Hiatus until May

Ok… so… due to the stress level rising so high that I am still doing my way to relieve it as I type - I realized I need to go onto an hiatus and fast. 

I have so much to be done that even just looking at something else for fun for a few seconds feels like wasted time to me. 

I want to stay here - just to sit back and watch things on my dash but I can’t even do that. 

I have to shut myself away from all social media items until everything is better. 

When I don’t have multiple papers, discussions, labs and other items to get complete by a certain time. 

I have a little more than a month left of school. And I want to finish strong. 

So every bit of time I can use to put myself into school will help. 

So - I’m now going to go on hiatus - till May or whenever I can come back. 

I will be back - I am not going to be gone here forever… but I will not be able to reblog, respond, message, check or any of that stuff for all accounts. I might not be able to like things too…

I just… I’m sorry. 


So, friends… fellow fanfic lovers… @squaddreamcourt started the acotar kink meme this week, as you know. We decided to make this into a side blog that we will share moderation duties of, and so we present unto the fandom…

The ACOTAR kink meme blog

We are going to keep everything organized from there, rather than having it all mixed up in our personal/fan blogs. So… go ahead and follow, hit us with your best smut/kink ideas and fic requests!  And then keep an eye out for everything that you secretly wanted in your dirty, filthy hearts to show up there.

There are quite a few WIPs already (I may be doing two so far…), and you can add to the list of prompts or see which ones are in progress here.


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Hello! I recently started watching Haikyuu and I love it/Kagehina. Would you be able to recommend some tumblr blogs that are some must-follows for this fandom? How about some blogs that do meta posts? Anyways, thank you so much and I love your blog!!!!

Hi anon! Welcome aboard and thanks so much for the love :) 

Ahaha you may have asked one of the worst people possible about blogs to follow, because I get overwhelmed by Tumblr really easily and follow almost nobody. I do know a couple blogs that post a lot of Kagehina, so I’ll list those, and if people want to chime in in the replies, that would be awesome :’)

@reallycorking @someone-stole-my-shoes @ainudraws @kagehinalover2day

@ellessey-writes (so many ships) @kagehina(despite the name, they post everything lol) @crollalanzaa (mainly DaiSuga nvm, everything!) @shousan @kisukke (Tenka does the manga translations!)

@someone-save-shinya-hiragi has a lot of good analysis/meta! @blackandorange has a lot of fun “Top 5″ HQ posts

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I'm writing this story about a brother and sister that have been through almost everything togetor BUT the brother always gets the better end of the things. After a while the Sister begins to resent this and turns evil, turning to the enemy side. If you do them, can you help me with dialogue for when the brother finds out?

Hi there!

• “How could you do this? How could you join them?”

“Maybe I wanted to do something without you for once.”

• “You’re crazy.”

“No, I’m just tried of always getting the short end of the stick. I’m taking things into my own hands.”

• “We’ve been through everything together… How could you end up so different, so evil?”

“We may have been throught it all with each other but not equally. I’m tired of you always getting it better than me.”

• “So what? Things ended up better for me sometimes. That’s life.”

“Well, I’m changing my life.”

• “I get it. You’re jealous of me. That’s still not a good enough excuse to go to the dark side.”

“Can’t I do anything just because I want to?”

• “You’ll regret this. One day, you’ll realize how stupid you’re being.”

“And that day is not today.”

• “Please sister, I’m begging you. Anything you think you’ve been cheated of, I’ll get it for you. Don’t do this.”

“It’s too late. I already have.”

• “I hate who you’ve become.”

“I hate what got me here.”

• “Who has the power now, brother?”

• “Is it worth it?”


“Is betraying your own family worth whatever you think you’re achieving?”

“We may be blood, but we’re not family. We stopped being family when you started screwing me over.”

