Lea Michele attends the Aqua Star Pool unveiling, Beverly Hills, May 22, 2013

Lea was out supporting her stylist, Estee Stanley last night, at the unveiling of the new Aqua Star Pool at the Beverly Hilton, which Estee designed. She wore a beautiful rose pink gown by Israeli designer Alon Livné, which she paired with her red carpet staples of a Fendi clutch, glossy tresses, and deep tan.

Alon Livné Printed Satin Gown

Worn with: EF Collection ring, Robert Clergerie pumps


May 22, 2010

Three years ago we met on this day. I recall most of that day. How we met in this exact spot. From the moment we spoke to each other I knew that you were someone I wanted to keep in my life. We talked none stop about the southwest how your visits had gone the times you were there. We spoke about wine and how your mother loves wine. Then the breeze was getting cold, we walked for a few minutes I waited outside for you with your bike while you were getting coffee. That afternoon changed so much. And it is not fair that only after a year you were snatched from me from everyone who loves you. I just hope that I had spoken then, when you could hear me. Though things can’t be changed such as changing the fact that I remained silent. I will always love you, because you brought so much joy into my life. I love you.
- El Jac

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” - Unknown

Selena Gomez took some time to greet fans outside the BBC Radio 1 studios this morning, donning a new pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Capped Toe Pumps from the Fall 2013 collection. These shoes aren’t on sale yet, however you can shop the rest of the collection at

Thanks dolwithsel!

She’s also carrying a Dolce & Gabbana handbag. We’re still looking for the rest of her outfit.


Day 062

I started watching Heroes again today. I’m absolutely obsessed with supernatural/paranormal/fantasy-type things. I forgot why I stopped watching this show, but I’m sure I’ll figure out soon enough, since I never made it past season 2. I saw megan for the first time since she came back from school. Mom bought chipotle for me for lunch. 

Day 063

A telework day. It was difficult trying to go hookah with Jonsun, what with teenozytoon being closed and then malik’s kabob not being a hookah joint anymore; it moved two doors down to a place called Fuzion lounge. We ended up smoking at my house as we watched community. Casey came over briefly to give me his ipod mini–finally, music to listen to! It’s been rough since my iPhone got stolen :( Went to a place called Dama restaurant with Jianna for ethiopian food, pictured above. It was so yummy, but service was crappy and the interior was honestly a little intimidating–very run-down, locals-only kind of vibe.

Day 064

I got a peer-to-peer recognition award at work! Which earned me a trip to the “champions closet,” which is just this inventory of prizes that employees can pick out when they get awards like that. There’s shirts and mugs and random stuff, but I chose a backpack ‘cause it had the Department of Homeland Security logo on it and it looked so official.  Went to hooters for lunch, and they only gave me 9 pieces of chicken instead of 10 >:( After work, I had to go mend a broken heart. I was exactly where he was just two months ago, it’s so surreal. I went to yechon for the first time.

May 22, 2013

One hundred and fifty five

So today started pretty roughly. I slept through all of the alarms that I had set to get up to do homework, I forgot my homework folder at home, and I was generally freaking out. I thought it was a sign that today was going to be a horrible day. Luckily, today actually turned into a great day! I was able to finish all of the homework that I hadn’t done in the morning before it was due, I got a 100 on the morpheme test in English, I wrote what I felt to be a really solid history essay, and I got to practice marching before the leadership tryout in band.

For the leadership tryout in band, we had to follow marching commands that were called for us. I was crazy nervous being alone while everybody watched. I think that I did well. I didn’t fall over whole doing my about-faces, which was what I was most afraid of. Mrs. Chun said that my marching was an example for the whole class, so that was really exciting. I do think that I actually have a chance at becoming field assistant. I just have to keep working hard.

Finally, today was our volleyball banquet. It was really a bittersweet affair; I got to be with the team again, which was awesome, and we played in one final match against some volleyball graduates. We were playing horribly and were totally screwing around, but it didn’t at all matter. We were together, having fun as a team for the last time. As much as I love volleyball for the competitiveness and the joys of playing well, I need a social match like this just to let loose every once and a while. It was, however, the last time that I’ll ever get to play with Sean and Lorenzo. It’s crazy to think that these guys are seniors, that they’ll have graduated in just two short weeks. It was an amazingly fun time, but it was crazy sad because it’s the last fun time I’ll have with these guys on the court. Congratulations to the entire team. It was definitely one hell of a season.

So that’s all that happened to Jack on May 22, 2013!


May 22 2014

Grabe. Di ko ineexpect. Sobrang labo na ng mga nangyayare. Sobrang hindi ko na naiintindihan sarili. Guess what? Narealize na ni Jomari lahat lahat. Yung mga effort ko, yung mga mali niya. Grabe. Ang tagal lang pero ang ssarap sa feeling pala. Hahaha. Sising sisi siya sa mga nagawa niya as in. Ewan ko lang kung hanggang kelan ganto. Sana lagi na, pero di ako mageexpect. Ewan. 

Mga 8:30 ng gabi, sinundo ako ni Kaye at Kuki. Hindi online si Jomari since 3:00 so nagPM ako. “Leng, kelangan daw sa church. Alis lang ako saglit." Edi tanong ako ng tanong bakit biglang may meeting. Sabe nila hindi din nila alam, bigla lang daw pinatawag. Tinanong ko pa sila kung kasama si Hanniel. Hahaha.

Nasa may park na kame, tapos boom. Punyeta! Andun si Jomari. May hawak na flowers. Si Neil, may hawak na banner. Si Jm, may hawak ng balloons. Yung mga nakilala kong AVG andun lahat. Miski si Pacle. Grabe! Syempre nagulat ako, hayop tong mga kaibigan ko ang galing magtago. Hahaha. Nakakatawa lang si Neil kung san ako pupunta, sinusundan ako hawak yung banner. Haha. Tas may background music pala. Fail kase di ko naririnig. Tapos kinuha pa ni Neil sa pick-up truck yung speaker. "But Darling, you are the only exception." 

7 balloons na may nakasabit na 7 hearts (may message sa loob), 12 roses, and malaking cartolina: "Gitchie gitchie goo" Sobrang labo na kase ng nangyayare samen. Pero di ko talaga inexpect na magagawa niya to.

Hindi ko alam. Natutuwa ako sa Jomari ngayon. Pero these past few days kase gusto ko na talaga mawala ng tuluyan. So parang na-tali ako sa nangyare. Pero ewan. Sana lang talaga tuloy tuloy tong mga ganto. Sana nga nagbago na talaga siya.

Mahal ko si Jomari ano ba. Ngayon kase, di na ko "mahal ko siya, so fuck other reasons” Iniisip ko na yung bagay bagay. Ewan. Sabe ko nga sayo, litong lito ako.