
to me and pointed out I was wearing your jacket. She then continued to start shaking and made a noise like a mouse or something. I think she said “phan is real” as she walked off, but I’m not 100% sure. More and more people are suspecting us Bear, and its not gonna be long before we are caught doing that will out us to the world.
Well, what ever, i love you bear.

March 23, 2015
I want to marry you. I mean hell (sorry) we’ve been together for 6 years, and I’m 28 years old. I think I’m ready, and I hope you are too. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and I want you to know that I love you more than I love myself. Daniel James Howell, you are my everything, and my only.
Please say yes Bear

June 26th, 2016
Daniel James Howell (and in a few months, Howell-Lester)
YOU SAID YES. I know I decided I wanted to marry you so long ago, but I only got the guts to ask you today. Sitting out on the same fountain as we did that Halloween in 2009, I was physically shaking, and I could tell that you noticed. And when Louise sent Darcy out you looked so surprised and confused, I almost laughed, but the nerves prevented me from do just that. Oh and little Darcy, she did so good! She ran up to you and yelled “Uncle Dan!” and gave you a big hug, then handed you the little box, and ran right back to Louise and Matt, just like she was supposed to. You looked at me with tears in your eyes, and you knew exactly what was coming. I stumbled as I got on one knee, and you chuckled, while I blushed uncontrollably. You hadn’t even opened the box, and you said yes. You didn’t even let me stutter through the 4 short, but life changing words, you impatient bastard. This is the happiest I’ve been in a while.
We are forever, Bear

December 7, 2023
Katherine Elizabeth Howell-Lester. Our own baby girl. Our child to take care of and protect from the boys that will break her fragile little heart when she’s older, our own child to cradle when she has a bad dream at 4 am, our own child to walk down the isle when she meets her perfect match. Our own child to teach not to be a huge ass to people of other race, religion, or beliefs. You’re gonna have to cut down on the cursing though, I mean she’s 3, and you know how kids that age repeat everything. She’s so perfect Dan, just like you.
We have a little Bear cub now I guess.

Phil thought he had been carful when hiding the letters he never sent, but obviously not careful enough, because when Dan was packing up the flat when they moved out of the city, he found the little box that was hidden under the mattress. When Phil went to open the box again, to relive some memories, he found a little note on top of the rest, the scrawl not matching his own.

February 26th, 2025
Dear Phil,
All of these years I have loved you more than anything, excluding Kat. When we weren’t together, back in 2009, I hated not seeing you. All these years later, finding that you’ve had these letters you never gave me fills me with so much love and hope. Hope for us, for Kat, for everything we’ve been through together. If I had known you had loved me for so long, I would of married you sooner. It kinda upsets me that we didn’t come out to YouTube sooner, I mean, they were so supportive of us! And now that our baby is in school, and now that we have so many friends, I’m genuinely the happiest I’ve ever been. Thank you for everything, and I love you so much. Nothing in the world compares to the love I have for you and out “bear cub”.
I wish you had shown these to me sooner, Lion.