Tagged by @diplodocus28 for.. Hold up, isn’t it a bit redundant for it to be “Stop, Drop”. Stop what you’re doing, and drop everything you’re doing? Why not call it something a little more fitting like Freeze Frame or Snapshot. Although, I assume the intent behind wanting to see one take a picture of their self is to attempt to candidly catch a glimpse into a part of their life they may not have share yet, or unintentionally share something about there life via where they are or a object in the shot. Then it should be called “I want to know more about you by you sharing a picture you taken of yourself in a place you normally wouldn’t” or better yet “The Irregular/Informal Portrait”. Tagging @dizzy-pup @fieryforge @256th and @me-and-my-beard

How I handle the fear that everyone will give up on me




mod note: It’s normal to have ups and downs in recovery. It’s normal to want to reassure your loved ones that “everything’s fine”. It may not seem like it, but “I’m struggling, and I am scared you’ll give up on me” is one of the best signs that your recovery is strong. It means you’re asking for help, that you haven’t given up, that you’re in touch with your feelings again, that you’re actively working on handling a solution, that you’re putting recovery over stubbornness, that you trust your loved one enough to go to them for support. And all of those are building blocks of stronger relationships.

I appreciate it that people really do enjoy this project, but the fact that the only questions I ever seem to get are “please translate this word” and “please translate my name” makes me want to throw everything out and go home. I understand that Elvhen is going to be the most popular project I do, with Project Qunlat (whenever I start it) being a close second. But it gets incredibly frustrating when Elvhen is the only language people ask me about.

I understand that you may not be able to search through everything I’ve done, I get that. But when you start sending me requests for very simple words that I’ve translated many times, and for names that you should be able to translate yourself after one cursory glance at my resources… Well it makes me want to scream, to be quite frank. 

I work 45-50 hours a week on average (sometimes 60), I have a language I’m creating as a side job, and I do this in my spare time. And then I want to set more time aside so that I can do leisurely things on my days off. So when you waste my time with questions that are either extremely easy to translate given the resources I’ve already posted, or with a translation I’ve already done before - well it makes me very annoyed. So please, at least do a little bit of due diligence and search through at least my tumblr for the words. 

You can search this way:*your term here*

Or you can go into google and simply search: *your term*

Lastly, if your question is Answered in my AO3 resources, which I haven’t had a chance to update in quite some time, then I’ll be doubly annoyed because it basically means you couldn’t take 2 minutes out of your day to use the search function.

So please be courteous for my time. I enjoy interacting with all of you, and I want to answer all of your questions. But when I have 3 questions that I have answered before it makes it so I have to take even longer to answer the question that I haven’t answered before.

/ okay seeing as it’s topical ;) here are some thoughts i’ve had concerning keith + his birthday:

  • i wrote somewhere about keith and official documents. it doesn’t make sense for him to have all that much info about him on databases. if the garrison and someone did ever want to find him, even if he was out in the desert it wouldn’t be difficult to try and trace patterns and build some kind of profile. (the treatment of keith’s leave from the garrison is an entirely different and VERY INTERESTING subject in itself though it deserves more attention as a separate thing so yea). 
  • and if he was moving around between foster families a lot pre-G, there’s every chance things slipped through and transferring everything may not have always happened
  • i highly doubt he’s had a lot of health check ups and so forth. definitely not any kind of scans or bloodwork - not that he’s had any reason to get that done from what we know in canon - bc it’s very likely his blood would’ve shown up with inconsistencies and been cause for some kind of investigation. 
  • anyway, pressing on. yeah, it just seems unlikely to me that keith’s birth certificate is his actual date of birth. let me just explain why for a sec. because if - we can’t prove this at this stage though it is highly plausible - his mother is Galra, or at least part-Galra, then honestly it doesn’t make sense for her to give birth in a hospital or somewhere her identity could easily be compromised and you know, aliens. they would take her and the baby away for all sorts of experiments and stuff. 
  • and going on this logic, i doubt that keith’s birth was registered officially and that in general this family tended to be under the radar.
  • to get into the garrison keith would’ve had to at least provide his DOB and some basic things. and i hc that it’s when he gets into the foster care system being an orphan that this is where the documentation actually surfaces. perhaps a birth certificate was drawn up based on what they know about him (which isn’t much).
  • regarding keith, he doesn’t know his actual official birth date. as a kid he remembers loosely a date being deemed a little more important than the others but it was a long time ago. you can’t force your memories and it’s more of an estimation and time period than a specific date that sticks. 
  • then the documentation comes into place for the system and so forth. 
  • keith doesn’t consider it a big deal. he is a person who lives in the now, not the past or the future. surviving and just getting on with the task whatever that is has been the centre of his world for some time. i said somewhere about keith + dreams/aspirations and yea. that comes into play with this it’s a similar kind of thing. 
  • he’s not trying to dampen the mood but it really is just another day and it doesn’t make sense for him to have people put so much effort, time and whatever else into making it special, when most likely the fact he’s with those people in the first place to him is special enough.
  • that’s not to say he wouldn’t enjoy some gifts if they were offered and appealed to him lol. but he certainly wouldn’t be expecting anything. keith + other people’s bdays is something for another time perhaps. 
  • confetti makes no sense to him it’s an obstruction, it gets in the way and it just causes a mess lmao. 
  • it would probably be quite overwhelming to have a party thrown or something, people demonstrating so much care and joy about this time.

