Unlike Richard Linklater’s film, however, You Instead makes good use of supporting players. Man, I don’t know what it is about British films and side characters, but they are always so fantastic. Our male lead’s band-make Tyko, played by Matthew Baynton, steals every scene. He’s one of the best representations of self-aware Brooklyn hipster I’ve seen on film.
—  Jordan Hoffman on 2011 film You Instead
All The World's A Stage

new baybond from moi :D my first ever fanfic, hope you like it!

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All The World’s A Stage Part 1

Mat sighed. The dust clouded around his feet as he swept the stage for the last time that day, just like he did every evening. When he reached the edge of the vast platform, he leant on his broom and gazed out at the seemingly infinite rows, imagining every seat filled, every spectator cheering as he walked to the centre of the stage. Substituting a microphone stand with his broom, he sung into the darkness. It was a song he’d recently written, and the crowd sung along, already knowing every word to his latest hit, the screams of his name ringing gloriously in his ears-


Mat’s eyes shot open as he spun around.

“Sorry to interrupt your fantasy, but I’m closing up now. Everyone else has already finished up and left,” Mat’s manager said.

Mat looked at his feet.

“S-sorry, Jim,” Mat said as he shuffled over to the broom cupboard and put away his broom. “I just want my own moment. Just one. I’ve waited 20 years already and it’s still wildly out of my reach. Am I ever going to get anywhere?” he asked his boss desperately.

Jim walked over to his employee. “Of course you will, mate. You’re an incredible singer and actor, we both know it. And I’m doing my best to get you an opportunity, I really am, it’s just what with money being so tight for everyone these days all the companies who come here only want to put on a show and are really reluctant to take on any new guys.” His friend sighed. “Come on, let’s get a drink. Martha’s already at the pub, she’s been waiting for us for half an hour already.”


“There you are!” Martha yelled from the other side of the small room as Mat and Jim walked into the crowded room. She wobbled up to them, a pint in either hand. “What took you so long?!” she yelled, despite their closeness. She shoved a pint into each of their hands. “I’ve already had a few, I got tired of waiting,” she giggled as they squeezed between the full tables and eventually took their standard seats in the back corner of the room.

“Yeah, sorry we took so long, Mat was evening-dreaming again,” Jim said playfully.

Mat shrugged him off casually, sipping his beer. “So is Katy joining us tonight?” Mat asked Martha, glancing at the tables around him.

“She should be, she said she just had to finish off at the cafe- Oh! There she is! KATY!!” Martha began waving over-enthusiastically in the direction of the door them stumbled over towards her friend in her haste to hug her. Mat turned to welcome Katy from the comfort of his chair, raising a hand in greeting when he caught her eye. Another figure entered a few seconds after her, a tall dark silhouette who lingered nervously in the doorway and tentatively searched the dingy pub with his sea-blue eyes that shone out of the shadows like sapphire searchlights.

Mat was transfixed. He knew he was staring but he couldn’t help it. On her way past, Katy waved a hand in front of Mat’s face, failing miserably to break his gaze. She simply shook her head and took her seat next to him.

Ben felt eyes on him. He searched the small pub, trying to look anywhere but the corner of the room that the ‘watched’ feeling was emanating from, but the sense eventually drew a glance out of him.

And in that glance, he was glad it had. His cautious look was met by one of awe, pure beautiful awe, before hurriedly flickering to a shy and embarrassed smile cast at the floor.

Ben felt a small smile form at the corners of his mouth despite his efforts not to. He watched the man start to turn, with a final glance in his direction, towards the table he was sat at, and was soon after brought back to reality as he heard his colleagues calling from the bar.