that’s about it but i may elaborate more. feel free to send some birthday related stuff in or questions about any of this today!! 8) 

guess who’s back!!!!????

My blog got terminated last night because I made a mistake and posted asking if this sims site is safe to DL from bc it said “your blog may be deleted :(” it wasn’t clear to me what they were saying until a few hours after my blog was gone.  I missed the part where it meant if you linked it, it would be deleted. I misread everything and I feel like an idiot now. I was scared to have my blog deleted, thus I asked ya’ll a question that got my blog deleted thanks to my dumb ass putting a link to it . I would NEVER delete my blog. So if it ever goes poof it was not me. I am here for the long run. I just wanted to go on hiatus. This has happened to me in the past. I went on hiatus and accidentally deleted my blog while deleting a side blog at 3k followers. And then I made this blog.

Tumblr staff was awesome and understanding. I didn’t even have to explain myself, I got an email this morning saying my blog was restored and why it was terminated. (which I put two and two together last night and thought I would have to explain what happened but I guess it must happen a lot since they automatically restored my blog)

Not all hero’s wear capes. Thank you for giving my blog back and being so understanding, tumblr staff.

Big thanks to @tequilasdean for being there last night . I was freaking out and just having a conversation with her was calming me down. She helped a lot and is hella smart and kind. She’s my best friend, ya’ll should check her blog out. 

I am 100% scared to post on my blog now. So I probably won’t reblog anything that has a link anymore. I am too scared of it being a AD link and my blog getting deleted again. 


Nora’s reactions to hearing all the charges brought against olivia, including the 315 attempted murders, and also her reaction to hearing she wanted to, and tried, to put person’s soul into another human being.

Nora may be from oltl, but I did so enjoy her physical reactions to everything.

(Not pictured is her reaction to Olivia saying “old cowboy” in reference to Bo.)

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mun's ships for Inigo/Laslow?

Let me just say the for the record, I don’t want anyone to feel pressured to ship with me because I love platonic and antagonistic relationships just as much and I understand that not everyone may have the same opinions/take on things that I do! So please don’t worry about that!

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          THE  TASTE  OF  FLIGHT   is  one  the  viking  may  never  tire  of  ;   callous  fingers  threading  within  the  clouds  above  ,   shearing  wind  careening  against  worn  leather  armor  as  the  pair  soars  high  in  the  sky.  it’s  an  addiction  ,   an  itch  in  his  boot  ,   an  untamable  force  that  kindles  a  fire  within  his  soul  ;   to  come  alive  once  they  leave  the  ground  that  binds  them.   THIS  FEELS  LIKE  HOME.   a  sense  of  freedom  that  keeps  him  coming  back  for  more.   this  —  is  what  it  feels  like  to  finally  be  FREE.

                         what  d’ya  say  ,   bud?              auburn  crown  dips  to  acknowledge  the  dragon  beneath  ,   adjusting  himself  within  leather  saddle  before  careful  palm  pats  against  rough  scale  ,   teasing  glimmer  hinting  at  trouble  within  emerald  pools.               wanna  give  the  dragonfly  another  go?   come  on  ,   toothless  —–  it’ll  be  fine!               (  i  hope  ).

character  :   hiccup  haddock  from  httyd
status  :   currently  playing  /  uselessreptiile!

I want to be the one who falls in love with the way you smile and laugh. I want to be the one who will fall in love with all your flaws, the one who will accept your immaturity and childish acts. I want to be the one who will understand your jealousy, the one will admire your simplicity and modesty. the one who will understand that you are moody once a month. The one who will smile when you act like a guy for I know you have that feminine side. I want to be the one who will listen to all your stories, may it be big or small and interesting or boring. the one who will listen to your jokes may it be corny or not. I want to be the one who will touch your face and brushes the hair away from your lovely eyes. You are the girl of my dreams so I want you to know that from this point, I accept everything about you. I want to be the one who will love you and will never let you go.

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ehy! would you like to share with me your memories from World Cup 2016? we both reblogged that post about Italy nt so I think it was pretty special for you too — if you want to, please tell me everything about it. ♡ ( non so nemmeno perché lo sto scrivendo in inglese, sinceramente? perdonami, ahah )

Ti rispondo in italiano perché sono le quattro, ho la febbre e non penso che riuscirei ad articolare un pensiero in inglese 🙈 Cosa dire sul 9 Luglio 2006 che non è già stato detto? All'epoca avevo dodici anni e il calcio lo seguivo sì, guardavo le partite della Juventus con mia mamma (e /quella/ Juventus non smetterà mai di farmi piangere), ma nulla più, non ero ancora una tifosa devota come lo sono ora. Dopo il 4 Luglio e la semifinale contro la Germania e quel famoso “ANDIAMO A BERLINO BEPPE ANDIAMO A BERLINO” (frase che uso ancora nei momenti di particolare euforia) non pensavo che avremmo vinto il mondiale sul serio. L'Italia di allora era perfetta, sublime, una squadra che forse non rivedremo mai più, ma la Francia era pur sempre la Francia e la paura si insinuava proprio lì, tra la gloria e il terrore di non essere abbastanza. Il 9 Luglio penso di aver pianto tutte le mie lacrime, perché ero convinta che se fossimo arrivati ai rigori avremmo perso. Mia mamma continuava a ripetere che Gigi e i rigori non andavano d'accordo ed io ero letteralmente terrorizzata. Durante i tempi supplementari ho smesso di respirare e una volta realizzato che saremmo davvero andati ai rigori mi sono avvolta nella bandiera per nascondere a tutti che un po’ tremavo. Il momento che stavo vivendo era più grande di me, così ricco di emozioni che non sapevo gestire e mi sentivo così piccola in confronto a tutto questo che avrei davvero tanto voluto sparire. Ho visto i rigori mordendomi il pugno, un po’ perché non volevo urlare e un po’ per l'ansia. La testata di Zidane a Materazzi fu epica e penso proprio che la racconteró ai miei nipoti, perché come non puoi raccontare una scena del genere senza sentirti neanche un po’ orgogliosa di averla vista in diretta? (canterò loro anche la canzoncina che ne venne fuori poi). Il rigore di Grosso? Non so con quale coraggio io l'abbia guardato, ma è stato senza dubbio uno dei momenti più belli e intensi di tutta la mia vita. Ancora oggi, dopo quasi undici anni, non riesco a descriverlo. In quel momento ho capito di amare il calcio perché l'Italia aveva vinto il mondiale in Germania contro la Francia, perché il cielo era azzurro sopra Berlino, perché Grosso aveva segnato quel dannato rigore, perché eravamo i campioni del mondo, perché per la prima volta mi sono sentita fiera di essere italiana. Mentirei se dicessi che scrivendo tutto questo non ho pianto neanche un po’, perché quasi non ci vedo più per le lacrime. Quella è una notte che non dimenticherò neanche se volessi farlo, perché come puoi dimenticare un momento di pura felicità?
“A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back.”
Grazie per la domanda e sentiti libera di parlarmene quanto a lungo ne vuoi, potrei andare avanti ricordando i mondiali del 2006 per tutta la vita senza stancarmi mai. ♡

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re your theory 'octavia has to die for bellamy to move on': he's already let her go just now so do you still believe in that?

He hasn’t let her go! The idea that she may not want him trying to nurse her back to herself only merely crossed his mind this episode. We genuinely don’t know where he will progress from there, anon.

((Bellamy isn’t going to drop everything he’s grown up believing after speaking to Kane for, like, five minutes. There will be more development, I believe.))

Wanna know the truth behind Girls like Girls?

I have been working on finding my voice for years. As an artist, I always want everything I create to represent what my soul feels and sounds like – whether it’s a video concept or a lyric or melody.

Two years ago on a rare rainy day in Los Angeles, in a songwriting session with Owen Thomas and Lily May Young, I was venting my frustration about my music not connecting the way I wanted it to. Lily looked me in the eye and asked, “Tell me something nobody knows about you, something you are afraid to sing about?“ I immediately thought, well I like girls and that’s what I want to sing about, but even then I struggled to say it out loud. Finally, I told Lily that I always say “you” and “them" and never the pronoun “her" in all my songs because I was afraid it wouldn’t connect. We talked more about concepts and my experiences, and how I loved the idea of stealing another guy’s girl because that was always a fantasy of mine. Growing up, everything I did was always about girls. I took dance because of girls. I got involved in student council because of girls. Not that I ever expected any of them to like me back, but I just felt comforted being around them, even if I could never date them. So there we were. The song “Girls like Girls" was born.

I imagined a very emotional, heart-wrenching but real music video to go along with the song. When we shot the music video for “Girls like Girls,“ I felt like I was finally telling my story for the first time. The yearning feelings I had and also the feeling of being so alone. I think that’s why people connected with the music video. Not only because they too have experienced deeply liking someone, but also the sadness and longing that comes with it. You could be around so many people, and still have the feeling of being so alone and misunderstood. It’s that fear of rejection and uncertainty of whether the person will like you back that makes you question everything. I struggled with these feelings so much growing up. I’d fall in love with girls who would never give me the time of day, or if they would, they had no idea I had other intentions. I had my heart broken over and over again; I never felt good enough. My life was led by these crushes as far back as first grade, when I had a crush on my teacher. That was the first time I realized I liked girls. But the problem is you feel like you can’t share these true feelings with anyone for fear of outing yourself and facing judgement. So you struggle. And feel alone. Growing up, there were some [out] celebrities who were much older than I was and I wondered if I had to wait until then to be happy. I didn’t have role models who I could relate to at the time, where I could think, if they can do it, I can do it.

Most of the time, you become confident after years of struggling during your young adulthood. I want to encourage the youth to find that confidence now. Not later. For them to know their own self-worth at an earlier age. It’s been really cool at my concerts to see all of these young fans showing up alone, and then leaving with friends. The music and stories I create have built this judgement-free safe zone. But most of all, they have inspired me to be comfortable with myself, and to let them in. They unintentionally gave me a gift that I am forever grateful for. Most of my music isn’t necessarily about heartbreak or other people, but more so everyone’s personal journey and falling in love with yourself.

I think that’s why my fans and I relate to each other. My music reassures them that they aren’t alone – that their feelings are valid, that they are enough and they will find someone to love them back. I didn’t have that hope growing up, so I get emotional and inspired (or encouraged) every time I meet a fan who looks at me that way.

It’s hard sometimes, especially after this election, because I feel a responsibility to these girls. I know they are looking to me for guidance and comfort. It breaks my heart that fear is so present in our world right now. School is hard enough and it breaks my heart to see these kids under attack by hate crimes and bullying.

Hope. That’s my cause. I strive to inspire hope through human compassion and through music. Hope leads me through my lyrics, stories, and melodies. You must continue on, and know in your heart you are not alone, and have confidence that love will find its way back to you.

I want to find this picture in my grandchildren’s history books. I want to tell them that I watched her accepting the nomination and I watched her gracefully concede to Donald Trump. I want to tell them how much she got humiliated and criticized but somehow managed to stay strong while she watched Donald Trump take everything she had ever worked for away from her. Why? Because nobody loved their country more unconditionally than her.

May history be kind to this woman❤

everyone has that one character in a show they watch where during every ep they’re usually just waiting for that specific character’s scenes to come on and enjoy everything about them from the way they talk to the way they walk and smile whenever that person comes onscreen. a scene without that character in it feels like it’s just missing something and in your eyes they’re the best thing about the show and you don’t want anything bad to happen to them ever